Happy Together – Celebrities with Long Careers Special (2015.11.19)

Happy to be together on “Happy Together”! “Happy Together”! Hello. – Hello. / – It’s good to see you. – Hi. / – Hello. – We started today off energetically. / – Yes. – But we have made a few changes. / – Yes, we did. – We have a new set. / – You’re right. The conveyor belts are gone. – You’re all smiling which means… / – Yes. the set changed but we didn’t lose any hosts. – It’s so fortunate. / – I feel so uneasy. – Why? / – Whenever we talk about change… – Will he go first and Saeho… / – No way. – Anyone can be the first to go. / – Oh, I see. Let me introduce today’s guests. Do you know about the ten traditional symbols of longevity? – The ten symbols of longevity. / – Kim Poong. Tell us what they are. The ten symbols of longevity include the deer and the tortoise. There’s also the sun, mountains, water – and rocks, right? / – Are rocks one of them too? – There’s also an elixir plant. / – Yes. – It symbolizes longevity. / – That’s right. Our guests today symbolize longevity within the entertainment industry. They have received a lot of love by lots of people for a long time. We have invited these people today. I have been in this business for over 20 years now. If we add the lengths of our careers all together, it amounts to about 80 years. That’s how much experience we have. But if we add up the number of years our guests have been working, you’ll see why they’re symbols of longevity. – Their careers add up to 100 years. / – Really? Let’s meet today’s guests. Please welcome Jang Hyuk, Park Eunhye, Kim Minjung, Jung Taewoo, and Han Chaeah. He looks like Shin Hyunjoon. Doesn’t he look like Ahn Junghwan? – Welcome. / – He does look like Ahn Junghwan. Good to see you Chaeah. – Oh, hello. / – Hello. Thank you for coming, Eunhye. – It’s nice to have you here. / – Hello. – Hi. / – Hello. Our guests all appear in the TV drama “The Merchant: Gaekju 2015”. – Wow. / – The ratings are soaring. They didn’t air the previous episode because of a baseball game, but our show aired on time which upset many viewers. – Yes. / – We were envious of that. They were very upset. So we decided to invite the cast of “Gaekju 2015” on our show today. (The Merchant: Gaekju 2015) The fight to seize all the money in Joseon begins. I found the man who will change my destiny. I am Seorin. It is the opportunity that I have been waiting for. I thought he was a nobleman, but he’s just a merchant. (Meet the cast of the TV drama) Today’s theme is… It’s the ten traditional symbols of longevity. Watch how you pronounce it. How should I say it then? Do you like the theme? The length of all your careers add up to over 100 years. – A hundred years? / – Yes. When did you debut, Taewoo? – I made my debut in 1988. / – That’s 28 years ago. Wow! 28 years? He’s been in this business the longest. What show did you make your debut on? It was “The Smart Little Kangsi.” – Kangsi… / – Oh, that! – The little Kangsi? / – The baby Kangsi. – I remember that. / – “The Smart Little Kangsi.” – Yes. / – I see. – We shot that in China. / – Myungsoo said… You look like a foreigner. – He looks different. / – I thought he was Hyunjoon. – I thought he was Mexican. / – He looks like Junghwan. – Yes, he does. / – You look like a foreigner. Are you wearing colored lenses? No, I have brown eyes. – Oh. / – Brown eyes? And Minjung, she’s been acting for years as well. – Minjung… / – When did you debut? – It was in 1990. / – She’s been acting for 26 years. She debuted a year earlier than me. It’s a year earlier than me, too. – Yes. / – She’s your senior. – What? / – Address her as your senior. Why… I can if I must, but why should I? What’s gotten into you? Why do you want me to say that? – I know you’re my senior. / – Are you the host now? Ma’am Minjung has been acting for 26 years now. – Wow. / – That’s right. I debuted in a TV drama “The Widow”. She debuted in “The Widow” at that young age. The title of the TV drama was “The Widow”. She couldn’t have been the widow. I don’t want people to get the wrong idea. Then did Daddy die, too? So that was 26 years ago, but sitting next to her… is Jang Hyuk. He debuted in 1997 in the TV drama, “Model”. He’s been acting for 19 years. You put a lot of efforts to your hair today. – He did. / – I’m sorry to have to ask, – but don’t you feel a bit warm? / – That’s because… I’m always shooting outdoors, so this is what I usually wear. I’ve gotten used to it. – He has a sleeveless shirt inside. / – He gets hot. Mornings, afternoons, evenings… The temperature fluctuates. – He’s filming a drama… / – He suddenly got serious. Jang Hyuk has been acting for 19 years. Eunhye, how long have you been acting? I’ve been acting for 18 years. Excuse me… The theme, Symbols of Longevity, seems to have upset her. – She’s in a bad