Glasses Experts Break Down Celebrity Sunglasses (Lil Nas X, Elton John) Part 1 | Fine Points | GQ

Glasses Experts Break Down Celebrity Sunglasses (Lil Nas X, Elton John) Part 1 | Fine Points | GQ

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  1. As a working licensed optician I wish they would have found a high end optician. Kind of like they break down on suites same with glasses so much goes into a fitting face shape temple length. So many celebrities were ill fitting glasses it’s crazy! Also no talk about coating materials.

    P.s best glasses right now are made in Japan like Matsuda all hand made and takes up to 280 steps for one pair.

  2. Trinidad's swag is immaculate. I knew he was an eccentric dude but didn't think being a eyewear historian/connoisseur would be under his belt.

  3. My guy Trinidad butcher Mahershala Ali's name lollll, said Marsala Ali is not an old man, not the youngest man hahahahaha

  4. Trinidad Jame$ is super smooth at explaining this stuff, seemed more professional and more knowledgeable than the expert🤷🏼‍♂️

  5. Just me who finds it incredibly awkward?
    And "celebrities"? I've heard about three people in this video, and that's not counting Elton John..

  6. so apparently now there are experts for everything. eyewear trends dont really need breaking down. didnt even know the trend existed

  7. Super dope vid although you could've gone more in depth about the eyewear brands and showing your top five favorite frames in there collection being a vintage eyewear collector myself i would've love to see that because a pair of frames always ties the room together. Lol

  8. why does trinidad james even get attention. he made a terrible rap song and he's never done anything at all afterwards. all he seems to do is leech off of interesting topics. but it would make no difference if he were there or not

  9. Can you name this Segment/episodes… "Frame Game" I really enjoy wearing and appreciating Glasses cuz obviously I wear glasses and love it Glasses can really change an apearence. So id love it if you name this segment "Frame Game" cool vid as always. Especially cuz glasses are super underrated

  10. A lot of the celebrities aren't just wearing "colored lenses" but add them in for anti anxiety or anti blue light purposes.

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