[ENG/INDO] Weekly Idol EP.440 (Stray Kids, Oh My Girl)

[ENG/INDO] Weekly Idol EP.440 (Stray Kids, Oh My Girl)

We’ll steal your hearts. C! K! N! Trio. Welcome. – Let’s greet the viewers first.
– Okay. Happy New Year! It’s the new year
and I see a bountiful feast… – at the back here.
– That’s right. – We have done…
– Yes? our showcase last January. – Right.
– It’s already… passed a year from then. – It’s our first birthday!
– I’m glad we survived! We survived! (Deeply moved) There was a time… when we almost swept away. – We almost couldn’t make it.
– Right. To celebrate
CKN Trio’s first birthday, Weekly Idol threw
our first birthday party! (You’ve grown well for a year!) Ever since we hosted Weekly Idol,
we’ve met so many idol groups. Do you have any memorable people? For me, the last person
I was impressed with was… Seung Min of Golden Child. (When you get slacked,
Seung Min bash!) I remember I’ve become sober
after that. – I see.
– What about you, Chang Hee? I think first impressions last
long for me. I remember OH MY GIRL and NCT
at our first showcase. – Right.
– So I can’t forget them. We enjoyed our time on Weekly Idol. Usually, a lot of people would
come to congratulate… – but are we the only ones?
– I know. People should come
and give us some of these, – and put some rings…
– Was that an “okay”? on our fingers. – I heard some guests are here.
– All right. Let’s wait for a little. I don’t see anyone. No less. – Give me a high-five.
– It’s glad to see you! (Seunghee is excited again.) – That was so natural.
– Right. They’re like a family
to Weekly Idol. – Please introduce yourselves.
– Sure. – In 2, 3.
– We found you. OH MY GIRL! Hello, we’re OH MY GIRL. Actually, OH MY GIRL
and we go far back. In January 2019,
they were the special hosts… for our very first showcase. And they’re here again for us
in January of 2020. – Thank you very much.
– Right. So, it’s been a year already. – A year has passed.
– At that time, – Time flies so fast.
– Seunghee used to… help us how to emcee the show. OH MY GIRL is practically
our parents. Oh, my goodness. – You’ve given us birth…
– That’s absurd. (A sudden deep bow) You’ve practically raised us. – Goodness.
– My back hurts. Oh, dear. We won’t forget your favor
for the rest of our lives. Above anything, we were
very grateful for Hyojung… – for making the Yamyam Song.
– That’s right. Thanks to you, we were able
to close the year richly… – with idol groups’ cuteness.
– Thank you so much. I’m the one to thank you. Since we have our joyful guests, let’s start CKN Trio’s
first birthday party! All right! First of all, we’ll sing
a birthday song… for the birthday group, CKN Trio. In 1, 2, 3, 4.Happy birthday to you– It’s like a real anniversary.
– Happy birthday to youHappy birthday Dear CKN TrioHappy birthday to youThank you! In 1, 2, 3! You’ve worked hard to lead
Weekly Idol for the past year, why don’t you share words
of blessing to each other? I’d like to give blessing words
to Kwang Hee. For better emceeing,
Kwang Hee went… to private institutes
to learned how to make a speech. – For real?
– Yes. – How awesome.
– He studied hard… but unfortunately,
his skills are degraded. – It caused side effects.
– It’s pretty sad… but I wanted to recognize
his enthusiasm. Why don’t you give each other
warm hugs? – Group hug!
– Okay. I couldn’t have done it… – without you guys.
– I agree. – Let’s keep working harder.
– All right. Don’t you wonder how much… heartwarming CKN Trio has achieved
for the last year? Of course, I do. – I’m so curious.
– It should be fun. – Is there our own video?
– Do you have something? Actually, we’ll be able to watch a video
of your development… which the production crew has… – prepared especially for you.
– When did you guys make it? Let’s look back on your past year.
What do you say? We’d love that! – I’m very curious.
– Let’s go! – It’s embarrassing.
– Why am I nervous? Look at my hair! (They teamwork gets better
over episodes.) That was actually pretty cute. – Oh, dear!
– My goodness. That was very funny. – I remember that.
– That was really fun. (Paper doll Kwang Hee) I danced really hard. (Don’t stop Kwang Hee’s love
for idol groups.) Chang Hee tried really hard. You’re the king of dancing! Oh, my goodness! – His body got volant!
– Now he can dance. (Performer Nam Chang Hee has grown.) He became a hidden card. (It was awkward at first but they
shared joy and sorrow together…) Gosh. I’m getting emotional. (and CKN Trio has become
the greatest team of all.) It does make me kind of… That’s cute. That was great. – Thank you.
– Something about it makes… What do you think,
now that you’ve watched it? That was pretty touching. (Kwang Hee is choked up.) I could really watch us growing up. When we did our first opening,
we were so awkward… – but we got better through time.
– Right. – We got to do this better.
