[ENG SUB] [HD] 170705 Weekly Idol EP 310 – Masked Idol

[ENG SUB] [HD] 170705 Weekly Idol EP 310 – Masked Idol

*English Subtitles by MiniKpop*
We do not own the video, however the subs are ours. Please do not distribute it and upload a new video using our subs Zero PD: We will start recording now~ (Singing a graduation song on the way to work during midsummer) Doni: But it’s only June now though? Coni: Someone is going to graduate today DoniConi: Hello everyone, WEEKLY IDOL! (After 3 weeks, Masked Idol “Your Name Is…?” is back)
Doni: This is a “from time to time” corner~ (After 3 weeks, Masked Idol “Your Name Is…?” is back)
Doni: Hope that this is able to… (Super happy)
Doni: Be a hot topic everywhere, it will be good if we can film together with them every week (Worried to be unemployed again)
Coni: We heard that they were worried and kept asking us if this corner is still going on Coni: Luckily, we will still film this once in a while
Doni: Let’s shout our slogan before we start~ Coni: THIS WEEK’S ID…
Doni: What was it? (Super short memory, the biggest problem of this corner, DoniConi)
Coni: First of all, Masked Idol…?
Doni: What was it? / Coni: Because we didn’t do this for a while… (We are disappointed…MC-nim…)
Coni: Your Name Is…? DoniConi: MASKED IDOL~YOUR NAME IS…? (Perfect discordant) (Blurry)
Coni: Is this correct? Your name~ Doni: Today, after RaBongNaMinC~ (Celebration! 2nd female masked idol enters)
Doni: There’s another girl member filming Masked Idol with us~ (Thought of 1 person at this moment)
Coni: This friend was a pity, he’s being broadcasted right here (Shining handsomeness, last winner Cross Gene’s Shin)
Coni: Cross Gene’s Shin, a handsome guy!
Doni: It was a pity! Doni: It was a war
Coni: It was a pity! The one I wished to leave didn’t leave! (The masked triplets survived together for 3 weeks)
Coni: Cheongdamdong is not leaving but this friend left Doni: Welcome the main characters of Masked Idol “Your Name Is…?”! (Masked Idol COME ON)
DoniConi: Please come out! (Long time no see) (Ggyat I’m here again!!!) (The masked idol newcomer lost her way) (Finding her way) (The newcomer is still unfamiliar with the studio)
Doni: She’s really new / Coni: Cute (Every day is like the 1st time, introduction time)
Coni: Let’s start introducing yourselves starting from Cheongdamdong~ CDD: Hello, I’m from Cheongdamdong
*We will sub him as CDD* Coni: We are bored from hearing these all the time
Doni: We already know everything Doni: How have you been these days? CDD: Currently I’m very tired~
Coni: I’m tired from seeing this too, the way you touch your butt (We’ve been seeing this gesture for 8 weeks)
CDD: I have a lot of activities now
Coni: This hand gesture too (Hint: 1. Having busy overseas schedules currently)
Doni: Even though you have overseas schedules, but you still took time for Weekly Idol? CDD: Even when I’m overseas, I will ride a taxi and come here, seriously
Doni: How do you take taxi from overseas to here? (Unbelievable determination)
CDD: Even if I’m alone, I will come here too Coni: Overseas schedule is more important, it’s more important to meet your international fans CDD: It’s important to meet international fans, but for me, Weekly Idol best! (Please take care of me, “Ang~”) Coni: Since he did everything, he’s even changing his tone now (Making fun of Damdong-ie every day) (Sad…) Doni: Our Adam’s apple pretty boy, please introduce yourself Galaxy: Hello, I’m Galaxy Adam’s Apple Pretty Boy
*We will sub him as Galaxy* Doni: How have you been? Galaxy: At the time this episode comes out, Galaxy: I think we will be having a comeback, actually, because our comeback will overlap with this~ (After 6 weeks, Galaxy Adam’s Apple Pretty Boy volunteers to graduate)
Galaxy: I think it’s time for me to remove this box (Oh yes! Damdong-ie’s surviving chance increase)
Coni: Your goal is different from Cheongdamdong Coni: I surf the internet a lot~ Coni: When I search “Masked Idol” on the internet, Coni: This guy’s name appears a lot! (Everyone knows the identity of Cheongdamdong)
Coni: But for Galaxy, still a lot of people don’t know your identity (The real identity of Galaxy Adam’s Apple Pretty Boy is still a secret) Doni: Did you appear since the 1st episode? (6th time filming already)
Galaxy: I think I came here since the 2nd episode Coni: And the box that you’re wearing right now is slowly… (His mask shows the traces of time)
Coni: The corners are gettting blunt now Coni: It’s getting blunt and it will become a sphere someday~ (What is this guy doing again?)