mood. / – You laugh too much. – Chaeah was the last to debut. / – Yes. – Yet, she debuted ten years ago. / – Yes. – Ten years already? / – Yes, it’s been that long. As I mentioned earlier, the length of their careers – adds up to 100 years. / – That’s amazing. – What are your secrets? / – What got you this far? Jang Hyuk, didn’t you shoot to stardom from the start? No, when I first debuted, I was lucky enough to get a major role. Then I slipped to a supporting actor and then to a minor role. In the end, I was a wallflower. That’s when I realized what not to do when working. After that, I tried very hard to survive. – He really… / – Yes? – He rehearses a lot. / – He rehearses his acting? Not just for the TV drama itself. After the press conference, we have many interviews. We have to say things like “Gaekju” airs on this date and “Please watch and support our show.” He rehearses that line over and over. – That one line? / – Yes. I thought to myself that he really is a hard worker. Why do you need to do that? – Is that such a big deal? / – Does he have bad memory? You must practice your lines for the TV drama. But you don’t need to practice for trailers, do you? Did I say something I shouldn’t have? – I don’t speak Korean. / – I meant it in a good way. That’s why. – I’m bad at dictation. / – That was funny. He said something when he was on the show “Family Outing” with me. He said he can go without sleep for three days – because he’s fit. / – I watched that. – Does he say that often? / – Yes. He said he can go without sleep. But he looks sleepy already. We sleep around 2 to 3 hours when we shoot “Family Outing” because we shoot one episode in two days. The next day while we were talking, Hyuk did this. He said he could go three days without sleep, but after just one night he was dozing off. That was the fourth day that I didn’t get much sleep. I’d stayed up for three days then shot “Family Outing”. What are you talking about? You saw me dozing off on the fourth day. Does he still say he can last three days? It’s not just three days because he films the most out of us all. – He appears in a lot of scenes. / – Yes. If I ask if he’s okay, he says, “This is nothing.” Really? Do you know why we’re shooting this show in the evening? Why? (Is it the hosts’ schedule?) (The guests’ schedule?) Hyuk said he wanted to take a nap. – Is that why? / – Really? – That’s why? / – I had no idea. You can last 72 hours? It’s only been 24 hours. You need to go and get an IV. That’s his charm, though. He’s a show-off but in his own cute way, and that’s his charm. You think I’m showing off, but it’s true. Don’t lower his self-esteem. All right, Hyuk. I like that you’re so much more involved now. – His hands are clasped. / – We got him now. This is great. Eunhye, you mentioned Hyuk is a hard worker. What do you think about that? I last saw him in 1998. – He’s exactly the same. / – As he was then? He’s still just as serious. We had to kiss in the film, – and I still remember that… / – Did you like it? It wasn’t that. – Was there a kissing scene? / – “I like her.” He kept murmuring that as if he was brainwashing himself. At the time I thought, he really immerses himself in his role. What about you, Chaeah? Recently, I had a kissing scene with him in our TV drama, too. But he just went for it without murmuring. – How come… / – Kissing me… Kissing me required brainwashing and kissing her didn’t? (Kissing Eunhye required brainwashing) What does that make me? – “I like her, I like her…” / – Please explain. Why did one require brainwashing? – You just went for it. / – Well… I was very young when I worked with Eunhye so everything required hard work since I was so clueless. I was inexperienced. – That’s why I did that. / – But now you’re older… Now I’m older and I don’t see why it’s so hard. (A great explanation) A lot changes with time. – It makes sense. / – He’s funny. I get it now. Myungsoo, how about you tell us how one can last in this industry? It’s very easy. All you need is a great partner. Find a great partner and before he deserts you, find his weaknesses and use them against him. You said that for over ten years. – I found three weaknesses. / – Hyunmoo. What’s your secret tip? You need to do multiple projects. – Multiple projects? / – Yes. Jaeseok is experienced so when he throws a bait, he is able to get projects. I cast a net to catch whatever is available. Catch whatever you can. – Yes. / – You scrape all that’s available. It’s been just about a year for you, Poong… Yes, it’s been about a year since I got into the entertainment industry. – I’ve been trying to find a mentor. / – Is that so? I wish I could work on many shows like Hyunmoo. But I have limitations, so I can’t. Jaeseok is too high up to be my mentor. Since you can’t find a mentor among these people here, – you should