– You guys got natural. Now it’s time for the highlight
of the firs-birthday party. Let’s begin birthday grabbing! Thank you. You know how CKN Trio has created… some of the greatest moments
with numerous idol groups. Some of these are the symbols
for those special moments. I see. – Among these?
– Yes. – There it is.
– I can tell. So let’s start
this birthday grabbing… – with the main dancer of CKN Trio,
– Oh, really? – Sae Ho.
– Isn’t he the main vocalist? – Am I the main dancer?
– Yes. He’s actually the main dancer. If I yell out “Sae Ho” first, please shout: “Grab it!” after. This really is
a proper first birthday party. It’s like
a really first birthday party! – Here I go.
– Okay. Sae Ho! Grab it! First, If you take a look here, – Here’s a stethoscope.
– there’s also a can opener. (A mirror?) A mirror? Is that your final choice? I’m grabbing the doorknob. So I can open your hearts
a little bit more easily. The doorknob represents
Be My Fan… that can only be opened
at Weekly Idol. Be My Fan! This segment is hot these days. – Of course.
– So that’s what this was. Be My Fan is perfect
for creating memes. – That’s right.
– I’d say Be My Fan is… the greatest masterpiece
of Weekly Idol. – A masterpiece.
– I agree. After Yerin of GFRIEND created
this segment, including Irene’s ending moments, Cha Eun Woo’s killing moments, a lot of amazing memes were created. And let many fans stay
awake at night. – They probably couldn’t sleep.
– That’s right. OH MY GIRl hasn’t done
Be My Fan yet, right? – No.
– No, not yet. It’d been crazy
if they had done it. That’s right! We should’ve begun that segment
with OH MY GIRL! You’re darn right! Last January, we’ve learn
how to digest various concepts… – from the master, OH MY GIRL.
– Yes. Why don’t we add concept
to Be My Fan to get it upgraded… and compete with OH MY GIRL? – I’d like that.
– Awesome! I will accept your challenge… with pleasure. So, it’s CKN Trio versus OH MY GIRL. Let’s be fascinated
by their conceptual charms! Open the door!Open the doorSo let’s open… the concept battle
between CKN Trion and OH MY GIRL! It’s finally appeared. We wanted to meet you. – I really wanted to see it.
– It’s pretty. – All of us will all go back,
– Okay. and if the song comes out, a dancer steps out. – And together, we’ll show…
– “together?” our own moves that fit the concept. – Okay.
– This is a competition. This is like a legitimate battle. I’m not going to be easy. Music, – Cue!
– cue. This is not an easy place to stand. – I’m so nervous.
– It’s nerve-wracking. I’m too nervous! – I’m shaking.
– How should I do it? – Music is playing.
– It’s sad. Do we get out? – It’s a sad song.
– Do we go out? – It’s mystic.
– What’s Seunghee doing? Seunghee is already… Let me watch this. Seunghee is doing so well. (Spinning) You can’t lose! They look like they’re
doing Korean dance. – It’s like a historical drama.
– Are they doing a modern dance? Gosh. – What’s he doing?
– He’s moving like the wind. I think Sae Ho’s moves are… like the ones I’ve seen on Queendom. I’m so dizzy. – Do you feel sick?
– They’re collaborating. What was that? She took his hat. What? She’s implying
that she’s going to steal the crown! – Next!
– This is difficult. – I need to get ready.
– This is so hard! It’s too difficult. Okay, let’s go! “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang”! (“Chitty Chitty Bang Bang”
by Lee Hyo Ri) I can’t dance to this. – Here I go!
– Bring it on, baby! (She’s so awesome.) Hit the floor! – Let’s do this.
– Crawl on the floor! Come on! Start crawling! (I found you, the floor.) You have to crawl on the bottom! Come on, Hyojin! Let’s go! (His eyes are shaking
and he’s broken.) We lost. They win. Seunghee! We lost. Yes! I’m lost for words. Get ready for the next one! That was amazing. Oh, dear. Let’s watch this from the outside. Let’s watch it. (“A-Ha” by IVY) Who is it? Oh, my! Goodness! (Parents would still love her
even if she’s dancing “A-Ha”.) Her butt was right in front of me! (She still looks beautiful.) That’s incredible! I don’t want to see that! (Hyojung always gets full points,) (since there can’t be
any mistakes in her life.) That’s annoying! Their ears are turning red! I didn’t expect that from Hyojung! Why are your ears so red? – Who’s next? Hurry up.
– You can do it! – What’s the next one?
– It’s a cute song. This is just for you! (“Sweet Dream” by Jang Na Ra) (She’s so pretty I can’t sleep.) Come here! (This is MIRACLE’s “Sweet Dream”.) That’s annoying! I can’t watch Sae Ho! (Close your eyes,
you shouldn’t see that.) That’s too strong! (He takes out a bouquet of flowers
and starts dancing.) Arin is losing! Arin, take flowers! You can’t lose! She’s so cute! You’re doing well! – Cho Sae Ho!
– This is so cute! That was so funny. – Wait.
– It was so fatal. I learned it all from Hyojung. You learned well. This was OH MY GIRL
and the CKN Trio’s… battle with Be My Fan.