Doni: RaBongNaMinC, please introduce yourself~ Rabong: Hello, I’m RaBongNaMinC Wink!
*We will sub her as Rabong* Doni: How have you been RaBongNaMinC?
Rabong: For me~ Rabong: I’m having comeback currently, many people asked me how am I going to arrange my schedule (Worried about the schedule due to comeback)
Rabong: Then I discussed with my company (Already discuss with the company)
Rabong: I’ll ride a taxi to come here right after my rehearsal, so I told them they don’t have to take me here (Taxi? We heard this somewhere just now)
CDD: Oh?! I said this just now!
Rabong: I said this last time! Right? Tell them! (Every line is precious for a rookie idol)
Doni: So Cheongdamdong stole your line!
Rabong: Yes he stole my line! (Ehey)
Coni: Cheongdamdong stealer~
Doni: That’s too bad~ (Searching something)
Doni: You stole a girl group member’s line? (Infinite setting Damdong-ie, he knew this is coming so he prepared these items)
Doni: He knew this is coming, he is setting up now (Hihi) (Today’s newcomer, 8th NEW masked idol)
Doni: We got it, and there’s a new member right here! Doni: Sexy Cutie Innocent all-rounded Princess~ Doni: Your name is long~ Please introduce yourself~ Princess: Hello, I’m the newcomer Sexy Cutie Innocent all-rounded Princess~
*We will sub her as Princess* (Whenever it is, a welcome reaction is important) Doni: All-rounded Princess~ / Princess: Yes! Doni: When did you debut? / Princess: Debut… Princess: I debuted many times~ / Coni: Many times?! (Hint: ‘A lot’ of debut experience)
Princess: Yes a lot~ Doni: When was your 1st debut?
Princess: 1st debut was… (Hint: 1st debut in 2012)
Princess: 2012! (Totally big sunbaenim)
CDD: Sunbaenim~ / Coni: Where did you debut? (After 1st debut in Japan, she continued her activities in Korea)
Princess: I debuted in Japan at first, then come back to Korea again~ Coni: Then which time is this debut? Princess: This is my 4th or 5th time debuting Doni: Really?! Doni: There’s someone like this? Coni: There’s someone who debuted 4-5 times in a girl group?
Princess: Yes, there is~ (Rich of debuts, today’s newcomer)
Coni: Awesome / Doni: Seems like she’s an awesome idol! (They are extra close today)
Coni: I think she’s the center of the groups~ (She can do well in any concept)
Doni: Our all-rounded princess is good at every concept~ Doni: Should we watch all-rounded princess’s dance? (Accept right away)
Princess: Okay
Doni: We will play music for you~ (1st concept: Sexy)
Doni: Music please! (Waves) (Her sexiness can’t be hidden in the box) (What are there doing?)
Princess: What is this? Doni: They are too close! (Super close) (At this moment, the pro idol didn’t stop dancing) (2nd concept: Cutie) (Look at them…) (When the masked triplets gather, their silliness are tripled too) (It’s showing from her whole body, cutie of cutie) (Cannon goddess is here) (Mess)
CDD: Look at here too X3 (Masked triplets became the fans of the all-rounded princess) (Woohoo) Coni: She’s full of talent Doni: You… Doni: You are too close, isn’t it? (Damdong-ie X Adam’s Apple Pretty Boy is stealing our attention)
CDD: We are close originally
Coni: Did you meet each other and practiced this? (We are close originally)
CDD: We are like brothers! Doni: But I still have no idea
Coni: Because we can’t see her face (What is her aim today?)