leave this show. / – What? – Do you speak for the viewers? / – You’re too much. Eunhye, are you trying to break his contract? I was… Did the producers tip you off about him? Did you come here to get a job? Why do you keep trying to host the show? – Everything she says… / – It surprised me. You’re baffling us. Let’s move on. You may already know… why these five are here with us. – It’s a great show. / – Yes. – We’re also gaining popularity. / – Did you watch it? – He told me he didn’t see it. / – Hey! – So, have you watched it? / – I read articles. I learned about it through articles. – Name the main character then. / – Gaekju. Is the name of the main character Gaekju? Saeho should… – Never mind. / – Please go ahead. What about Saeho? Are you saying he should quit the show, too? Eunhye… You’re being scary today. – She has a sharp tongue. / – I’ve been working with her for a long time now and she has a habit. When someone does something on the show, she asks me to do it, too. When I tell her that I can’t do it, she says that she’s disappointed. Let’s say someone did some tumbling on the show. She says, “Saeho, give it a go.” Why should I do it? She asks me why I wasn’t prepared. I was just going to bring that up. She’s disappointed in you. – I’m disappointed. / – I watch the episodes at once. – Oh, all together? / – Eunhye is often seen on historical drums… – Drums… / – What? Drums? – What are you talking about? / – What are drums? I meant to say dramas. I only wish the best for her. – Do some tongue exercises. / – I apologize. I meant that you film a lot of historical dramas. This will be your third drum. – I do like drums. / – Is it your third historical one? – Is this your third time? / – Yes, it’s my third. I thought you had done more shows than that. – “Dae Janggeum” and “Yi San” / – Yes. – Is that all? / – That’s all. – Those two and… / – “The Merchant: Gaekju 2015”. – Is that so? / – She has an impact that’s why… – She only did three. / – They were all hits though. Among all the TV dramas that I starred in, those two got the most attention from viewers. – That’s what they know me for. / – A lot of reruns. What role do you play in “Gaekju”? You are a possessed shaman in the show, right? – No, it’s Minjung. / – Don’t you play a shaman? You didn’t watch the TV drama. You only read the synopsis. I think you should leave this show, too. They’re putting each of you in your place. Eunhye took care of two of you and Minjung handled one. You want to reorganize the show, don’t you? Why do you guys keep saying we should leave the show? You three are in a love triangle in the drama, right? – Is that right? / – Yes. I wasn’t able to watch the whole show, but I did watch a little bit. Chaeah has something going on with Jang Hyuk – while Minjung has a crush… / – That’s right. on Jang Hyuk. She’s a femme fatale and a woman of matchless beauty. Yes, I am the woman of matchless beauty. That sums it up very well. Chaeah, you’re portrayed as a very beautiful woman in the drama. I’m depicted as the fairest of the fair on the show. – I see. / – Fairest of the fair? People usually don’t admit… People usually don’t say that about themselves. – But, that’s her character. / – That’s my character. In the show, a person yells, “Here comes a woman who is” “more beautiful than Yang Guifei!” Then Chaeah makes her appearance. She is more beautiful than Yang Guifei and Hwang Jini. (I’m the fairest in the land of Joseon) I heard you blamed KBS’s stage lights. – You need to look beautiful. / – I didn’t blame them. As you know, I am depicted as the most beautiful woman in Joseon. Thus, I was expecting that I’d be beautifully depicted through cameras and under stage lights. I was expecting to look beautiful. For example, they make your skin look fairer. Yes, I thought they would try to catch me on camera beautifully. But when I went to the shoot, there wasn’t a reflector. Don’t female actresses have one when they shoot? – So what happened? / – There should have been reflectors around me but there were none to be found. I thought you looked very beautiful. That’s going overboard. On our show, we talk about getting rid of each other. It seems like… It seems like she’s showing off. – “Without a reflector.” / – Without a reflector… I’m still beautiful. Is that what you wanted to say? That’s not what I meant. I was just saying… I am not joking… She didn’t even wear makeup at the time. – Okay. / – It was a scene where she came out of the water after falling in. They still put makeup on. It’s waterproof. “They still put makeup on.” Makeup that doesn’t come off. I had full makeup on. She had full makeup on. You’re gullible. You really couldn’t tell? She had makeup on. (A woman of matchless beauty) I am Seorin. Jo Seorin. (Oh) (I have full makeup on) (Oh! Gosh) – I had makeup on. / – That’s