Who won? – OH MY GIRL!
– Of course. – Sure.
– Actually, I was… – How was Be My Fan?
– Now that you’ve done it. – It was so fun!
– It’s amazing! This is not easy. – It’s so fun, let’s do it again.
– You want to do it again? – Yes, I do!
– You can keep doing it! Music, please! Do it one more time! – One thing that surprised me is…
– Let’s do it! I thought Hyojung would
be just cute, – but she can do sexy moves…
– She was sexy! – She did it well.
– She’s good at being sexy. I’m 27 now. (Hyojung is 27, an age
you start to learn how to be sexy.) It’s time for the birthday grabbing
of Unnatural Chang Hee! When I shout out “Chang Hee” first, you will follow my lead
by shouting “Grab it”! – Okay.
– Grab it! Chang Hee! Grab it! I’ve never done this before. Really? – I’ve never done this before.
– No way! This is my first birthday grabbing
in my lifetime. (Moved) (Crying with him) – Grab it.
– What will he choose? What about the stethoscope? He looks good with the costume. Choose the string! You have to live a long life! She said that you have
to live long. Grab it! Grab it! I choose this! – What’s that?
– What? I wanted him to grab that. That’s so cute! I love eating chicken legs!
What’s the meaning of it? – The chicken legs are for…
– Yes? the Will You Eat It
Or Not game! That’s right! – The Eat It Or Not game is…
– Yes. – Do you know the Hal** Gal** game?
– Yes, we do! – It’s a modified version of it.
– That’s right. If you see five pictures
of the same food, instead of ringing the bell… you have to eat it first! – I really wanted to do this.
– I’m confident about this. – Are you confident?
– Yes, I am. Brown Eyed Girls and ASTRO did
this game before, showing that they could eat well, and it was quite an issue
during that time. (Brown Eyed Girls started
this game.) (They did their best
playing the game.) (They cheated as much
as they could to win.) (The second team
to play this game was ASTRO.) (They were so funny
while they played the game.) (They also were
very enthusiastic to win.) OH MY GIRL will also do well! – That’s right.
– It’s eating, so we’ll do well! They’re confident about this. Who will be the fastest eater? Let’s start the game Eat It Or Not! Let’s go! (They’re ready.) – Are you ready?
– Yes, we are! We’ll start with Hyojung. Start! (Hyojung is in hurry
because she wants to eat.) – That was too fast.
– There’s two. – You get a warning!
– There’s two. (There are five bananas,
so it’s time to eat!) (Total chaos) (Kwang Hee precisely picks up
the banana.) (Annoyed) – Good job!
– I ate it! Kwang Hee gets one point! Let’s go! It’s delicious. You can do it! (They quickly play the game
while looking around the area.) – Let’s speed it up.
– Okay. (It’s OH MY GIRL’s chance to win.) (It’s mine!) That was so scary! I thought I heard dolphins crying. It’s Nam Chang Hee’s turn! That surprised me. How can you see this? – No!
– Don’t do it! No! You’re minus one point. Just eat it,
and we’ll take a point off. What should we do? You know it now. If I don’t get a banana card,
you have to grab it. Look carefully. – Look carefully!
– Let’s do it! Seunghee, go! (Nervous) (It happened as she said!) (Screaming) Wait, Hyojung… Was that your voice
from “Yamyam Song”? (Screaming) What was that? You surprised me. Good job! You did well. She’s completely different. (She has a different side to her.) (They continue
the breathtaking game.) (They keep looking around.) My eyes are exhausted. (There’s a picture
of five sheets of seaweed.) (Let’s scream!) They scared me! Wait… – My ears hurt!
– Hold on. If you want to switch,
do it now. I want to switch! – It’s so loud.
– I’ll leave the game! (Sae Ho takes Kwang Hee’s spot,
and Arin takes Seunghee’s spot.) – Come here.
– I’m not good at this. – This is the second round!
– I’ve never won this. Let’s start with Binnie! You have to flip the cards
the other way. She’s good at this! Let’s turn up the speed. (They instinctively start to tremble
after seeing a five-picture card.) – Is this supposed to be scary?
– Let’s hurry up. (There are currently six tomatoes.) (If Binnie flips her card,
they can get a point.) (She flipped it!) (Who has the quickest hand?) (Sae Ho grabs the tomato quickly.) That was mine! Do you have several eyes? How do you do this? (At that moment!) (Arin and Chang Hee start
reaching forward.) Chicken! (They continued the game
right after Sae Ho won a point.) (Suddenly there are
five chicken legs.) (She figured out the situation
and quickly grabbed it.) Why are you using the other hand? She’s left-handed,
but she used her right hand! We’ll continue when Seunghee counts
to three. One, two, three! One, two, three! One, two, three! – One, two, three!
– One, two, three! One, two, three! One, two, three! She’s good. (Two cards of four chicken legs,
and one card of one chicken leg) (There are nine chicken legs
in total.) (Startled) They get a point taken away. – I didn’t expect another chicken.
