[ENG SUB] 150617 Weekly Idol Bangtan Boys Part 1/3

[ENG SUB] 150617 Weekly Idol Bangtan Boys Part 1/3

Weekly Idol! For this week’s Weekly Idol We’re talking about those who searched for us at 3rd basement floor They have been on Weekly Idol once Honestly, after 1 year & 2 months of their appearance I’m not sure about how they are doing after that And right now, they came And they are now exactly our family A sudden family We can just be their family members It just.. This… Once I sees this pose These guys have been doing really well These guys? It’s our elder brothers What did you just said about my real brothers… [Dony & Cony who were completely not related with the Bang’s Family] Weekly Idol Need BTS Our Bangtan Boys! Let’s do [email protected]#$%^& Greetings! Greetings! You guys changed! You guys changed within these 1 year & 2 months 1, 2, 3, Bangtan! Hello, we are Bangtan Boys! You guys are great doing with the hand pose Hello! We are Bangtan Boys! It’s great to see you guys Is it ok for Bangtan Boys to film our show today? Yeah If it’s ok, but why does Rap Monster wears his clothes from home? He’s a fashion king Uh.. That.. Is that pinky pink top? I’m just very envious Can’t you put it down.. Or maybe just tuck it this way From what we’ve seen, it can be done two ways It’s the American style Is it ok? Rap Mon, what type of fashion is that? I’m trying on the diverse fashion Then why did you choose this kind of fashion? I actually received quite lots of critics Diverse (fashion) failed! I don’t think this style suits you Is there any dissatisfaction towards yourself? No, there’s none Just like how drastically they appeared here today, they became stronger & handsome these days For the album concept this time.. There’s “Beautiful Green Days”, “The High & Drooping Discomfort” & “Dangerous” What does all these meant? When we talk about green days, it’s beautiful And there’s this feeling of dangerous & discomfort And if you mix these two kinds of feelings, it just became that way It’s Rap Monster who’s talking right now He’s talking about the beautiful green days But it’s definitely dangerous about his fashion He covers his face too You have to change that kind of impression “I Need U” received lots of love recently What’s the main point of the song? There’s quite a lot of main point in the song But there’s this dance move loved by our fans How does it works? It’s the wave dance move Like this Ah.. This one! The one that Sung Yeon did [BTS dance move that attracted Sung Yeon] [The perfectly captured point of the choreography] KARA’s Sung Yeon was once tried to dance to your song Oh really? She said she love your song very much Daebak And now, it’s the time of Random Play Dance for our Bangtan Boys. Have you guys tried this before? You guys did well back then? That time, when I did wrongly.. I got caught by both of you quite often I don’t think both of you will get me easily this time I practiced a lot Anything that you guys wish to eat? Red Bean Shaved ice~ Instead of red bean, I wish to get strawberry I wish to get black sesame If you guys can complete it with one try, you can get all of it [3 sets of Shaved Ice Dream] Hope that you guys can succeed with one try Random Play Dance starts now.. Music, please! [Complains: The choreography is difficult] [Complain it to your choreographer…] Jimin said this to me, “Please don’t take your eyes off me.” [Suga’s solo rap moment] [Fun Suga] [Tour to Rap Mon’s room] [All members Standing Ovation] [V who got the difficult job] [Embarrassed Jeon Jung Kook] [Black Hole Jimin who’s already unstable towards their choreography] I’m letting you go. I’m letting you go this once [Jimin’s killing part] [Before you lose your shaved ices~] [Completely lost!!!] [3 sets of shaved ices that have gone further] AHHH..! V..V..V.. V done it this way Everyone, if you guys honestly tell us how many times of mistakes you’ve made And truthfully, we will give that particular person the shaved ices 3 times.. Is it 3 times? [The fastest to surrender] You did wrongly 6 times It’s 6 times And by looking at V with his yellow shirt I thought he is the speed bumps You have to walk slowly [BTS’ coordi received various hurtful comments] For the sake of BTS today, we shall give them one more chance to show us their strong teamwork Music, please! [Focusing on their difficult choreography] [All of them were comfortable except V] [Choreographer… What have I done wrong?] [The comfortable J-Hope on V’s back] [Sorry V, it’s that part just now] [V… Sorry and we love you…] [As if it will only ends if there’s someone collapses] [The V-Bumps collapsed] [What a pity.. V’s skill…] No.. No.. You can’t do it like this… Our teamwork is good though [V’s mistake? VS J-Hope’s Mistake?] Exactly, who’s the one made mistake? V did it or it’s J-Hope? It’s seems like V What should we do? You guys kept making mistakes from the beginning. Shall we exclude 2 of them? Yes! Ah?! Pleaseee.. 2 of us? We will try again with the 5 of you. But I’m the team leader of the choreography You’re the choreography team leader? Oh really? Kid, come here quickly Let’s try it excluding the team leader The team leader have to watch it In order to make them focus, we will carry out the toy hammer punishment You guys watch them We have to point it out V can go and join them, the team leader I have to be strict on this If I do it well this time, I will take the title as “Choreographer Team Leader” If you does it well with no mistake, yes, you can change your spot Got it, that will be my spot Music, please! [Hope’s busy eye tracking on Bangtan] If they made a mistake, you can just shout “You, come out!” [Why is it perfect only when choreography team leader was excluded?] [Sad & Proud; Team leader’s confused state of mind] The-finally-shining, Bangtan’s synchronize dance move] They are doing great though.. I like it Ah.. Jimin! Jimin! [Engrossed with his own choreography] [Can’t hear] [Guess it’s not Jimin] Why? What’s with Jimin? Jimin can’t find his own spot Ah… You guys almost succeed though Ah.. Hammer! The team leader shall hit but if we can’t feel your sincerity, we shall hit you too Put your head slightly down. Look.. Here, right at this spot [Bro.. I believe in you…] [The right hit spot] Let’s go! Hwaiting! [Ok, I’ve decided] That’s really.. That’s really hard Why do you have to go this far? [Frightened] I’m sorry Jimin ah, are you okay? That’s too much [With his realistic acting performance] [Felt wronged] He is the real victim [The ambitious Jimin who’s dreaming of becoming acting-dol] Don’t you think you’re too much? [Random Dance’s beautiful danger & the high and drooping beautiful reconciliation] -THE END- Idol King Game! Idol.King.Selection Do you guys know about this Idol King Game? Yeah, sure Ah.. They said they knew it. Hence, it shows that BTS are up here For our Weekly Idol, this item is hardly brought up And when it’s brought up today, meant BTS grew up a lot With GD, IU.. Are we going to eat Korean beef too? Of course, you can! Eat as much as you want! [Pink gummy smile that’s brighter than his t-shirt]