so funny. How did the viewers react when you played the role of a beautiful woman? Did they agree? – Or not? / – I was really hoping that when they saw me, they wouldn’t question why I played the role of the most beautiful woman. I was worried they were going to say something like that. But their reaction wasn’t as bad as I thought. “You’re quite impressive, Chaeah.” It wasn’t to that extent. – “You’re quite impressive, Chaeah.” / – That’s good. Are you sure you didn’t ignore the viewers’ reaction? (Ignoring viewers’ opinions) It wasn’t like that. They said that I wasn’t too plain. From the way I see it, Minjung, Chaeah and Eunhye look good in a traditional Korean dress. – Park Sulnyeo must like them. / – They look elegant. I’m being honest. All three of you possess a classic beauty. All three of you have beautiful foreheads. – That’s right. / – Their foreheads are pretty. – Shall we look at some pictures? / – Yes. (Eunhye’s forehead) Is it natural? Your forehead needs to be a certain shape if you want to look good with this hairstyle. – It’s not easy, right? / – Yes. You’re truly beautiful if you look good – in this hairstyle. / – That’s right. Minjung has a pretty forehead, too. She’s really beautiful. – Is your forehead natural? / – Yes. – Her beauty can’t be matched. / – She sure is, indeed. She has full makeup on, too. Her face is covered in makeup entirely. Her beauty can’t be matched. She has full makeup on. Wow. Although all of them have pretty foreheads, who would you choose if you had to pick one, Hyunmoo? I’d pick Minjung. Hear me out first. I just blurted out the name that came into my mind. What about you, Poong? I’d choose Eunhye’s forehead. – Eunhye? / – Her forehead is really pretty. – Thank you. / – No one picked Chaeah. – She’s beautiful! / – We’re only judging the forehead. – Who would you pick, Saeho? / – Honestly, I’d pick Minjung. – She is beautiful. / – Minjung is pretty. Chaeah, who is supposed to be the prettiest… In terms of forehead, – what do you think, Taewoo? / – For me, I’d pick Chaeah. You pick Chaeah? – What about you, Jang Hyuk? / – I’d pick Chaeah, too. Right now, they have two, two, and one votes each. Myungsoo, what about you? Who do you vote for? (Who will be voted for the prettiest forehead?) I choose Lee Youngae. – What did he say? / – He said Youngae. (Lee Youngae, a truly magnificent forehead) – All of them are pretty. / – Yes. They’ve been casted really well. When you’re acting, isn’t it a bit difficult to have a crush on a man when he loves someone else? It’s lonely, right? It’s totally frustrating. I know what you mean. Is that so? It’s true, though. – It hurts my heart. / – But you should know something. You need to take poison in order to meet her. – Who does? / – I do. That circumstance leads to our encounter and that’s how I meet her. It’s a drama, right? How come you’re acting so serious? I thought you were talking about real life. You scared me for a bit. You were so serious about it. I’m curious as to why you tapped the table – when you said that. / – He was immersed in his role. “You need to take poison.” There are people older than you here. You need to watch your manners. – It’s true. / – It’s like that nowadays. Because at first, – I played a male character. / – I see. You didn’t know, did you? – I watched it. / – You did? – Of course. / – What hat did she wear? It was a hat made of bamboo. – A hat made of bamboo? / – It’s wasn’t bamboo? – Maybe he only saw the poster. / – That was me. It’s okay. We all understand. Oh, he must look like a fool. You should get a time-out for five minutes. – You need to leave. / – It’s time for you to go. (A celebration of their own) – Get up. Stand up. / – Park Eunhye. (The sniper duo) She put us in our place except Myungsoo. Myungsoo is the only one left. This might become a dull show. What about the male character? I carried a wooden box on my back. The reason my character disguised herself as male was because my role had shaman tendencies when she was younger. She’s a femme fatale. It’s a very appealing role. – Yes. / – I said “Femme Fatale” – because of her dance. / – There was a dance scene. I was totally absorbed into the moment when she was dancing. – We were all enchanted. / – Yes. She did a great job. She wasn’t doing a shaman dance. She was flirting. Wasn’t she a martial artist? What a day. Good one, Hyunjoon. You’re quite good at talking. He did “Entertainment Weekly” for five years. (Femme fatale dance scene) (Sensual charm) (Endless enticement) (I’m a femme fatale.) It’s hard in the summer, but it’s even worse in the winter. – It’s cold. / – It’s really cold. I heard you have a hard time because of the costumes. Shouldn’t it be better in the winter? – It’s cold though. / – But I prefer the winter because the traditional costume is too hot in the