Coni: Do you want to win and remove your mask today? Princess: Yes, removing my mask is my target
Coni: Why? Princess: Because I did a comeback not long ago~ Coni: Who will it be?
Princess: I’ll work hard for it! Doni: Firstly, let’s start the testing time~ Doni: Show me your talent~ Doni: Our Cheongdamdong~ (It’s getting awkward to ask for his personal skills again)
Doni: Do you still have any personal skills? (No worries)
CDD: Today, Galaxy-nim and I… CDD: We have a collaboration!
Doni: Collab… (Their hands link together at the hill of personal skills)
CDD: I have no idea what to do by myself
Doni: Seems like he really has nothing left (Masked Idol’s 1st 2-people-skill)
Doni: The personal skill of the close brothers~ Coni: That’s why they are so close~ What’s this? Coni: He’s going to flip him (Human windmill)
CDD: Ready! Start! (Stomach going to explode) (Jump) (Underground 3rd floor is in chaos due to the unexpected talent) (Fell down) (Using their whole body to provide big laughter SUCCESS) Coni: Your face is showing! (RESPECT)
Coni: Your face is showing
CDD: Mic! Mic! (Aigoo my stomach)
Coni: Wake up (Tiring)
Doni: What is this?! (To show this, they practiced it 1 hour before recording starts)
CDD: It’s human windmill! Rabong: Unnie please don’t go~ (Scared to be alone, and the masked brothers)
Rabong: I have to face both of them (Still unconscious because it’s too funny)
Coni: To do this, both of you must have similar weights! (We did a great job!!!!)
CDD: Good job / Coni: We can’t do this~ (Totally proud)
Doni: They are proud of each other Doni: It’s RaBongNaMinC’s turn~ (She prepared two personal skills for today)
Rabong: I’ve prepared two~ / Doni: Okay Rabong: The 1st one is Jung In voice imitation
Doni: Oh! Jung In~ (Unique voice is her speciality, female vocal Jung In) (Because of her unique voice, imitating her voice is popular among idols) Rabong: Starting from now~ (Pft) (This is RaBongNaMinC, her tongue is tied up) CDD: Hello Jung In sunbaenim! (Punishment for his overreacting)
Coni: This talent… (No words)
Doni: What “Hello sunbaenim”?! (Hihi thanks~)
Doni: Everyone knows it’s RaBongNaMinC! CDD: I thought it was good, and since we are filming together… Doni: There’s one more?
Rabong: This is… (Magic learned from her ex-magician manager)
Rabong: My manager was a magician~ (I know magic too…!)
Rabong: He taught me this magic! Rabong: This magic comparing to the one showed by Cheongdamdong… (This is different from the amateur’s magic)
Rabong: It’s not the same level
Coni: It’s not pigeon right? / Rabong: It’s not (Serious)
Coni: It’s not a big fist inside there right? (What will be the magic which learnt from an ex-magician?)
Coni: Remove it? (Ah…..Manager-nim…) (No words) (Acting passionately) Galaxy: Are you okay? X2 (Still unfamiliar with this atmosphere) (Urgent call for RaBongNaMinC’s manager)
Coni: Who is her manager? CDD: Oh! It’s scary!