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  1. Jimin does what my little brother does when we play. I'll hit him not that hard, and he'll pretend that I killed him or something, and I get in trouble for it. It's pretty funny actually.

  2. They told him to hit hard or they will hit him hard and he did hard hard but they were like “why did you have to go that far?”. Brah that’s your false not his 😒😒😒

  3. On Jungkook's photo V's name tag LOL
    I thought, weekly idol is only one, who treated BTS at least better
    But MBC SBS KBS they are all same
    That is for them not important because they were from small company

  4. All these years and I didn't know that Taehyung and Jungkook were twins or even the same person :O 😀 😀

  5. i honestly hate those mc's bc of how they treated yoongi the last time they visited. u can see the attitude difference, they're so fake. just because they got more popular, you're gonna treat them better? no bitch ur true colors showed the first time they came on weekly idol. smh

  6. When Hobi hit Jimin..
    V took that hammer and tried it on his hand (at 9:22) to know how hard it really was and than pushed Hobi away at when he found out that it was quite hard (at 9:24)

    Than he pushed Hobi away from Jimin 'again' coz he hit him so hard (at 9:29)

    That's so cute.. caring n sweet of … my bias V 💜😘❤😍

  7. “ Guys if one of you tell us how many you missed that certain person will get the snack “
    Tae: *immediately* 3 times🌸~

    He really sold out the whole team for snacks that’s my bias😂💜

  8. There’s a few comments on Tae’s outfit and it makes me laugh so hard because it’s 2019 and his comfy style as not changed what so ever 😂 this boy can wear the most expensive of clothes and then show up in the loosest clothes possible lol love a man that can do both 😂💜🤪

  9. Is it just me but I miss bts on variety shows?!like I wish they will come to idol room…and weekly idol.

  10. i know this isn't bts related but 3:13 the girl dancing to I Need U looks similar to Moonbin from astro. I can see their mouth being a little similar. I looked at her face and it reminded me of moonbin. The girl is Seungyeon from kara(btw)


  12. Defconn, a little jealous? I know, your music was so much better….. You wish!!! Grow up! Hope you never get to host any idols again. You don't know how to treat boys who just finished high school. Anyone who saw these shows must think you are an ass and a bully!! Now that they are making history, I wish someone would put you on the spot and ask what you think of their skills now!!!

  13. Am I the only one who noticed that in the intro when they wrote V they put a picture of Jungkook instead of him?! Lol

  14. Watching at the first episode which BTS was invited by them and they treat BTS so disrespectful and now watching them make me more upset how they are treating BTS like pity way on this episode

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