summer and it’s not like I can take it off. But in the winter, I wear three layers of thermal underwear. That’s why Lee Youngae suddenly looked chubby in “Dae Janggeum”. – She wore more clothes. / – She didn’t gain weight. Not at all. She’s very slim. – It’s my first time hearing that. / – Yes. – We wear many layers of underwear. / – It’s so cold. The rubber shoes are custom-made with a thick lining inside… – With fur? / – Yes. We customize shoes. – I see that there are many ways to keep warm. / – Yes. – What if your status is low? / – If that’s the case, then you have to bow down to the ground like this even when it snows. – That really does happen. / – One of my acquaintances was in a year-long period drama. A character’s rank can make things tough for the actor. – I heard that too. / – That’s right. – For example, / – I agree. if your character is a low-rank soldier during the winter you’ll be wearing only one layer of clothes. – Thin clothing? / – Yes. You’ll move up a rank in the summer later. – You have to wear armor. / – You get promoted then. (Why does the promotion have to be in the summer?) That’s interesting. That’s funny. – That was hilarious. / – Thank you, Hyuk. – Tell us more stories like this. / – Anyway, we briefly spoke to the five of you earlier in the show. There’s a new segment we’re trying out for the first time today. You’re trying it out for the first time today? – Yes. / – So it depends on us – whether it’ll be fun or not. / – That’s right. Today could be the first or the last time. – That’s right. / – Okay. You’ll choose a host. Then there are three rooms. I’ll be in one of the rooms alone. Poong and Saeho will be in one room and Hyunmoo and Myungsoo will be in one room together. But why are you going in the room alone? There are five of us. You’re really held in high regard. – Yes, we hold him in high regard. / – I know. What kind of rules are there in “The Room of Keywords”? We’ll talk to the guests and find out unknown facts about them. – So that fact can become a hit. / – On the Internet. On the top keywords list. We’ll pick out the keywords. In other words, we’ll try to pick out popular keywords. If not, we can argue and fight and create a buzz. We’re saying that we should talk to you in a more intimate setting – and then gather here again. / – Jaeseok. – Yes? / – Can they all go to your room? – No. / – I see. So we’ve prepared spoons. First, let’s have the each of you pick your room. You have pretty hands. All right, you go first, Eunhye. – Which room do you want to go to? / – She’s nervous. I’ll be happy as long as it’s not your room. – As long as it’s not our room? / – You should come. If you go there, you’ll have lots of parts on the show. They’re quiet. If I go there, I’ll either have lots of parts or no part at all. You’ll have some parts. – You should take a risk. / – Be adventurous. Go ahead and pick a spoon. (Kim Poong) (Picked Poong and Saeho’s room) She will go to Cho Saeho and Kim Poong’s room. To Cho Saeho and Kim Poong’s room. – Whose room is this? / – Park Myungsoo! Jun? Jun Hyunmoo! Nice! She’s coming to our room! The two of you don’t even need to pick. Both of you are coming with me! (Hyuk and Taewoo are going to Jaeseok’s room) (This room they encountered) (Gloomy) (Unpleasant paintings) (I don’t like this) (The number one host’s room) (Where we expect stable, fun talks) (Things are looking good) (In the number two hosts’ room as well) (And this room is…) (We’re sorry, Eunhye) (“The Room of Keywords” begins now!) If Jaeseok’s room is more fun, we might be edited out. Please try to laugh a lot even if you don’t want to, and tell us your secrets. I’m your father’s age. Please help me. Do you have a boyfriend? – No. You don’t either, right? / – I don’t have one. You’re not even dating with anyone? Dating? – Are you dating? / – No, I’m not. Then join us again next time. When you’re seeing someone. There’s nothing to talk about. They’re actresses, so people want to know their ideal types of men. – But doing these things… / – Let’s not do those. What’s your ideal type. Be blunt. – You want to know my ideal type? / – Yes. – But for me… / – How big do his eyes have to be? You have really big eyes. As long as they are not bigger than mine. I see that they can’t be bigger than yours. People will look this up. Minjung said, “They can’t be bigger than mine.” – “They can’t be bigger than mine.” / – What else? You’re asking me who I want to date. – Yes. / – How many times must we ask? – Please tell us realistically. / – Your ideal type! Just say his name and let’s wrap this up! So that we can dance after. – Gosh… / – Get ready to dance. Is there something you absolutely can’t give up? – Pardon me? / – Something that you can’t give up. – A guy’s personality. / – What? – Something you can’t give up. / – A guy’s