EXCLUSIVE: Local YouTube Star Say He Is Under Microscope Of Federal Authorities

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  1. Nothing to see here folks… this is normal ???… hopelessness can be a mf… frozen accounts??? Like they went for the gusto ??‍♀️

  2. His story isn't adding up. Someone dropped a dime on him period. It could be someone on his payroll. Maybe he wasn't paying full taxes and benefits for staff. He said he owes taxes. If you owe taxes, why would you stunt on IG and expose yourself ? Also humble yourself. You are on CBS doing an interview wearing a $$$ Balenciaga jumper. He isn't the smartest tool in the shed and I'm a business woman — rule number 1 in business, don't be on the radar of the government!

  3. Lol meanwhile in the terms in conditions it says you cannot stream or reupload content don’t believe me open a tv app on your phone and try to screen record

  4. in a nutshell it was all fake so he could find a way to get out of refunding all his subscribers….

    the court number he provided ended up being a case number from an appellate court in the 4th district. omar lives in the 3rd district

    he provided a video of the raid at one of his addresses. simply checking the video file shows it was altered by an additional audio track being added to it.

    video footage from an app called the citizens app was proven to be falsified after showing a time stamp that the video took place 20+ days ago from it's original posting. the creators of citizens app confirmed you can only go back 7 days in the search/view history, making the video clip an impossibility

    on that same raid, philly 25th district police dept. stated no raids, nor any assistance by the police was asked for for crowd control

    omar was supposed to have appeared in court last week on thursday. no court or docket recordings for that ever happening

    cbs philly channel 3 did an interview that omar paid for but set the disclaimer it couldn't be proven to be true or false. at minimum newscast would have been able to confirm a court appearance on the matter or applied for a petition on the facts.

    woolwhich twp police which handle swedesboro provided a link to any and all incidents requiring their presence. no record on the link (i posted) shows anything happening at his home yet, omar clearly stated in his videos the police were there assiting the fbi and even at one point threw him down to the ground to take the watch off of his arm

  5. OMI played all his fans they will believe anything he does OMI is a fraud if you can’t see it by now then you will forever be blind with the lies.

  6. Fraud where's are adult are you hang around with 18 year no businessman talking about you can't play your employees but you spend all your money on Christmas shopping

  7. If the feds did do it he wouldn’t be able to withdraw the money from you tube people just think about it that’s only one red flag ?

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