– Stop it. Chang Hee will go next. – I’ll do it.
– One, two, three! One, two, three! (If Sae Ho flips the card,
they can eat the chicken leg.) One, two, three! (It’s another picture.) (There are five chicken legs again.) Hurry up and eat the chicken! (Sae Ho does it again.) – He’s right.
– What happened? – Chicken!
– There are five chicken legs. You’re good at this! Sae Ho, you’re good at this game. Binnie, one, two, three!! One, two, three! One, two, three! (They get to eat chicken again!) (Arin does her best
and grabs the chicken!) – What?
– You did well! Arin, good job! Your brain is still young. (It’s 3 to 3.) Sae Ho, one, two, three! Eat it! One, two, three! (It’s a chance to win.) (Who will lead their team
to victory?) (Will it be Sae Ho?) (Binnie?) (Please.) (Binnie reaches for the seaweed,
and Sae Ho’s hand is at lost.) (Binnie gets a point
after her struggle with the game.) We like seaweed. That was fast. – We like seaweed.
– OH MY GIRL is good at this! (The game is over.) – The game is over!
– It’s over. (They eat the rest of the food
and end the game.) – So,
– Yes? the fastest eater
of the new year is… OH MY GIRL! (OH MY GIRL wins with 4 points,
as the CKN Trio gets 3 points.) Weekly Idol prepared a prize. – What is it?
– Awesome! What is it? It’s a present for the
first birthday party! It’s a towel! Towels! We don’t have enough towels
at our home. – We needed towels so badly.
– It’s pink! Wow, Weekly Idol! – What?
– The name is embroidered! It would be great to see this
after 30 years. After 30 years, I would show it
to my daughter and say: “I used to be in idol group…” “and I used to do things
like this.” This is also for Mimi, YooA,
and Jiho. Thank you! We’ll put these to good use! – However, I heard…
– Yes? – since it’s CKN Trio’s birthday,
– Yes? that you prepared
something special. You shouldn’t have. – You didn’t have to.
– You really didn’t have to. You don’t have to give us a present. I wanted to celebrate
your first birthday party, so I made a new 2020 cute song
for Weekly Idol. (Thank you, master of cuteness.) You did this for us? – That’s right!
– Really? – Yes, I did.
– You didn’t have to do this. We… had a great year… with the “Yamyam song”
that the genius composer gave us. – Thank you.
– Thank you! Thank you! You guys are awesome. What’s the title
of the new cute song? – This new cute song is…
– What will it be? (Excited) What will it be? called “Oh My Song”. Oh, my! – Oh, my!
– Oh, my! Oh, my! We only heard the title, but this is already exciting. Oh, my! – Then let’s ask them…
– What should we do? – to perform right away!
– Let’s do it! – Let’s hear our new cute song!
– It’s our new cute song! Oh, my! Music, please! What…I like you so muchOh, my Oh, myYou’re so prettyOh, my Oh, my(What should we do with her?)Why don’t we date?What do you think?Just give me your answerTell me that you like meThat was just… (Hyojung, you’re amazing.) How did you come up with this? This is amazing! People keep asking me that. “How do you make this?” – That was amazing.
– What should we do? I’m curious about your real self. Your true self. My true self?
What am I like in real life? You’re not like this! You’re not like this! How is she when she wakes up
in the morning? When she wakes up in the morning, “I feel like I’m dying.” Really? You’re lying! Seunghee, Hyojung can’t be
like that! She’d be like: “I’m so tired!
Oh, my!” She’s not! – What is she like?
– She says: “I feel like I’m dying.” “Seunghee, doesn’t it get worse
day by day?” Don’t lie, Seunghee! She’s not like that! “Oh, my. Oh, my!” She never does that! She doesn’t do these kinds
of things. What should I do with her? Then maybe, among the OH MY GIRL members, Seunghee! You’re good at this. She’s an expert! Seunghee, are you ready? Yes! Come to the front. – Oh, my!
– Seunghee! Gosh, she’s so cute. Music, please! She’s good already.I like you so muchOh, my Oh, myYou’re so amazingOh, my Oh, my(What is she doing?)What do you think?Just give me your answerTell me that you like me(I’m loving it.) That was amazing! Seunghee! (I don’t want to see this.) This is a betrayal! You shouldn’t have
criticized Hyojung! She’s amazing. (The main vocalists are
so adorable.) You did so well! Seunghee, what are you like
in the morning? In the morning… What about
when you’re doing the cute song? The “Oh My Song”! Music, please! Tell me that you like me… We’ll be happy in 2020
thanks to Hyojung. Thank you. (Thank you for 2020 Weekly Idol’s
cute song, “Oh My Song”.) – Also, the Cuteness Genius gave…
– Yes? us a great song again… so we can’t just send her
empty-handed. That’s right. Since she contributed
to Weekly Idol’s cuteness, we prepared something
for the Cuteness Genius. There will be
a special award ceremony. The first place for being cute! Let’s salute the Cuteness Genius! Cuteness! – Cuteness!