personality. – Personality? / – Personality? (She finally says something after endless thinking.) – A guy’s personality. / – Personality? So she must be referring to Zo Insung. Zo Insung it is! This will do! – Write the article! / – Write it now! Zo Insung. She likes Zo Insung. She said it herself. That’s what she said. It’s a wrap! We’re done! You messed up. What am I going to do? We have to ask Chaeah, too. – We got Zo Insung from you. / – Your turn, Chaeah. – Your turn, Chaeah. / – We’re done with Zo Insung. – Gosh, what are we going to do? / – I’m going crazy. Chaeah, you also… Didn’t you also… (Coughing) He choked because he hasn’t talked this much in a while. – Shall we take a break? / – No, no. It’s okay. It’s my first time hosting a segment like this. – Then maybe… / – I always had helped before. I’m a little… How do I put this? What do you think about a man who is very fashionable? I like fashionable men compared to bad dressers. Then do you like someone who has a car or… – That doesn’t matter. / – Really? You’re okay with someone who doesn’t have a car? Yes because I have a car. I guess you want someone who has a car. Then it’s Zo Insung with a car. Zo Insung with a car. Only one keyword needs to be a hit. Let’s use “Zo Insung with a car” as the keyword. – Let’s go with that. / – This is driving me crazy. All right, we’ll use “Zo Insung with a car.” I like someone who has passion in what they do. And I like someone with a large build. – A large build? / – Yes. So a good dresser with a large build and without a car. Wait… Fine. This is a well-known fact about Chaeah. Her father used to be an executive at a huge company in the past. So she was named as a golden girl in the company magazine. – Is it true? / – She has everything. – Do you think you’re a golden girl? / – Not at all. – No? / – No, never. Did the company magazine publish false information? The term “golden girl” is… What is it? What does it mean? It refers to a girl who has never caused trouble growing up and who grew up… very well under her parents. Grew up very well… – Try to understand. / – Goody two-shoes. – Growing up normally… / – He was just a salary man. Oh Sangjin is one of my closest friends. – I see. / – His father was also an executive. – That’s right. / – Do they know each other? I heard that Oh Sangjin’s father mentioned it to my father once. Then you could’ve married Oh Sangjin. – Oh Sangjin is… / – What’s that marriage called? What do you call the thing where parents meet and… – Meeting between the families? / – “Ranged marriage”? – “Ranged marriage”? / – It’s arranged marriage. – Arranged marriage. / – Arranged marriage. – What do you think of Oh Sangjin? / – He’s great. Shall I hook you up with him? I’m close with him. – You are? / – Yes. – We’re close friends. / – Their fathers are friends. – Dating? / – We’ve gotten another keyword! Are you two dating? – There will be articles. / – He’s not my type. – Why not? / – Why isn’t he? – What? / – “Oh Sangjin isn’t my type.” But you two are close friends. It’ll be an even bigger hit if we label him as not her type. I feel like… he’s too kind. Then how about this? Do you prefer me over Sangjin? I think I prefer Sangjin. – Well that’s… / – But why? You said that he’s too kind. I’m not even half as kind as him. What do you think about someone like Hyunmoo? – Someone like him. / – Yes, be honest. – Be honest. / – He’s just okay. – Got it. / – I’m just okay. Yes. But are you married? (Are you serious?) I’m not married. I’ve never been married. “Chaeah thought Hyunmoo was married.” We’ll use that as our keyword. Hyoyeon from Girls’ Generation called me Lim Chaemoo once. Lim Chaemoo! I was hurt because she called me Lim Chaemoo. And now, you’re asking me if I’m married? I’m single. You sound like you’re married. Who called you Lim Chaemoo? That was funny. This set-up makes this room look like a fortune teller shop. – We’ll have the reading fee ready. / – Yes. You can make anyone laugh as long as you’re willing? Is that what you said? – What really frustrates me / – What is it? is that I’m a really funny person. – You’re talking about yourself? / – Yes. (He’s talking about himself) (That’s funny) See? I made him laugh so easily. – Yes. You have a knack for that. / – I told you. Do you have any hobbies that you enjoy these days? All I do is boxing these days. It’s the truth. You should’ve blocked my hand. I blocked it with my shoulder. Stop arguing with me. You just stayed still. Let’s check the footage. I blocked you. You’re unbelievable. – Don’t you know boxing techniques? / – You blocked me? I did. I was too fast, so you probably didn’t see. I’m serious. You saw it, right? – I can’t believe it. / – I am serious. (Jaeseok suddenly attacks) (I blocked you!) (He’s so humorous!) Gosh. – Did I show it to you? / – What? The thing I do