Guess That Post Malone Meme

( music playing )We are hanging out
with Post Malone. – Got him.
– Post, the internet loves you. They love your name
and they love your face. – Mm-hmm.
– And they love
“punning” your name and Photoshopping your face. Yes. You’ve been “meme-ed,” man. – Yeah.
– Do you look at these? I do, I’ve seen a lot.
It’s hard not to get them
sent to you – 20 times a day.
– I bet. I should’ve picked a name that
doesn’t rhyme with anything. – That’s tough to do.
– But it’s… yeah. Well, we’re about to
send you a couple right now.Like roast Malone
is a good example.
Yeah. Yeah, that’s nice.
You’ve seen that one.
Looks juicy, yeah.
Very juicy.
And here’s
“Leave Britney Malone.”
See, I’ve never seen this one.
– Oh.
– See… – Oh, wow.
– That’s pretty good. Post:
It looks like me.
Only needed half
of your face for that.
Yeah, exactly,
that’s kinda spooky.
And you may not know,
but every episode up to this point
has been pre-Malone, but now every episode from here
on out will be Post Malone. – Wow.
– Is that, like,
a conversational meme? – Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
– Is that what just happened? – Yeah.
– That’s just a pun. Yeah, I mean, we need somebody
to make that meme based on what
I just said. – Okay.
– Okay, so, that’s up to you, – mythical beasts to do it, yes.
– I’ll do it. All right, so this is
the game we’re gonna play, Post, you’re gonna
go behind this wall, which looks like you’re about
to do a puppet show. And I want to give you
the freedom to break out
into puppet show at any moment. I left ’em at home. I left ’em at home,
but next time… – Next time we’ll just
do a puppet show.
– Just a puppet show. You’re gonna do
some quick changes and then you’re gonna come up
and do some meme enactments… – Okay.
– …for us. Now,
those are basically physical reenactments
of digital memes. You guys ready? – Yep.
– Yep. Link:
Post-It Malone. – Wow, what a…
– Dang it! – ( laughter )
– He didn’t get
all the way in the hole. Rhett:
( laughs ) Ah! All right, bring it. I hear something
scurrying. What are you smelling, boys? What am I smelling? Rhett:
Post cologne. – Wow.
– Oh. Hold on. – I do smell it.
– Yeah. – Dang, you got…
– I got it. They killed you
with cologne back there. Rhett:
I hope they sprayed it
on something and not you. Post:
You boys ready? – Yeah.
– Do it. Ooh! Ooh! Ghost cologne! – Ghost Malone.
– Ghost Malone, sorry! There you go, Rhett! – Dang it!
– I got it! I got it right,
I just said “cologne!” – Ghost cologne,
that doesn’t count, man.
– Dang it! But, hey, he still was
wearing cologne,
so that is ghost cologne. No, it doesn’t work!
That wasn’t it! Okay, you ready? – Yeah.
– Yeah, pop in. Rhett:
Home Malone! Home Malone! – Post alone!
– Post Malone! – Post alone!
– Post “Home alone!” – Home…
– Post “Home alone!” Home Post Malone! Stevie:
Rhett, you got it,
right off the bat.
– Post: Okay, there we go.
– Oh, really? – Link: Is that why you…?
– It was so quick, yeah. It was what? – It was Home Malone.
– Rhett: Yeah. – I was genuinely scared.
– Home Malone, right, yes. – Genuinely excited about it.
– ( Rhett laughs ) “Home Malone,” it sounds
just like “Home Alone,” but it’s “Home Malone.” – Are you ready for me?
– Link: Do it. – Rhett: Yeah.
– I’m coming in like a storm. Link:
Idea. Idea Malone. – Oh…
– ( laughter ) Post Malone with
a light bulb on his head. – Edison?
– Post: Pretty good. Link:
Is it idea related? – No.
– Or is it electricity related? – It’s… it’s… an object.
– Is it a light bulb? – It’s a light some–
it’s something that…
– Rhett: Lamp Malone? holds a light. Socket… Post socket… Rhett:
Oh, light post Malone. There you go!
There you go, Rhett! I honestly didn’t think
anybody was gonna get it. – ( laughter )
– Light post. – Light post?
– Yeah, you know,
light post Malone. Oh, what’s up,
Rhett and Link? Link:
Phone Malone. Hold on. Oh, sorry,
gotta take a call. Uh… Oh, uh… On hold Malone. What’s up?
What’s up, Timmy? He’s talking to Timmy. – Tell Timmy hey.
– Timmy’s unrelated. Oh. But I will say hi to Timmy. What’s up, Timmy? Rhett:
Three-way call Malone? Call waiting Malone. – Rhett: Oh, uh…
– Link: Call… Rhett:
Some– it’s when somebody… Sorry, I’m gonna
have to do that later. – ( laughter )
– Put… Posthaste Malone? Link:
Procrastinat… Post-crastinator. Sorry, Timmy,
I’m gonna have to do that later, I am on Rhett and Link. ( Rhett laughs ) Stevie:
You guys are so close.
Real close, that’s why
I want somebody to get it. Posthumous? Post… you’re just… It’s dying. Postal Malone? No. If you can’t
do something now, you’re gonna have to…
until later. – Postpone Malone!
– There you go, Rhett. – ( ding )
– Gosh! Postpone Malone. – Okay, you boys ready?
– Yeah. I’m coming at you
big time now. – All right.
– He’s coming big time
this time. Link:
“The Post.” “The Post” movie. Post:
That’s the name
of the movie. Link:
“The Post…” Malone. Yeah, that’s right!
That’s why I said… – It’s the movie, is “The Post.”
– “The Post,” yes. Malone,
because he’s in it now. It’s a Steven Spielberg film,
everybody… ( Rhett laughs ) That’s good, all right,
so it’s five to two. Dang it. Link, you gotta catch up. I’ll do it,
I’ll do it. – W…
– Link: Toast Malone. – Ah-ha!
– That’s pretty good. – That’s pretty good.
– He’s on the comeback trail! – Didn’t even have to say it.
– This one’s tough. It doesn’t really–
it almost rhymes. Say it with an accent. ( with accent )
Post Malone bologna. ( laughter ) Rhett and Link:
Uh… Am I Italian? Uh… – Pissed Malone?
– Wow, what a guy. – Wow!
– That’s incredible. All right, the good news is,
for the rest of
“Good Mythical Morning” history, Post Malone’s gonna be right
over there in that square. Hold on, I get my prize. And you get a prize. I become a meme,
I don’t know what it is. Ugh. Stevie:
Any guesses?
Ooh, Rhett McLaugh Lines. – ( laughter, applause )
– Stevie:Yes.Is that it? – ( Rhett and Link laughing )
– Ah! Hey! Rhett:
What? – He’s better than you!
– That is crazy! I feel like
Mr. Rogers or something. Thanks to Post Malone
for being here. Check out his new single
“Rockstar,” available now, did I have to
tell you that? And look out for his album
“Beerbongs and Bentleys,” – coming soon, right?
– Yes, sir, hopefully. And thank you for liking,
commenting and subscribing. You know– oh, you say… – Both: “You know
what time it is.”
– Post: Oh. You know what time it is. Hi, I’m Andrew. And I’m Jack. And we’re from
Melbourne, Australia. Both:
And it’s time to spin the Wheel of Mythicality. – All right.
– Down under! Click the bottom link to watch
this episode from the beginning. And click the top link
to watch us get a sweet taste of the pizza churro… – Ooh.
– …in “Good Mythical More.” And to find out where
the Wheel of Mythicality’s
gonna land. Link:
Get a whiff of this.
Our brand-new fragrance,
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