Grand father from heaven | Tuko TV

Grand father from heaven | Tuko TV

His name is Njuguna and he is over 35 years old He was once in Kamiti prison here in Kibagare I used to work at the American Embassy offices I was in charge of all the activities in the bar and the bar attendants I was also in charge of the swimming pool All of us who worked in those offices lost our jobs after it was declared that the South African Embassy was taking over that place We were not given any compensation for the sudden termination We were paid like on normal basis. I received KSh 75, 000 I went back home and paid school fees for my child using all that money Since then I have been living here in difficulties with my family and my grandchildren I have been surviving on menial jobs the worst happened to me this year at around 9 am while I was on my way to Equity at Kangemi I was just about to cross the road when I hit me from behind and I fell across the road I landed on some murram and fainted for close to 40 minutes The entire left side of my body is filled with prosthetic implants after I was hit I had to undergo a surgery because my hip was broken I was told it was going to take me 15 years before I heal completely I wondered if that was going to be possible because I was not even sure about tomorrow Whenever I sit down, the implants shrink and it becomes difficult for me to stand up again It is so painful. The pain escalates to the veins on my neck it is even worse during the cold season, I don’t sleep on those days and you can’t even work at that time? I can’t so who has been helping your family in terms of food? We don’t depend on anyone here It’s only my 4 grandchildren, my daughter, my wife and myself In total we are a family of 7 people Funjia will be turning 16 years old this year She got pregnant while in class 8 Did she sit for the exam while pregnant? Yes the man responsible is called Njuguna he is over 35 years old and he was once a convict at Kamiti prison he served there for a longer period and was sentenced because of such kind of acts We were neighbours. I used to wash his clothes and fetch water for him He would pay me KSh 250 for the clothes and KSh 10 per every jerrycan of water it would depend with the number of jerrycans he had that money would sustain my family because at least we would get some food to eat there’s a day he jokingly asked me if I had a boyfriend He said he wanted us to be friends I asked him how he said he wanted to be my boyfriend I think my reaction at that moment made him take advantage of me I did not see it as something bad because I had never had a boyfriend so I wanted to have an experience he started buying me gifts and I never told anyone about the affair he treated me nicely and in the process I got pregnant for him I realized I was pregnant during my second term in school Some staff members already had realized that I was pregnant but they never asked me about it I decided to speak to our school secretary after I discovered the secret was already out I asked her to allow me sit for my examinations because they would determine my next step If I dropped out of school because of the pregnancy I would embarrass my grandfather have you reported this matter to the police? Yes and so far what has been the response? they said they would start investigations after she gives birth I have reported to the chief and even gone to the police station My grandfather is an Angel to me, not even my own mother I don’t know what I would have done without him he’s more than a father and even a mother. It’ s only that I refer to him as grandfather but I wish he was my own mother not because I hate my mother but it’s because of the sacrifices he’s made for me What’s wrong with her mother? she sunk into depression and it’s almost 5 years now she is not supposed to be in a noisy environment or get too excited but again in this kind of environment we are in, you can’t stop people from making noise our main challenge is that we can’t prevent some things from happening because I don’t own this place my brother informed me that my grandfather was hit and he had undergone a hip replacement on his left side I was so hurt and thought to myself that because my mother was sick my two sisters are at the Children’s home and my brother was just hopeless and yet we don’t even know where our father is so I decided to study from here and finish my KCPE as I look after them why do you need a lawyer? to fight for rights whose rights? for the children I scored 280 in my KCPE What school? What message do you have for Njuguna if at all he is watching you? What can I even tell him? his parents are here and they re fully aware about what he did none of them has bothered to come here and find out what really transpired they chose to go silent does your boyfriend provide for your needs? I think he has taken responsibility because he provides anything that is required at the hospital and even accepted to buy baby stuffs I have not given him all my trust though he might be doing those things because of the baby and not that he loves me I just want to go to school so that in future I can able to take care of myself, my baby and my family I don’t want to depend on that man I decided that after delivering this child, I will breastfeed the baby even if it’s only for 2 or 3 months to at least have the baby-mother bond then take the child to a Children’s home as I continue with education because if I decide to just sit at home with the child I won’t be helping them in any way, instead it will be too stressful for them taking the baby to a Children’s home then going back to school is the best decision for me how do you people sleep in that house? It is a problem that is not even a house, it’s just a structure It is a problem there’s nothing in there, it’s not even enough for all of us when it’s raining, it floods in there It’s not even comfortable sleeping in there, all the mattresses have been destroyed by the waters that resurfaces from the ground especially during the rainy season that house is more than a prison how do you arrange yourselves in order to fit in the room we put 3 mattresses on the floor my daughter sleeps at the edge we then put all our belongings on the bed so my grandchildren sleep at the middle I just sit at this other edge and close my eyes to rest as long as morning comes there’s no otherwise you cannot allow your grandchild to die while you sit there and do nothing you have to do something the landlord said I should be paying KSh 2,000 per month It is even difficult for me to raise that KSh 2,000 there’s a time the landlord was really annoyed with me I decided to talk to her and persuade him I told him it wasn’t my wish not to pay rent but should I get anything I was going to pay these rentals are not mine, they belong to a certain lady who is my friend. I am like the caretaker she pushes me so much that she needs her money she is like a mother to me and sometimes when she pushes me so much I get frustrated It hurts me so bad because even if I send this family out of this place or even lock them outside they have nowhere to go I always ask God to give me strength because it is a difficult situation I keep asking myself supposing I was in the same situation, what would I have done for those who are blessed please remember your neighbors because that way you shall receive blessings from God it’s not that we are so blessed because we are way better than the less fortunate Where do you want to see your grandchildren in the future? I just want to see them in school, there’s nothing as important as education because when a person is educated they are able to make make sober decisions in life if not then they become hopeless, just like someone who was abandoned what are your plans for this Christmas? nothing the most important thing for me right now is that my grandchildren love me more than anyone else in the family more than their mother and grandmother they always tell people out about where I used to work especially the eldest one, she would tell people how I would bring meat home and she would eat and get so full the young ones are also very aggressive especially the last born last year she told me that she was not concerned about those who had new clothes for Christmas, all she needs is to go to school in January

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  1. I've mpesad my little contribution. Let's all do it. In the meantime, any doctors around who could look into the mother's depression?

