Gryffindor Celebrities sorted by Pottermore!

Gryffindor Celebrities sorted by Pottermore!

Lions, Eagles, Badges and Snakes welcome
back! It is a hotly anticipated video! We’ve done Ravenclaw’s, we’ve found a
Hufflepuff, Slytherins but today it is Celebrities in Gryffindor!!! The LIONS! Before we launch
into this video, I want to remind you guys that you should subscribe to my channel….
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link to that in the description box down below! Okay celebrities in Gryffindor…
Ever since Pottermore released their house sorting feature we can now
officially say what houses we’re in and I think it’s great… a lot of celebrities
have been out there and proud about their Harry Potter houses and
unsurprisingly there are a lot of celebrities in Gryffindor! Always brave,
they persevere! Who we got first up? We have songstress Selena Gomez! Selena has
been out and proud about her Gryffindor colours
she was spotted wearing her Gryffindor scarf at the Wizarding World of Harry
Potter in Orlando. She also enjoys a butterbeer or two…gal after my own heart!
From all we know about her, she’s pretty brave so it doesn’t come as any surprise
to me. Also she spent a long time playing a wizard / witch in the witches of
waverly place, so it make sense she’s got a lot in common
with Harry Potter! Next up, another fabulous lady… this one is an actress we
have Margot Robbie! In an interview Margot Robbie showed her real true
colors and she came out as a crimson and gold …although I have to say It all sounds
a little bit fishy… hmm she said “I’m in Gryffindor, obviously but I totally
ripped my answers on Pottermore.” she said She could tell which answers were
Gryffindor and so she chose those specifically. Now to me that seems a
little bit more a green and silver thing to do! next up we have Liam Payne Liam
Payne from One Direction and now a solo artist, is one of the biggest Harry
Potter nerds out there. He even said that he owns a Ford Anglia
like was used in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets and he has it in his
garden. Think of all of the reenactment fun! Oh my goodness…
also get a load of his 22nd birthday cake! That is Potter licious! He has been
spotted at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter wearing his Gryffindor scarf. He
very much identifies with the Lion House. In February 2015 he tweeted: I wish I was
Harry Potter… and like mate… don’t we all. Another ferocious lion up next, we have
Kit Harington, the Lord Commander and the heir to the Iron Throne himself! Yes! It
make sense! When asked about what Hogwarts house he would be in he said
Gryffindor but he had some pretty choice words about the other houses which I
feel not that great about. He said “no one wants to be a Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw is
boring and Slytherin is filled with psychos as we know”….I’m sorry
as we know?! I’ll show you psycho Kit Harington! I gotta say as well, in this
respect he is very much like his on-screen character, Jon Snow who I
believe is a Gryffindor I did a whole video sorting Game of Thrones
characters into their Harry Potter houses so I’ve put that in one of my
cards so you should definitely check that out after this video. Now I stand by
everything I say in that video apart from with Samwell Tarly, I’ve changed my
mind he probably is a better Ravenclaw! who else is on board that celebrity
Gryffindor train? we have Shawn Mendes! Canadian singer and
songwriter, Shawn Mendes, was spotted out and about in Toronto proudly wearing his
Gryffindor robes and I say good on him! I wish I could get on a streetcar with him
wearing his Gryffindor bobes! I’ll be wearing my Slytherin and we could just
duel right there! Bring it to me Shawn! So he actually sorted himself on YouTube
in a conversation with Tyler Oakley on Ellentube. They hung out and ate Bertie
Botts every flavour beans, which to me sounds like my perfect day! I want to
hang out with Shawn Mendes and Tyler Oakley and eat beans!
Although not the vomit flavoured ones… or earwax! Tyler, as we know, is a proud
Ravenclaw which makes a lot of sense really. Next we have Camila
Cabello. In 2015 the songstress tweeted “is it too late to get into Harry Potter?”
and as we know it is never too late! I guess she realized this same thing too
because pictures started cropping up of her wearing Gryffindor robes…
she was just broom sticking around! She was all Gryffindor and stuff!It isn’t
surprising that she thought that she was a Gryffindor; the books do paint it as