Princess: What is this? (Hehe why? It’s fun though)
Coni: It’s not funny~ / Rabong: I learnt this (NEW masked-dol all-rounded princess’s turn)
Coni: Our all-rounded princess, she said she wants to show everything! (Prepared her talent with passion)
Princess: Yes, I wanted to imitate the real voice of a barking dog Princess: I always do this to communicate with dogs
Doni: Okay~ (Dog sound)
Doni: Real dog sound imitation~ (Woof woof!!!!) (Another chance to react again) (A loud sound and a louder reaction) (Panic) Coni: Big dog / Princess: Big dog? (Big dog this time please) (Look at them kk) (Tornado acting triplets) Coni: You all~ Coni: Did you drink some beer together before this? (No misunderstanding)
Coni: “How about making fun of each other? Let’s make it funnier!” (Just some pure reactions)
Coni: “I’ll do this later, then you do reaction for me” (Still uncomfortable in this atmosphere)
Coni: We felt like that
Doni: Is this scripted? / CDD: Nonono Doni: Next~ (Final stage)
(Your Name Is…?: Face Revealing Mission)
Doni: To reveal your face~ (Oh my mask)
Doni: Today’s mission~ Doni: We are revealing our mission now (Face Revealing Mission: Toilet paper curling)
Doni: Toilet paper~ Doni: The rules are easy~ Doni: We have a red line here right? Doni: It must be over the red line Rabong: Hmm~
CDD/Galaxy?: Okay~ Doni: Also, can you see another red line at the back? The long one? Doni: The one who threw the toilet paper furthest away from this line, Doni: Will take down their mask~
Coni: Do it as if you’re playing bowling (WE ARE READY)
Doni: We will start soon~
Coni: Yeh~ (Masked Idol: Toilet paper curling)
(#1 Contestant CheongDamDong)
Doni: Our Cheongdamdong will start first~
CDD: *groans in Korean* (Target: Last place!)
Coni: Okay Cheongdamdong~
DoniConi: 1,2,3! (OOOOOOOH?)
Coni: It went over the line! (Against Cheongdamdong’s will, the toilet paper is rolling far)
Coni: It went over the line!
Doni: You won’t be eliminated if you go over the line!
Coni: Not eliminated? Coni: Okay stop~
Doni: Cheongdamdong, you can let go now
Coni: Let go~ (A possible candidate that will receive 1st place)
(Anxious X Frustrated) Doni: Now it’s our Galaxy-nim~ (Masked Idol: Toilet paper curling)
(#2 Contestant Galaxy Adam’s Apple Pretty Boy) Coni: You have to focus~ (Ever since he started work today, he’s very ambitious to win and leave)
Doni: Galaxy said that he wants to take off his mask!
Doni: So that’s why you have to work hard! (Why can’t I control my strength? Reflecting for his mistake in this position for 30 seconds) (A very professional pose) (Eyes wide open) (Rollrollrollroll) (Heading towards the studio’s exit)
Doni: If it’s going to be like this, I don’t think anyone else can leave except for him today! Doni: But it’s still unpredictable! All-rounded princess might even throw further! (NICE!)
Coni: That’s right! (Masked Idol: Toilet paper curling)
(#3 Contestant RaBongNaMinC Wink)
Doni: Now it’s RaBongNaMinC~
Galaxy: Ah this is so hard! (Drops) Doni: Ohohoh! It passed the line! Doni: Very good! X3 (RaBongNaMinC survives!) (Yahoo)
Doni: RaBongNaMinC! (Yahoo) (Current survivors: Cheongdamdong X RaBongNaMinC)
Doni: She survived! Ah!!!! Cheongdamdong survived again!!!!
Coni: Really? (Mommy! I survived again!)
Doni: So uncomfortable! / Coni: Oh you’re right! (Current graduate nominee: Galaxy Adam’s Apple Pretty Boy)
Doni: Right now, Galaxy is still leading~ Doni: It’s still pretty unpredictable~
Princess: Do I do it like this? (Masked Idol: Toilet paper curling)
(#4 Contestant Sexy Cutie Innocent all-rounded Princess)
Doni: When all-rounded princess throws it… Doni: Right now, the key is in the all-rounded princess’ hands (Still unpredictable BUT Sexy Cutie Innocent all-rounded Princess has a chance to escape)
Doni: Would Galaxy be able to take off his mask? Doni: Or would it be all-rounded princess? (So… what is all-rounded princess’ choice?) Doni: 1,2,3!