  2. I can pay his rent the whole year, I feel bad to see such a good man struggle with these kids, it's really touching, am saddened


  4. There is no reason we people should celebrate any Christmas, New year, Happy birthday parties, company office parties when these people are still suffering like this. All people should share such videos to help people with such problems. God have mercy.

  5. I could be wrong but as a fellow african i am picking up bits and bobs but am not fully understanding due to this language barrier. So i ask is this for swahili speaking people only. I am of the understanding that since this has been aired on a global medium if one wants to comment and contribute be allowed to. If i cannot understand how can i? Subtitles would unite us.

  6. Indeed if we gathered the money we correct in churches for just an individual who is taking advantage of the.situation we in….I believe it can take us out of poverty…wat if we decide to correct money for developing each other than putting it in churches seeking to get a job…blah.bla.blah

  7. Sad story, i am sure this old man has a farm in the village. The first move is to go to the village instead of them all staying in that house. Why pay the rent when you got your farm. I am willing to help if this old man goes to the village. Kwani akifa atazikiwa wapi. Is an old man what is he doing in the city with his old wife.

  8. Me thinks this old man abandon his land in the village. I really feel especially the sick daughter. Lets help him but he has to go and look after his shags bana. No need to stay in that house.

  9. Wewe mtoto hali nyumbani si hali but wapanua mguu surely ,kuwa criaz wacha kupatia nguka stress. Mwambie hakupekeka shule

  10. ??????so sad jameni tushikaneni kila mtu kidogo ako nacho ,side za matuu kithimani Kuna shamba za 100k fanyeni jambo my dear ones siyuko Kenya but am ready to help

  11. Can someone explain what is being said in English please it seems to be a sad story but I can't understand what he is saying

  12. Kenyans thought l stayed with my late dad since birth bcoz my mum dead during my birth the same people who helped who helped me mourn my dad r the same people who accuse him of having sex me because there was no Mother figure in our house… Society we should shone away from having negative thoughts from children living with single parents sometime its against Our wish

  13. Kuna namba ya mzee nimeona imepeanwa hapo mwisho
    Lets unite on watsap grp mwenye ameguzwa njooni tuongee kwa vitendo eka namba niku add kwa watsap grp jamani baraka za mzee km huyu haziendi bure

  14. tafadhali naomba tupange venye tunaweza kutana ata kama ni watu 20 au 30 lakini ikue ni wale wenye wamekubali kusaidia na sio story tu na tusaidie uyu mzee. na mimi nikotayari kusaidia pamoja na bibi yangu pia tuendeni tuwapatie usaidizi namba yangu ndio hii 0716204017

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  16. It's a sad story. What's the CashApp or means we can help? I would like to help with rent. God's great…Merry Christmas. Let us help please

  17. We can all help.his number is at the end of the video and also there is a guy who is creating a WhatsApp group (scroll down)we combine all efforts to go help Grandpa.If akona shamba shags its way better to give him a permanent solution ju hapa Nairobi maisha kila kitu pesa

  18. Who is cutting onions while watching this video so touching, kwa wenye wanauliza number iko at the end of the video you can reach him atumiwe kitu kidogo tafadhali??

  19. Can someone help me to get in contact with this family I live in Sweden I want to help them but I can’t see their number in WhatsApp

  20. Can someone volunteer create a what's app group we see what we can contribute 10 20 30 50 100 500 1000 see this family atleast a better life we are humans please we are humans please ??? It hurts to see them hungry ? please ? this man if he ends like this will die cursing this world this generation if you have watched this open your ❤️

  21. Wait she mentions bringing the baby to a children’s home, like during the day and picking the baby up later or bringing the baby there permanently?

  22. WHEW! I couldn’t stop balling! This man is amazingly beautiful and I wish him nothing but health going forward. Please send his information, so that I can send him something to ease his hardship.

  23. Very painful,, kwanza ile siku promast waliwafungia hao,,,kindly help this family and if you wish to meet them in person wako tu hapo kangemi kibagare slums,,,ama nitafute niwapeleke huko

  24. Watu wako karibu kangemi can we arrange na go and see him, we ask him face to face what he want. Kama ako na shamba ushango we built a house for them for a permanent solution coz we can buy food now for him naikiisha atafanya nini.

  25. Woiye! This slum Kibagare people live under poor conditions aki… I happened to be there twice i couldn't believe my eyes.. Aki vile this family wanalala ?‍♀️God will make a way, the care taker is very understanding chasing away such a family will only bring you a curse its very hard… The pregnant girl is very optimistic with life…as for guka he's the reason they are surviving may God come through… The depressed lady needs to go through some counseling woiye….touching story ??.

  26. We sent money for Julius Ambani on the number you TUKO t.v displayed on th screen after the interview. When we called the number nobody is answering infact they are cutting off the call.So my question to TUKO T.V is was the phone number genuine?we were trying to assist.

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