– Cuteness! That was great. Cuteness Genius Hyojung will
come to the front. Okay. What’s this? – What’s that?
– Please bring it out. – What is it?
– We can’t skip this. Thank you so much! Why did you prepare so many gifts? – It’s a cake!
– The award will… be presented… – by Cho Sae Ho.
– There’s a carnation! It’s so big! “Your cuteness makes
our hearts hurt.” award. What! Choi Hyojung. As a genius composer, you made the great cute song
“Yamyam Song”, and gave it to us willingly, contributing heavily
to Weekly Idol’s growth. You were born with so much cuteness, and also contributed
to the cuteness of idol groups. We give you this award
for your contribution. January first, 2020. It’s from Weekly Idol. There’s a carnation! Thank you! Show it! It’s amazing! Thank you so much. Really… You made the song for us… Actually, the cute song was… revealed for the first time
in Weekly Idol. I’m so happy
that people like it so much… Thank you for liking it so much. Please keep loving Weekly Idol! Oh, my! (Scamp Arin plays a joke on Hyojung
with cake.) – You’re so cute.
– Oh, my goodness. What should I do? (Cream is on my face.
What should I do?) – She’s great.
– She’s cute. (Hyojung’s charm should become
one of the cultural assets.) The CKN Trio! How was our first birthday party? – It was really funny.
– Yes! – This is it!
– This is it! – This is it!
– Yes! It’s really sad that
we, OH MY GIRL, should leave… after the first birthday party. – What is that?
– What should I do? – This is not right!
– It’s not! You should stay with us
until the end. – I know it’s really sad…
– What should I do? but in part two,
there are some guests waiting… – who are funny as much as us.
– Really? – So please look forward to it.
– Okay. Weekly Idol started the first show
of 2019 with OH MY GIRL. Surprisingly, we started
the first show of 2020… with OH MY GIRL too. – Right.
– How do you feel… to start the new year with us? Actually, we were in Weekly Idol’s
first show of 2019… and a lot of good things
happened to us. I feel like there will
be full of happiness… with the positive energy
from Weekly Idol in 2020 too. Thank you for the Weekly Idol. – I was so happy today.
– Yes. I think Weekly Idol is here
thanks to OH MY GIRL. Weekly Idol equals to OH MY GIRL. – I did good, right?
– Yes. – Please say a word to your fans.
– Okay. Hello, MIRACLE!
Thank you for trusting… and waiting for us all the time. Please don’t forget that… the MIRACLE’s existence is
a miracle to us. Suddenly? – Thank you!
– All right. Thank you for coming… to our the first birthday party
despite your busy schedule. – Thank you.
– We loved OH MY GIRL in 2019… so much and even in 2020… we’ll love you a lot.
It was… OH MY GIRL! Bye! – Thank you, OH MY GIRL!
– Thank you. – Thank you for coming.
– Take care! – See you again!
– Goodbye. – Be happy!
– Goodbye! Goodbye, my parents! I couldn’t do the birthday grabbing. – Is it finished just like this?
– I know. – I think it’s finished already.
– Kwang Hee should do it too. – The guests should be here soon.
– Who are… – My goodness.
– They’re Stray Kids![Kocowa Ver] E440 Weekly Idol
“OH MY GIRL & Stray Kids”
-♥ Ruo Xi ♥-Stray Kids! (Stray Kids are here
to celebrate part two.) Thank you for coming
despite the busy schedule. – Please say hello to the viewers.
– Okay. In 1, 2. Step out!
Hello, we’re Stray Kids. They are Stray Kids
who are picked… as the most missed idol
in Weekly Idol. Right. What rank are we in? You’re in the first rank. – I mean it.
– Really? There’s something funny.
Every time they come here… I can feel they’re getting
more professional. Their new song which is released
last December took… – the top spot in a music chart.
– That’s true. – We watch you.
– What’s the title of the song? – It’s “Levanter”.
– You’re right. The took the top spot like a wind. I know. I know everyone is so busy
at the beginning of the year. And thank you for coming
while you’re busy. Did you want to come here? – Of course!
– We wanted to come here together. We really wanted to come here
together. – It’s your third time to be here.
– Right. It’s already the third time. – No one visited us more than twice.
– Really? – It’s our first birthday party.
– Yes! – We must not miss it.
– Right. Now we will start… the first birthday party… – with Stray Kids in part two.
– All right! (The CKN trio’s first birthday party
with Stray Kids will start soon!) In part two,
we’ll do the birthday grabbing… which is the highlight of
the first birthday party. When I say “Kwang Hee”, – you say “Let’s get it! Grab it!”
– Okay. Kwang Hee! Let’s get it! Grab it! – Grab it.
– Which one should I grab? I think I should grab a book
since I’m not that smart. But I don’t really want to. What I’m going to grab is this! – A mirror?
– In my next life… Should I get
plastic surgery again? – No way.
– You won’t. – It’s a mirror…
– Yes. that was on a lot of news headlines. – It’s the Mirror of Tears.
