[Eng Sub] 炎亞綸 Aaron Yan – Refresh man BTS (ShowBiz 20160406) (Aaron’s cut)

[Eng Sub] 炎亞綸 Aaron Yan – Refresh man BTS (ShowBiz 20160406) (Aaron’s cut)

The Sunday drama Refresh Man’s story line has become more intense. The plot that Joanne Tseng accidentally fell into the pool while cleaning the swimming pool broke Aaron Yan’s heart. So in the drama he showed his manliness by helping Qiao Qiao to blow dry her hair. (Can’t find the socket) Is it romantic if a boy helps you dry your hair? Add points. Add 100 points. Is it possible that the boy doesn’t know how to blow dry your hair? He may mess… I will teach him. He can be trained. It’s fine. What is fine? Normal boys… Girls’ hair is hard to dry. Extremely difficult. Because… Need to be a little curly. The girls’ hair gets knotted and tangled easily. If you do this… you know… When the boys dry their hair they will… mess their hair and their hair easily turns dry. It doesn’t work for girls. The hair will get messy and knotted. Just drying her hair is not warm enough Ah Bu, who is considerate, also cooked ginger soup for Qiao Qiao, who had caught a cold. What a caring boy. Tastes good Let’s test whether you are a caring boy See whether the camera lens will get foggy when it’s close to you.
[A caring boy is described as a “warm boy” in Chinese] Foggy! A thick fog You’re such a caring boy. So many tricks Your back muscle is slightly observable This shape… It’s hard to build the back. Do you work out your back? Yes. You mustwork out your back muscles. Only then… There’s a saying which goes… The more you train your back muscles, the bigger your chest will be, because your back can support your chest muscles So the back of Qiao Qiao should be well-built. Qiao Qiao was born with a well-built back. Because her boobs are already big. So her back muscles should be pretty strong. Next time, ask her to do this Probably she has a shape better than me. Can you cook the ginger soup as if a bodybuilder is doing so? Use some difficult poses. Great. Serve the camera As a bodybuilder Right (Very Strong) Doing this I’m so stiff It’s the ginger soup.
[“Stiff’ and “ginger” have the same pronunciation in Chinese] Making ginger soup is so tiring. Exhuasted You have to actually be strong when making ginger soup. (Not bored) There’s the toilet. See? Yes You can also do this… There’s the toilet. Various What if we need to… walk straight till the end, then turn right twice, and cross the road at last in order to find the toilet? There’s a popular saying suggesting that women should be good at household work and have a good career. Men are no exceptions. If a superior CEO can go into the kitchen, wash his hands and make ginger soup, he gets one step closer to becoming a caring guy. Actually a man is so handsome if he can cook. I think… it does add points Putting aside your cooking skills, you are handsome once you enter the kitchen, aren’t you? – Really?
– Right? So everyone, if you want to increase your points… If you didn’t do well in your exam… just keep walking into the kitchen You can have your points added repeatedly. Possibly you will become ugly once you leave the kitchen. Really? (Extremely cooperative) Did I become ugly? You’ve become handsome after you came in It’s awesome if men can cook. After all, why am I so cooperative? Your catwalk is so short Yup Fall Street vendors. Summer new arrivals. Catwalk. Price cutting Guan Shao-wen, you’re so hyper Pretty funny today. Whenever you and I are in the same space there’ll be some funny things popping up Ah Bu took care of Qiao Qiao. But Joanne Tseng was so blunt that she didn’t know that Ah Bu was sick. Why didn’t you add salts when cooking? I added. It’s he who gets a fever. Have you read the script? Also you shouldn’t have served a sick person fried rice. I don’t know he’s sick. Actually have you read the script? I don’t know he’s sick. What’s going on… Even the audience knew that. You are still not aware of that. Manifest her stupidity. Her lack of attention. I don’t have time to watch the drama… How can I know that? But by the time you watch it, it will have been broadcasted. Get away from me. Full of crap. Guan Shao-wen got scolded My limit of crap was suddenly exceeded. There’s a pleasant feeling when being scolded by you. Finally I know why he has to be so noisy. I am not asking to be insulted. When being scolded by me, you feel like you have got my favor. Yup. Want to be scolded again. What~ My turn Are noodles cooked by Chung Yu-tang tasteless?
[“Cooking noodle” sounds like “the lower part” in Chinese, implying downstairs] Tasteless Clean. Tasteless Why did you answer him? Do you know what he’s asking? I don’t know. Why did you ask such a werid question? Chung Yu-tang cooked noodles for him. What’s the problem? Nothing’s wrong. He has a wrong facial expression The audience can’t see my expression. I can see your expression. You’re blushing Each bite of noodles and each bite of rice are real, right? Of course, I really ate the food. Very good work ethic How to fake eating? A person who fakes eating has better work ethic. Because it’s difficult. Unless the food has some problems… we must really eat. Some are rotten. Or those taste very bad. I’ve once eaten seafood not thoroughly cooked. Sashimi? When you have finished… We’ve prepared a surprise for you. Do you feel that our expressions are so weird today? Because we’ve together prepared a gift for you. What is it? We’re afraid that you will discover that I’m the one who is afraid… afraid to discover that. We are suppressing ourselves. Hope that you will like it. Alright? You’re welcome. It’s not yet my birthday. Never mind. Happy birthday. Or it’s because my birthday is coming? It’s about midnight. ShowBiz crew was still standing by, with a view to give Ah Bu the full mischievous medical services. What a huge nurse. May I sit down? Be careful not to bounce up. It can’t be that serious! Unfasten one buckle OK What’s up It exploded. It didn’t Did you see the ghost? How is it? The closer I am to you , the faster your heart beats. Because I’m afraid. Hold on Lighter, Master. I’ve recovered. – Really?
– Yes You can go. This can be open for signup. If you want to play the nurse, please prepare the nurse costume yourself. You meant they can sign up for your role? For your role. Then there should be more people signing up. Who… Who will want to be examined by you I am not gonna make any appointment There should be no patients in your hospital. Ah Bu seemed to have recovered quickly under the emergency treatment by ShowBiz nurse Remember to call us if you have any need. ShowBiz crew is on duty all the time. We are prepared to set out to take BTS at any time for the audience. Are you wearing it… So cute

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