the best house! However Pottermore had something else to say for her! In 2017,
she tweeted: when you think you’re a Gryffindor but take the Pottermore test
and you’re a Hufflepuff! She said that she’s suddenly had to question her
identity as a person and I get that! Ididn’t realise I was a Slytherin until
Pottermore told me that now I have a finer realization about myself a finer
understanding. I always wondered why I was so bloodthirsty! I guess it
kind of explained it! Okay back on the celebrity Gryffindor train! We’ve got
a few from the Harry Potter franchise up next…. now unsurprisingly Daniel Radcliffe is a
Gryffindor and to be honest I’d be shocked if he wasn’t. Daniel has told his
fans he’s in Gryffindor a few times but specifically in a reddit ask me anything
he said that he would absolutely be a Gryffindor. He said that there was never
any doubt and he could only ever picture himself in their colours. He does
understand this is probably because he played one, but he says he just strongly
identifies. I personally like to picture him as a Slytherin though, that would be
really fun! I would love to explore an alternative universe where Harry was a
Slytherin… like what do you think would have changed! A lot of things! No things? Very controversial up next we have Tom Felton. Now as we know Tom
Felton plays Slytherin King, Draco Malfoy. And he always waltzes around in
Slytherin paraphernalia himself, he’s a very proud Slytherin!
That was until he took the Pottermore test. When Pottermore unleashed their
feature, he tweeted: took the Pottermore test and was placed
in Gryffindor… he said he was gutted and then he said hashtag Slytherin for life.
JK Rowling said that she’d always known but didn’t want to spoil his motivation.
But I’m like…no! Get back in the dungeon Tom, you belong with us! Next up from Fantastic Beasts, we have
Ezra Miller who plays Credence in Fantastic Beasts and is a bit of a dark
tormented soul. However in real life he considers himself to be a Gryffindor but
he hasn’t yet taken the Pottermore test. He said that he’s just simply too scared…
he really respects Pottermore and he knows that JK Rowling wrote the quiz. He
said he’s not gonna take it because “what if I get Slytherin I couldn’t live with
myself” But no! I feel pretty unhappy that he said that he said” I need to be in
Gryffindor if I wasn’t in Gryffindor I wouldn’t know who I was anymore”… Well
maybe you would know who you were because Pottermore would tell you and
you’d come to accept it! Okay, so before we end up this list I want to finish
with a few Youtubers who are in Gryffindor House! firstly we have Kwebblekop. Are there many cops watching this channel? Jordi is a huge dutch
youtuber that focuses on gaming and all kinds of fun things like that. I’ve
got it from first hand knowledge that he is a Gryffindor… how do I know well we had
some food recently with his girlfriend Azzy, a good friend of mine
and I made him take the sorting quiz! He wasn’t that interested but I said do it!
Do it now! Now many of you may know from my what your Harry Potter house says
about you video that Azzyland is also a Gryffindor… That’s right we have a
Gryffindor power couple in the YouTube sphere! It makes sense to me because
Azzy is a very brave lady who does not take stuff lying down!I do spot
a bit of Hufflepuff in there but the quiz does not lie! She is a Gryffindor! If you
haven’t watched that video yet then please do it!
Finally rockin it for the Gryffindor’s on YouTube we have Joey Graceffa. He made
a whole video of him sorting himself into his Hogwarts house and it turns out
he’s a proud Gryffindor… now I always thought that he would be a Ravenclaw
maybe that’s cause his hair was blue for a while…. oh no no I guess I’m a Slytherin
with red hair but still, good on you though Joey! So that was celebrities
officially in Gryffindor House! Did I leave any out? Let me know in the comment
section down below! There are a few suspected Gryffindor’s out there and I
would definitely place Angelina Jolie as top of my
suspected Gryffindor list! What about you guys? Let me know! Also let me know
what Hogwarts house you guys in in the comment section and also if you haven’t
watched our previous celebritysortings then go ahead and do so! As always guys, if you liked this video
make sure you give it a good thumbs up share with their friends and say
subscribed for more magical videos! For now I’m your friendly and extremely
proud neighborhood Slytherin… yay! I will see you muggles wizards and even squibs
in the next video… bye!

