Great Value Prevost X3 (1240). Marathon Mondays w/Mal Ep.154

Great Value Prevost X3 (1240). Marathon Mondays w/Mal Ep.154

[Mal] Good morning everyone, welcome to a very
cold Coburg morning. It’s Marathon Mondays with Mal, we’re
gonna be looking at Coach 1240 this morning– a new consignment. A beautiful X3
that is for sale, this is something that you should look at if you’re looking to
get into a beautiful pre-owned X3. I know a lot of you are headed down to the Prevost show in
West Palm, travel safe and have fun. But I wanted to bring you this Coach, we just
brought it in on consignment, this beautiful paint job, get a little
bit closer here so you can see. Let me know where you’re watching from, let me
know if you have any questions about this. This Coach is for sale,
Coach 1240, beautiful floor plan too. But I’m gonna pull off a little bit here so
you can see, there’s still a little bit of dew from the morning here, but you could see
the texturizing of that paint job, it’s absolutely beautiful. I know a lot of you
are gonna be looking at Coaches this week, this is a big week for purchasing a
pre-owned Marathon, pre-owned Prevost, so don’t hesitate to reach out to me [email protected] If I can help you in any way let me know. Let’s go inside
and check this out, it’s beautiful. First of all, I want to show you that it’s me,
boom. Hey, and there’s Miki back there, say hi Miki! Armond is not with
us you guys, Armand is down in West Palm himself. You can see I’m wearing my
glasses today, I’m battling the cold, I’m headed to the NADA show in Las Vegas
later this week, but yeah. So, oh I see, someone’s watching from
Chile. I love it. Let’s go inside and check this Coach out. I’ll flip you around, you
don’t need to see me. Look at that, stepping in here, very light colors, beautiful
Coach. Here in the cockpit. 35,000 miles on this Coach. Yes I have Kermit the Frog
on my socks, let’s see if I can get a good shot of Kermit here. Oh yeah, there it is. This is
a 2017 X3 Marathon. You got the jackknife sofa here on the driver’s
side, L-shaped dinette with storage above and below. Beautiful fabric. People
watching from Louisiana and Calgary. The occasional table and chair, and remember
that cockpit chair right there swivels around, so you’ve got two chairs right
here. And then you’ve got… good styling here. Jim Torrance, good friend of the
show, is watching this morning, appreciate it. Sub-zero refrigerator and freezer. Someone just asked if Marathon does
lighter interiors, I think this is a good example of lighter interiors. I’ll tell you what I mean: so when you take a look at this right here,
you can see the floor is lighter, the walls are lighter, the cabinetry is a
contrast because it’s a little bit darker, but yes. We can do, I mean, quite
frankly, we can do anything if you can come up with the idea and it’s safe to
put into a Coach, we’re gonna do it. Lots of storage, one thing I like about this
floor plan is right when you get through the galley here in the midship, you’ve
got a very large water closet here. Very large water closet, beautiful style in
here, across the hall is a large shower. Beautiful tile work in here. Dave Bash just did an inspection
on this Coach. This Coach is ready to go. Into the bedroom, solid surface floor,
this is beautiful porcelain tile all the way through, so no carpet until
you get to that rear closet. Audio-visual on one side, and of course your
stacking Askos washer/dryer there. Hanger bar in the back, let me get up
here in the closet so you can see all the way in the front. I left the shower
door open, my apologies. Lots of room in this Coach. This is a
really great Coach, 2017 with 35,000 miles, good value. It’s gonna have all the
latest from Marathon because it’s a 2017. It’s only gonna be missing a few things
that came out over the last couple of years. Sub-zero refrigerator, good storage.
Let’s take a look at this you guys, you know I’m a big fan of storage. Not only does
it have six drawers right here Duncan is asking if we can do a larger
shower, absolutely we can. All depends on the floor plan Duncan, all depends on the
floor plan. It’s a beautiful picture right here, actually the owner of this
Coach took this photograph. That’s Multnomah Falls, right outside of
Portland, and they integrated it into this Coach. Good, modern styling when it comes to all
the fixtures in here– not a single thing needs to be updated in this Coach. Not a
single thing. Very modern styling and it’s got– I’m going to start the Coach here– it’s got
beautiful sounds of a train horn. Isn’t that great? Who doesn’t love a train horn? Guys,
not a single thing needs to be done to this Coach. Cypress styling, oh yeah.
Don’t forget you guys, if you’re interested in this Coach or anything
else Marathon has right now, feel free to reach out to me at [email protected] I know a lot of you are headed down to West Palm, that’s a
great show, feel free to ask any questions if you find a Marathon down
there and you don’t know about it, email me at [email protected] I’ll be
able to look into it for you, but there’s a lot of our staff down there. Randy and
Dawn are down there, Casey Hess is down there. Steve Irvin, our CFO, is going down
there, and of course Steve Schoellhorn will be there– our owner. And Armand, our
videographer, is going to be there. So we’ve got a very large staff at the West
Palm show, some beautiful Coaches to show you, so head on down, tell them
where you’re from, and and tell them that you watch Marathon Mondays. Anyway
everybody, I really appreciate you watching, be yourself and do good things.
This is Coach 1240, let me know if you’re interested– this one’s not gonna last
long. Take care and I’ll see you next week from Las Vegas.

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  1. There’s no great value with Prevost coaches… they are all expensive 😂 I said this as a joke… I love Prevost, I just can afford one yet 🤪

  2. I throughly enjoy your videos. Could you please open the doors in the kitchen, bath & bedroom so we can see the space inside them?

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