Exploring waterfall few k/m far from Abbottabad

Exploring waterfall few k/m far from Abbottabad

Aoa I,m hopefull you will be fine Today i wish to go on a place where,s water falling from the highest place The Altitude of water would be more than 150 feet There will be Natural veiw Natural beauty I wish to be that place do not far Near to Abbottabad keep in touch with me Let,s go to explore that place Mostly the people goes there in summer But when i will reach there most of you may think Who are going in Winter , in December But i will tell you the reason when i reached there That why we visit in winter , in December Water fall !!!!! who,s Altitude higher than 150 feet Downs pile up water The people are visit there in winter i will tell you the reason when i reached there I,m glad you may watched previous videos If you did,nt watched watch them Mine this video is most difficult than others This video is more interesting And it,s surprising Keep in touch, Lets go to that place This is wajid with me Syed wajid Shah He having Youtube channel on the name of syed wajid That!! What,s to do ? Yeah subscribe it Wajid if i will bring to highest place where the water fall which Altitude near to 200 feet more than 150 feet So how you will feel there? Do you know that place? No!!! First of All i don,t know this place okay Secondly that place would be surprising for me hmmm first time hmmm we must have to visit this place This is Good news that place is near to Abbottabad Let,s Go Now we are starting our journey This is wajid with me too much polite personality Journey is too interesting with him Let,s start the journey At least we arrived at Havelia This is bridge the beauty of this place attract me to stop Now i,m showing the beauty of this place Look this How much is Greenery The children,s are playing match That way linked to AUST university On the way to water fall We are on the way to water fall which is far 45 mins than Havelia The citizen of this village told me that This is more beautful than Nathiagali road i,m showing you here,s beauty i,m also looking how much is beautiful How much is attraction and beauty MA SHA ALLAH Look this!!! We are near to water fall will be there after 20 mins Watch this down,s view are Havelia Watch this Wajid do you like to say about your journey? My journey is too good still now we are traveling comfortable we having Ybr we are traveling comfort on them Did you get fatigue? No,not yet At least we are arrived at Cafe piyala Hotel wajis is feelings too comfort you said dialogue in previous video kindly repeat that oh yeah! I said either it,s winter,summer, headache or mood swing Tea has unique taste Finally we are arrived to water fall which was expecting wajid have too wajid how you feel to looks water fall? what i can say its too much beautiful scenery IN SHA ALLAH i will go down to show to from near Minumum 26 people were deid in this water fall i,ll tell you the reason why we don,t come in summer? why we came in cold , in december? watch the scenery from the top watch that scenery from the top it,s amazing you may watched my previous videos i told you There are thousand of places like this in pakistan we must have to explore that Glory be to ALLAH Now we are going close to that now we will go to close the water fall Let,s go wajid This is my journey expereince of all trip and experience is that whenever you go on difficult way but at the end you get beautiful place now we are going too close of water fall They make Board we will read it i heard section 144 Two guys from abbottbad wew deid here who was my neighbored i would like to tell you either it is summer or winter swiming is difficult in cold whenever you visit in summer never try to swim here when you will reach here they make of section 144 watch it i,m showing you from nearly that,s water fall i told you in the beginning why i do not visit in summer The reason behind that The water is too cold either you can,t touch your hands second reason because we are not swimming here Swimming can be deadlier Because it,s too deep there are caves insede any of them went there to be suffocated in water Any how i can,t expressed my feelings i,ll invite you to be must visit here look the beauty when water drops let,s watch the drops of water How much it is beautuful looks wajid tell me how you feel to visit here yaar! i enjoyed too much and there is no restrain of my happiness Good let,s watch the beauty of water secondly i want to tell you can not look from here where,s the water fall this place is too deep now lunch is reasy wajid what is cooked? it,s too surprised ! oh okay lunch is too surprised let,s see what is cooked start with the name of ALLAH WOW Good it,s “Kaabli palaw” let,s come start eating any one who are willing to eat you may come it,s awsome During eating i thought some people around us to be invite them eat with us come here please there are three steps of water fall we are trying to go up to looks the upper view of water fall now we are going to looks the upper view of water fall i told you this is acclaimed there are ghost near water fall He is citizen of here we will ask from him about this i,m saying we did not watch still ghost may be outsider,s looked ghost but we did,nt🤣🤣 it,s mean this is formed news those people suffocated in water who,s can,t swim yeah it,s suffocation but there,s should not be swim okay those people who are visiting here what is your message for them i want to say them you come here it,s good place beautiful place enjoy here okay Thank you we are going to other side to looks water fall height & show you upper view this is made in three steps so we are near and reaching there we wannt say you one thing yes wajis what you want so say Do not make dirtiness & trash in this beautiful place Good let,s watch i will try my mobile camera may shows you i,ll not go too near because safety is first first of all safety this is the first step you may looks how much first step is deep so this is the first step of water fall you may imagine the depth Viewers i,m hopefull you will be enjoying This is is the upper surface of water fall we are trying to go front by showing you different angles you may enjoy by its more beauty let,s go this is the 2nd step you may saw the depth At least it flows like water fall wajid at the end what you will address to viewers first of all i would like to say come to this beautiful place and here,s water fall visit here it,s too beautiful water fall and yeah SUBSCRIBE Dr Abdul wahab channel Thank you Press the bell icon to get new videos first you watched water fall hopefully you enjoyed comment your feedback and watched the three steps of water fall and its depth this water i showed you creates water fall and yeah if you did not subscribe my channel SUBSCRIBE it and press the Bell icon to get new interesting videos instantly i will be Promote our pakistan is fill up like this beautiful scenery I may show you that

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