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  1. I literally hate the guy who said no one wants to be Hufflepuff. I WANTED TO BE A HUFFLEPUFF BUT I GOT RAVENCLAW. But my mom did say I was a puff :). Also Ravenclaw is not boring they are smart and good friends! And not all Slytherins are bad! You know Slytherins are my favorite buddies 🙂

  2. Joey Graceffa is not Gryffindor, he is a Ravenclaw. His boyfriend Daniel Preda is Gryffindor 🙂 … P.S. I'm also Slytherin 😀

  3. Griffindor is the best House snakes are weirdos hufflepuffs are kind but way to much and rave claw are way to smart.

  4. 3:08 um he should tape his mouth be for I tape it for him RAVENCLAWS ARE HERE!!!!🦅🦅💙💙💙

  5. Oh guess what kit…… I wanted to be a hufflepuff and guess what I got, hufflepuff.

    One of my best friends is a ravenclaw, and she is the funniest and least boring person I know.

    And slytherin is not filled with psychos, I mean look at rebbeca.

    I hope you understand.

  6. I’m a gryffindor but the pottermore quiz said I was slytherin I have a friend who’s actually a slytherin but um yeah no pottermore got it wrong

  7. I've been a proud gryffindor my whole life then suddenly found out that I am a slytherin 😱😱😱😭😭😭

  8. I thought I was a ravenclaw or hufflepuff but then 3 years ago I became a serpent-eagle hybrid. My life is now better by combining my smarts and my ambition. But I am more a serpent but still a slytherclaw.

  9. Wait… I didn't cheated but I check what the percent of the quizzes answers… is it count as cheater? I only check it after I'm the quiz

  10. I thought I'd be sorted into Ravenclaw but I got Gryffindor and it really makes sense but Ravenclaw would make a lot of sense too

  11. When people say they don't want to be the other houses its because the author presented them in a poor light. Can't blame them, blame the author for writing the other houses as she did!

  12. Lets be honest unless you actually take the test like for real most people are going to say they are in Gryffindor so you might as well say all celebrities are in Gryffindor and save yourself at least 2 videos to make

  13. This slyther is gona go tell The Mr.Rock that gryff boy is talking smack about Huffles. -_- i quote "noone wants to be a hufflepuff" cough wow man. ok. He's gona enjoy The Rock at his front door at 6am asking him "ever so politely" exactly what his mental block is. patient but a bit tweaked Rock solid stare

  14. Rigging your anwsers to put yourself in your desired house, whatever that house may be, put you automatically in slytherin for me.😂

  15. I'm a proud Gryffindor and my best friend is a Slytherin. I think even in the same houses you still have different personalitys.

  16. I’m in gryffindor. But hufflepuff is a very very ( very) close second. And I reckon I have way more hufflepuff traits. And I have been sorted into hufflepuff more then once before. But I have been sorted into gryffindor more. So I took it one last time and got gryffindor. Your house doesn’t define your personality. I’m in gryffindor yet people think I could be in hufflepuff. It is the traits you value, not necessarily traits you are.

  17. Im a proud gryffindor, one of my best friends is too, other 2 are Ravenclaws , one is Hufflepuff n one is a shlytherin…

  18. I'm a Gryffindor too! Celebrity wise, as of a couple months ago, John Barrowman (Cpt. Jack Harkness of Dr. Who and The Dark Archer of Arrow) posted that he's a Gryffindor as well.

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