– That’s right. – The Mirror of Tears.
– I’m released. – We know really well about it.
– We do. In the Mirror of Tears., the members
share the feelings of each other… – for the good teamwork.
– That’s right. In the missing socks incident,
there were a lot of twists… – between the WJSN members.
– I saw it too. – It’s told in the Mirror of Tears.
– It saw that episode. How do you guys… handle feelings such as anger
against each other? – We express the feeling right away.
– Right way? Everyone says so, but once you have
time for the Mirror of Tears… – you’ll start complaining.
– You’re right. Let’s listen to
the Stray Kids’ stories… which were untold before. – Good.
– Yes. I’ll do it. – Is it Hyunjin? Okay.
– It’s Hyunjin. Let’s see what was
on Hyunjin’s mind. Before you go to sleep… (Shutting eyes tight) can you please not eat ramyeon? Who eats ramyeon at night? – Do you eat ramyeon at night alone?
– Ramyeon… I could smell the ramyeon… even though there were curtains… between us.
Moreover, it wasn’t just the smell of ramyeon. He grilled some beef too. Right before they go to sleep. I try not to have food at night… and those smells drive me crazy. Who is it? Hello? Yes. I’ll put Han on the phone. Yes. – Han, it’s for you.
– Hello? I’ll be there with Chan. (An accomplice Bang Chan is
summoned too.) You’re the one who had ramyeon
at night. I had beef. Did you have beef before you sleep?
Let’s listen to his story. Explain it to me. – You know we’re always tired.
– Right. – My parents sent beef for recovery.
– I know that. – How could we not to eat them?
– You’re right. – We can’t ferment them for years.
– That’s true. That was why I had to have beef
at that late night. And I had ramyeon… because… it is always good for our health. – Do you like ramyeon or not?
– I like it. – How do you feel when you eat it?
– I feel good. That’s why I had it even at night. Even though I’m depressed
or tired… I come to the kitchen
and eat ramyeon. – It makes me happy.
– He’s such a good speaker. It makes me really happy.
However, if it bothered you… I’m so sorry. – He’s totally…
– I apologize with my two hands. Can you please accept my apology? – He’s really good.
– Thank you. He’s really good. According to Han, ramyeon is
one of the superfoods. – It’s a superfood.
– It is. – I mean it.
– How do you feel now Hyunjin? I guess I’m fine now. – Probably.
– Stray kids members did… – well in the Mirror of Tears.
– Right! Please share your feelings
which were in the CKN Trio’s mind… during the last one year,
right here! We don’t have anything to say. – We are good.
– I have nothing to say. Do you have anything to say to me? – Can I start it right away?
– Yes, please. You can start now. – Mirror, mirror.
– The mirror is quite small. I think he’s not who he used to be. And I feel upset… – and sad.
– It’s the worst thing. The one who is not like
he used to be is coming. All right. Do you remember, Kwang Hee? When we were… Wait! I’m not blocking
Hyunjin’s face, right? I’m not such an important person. – Your face is important.
– You’re not blocking him. – You’re not.
– I like this kind of thing. The viewers will stay with us
when your face is on the screen. – It’s good to look after the guest.
– Right. He should be on the screen. When I came home after the
very first filming of Weekly Idol, I got a text message
from Kwang Hee. Kwang Hee invited
Chang Hee and me… to a chatting room. And he texted: “My brothers,
please look after me…? “and please understand me
even when I’m clumsy…” I’ll go after my trusty brothers.” So I texted “Thank you, Kwang Hee.” And he texted back, “My brothers
are the best!” with emoji. – Cool!
– After the next week’s shooting, he sent us a video that
he’s praying in the church. – Wait.
– He said he’s thankful for us… and he always prays for us. Four weeks later, Kwang Hee sent “thank you…” and that was the end. – It was the last text from him.
– It’s a heartbreaking story. You changed a lot. Kwang Hee must be so tired. They know how I feel. Actually, I was really happy… to text to my brothers… in the beginning, but as time goes by, you only
talked about snacks for alcohol. “How about having jokbal?”
“Let’s have beef today.” “There’s a good restaurant for udon,
are they open now?” I didn’t text you since then
to not eat too much food. However, if it hurt your feeling,
I am so sorry. – I understand.
– Here’s my apology. – They’re such a happy trio.
– I’m not angry anymore. – It’s good to feel better.
– He’s not angry anymore. I’m fine now. – I feel good now.
– We don’t have anything to say. – We are happy like…
– My goodness. – Are you sure you don’t have…
– I actually have one thing more. – I’ll do it one more time.
– One more time! – One more time.
– He has more! If someone treated… you with the money… that he made by hard-working, – you should say thank you at least.
– Of course! You who don’t appreciate,
come to me! Are you talking to me? – Did you just call me?
– Do you remember it? Chang Hee, you shouldn’t stand
between Hyunjin and the camera. Let him stand by your side. – Stand right by my shoulder.
– I’m on the screen, right? You asked me to buy a meal, so I said yes. You told me that
there’s a restaurant… – where is famous for Korean beef.
