[Eng Sub] 炎亞綸 Aaron Yan – Refresh Man Farewell Party (Showbiz 20160712)

[Eng Sub] 炎亞綸 Aaron Yan – Refresh Man Farewell Party (Showbiz 20160712)

We will quarrel today at the farewell party Because in the past I always avoided the camera Whenever there’s BTS video shooting I would hide myself And then because… everyone kept encouraging me saying that I’m quite funny I found that… seemingly I’m quite talented I leave first Scropio I see myself in her Dare she complain about me We appreciate ourselves through praising others Just joking I really want to say thank you Because in the past I kept avoiding Although I look like I’m confident, I would also think that… I’m not an interesting person and should keep my mouth shut But this time I found that… actually it’s quite funny Fighting and quarreling in jest with others has its appeal Appeal Thank you everyone for digging my talent En En, tell us how to take off our CEO’s clothes when he’s drunk Please demonstrate I fuddle him first and take off his clothes And you have to demonstrate how to take off his clothes Perhaps when talking to him Aiyo~ I’m drunk Hold on. He doesn’t wear a jacket Then you have to do it from the bottom to the top I’m drunk Qiao Qiao is dumbfounded The most easygoing Venus in the history We are now discussion the tactic Each person drinks a glass with him. Bottoms up. By turns Not together After he finish taking photos – You can just take a sip
– Really? Because you are Joanne Tseng Therefore I can take a sip But you have to give me a kiss The condition is difficult One sip. I will drink the rest But privately I only kiss my boyfriend So are you going to have a relationship with me? Still her boyfriend before the real wrap Because I’m not Zhong Yu Tang now I’m Joanne Tseng Okay. Me first. He has to marry me Everybody please comfort her I had never … with a … in private She is going to be pregnant unless at this moment… Just kidding Enough You are really nice Actually what do you want to do? What is your tactic? What is the conspiracy? Can I? Can I tell? Wanting get married and kissing others everywhere I want to see you in the nude If I take off my clothers, you too Okay You first Ah Bu Did you see Yun Qing just now? How was he? Yun Qing… I touched him and took off his clothes He is exercising now Is Lin En Xiao S? Twenty millions people all over the country You should allow Qiao and I put inside Can you respond? She will be inside, alright? I really don’t play… I have never dared to play as such Wait a minute The first time in my life Nudity countdown She is so experienced. She knows how to bring it to life Bravo. Find her to hold an event next time Ask the lighting technician to turn dim? Dimmer Be quick. Dimmer It’s dim Be quick Why is it suddenly like a nightclub… After all what do you want Cover your face Good body shape Lin En, have a touch Enough Very strong Okay. Put it on Okay? Mission accomplished Lin En’s performance was excellant Big success Lin En, your turn to take off Didn’t she say… Her turn

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  1. Oh my goodness he sure does like kissing!! And he's so touchy-feely with everyone too lol. Thank you so much for subbing this I had a great laugh 😉

  2. Ah, a big flirt. I think he wants Joanne, but she probably is all you'll flirt with anyone. lol 😛

  3. OMG I just kept looking at Aaron’s abs, rlly good! 😂😂 LOVE Aaron and Joanne couple soooo much, 期待更期待他们能够再合作电视剧,当男女主角❤️

  4. 相当扎心了,看到这个视频我可以确定他是纯弯了,不太可能是双,他亲女生完全不在意不避讳,说明他不在意,唉~

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