Coni: Show us your true feelings! (Today’s graduate hopefuls)
(Galaxy Adam’s Apple Pretty Boy VS Sexy Cutie Innocent All-rounded Princess) Coni: Show us your true feelings! (Working hard to move forward) (Working hard to move forward — managed to survive!) (Today’s 1st place)
Coni: What to do!
Doni: Today’s game winner goes to Galaxy Adam’s Apple Pretty Boy!
CDD: Why are you happy?! (Today’s winner)
(Galaxy Adam’s Apple Pretty Boy) (Hyung I hate you!)
CDD: Why are you happy?! X2 (Today, survivor brothers split apart)
CDD: Nooo! (NEW girl group sisters are born)
Rabong: Unnie! (Unexpected choice by all-rounded princess)
Coni: All-rounded princess, didn’t you say you want to leave? Why did you throw it so carefully? (Unstoppable desire)
Princess: When I played the game, I had the strong desire to survive (Now it’s time for us to send him off)
Doni: At last… 8th Masked Idol “Your Name Is…?” (Sobs)
Doni: He’s like a family to us~ Doni: We will now reveal his mask~ (8th Masked Idol “Your Name Is…?”, the main character Galaxy Adam’s Apple Pretty Boy’s face is going to be revealed now) (Hyung don’t leave me alone and go TT) (They learnt these over exaggerated reactions at the underground 3rd floor) (Goodbye~)
Doni: She’s still awkward~ Doni: They are still acting even though it passed… (Their passion for reaction has no end) (Shy in front of the camera, everyone is doing farewell with their top of the head) (Go away~)
Coni: Dododododo it’s you! Dodododo it’s you! (Don’t move your face so near)
Doni: I didn’t know this! Doni: 8th masked idol! Your Name Is…? (Galaxy Adam’s Apple Pretty Boy entered underground 3rd floor with his proud Adam’s apple) Doni: Good job! (Showing us his best talents continuously) (Full of strength at the underground 3rd floor) (After 6 weeks of filming, who will be the idol?) Doni: Please reveal yourself! Coni: WHO IS IT~~~ (Who are you?)
Doni: Please reveal yourself! (Who are you?)
Coni: WHO IS IT~~~ (Who are you?) Doni: Please reveal yourself! Coni: WHO IS IT~~~ (HANDSOME)
Coni: Waoooo~~~ (Even though there were together for a long time, without his mask he feels like a stranger)
Doni: Please introduce yourself~ Galaxy aka Hongseok: Hello~ I debuted on October 10 with in a rookie boy group PENTAGON (PENTAGON Hongseok)
Galaxy aka Hongseok: Hello~ I debuted on October 10 with in a rookie boy group PENTAGON (PENTAGON Hongseok)
10/10/16 debut
BTOB’s brother group
5 espects of Vocal & Rap, Dance, Teamwork and Mind
Excellent factor: All-rounded group that produces their own music (A guide to PENTAGON’s Hongseok)
Keyword 1: Supporting main vocal
Keyword 2: Hong Muscle
Keyword 3: Intelligent man Coni: Yang Hongseok~ Coni: Two members from PENTAGON, they are currently in a trio group, Triple H with Hyuna (Hui & E’Dawn promoted together with Hyuna)
Coni: Two members from PENTAGON, they are currently in a trio group, Triple H with Hyuna Doni: Looking back, you’ve been with us for nearly 2 months (Pretty upsetting now that we’re looking back)
Doni: Looking back, you’ve been with us for nearly 2 months Doni: Don’t you feel upset? Hongseok: I’m pretty upset right now
Doni: You’re already best friends with Cheongdamdong… (A manly friendship for the past 6 weeks) Hongseok: This is upsetting
Doni: When you leave we will be upset too (Pity) (Upset) Doni: What a pity~
Hongseok: This is very pitiful Doni: Our Hongseok-gun~ Doni: IT’S HONGSEOK TIME! (IT’S HONGSEOK TIME)
Doni: Every camera will be filming you! Coni: YEAH~ Hongseok: Waaalalaaaa~ (He’s attacking with his unlimited handsomeness) (He’s attacking with his unlimited handsomeness)
Hongseok: I’m PENTAGON’s Hongseok! Hongseok: I’ll introduce my group members Hongseok: Currently promoting in Triple H, Hui, who is our leader at the same time Hongseok: Then, there’s our main vocal oldest hyung Jinho~ Hongseok: Next, there’s Galaxy Adam’s Apple Pretty Boy Hongseok Hongseok: Next, also promoting in Triple H, E’Dawn Hongseok: Then there’s broad and strong shoulders, Shinwon-ie Hongseok: Then there’s Chinese pretty boy, Yan An-ie Hongseok: Then, handsome in every angle, pretty boy Yeo One-ie Hongseok: Then… Wooseok-ie
*AW NO DESCRIPTION FOR WOOSEOK XD* Hongseok: Yuto…. and Kino! That’s all the members!