– Korean beef. Since they open at late night,
you asked me to treat you there. So I treated you there. – Didn’t I?
– Generously! – You did.
– Right. Do you remember… what you said right after the meal? The food was terrible. (Oops!) He was so mean. It was a Korean beef! Let me ask Stray Kids.
How would you feel if you were him? – That was too much.
– I might cry. – Hyunjin, how would you feel?
– If I were Sae Ho, I would ask Chang Hee to pay
half of the bill. I mean… you should have bought me
the prime one… not the choice one. (Are you serious?) If I had prime beef,
I would say thank you to you. Have you ever bought beef
for Sae Ho? – Me?
– Yes. Why would I? (He’s so shameless.) Geez. Wait, let me take Chang Hee’s side. He looks like such a bad guy
but there’s a reason for it. He wanted to go home and sleep
for tomorrow’s radio schedule, but Sae Ho asked him to eat together
again and again. However, Sae Ho didn’t do it
to bother him. – He did it for Chang Hee.
– That’s right. (The members of Stray Kids
also have different opinions.) Hyunjin, you shouldn’t take
his side. – Me?
– I didn’t want to eat but he… – He forced me to eat.
– You are… What I’m so sad about is… that he never says the word
“thank you.” – You did very well. He’s so mean.
– I’m done! I didn’t ask you to buy it,
you just did. – You should delete my phone number!
– I never had it! – Then how did you call me?
– My manager called you. They are so childish! I won’t eat anymore! No way. – All right, we should be together.
– I’m sorry. (It came to a happy ending anyway.) Let’s start
my second birthday grabbing. It’s my second preference. A second preference is necessary. What’s baby Chang Hee’s
second preference? A stethoscope? – A stethoscope?
– A doctor? You have a doctor’s face. – I think so.
– Cool. What is this one? – It’s a pillow cover.
– A pillow cover. – Look at this.
– Why is it here? Why is it at the birthday grabbing? I like it somehow. It appeals to me. This pillow cover is… the hottest weekly idol’s segment. It’s the Extreme Cover! So the cover of the pillow cover
symbolizes the extreme cover. (The Professional of Extreme Cover
Unnatural Chang Hee is here.) His hidden talent for dance
is revealing. (Fatal Chang Hee) Actually, I was going to tell you
in the Mirror of Tears, – you look weird these days.
– Your face is so annoying! – It makes me feel sick!
– I mean it! This cover appealed to me. I knew it would be related to dance. – He knew it.
– In fact, your dance is improved. That’s right. In fact, for the past year in Weekly Idol, We are developed and Chang Hee
improved his dancing quite a lot. If you don’t mind, how about covering Stray Kids’
choreography? – We’re really happy to see it.
– I mean it. I would like to know
if Chang Hee is… really improved… on dancing or he was just
deluding himself. – Let’s see.
– I’m looking forward to seeing it. Let’s start Extreme Cover! Now, please take a step forward
in the count of three… those who will try it
in both teams. – Okay.
– Good! In 1, 2, 3! In 1, 2, 3! – I’ll try it.
– It’s Bang Chan! – I’ll handle Bang Chan.
– Okay! Bang Chan! You’ll definitely lose. – Okay!
– Turn on the music, please! (“Phone Number” by Jinusean) Phone number! I’m shooting the Weekly Idol now.
I’ll hang up the phone, all right. What is that? I thought I saw it
at the gym! (It’s Bang Chan’s basic dance moves
for the beginners.) You’re doing good! That’s not the easy one. Those steps… Those steps are basic
but not easy. (Grooving together) Okay! It was quite nice. The choreography was
a difficult one. Let’s go. (Extreme Cover begins.) Your phone is ringing! Hello, Bang Chan. I’ll show you, wait a minute. (They look totally different
in the same dance.) (He’s body is flapping
like a sheet of silk.) (He’s trying his best to groove.) Good. It was nice! – How was my dance?
– It was good. I’ll copy and paste. – Okay.
– Okay. – Isn’t it the other way around?
– It is. – It’s the opposite.
– He just pasted and copied. – Copy it again now.
– I don’t use computers much. – It’s very close.
– Yes. Who’ll be the next dancer? – Lee Know!
– Yes, let’s get it! (“Um Um Um” by Park Jin Young) – You need to feel the rhythm.
– It’s like Popping. (He taunts the dance rebel
without hesitation.) (The statue that disappeared
from Louvre is here dancing.) (How come he’s so handsome today?
Actually, he’s always handsome.) (Powerful dance) (He finishes off
with his signature move.) – Okay!
– He managed the hammer dance. – Did you see that?
– You show them. It’s the legendary hammer dance. – Let’s go.
– Go. Show them, Sae Ho. Okay. Show them your expression. Hey, see that? (We apologize for that
in the New Year.) You startled them, Sae Ho. (Everyone is revolted by his face.) (Sae Ho brings loss of vision
while Lee Know brings purification.) (Right now, we’re lost for words.) (He’s expression is different,
but it’s a perfect dance cover.) This is what we call decalcomania. – He dances with his face.
