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Before FunnyMike would drop hilarious songs
like “Small Wee Wee” which has over 9 million views, “Told On Myself,” which
has over 6.5 million views, and “Mama Whooped My Ass” which has close to 7 million views Before FunnyMike would become a cast member
on Nick Cannon’s MTV Show Wild N’ Out And Before he would have more than 145k followers
on Twitter, over 1 million followers on Facebook close to 3.5 million subscribers and over
5.3 million followers on Instagram on YouTube at the time of this recording Before FunnyMike would take on the Moniker
22 Savage which would get him into some online beef with 21 Savage Last time we documented this man’s rise
to fame, he was going by the name 22 Savage which was an ultimate troll move and enough
to make 21 Savage send a few death threats at the young then aspiring entertainer. Fast forward the clock two years later and
Funny Mike has made a big name for himself all on his own. FunnyMike turned an online comedy career into
a semi-joking rap career into a fully serious rap career and flipped it back into a successful
career as a rapper, comedian, writer and entertainer on YouTube. But in between all that, he was facing a murder
charge… and he’s since become a dad. This is one of the more interesting stories
we’ve got to tell here on this channel but there have been lot’s of updates and new details
so let’s get into it. What’s going on guys? It’s your boy Michael McCrudden taking you
through the life and career of FunnyMike prior to fame, here for you on Before They Were
Famous. The original 22 Savage Before They Were Famous
video has become one of the most viewed on this channel and there have been lot’s of
requests for an update. Some other recent drops you might like include
Lil Tecca and did an update on YG. Check those out after this one but for now
I got a trivia question for you guys: “Which important person in his life shares
a birthday with FunnyMike?” Place your guesses down below and stick around
for the answer at the end of the video. FunnyMike wasn’t born Mike at all, his real
name is MacArthur Dean Johnson and he was born on October 8, 1996 in Baton Rouge Louisiana. Early on, MacArthur was inspired by artists
like Boosie and Kevin. But not so much Baton Rouge native Kevin Gates,
he wanted to be more like Kevin Hart. Although before attempting to impersonate
21 Savage, there was apparently a plan from Mike to impersonate Kevin Gate’s career. On the website of the record label that Mike
would eventually sign to, they listed his upcoming mixtape title as almost the exact
same name as the tape that Gates had out at the time. So maybe he had this plan all along. But we’ll get there. MacArthur knew he wanted to be a famous entertainer,
but didn’t know how he was going to make it all happen. Although he would rap for fun, at first, he
thought his dream would come true through comedy. He started posting funny videos up onto a
few different social media accounts that have since been deleted. They included the names Mighty Mike, Funny
Ass Mike, Girl He Funny, Mac2Funny. But his first viral video was on Facebook
and YouTube called “FireCracker Challenge where he was going by the name Lil Mac… He was also posting songs under the name Lil
Mac at the time. And while he gained a small local fan base,
his vine and Instagram videos started to blow up and he gained a real following under the
names “Mighty Mike” and “Funny Ass Mike.” He attended Baker High School and there, everyone
knew about his comedy and he was a popular guy. He even made a song for his high school under
the rap name Lil Mac called “BHS Anthem” and he performed it at a school pep rally. MacArthur graduated from high school and continued
to grow his online following but his comedy career was put on hold when he was sent to
Juvenile detention. He was released on bond and with a new found
appreciation for his life, he began ramping up his comedy, doing pranks and skits with
his high school friend Wings. The two became a duo “Wings and Mike.” At the time when asked about his future goals,
he said: But before he could do that, he signed to
“Travis James Entertainment” as a comedy act. At first, they didn’t even know about his
music career. But shortly afterwards, he released his single
“Hit That Bit For The Gram.” Using Mighty Mike as his rap name, the single
gained over 400k views online and had many fans excited for more. That had major labels calling and wanting
to sign him to a deal. But it was in May of 2016 that things took
a turn for the worse once again when MacArthur was charged with second degree murder for
an altercation with another man. According to police reports, the two got into
an altercation outside of a super market while the victim was passing out party fliers in
the parking lot. Johnson admitted to shooting the victim claiming
it was in self-defense. His bond was placed at 370k but somehow Mike
got the money, and eventually, he was released. So he moved on to his next venture. It’s still unclear how he sourced the bail
money but Mike says that he had money prior to rap. Either way, Mike was looking for a way to
get put on quickly. And it just so happened that at the time,
a rapper by the name of 21 Savage was becoming a massive star. Now, it may not have been obvious out of context,
but besides the knife tattoo, Mike looks a lot like 21 Savage. What we didn’t know the first time round was
that Mike teamed up with a PR company to plot about how they could make his career go viral. Mike came up with the idea to unapologetically
imitate one of the most poppin’ rappers out. After a freestyle online of him saying “it’s
22, not no 21” went viral, he decided to take on a new rap moniker and
see how far he could take it. The PR company who he was working with said: Our publicity company loves the bold, brave,
scandalous, outspoken, dangerous, cutting-edge and controversial artists… 22 Savage came up with an amazing idea and
it’s great to be able to help light up the Internet with it. This kid is a star, point blank. The moniker, was 22 Savage. You probably remember seeing his videos at
the time, or at least memes with him in it. He released a song with the same name as 21’s
hit at the time “No Heart,” and the video went pretty viral. The video now has over 2.6 million views,
along with 25K thumbs up and 12k thumbs down. Mike completely took 21’s flow, his tone
and even his ad libs. But he clearly knew what he was doing. He dropped three separate diss tracks towards
21 and they went viral with the song “Ain’t No 21” getting nearly 10 million views on
WorldstarHipHop’s YouTube Channel. He was getting so much traction that 22 even
got a response from 21 himself. And even 50 Cent was trying to set up a boxing
match between 21 and 22 Savage for the namesake. Eventually, Mike decided to drop the name
22 and instead went by Young 22 for a while. We can’t say for sure if it was because
of threats from Savage’s team, but based on his lyrics and interviews, I feel like
21 Savage is not a guy you want to be constantly beefing with. Since then, Mike has seen a lot of success
online dropping some hilarious songs, dance challenges, vlogs, online shows and being
an overall entertaining personality on his YouTube channel. In 2018, FunnyMike joined the cast of Wild
N’ Out for seasons 11 and 12, and he recently had a baby girl. It seems like he’s a great dad. In terms of the future, he says that he wants
to do more Stand Up Comedy, and create short films, and based on his career trajectory,
it seems like everything he tries, he’ll see success in. He actually shares the same birthday as his
boss on Wild N’ Out Nick Cannon. There you have the answer to your question
from the beginning of the video. That’s all for this one though, as always
I’m Michael McCrudden. Be sure to subscribe and check out a couple
of our other videos while you’re here. Let us know who to document next by hitting
us up in the comments down below and I’ll see you in the next video.

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