Father’s Day Tool Gift Guide for the Entertainer

Father’s Day Tool Gift Guide for the Entertainer

hi I’m Justin and I’m Michael we’re from
Acme tools your father likes to entertain people we have some Father’s
Day gift ideas for you the m18 12 speaker is perfect for the
jobsite and perfect for the backyard now Michael what is the grade on this thing
it is IP 54 rated so it means it can take some white rain some white dust it
is also impact resistant too so if you drop it on the grass on the driveway
it’s not necessarily gonna get destroyed right off the bat yeah and another great
thing about this it runs on both the m12 and m18 battery series so if it can work
with any tool but also if you’re not invested in the Milwaukee brand it also
comes with an AC power adapter so you just plug it into a standard wall outlet
and just works just fine so the next gift we have here is the Oxx coffee box
so Michael what’s the first thing that stands out about this thing for you well
it looks really portable it has a nice handle on here it’s hive is green the
outlet tucks away nicely inside there it looks really enclosed yeah so this thing
doesn’t run on batteries it does require an outlet of some sort so great for
camping if you have a generator so this also has three compartments one for your
water which holds 2.5 litres and tucks away nicely the next one is for your
coffee which is a k-cup it’s universal so it works with any other k-cup brand
and finally their coffee dispenser and this can also be used for any kind of
hot water so you can use to make tea make noodles or whatever and I think the
best thing about it is how sturdy this thing is Michael how much work in this
thing handle believe it or not 2,000 pounds you actually loaded a skid steer
onto it and lifted the wheels off of the ground and it still only had a scratch
on it was able to brew coffee just fine make sure you check it out in our tool
towards your video so in conclusion this is a great gift for both outdoorsy dad
the dad that likes to be outside in any way or the clumsy one perfect gift for
any the red classic is back with the limited edition red Weber charcoal grill
so one of the great things about this grill is that it has
and a built-in lid thermometer so you never have to lift it up to make sure
that it’s the right temperature you need for your grilling needs it also a 363
square inches for grilling as plenty of space for cooking for the entire family
so it has an off center heat vent that’s easily adjustable so you can get to
zones of cooking which is great for indirect cooking such as steaks it also
has a thumb guard on here so he’s not gonna burn his hand when he tries to
adjust the valve another great handy feature with this grill is that what the
handle that comes with the heat deflector so you don’t feel the heat as
your as you have to remove it and also when you do you can easily store it
right behind the grill for serving or cooking uses when you’re done grilling
it has an easy one touch ash removal system that cleans out the bottom of the
grill and it doubles as the bottom vent controls plus as this fully enclosed ash
catcher so that none of the ash is blowing away if it’s a windy day now
this would be the perfect grill for your dad on any given day during the summer
when your dad needs to host a lunch party or picnic get him the klein tools
tuff box cooler now this cooler can hold up to seven seventeen liters and holds
up to eighteen cans at max and with this nifty little space here you can also
hold up to one liter bottles also able to fold at a ninety four ninety degrees
you have yourself a mini table and in the lid you have yourself a little mini
compartment to hold save keys wallets and it’s very sturdy can also support up
to 300 pounds so it can stay cool for up to thirty hours so it’s perfect for a
day at the lake or on the jobsite here we have the Yeti 18 ounce Rambler water
bottle it’s in a nice stainless steel it’s kitchen grade and it has double
walled vacuum insulation which means it keeps your lemonade cool your coffee
warm the 18 ounce JD Rambler its durability can handle all your
adventures thanks for watching guys we hope this video helped out if you need
any more ideas for your dad for entertainment gifts check out our blog
in the description down below also check out our website acting tools calm for
even more Father’s to add us and always remember do your best work

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  1. Love acme tools, I buy many tools from there, maybe the best deals around. But…cmon guys these lame videos are not helping. Put some new quality cordless tools in the videos…

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