*Moment of silence for Wooseok, Yuto and Kino who gets zero description from Hongseok XD* (It was an exhausting member introduction)
Coni: He stuttered a lot when he was talking about his members (There are too many members…)
Coni: I was really surprised!
Doni: Because his group has many members~ (Double heads that attract attention)
Hongseok: Our… Hongsoek: Our songs from debut till now… (Prepared just for today’s PENTAGON relay performance)
Hongseok: I will briefly demonstrate it for everyone (Gorilla #PENTAGON) (COOLNESS BOOM BOOM) (Behind the mask was this warm face…) (THE MORE WE LOOK AT HIM THE MORE HANDSOME HE IS) (This is his actual career, you can’t even find any mistakes!) (Can You Feel It #PENTAGON) (A combination of FRESH X CHARMING) (Backup dancer Damdong) (Getting upset because of the bond they developed for these few weeks)
Doni: We finally get to see this side of him! (Critical Beauty #PENTAGON) (The song that you’re listening to right now is PENTAGON’s current promotion song Critical Beauty) Hongseok: You’re so pretty that it’s killing me~
*Literal translation, actual lyric is “You’re a critical beauty”* Coni: Ah yeh~
Doni: Hongseok-gun, what’s your position in the group? Hongseok: I am the group’s supporting main vocal
Doni: Is that so?
Doni: I knew you weren’t part of the dance line
*HAHAHA SAVAGE DONI 10/10* Doni: Because we’ve done this program for a long time, we could tell if someone is good at dancing or not (Been at the underground 3rd floor for 6 years, therefore very experienced)
Doni: Because we’ve done this program for a long time, we could tell if someone is good at dancing or not (Been at the underground 3rd floor for 6 years, therefore very experienced) (Miserable) (Embarrassed)
Doni: You’re definitely a vocal Doni: Our Galaxy Adam’s Apple Pretty Boy, do you have anything else to say? You can take this opportunity to say something Hongseok: This was really fun, honestly… Hongseok: If it wasn’t for my comeback, I could’ve stayed here longer, so I think it was a pity Hongseok: Last song that I want to present to you guys is a song written and composed by PENTAGON’s leader Hui hyung, “You Are” (Prepared a song full of sadness for his last performance)
Doni: Owww that sounds good! (Please take care, these few weeks had been fun TT)
Doni: Our Galaxy Adam’s Apple Pretty Boy, thank you so much for these past weeks! Coni: Please be daebak! (You Are #PENTAGON) (Even though he claimed to be supporting main vocal, but his vocals are high quality) (His pretty adam’s apple becomes more obvious when he’s singing)
Coni: Take care, supporter (Bye Bye) Coni: We will see you again next year! (Goodbye Hongseok~ Please appear on Weekly Idol with PENTAGON members next time) (Cheongdamdong + RaBongNaMinC + All-rounded Princess + A new masked idol will join us next week! See you next time!)

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