with my eyes? No, you didn’t show me. – I will do it for you here. / – What is it? I can roll my eyes separately. – That’s a good one. / – It’s really tough. Last time I did this, my eyes almost never came back to normal. (He’s such a liar!) I am serious! Stop lying! Why do you lie so much? You will see it for yourself. Are you serious? – Show me. / – Look. Now they’re in the center. Then I can move them around like this. Then when the finger comes here, they go like this. Hyuk, I don’t know if you know it, but your eyes moved together. The two eyes were moving together! Taewoo, you saw them, right? You are crying. It’s really hard. It says you can do 182 push-ups in two minutes? That’s the record I set on the show “Real Men”. – Did they really count? / – Yes. – Did you actually succeed? / – Yes. Did you do 182 push-ups in two minutes? When I think of you on “Real Men”, I can only think of one thing. You said you were good at Korean wrestling, but you got thrown. I never said I was good. – Come on. / – I am serious. No way! You see… – Look, I was thrown like this. / – That’s right. Good move! – You can’t get flipped like that. / – What happened? In the beginning, it was serious. – It was rather like a documentary. / – But then? The moment he attacked me, I remembered what Suro said. – What did he say? / – What did he say? “Win well if you want to win.” “Be funny if you feel like losing.” I see. It was the moment a documentary turned into an entertainment show. – I am serious. / – Stop lying! Gosh, this guy is unbelievable. Nobody understands how I feel. Gosh. We’re talking about a lot of things. Right now, the other rooms are quite noisy. We are very quiet. – Should we talk louder? / – What? Don’t you want this to be aired at all? Are you really going to be like this? Don’t you see that the others are having fun? – It’s because of the girls. / – You are right. It’s gloomy here because we are all guys. – Do you have questions for me? / – Not really. I knew it. Honestly, I’m not very curious about you two either. – The presence of an actress… / – It feels different. – changes everything. / – The atmosphere would’ve been much different if the girls were in this room. So what I did was… I’d boast like this. By the way, you learned to do pansori? I practiced pansori for this drama. – But the director didn’t want it. / – Why? We’d already shot enough scenes. – Good. This is perfect. / – Really? You have to show us what we don’t see in drama. It was originally for the drama, but since I never got the chance… Please show us how it goes. ‘Love’ ‘What is love?’ ‘Is moonlight love?’ ‘Is love the moonlight?’ – ‘Empty…’ / – I am sorry, but you said you learned to do pansori. – But you sound like you didn’t. / – Was it weird? It was… – You were just shouting! / – My voice… The tone of my voice was… I guess the director didn’t want to hurt your feelings. (It was his nice way of saying no) I am sure about it! Ask your director, Hyuk. – This is because… / – Why? It’s because there’s no girl. – It would’ve been different. / – It’s a love song? He was singing a love song in front of two men! – That’s why he was shouting. / – I was thinking… – This is what they said. / – But… That’s what they do on educational shows. – What was that? / – That was Tae Woo’s pansori. They are desperate. We shouldn’t suddenly change the subject but since we heard that, let’s do a talent show. – What? / – We can’t let them beat us. – A talent show. / – You can’t lose. – You have to get the start on them. / – Yes. – I am sorry to ask. / – But I got nothing to show. – Do you have one? / – I don’t have one either. (No way!) (You have that) (Nice and round) (Her kick is famous in the army these days.) Kick hard. I’ll be all right. – Did it hurt? / – It hurts! It must really hurt. My foot hurts, too. (The talent show is closed right away) You see, we have to rank high on the top keywords list. But we can’t do that if we continue like this. – I know. / – You see? – It’s all right. / – I think it’s going to be hard. Don’t be pressured. – What’s the hot issue? / – Hot issue? How much do you earn in a month? – That’s a hot issue indeed. / – Hurry and tell us. – We’re in big trouble. / – What’s your monthly income? Tell us your monthly income in an interesting way. – Tell us in terms of goods. / – How can I… How many bags of rice do you earn a month? Or how many iron bars? Or how many H-beams? 