[Eng Sub] 炎亞綸 Aaron Yan – ShowBiz Press Conference on 20180314 (Part 1)

[Eng Sub] 炎亞綸 Aaron Yan – ShowBiz Press Conference on 20180314 (Part 1)

Aaron Yan’s Press Conference We haven’t had this for a long time Before we start… didn’t I mention that there would be a gift? Oh yes. Give me your gift. I heard that you came here in a rush… And the fee you got cannot cover your travelling expenses Can’t it be money Oh my god Red packet for the first working day after Chinese New Year You can open it now Calm down Everybody TWD 100 A little compensation The money Aaron Yan gave me There’re two hundred dollars Yuzhou, don’t blame on me Here are two hundred I give you the red pocket Thanks, Aaron I love you I hope that you can finish the filming of your drama smoothly Give you 100 Don’t say bad words about me We’d distribute this in private later Just keep it first This is actually hush money We will protect you But our questions need to be sharp Come on The first question Me first Yaqi Your fans made jokes and asked you to go back to the music industry
[Exact wordings are “roll” back to the music industry] If the netizens, after listening to your songs, ask you to “roll” back to the drama industry That means I didn’t sing well I shall “roll” back to there How obedient you are Retire from the music industry since then? Of course not I haven’t reached the age of Jiang Hui’s What is your response? Basically, if your fans keep leaving comments below… In fact, I can go wherever I want to to You have no control Cool. Your manner. Just keep yourself happy I’ll make my own photo album someday. You can. The software for photo editing is very powerful now You are right Anyway, the answer to this question is… You will do wherever you like Next. We want to ask Aaron.. Is there a song that when you sing it… you find yourself so cool and attractive? Honestly, no. Are you sure? No way. It’s not reasonable. You are cheating. I only think that… can I sing better next time? I keep telling myself to put more effort… Impossible It’s real You are cool inside not extenally I sometimes struggle When you are singing on the stage you can hear the fans yelling you must feel… I’m not a narcissist How often do you look in the mirror? I seldom do that recently Why? I get tired of looking at my face You have imprinted your face in your pupils You no longer need a mirror You exaggerated So you have never found yourself gorgeous when you are singing I had in the past when I was a spoiled brat When was that? One year ago? I was a spoiled brat approximately when when I was a newbie I felt like… Wow~ How can I be so mesmerizing. When you are singing, which side of your face do you think is better-looking? Which side… He is flawless Whatever angle is fine The main reason is that… I sing from my heart It doesn’t matter which side of my face is facing you You don’t care about that But… Excuse me Idol. I always… He is not an idol
[In Chinese society, “idol” always points to an artist who is good-looking but not good at singing/acting.] Nope. I want to catch the facial expression when you are singing when you find yourself so attractive what facial expression do you have when you are singing When I’m really into the song, I appear like this OMG. That’s it. Can you sing now? What should I sing? Whatever Your new song We haven’t asked you to sing You don’t need the teleprompter But your expression was not… That’s the facial expression you have when you are thinking about the lyrics That’s not an attractive expression I was struggling to decide which song I’d sing But I couldn’t… after being brainwashed by this song recall the melody of the other song Everyone should buy the EP

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