– Did he? – I thought you had spicy food.
– Decalcomania! Don’t eat anything while dancing. I moved my hips so much… that I really think it’s twisted. It was a ridiculous thing… to do from the start.
How can we win them? – Do you think we won?
– I think you can’t say that to me. Your posture’s awesome. Should we change then?
You guys dance first and we’ll copy. Okay. – I’m looking forward to this.
– Watch out. – Did Stray Kids just provoke me?
– What’s going on? – What is this song?
– He took his shoes off. (He takes his shoes off.) He’s crazy. He’s barefoot. (He easily plays with the rhythm.) (He’s going ballistic.) (Don’t belittle me.) (On fire) (We hope the best for Weekly Idol
this year, too.) Your dance was good this time. – It’s was great.
– He’s on fire. Look how red his ears are. – His ears on fire.
– Are you all right? You danced so well. Now Han, show them. – Come on.
– I proved that I’m Chang Hee. – Now, prove that you’re Han.
– Go, Han. – You can be annoying.
– You can do this. – You can do this.
– Han, go do your thing. I may not be exactly the same. Let’s go Han. You’re feeling the rhythm. (His moves seem exceptional.) I knew Han could do this. (Han brings fever
to the dance floor.) (All the members of Stray Kids
are on fire.) (He’s quite good.) (He’s the light that shines
on my heart.) – We lost.
– What did I just see? – They proved they’re Stray Kids.
– They sure did. We shouldn’t have provoked them. It was a great game. – Okay.
– You guys were cool. Now to the Stray Kids
that made this day enjoyable, – we present you with a gift.
– Really? It’s a present! – Oh, my gosh.
– What is it? – What is it?
– It looks elaborate. – It looks expensive.
– You’re not leaving empty-handed. – It does look expensive.
– Thank you. – It looks like it’s from Italy.
– Goodness. – Italy?
– It’s handmade, right? – I know what it is.
– Yes. It’s an exfoliating towel. It’s our birthday present. We’ll give you towels
for the members who weren’t here. Please, pass these on. – Thank you.
– Please, deliver these. – Thank you.
– We needed a towel. – Do you like it?
– We love it. We don’t have many towels. We’re really satisfied. You guys have great taste. Thank you. Our last section is
for our viewers… who have loved us
and had been rooting for us. We wanted to return… the love they gave us. We want to present to you… – this great gourd.
– That’s right. The CKN Trio
and Stray Kids will… throw the ball in the air… and break this big gourd. With this, we’ll send you
all the good luck to you. Ready. – Steady. Go.
– Throw it. Throw the balls. Don’t throw it too hard. We’ll do this forever. We’re going to do this
until tomorrow. I’m going to throw hard. Gosh. (With Bang Chan’s powerful throw,
the gourd opens.) – It’s working!
– Wait a second. (Finally, the gourd has opened up.) Everyone, read what it says on it. Everyone all together. – Happy New Year.
– Happy New Year. Happy New Year. Stray Kids
and CKN Trio celebrated… our one year anniversary. We’d like to thank you.
What did you think? – It was great.
– We enjoyed it. We felt so comfortable
and happy. – Really?
– We had fun. – It was the best.
– We also… felt like a kid again. – It was fun and exciting.
– Liar. You did not… look like Stray Kids. – Don’t lie.
– Hey, – he may had friends like them.
– That’s true. – I overreacted.
– Really? No hard feelings, right? It really was fun. – It was.
– Within a short time, we had cream of the crop. Please, visit us whenever you want. – We sure will.
– We’re honored. – Visit us when you need to laugh.
– Thank you. Stray Kids, you guys
are like family. Don’t forget to eat, – and always be cool. Promise?
– We promise. Lastly, please say something
to the viewers. All right. In the year 2020, we hope… you guys stay healthy
with Stray kids. I hope you have the happy year 2020. We hope Stray Kids… – continuously be successful.
– That’s right. We’ll always be rooting for you. Also, Weekly Idol will continue… to support idols. So we ask for your
continuous interest… and love. Please. We were with… – The Stray Kids.
– We were the Stray Kids. – Happy New Year.
– Happy New Year. Go, Stray kids. (The year 2020 with Weekly Idol) (Weekly Idol) (Sketching Weekly Idol
for the next week.) Hello, we’re B Of You. – I’m Roh Tae Hyun.
– I’m Kim Dong Han. (Welcome to Weekly Idol.) (Kook Heon starts first.) Is that a scorpion or what? It’s whatever I imagine. (Is it a bug?) (An expert appears on Weekly Idol?) (Kook Heon’s drawing is
hard to understand.) (What about Tae Hyun’s spoiler?) (Epiphany) (Han still can’t get his senses.) (What is this drawing
full of amusing points?) Sketching Weekly Idol… For the next week! Are you curious about this sketch? At 5 p.m. on January 8, Wednesday. We will see you on Weekly Idol! – Bye.
– Goodbye.

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