80 H-beams? Make it funny. That’s funny, isn’t it? You’re one of the five prettiest girls in Ulsan? Kim Taehee, Yura, Lee Taeim, Raina, – and Han Chaeah. / – Are they all from Ulsan? – They are all from Ulsan. / – She’s one of the five… Then have you heard any stories about those girls during your school days? – No, I haven’t. / – You haven’t? – Kim Taehee, Yura. You know them? / – Yes, I do. – Lee Taeim. / – Yes. – And Raina. / – Yes. – She sang with San E. / – Raina? – Raina is… / – “Mid-summer Night’s Sweetness.” – Oh, yes. / – That song is amazing. Yes. That sweetness. What I meant was… – Along with those four girls… / – She’s lying down. – Along with those four girls… / – That sweetness. Breaking news! “Han Chaeah lied down during the shoot!” – “She’s rude!” / – “While Jun Hyunmoo improvised” “She lied down during the shoot.” “She turns out to be rude.” “The cameraman as old as her father” “was working hard to shoot her” – “but she lied down.” / – “Since her father is rich,” – “she let go of all her morals.” / – Yes. So there are five girls including you. Who do you think is the prettiest among all? That’s a nice one. It will work. Reporters like these things. – I have to rank them? / – It’s just your opinion. How would she say she is the prettiest? It’s about her opinion, so it doesn’t matter. – Is it Kim Taehee? / – Kim Taehee. – Is she the prettiest? / – Yes. Who’s the second? How can I say it? Just say, you come after Kim Taehee. – Out of five beauties… / Taehee is the prettiest. Are you trying to make me hated by everyone? One of us has to go down tonight. – You have to answer it. / – You’re trying to ruin me. – Jaeseok won’t ask such a thing. / – He won’t do it. He tries to be nice, so he only asks safe questions. But we are different. One of us has to go down. One of us has to go. Anyway, it’s your opportunity to speak up your mind. – What place? / – Kim Taehee is the prettiest. – Who comes second? – The second is… – I’ll just say it’s me. / – That’s it. So the rest of the girls are just… – “Han Chaeah says she is…” / – No, that’s not it. – “second prettiest girl.” / – “the second prettiest.” “As pretty as Kim Taehee.” “Kim Taehee, I will catch up soon!” – “Taehee, I’ll beat you!” / – It’s nice to be honest. She just knows that she’s beautiful. One, two, three! Shall we go? All right. – Okay. / – This is our room, right? I like the room. We got our own room. – It’s our own. / – Honestly, we’ve been quiet, but we can be as funny as they are too. Can you? I think I can’t. Can you do it? There’s certain energy in this room. I think there’s this energy in this room. All right. Here’s a nice one. Actually, you are happily married. But you must’ve had some troubles with your husband. When she was still a newlywed, her husband couldn’t distinguish cards when playing cards and that really caused a conflict. Did it cause an inner conflict? – Can you distinguish the cards? / – Of course I can. He couldn’t distinguish them. But was it that serious? I don’t think you two get along well. You should part ways. – We should? / – Yes. – But we just started. / – You two should part ways. You know, right? If you are a host, – you have to listen. / – That’s right. But your questions are longer than my answers! Everyone continues to love Jaeseok because – he is a listener. / – You should listen. (Rather than talking more, please listen more) You often get very impatient. Cheer up. I am all right. I am doing just fine. I remember that time. You’re good at impersonation? Yes. In case of Hyuk, if his character is a martial arts master, he diligently trains and – actually becomes the master. / – Yes? – But I just pretend it. / – How? I let the stunt man take care of the action scenes. I do the last scene when I get to stare with glaring eyes. There are times when you have to act with your eyes, and I guess that’s not an easy thing to do. – That’s right. / – Yes. How would you stare at your enemy with a murderous look? Taewoo, can you please show us? (It turned into an acting class!) (The first student acts) (He just stares) (He slightly lacks the murderous look!) You have to be serious. Hyuk, you can show us the true murderous look, right? – Do you really want it? / – Please show us. You might not be able to sleep. Please show us the real one. – Please hit me from this side. / – Okay. I look better this way. Does your right side look better? The left side of my face looks manly, and the right side of my face looks soft. So I use the right side for romance and left side for action. So the left side is for action. So the left side is for action. – And the right side is for romance. / – Of course. That’s why the muscles on my right body are soft. And the ones on the left side are very hard. Okay. Let’s take this seriously. (Right side action scene) You punk! (Revenge) (It seems more like dejection than revenge.) Your eyes need to burn up. Your emotion should escalate. You have the wrong idea. Acting is like… You know. You need to think. Forget about thinking. This is a variety show and we’re all about speed. You took too long. Turn your head faster. Why did you… It’s not slow motion. Turn your head quickly. You’re driving me insane. The main actor has to move slowly. I can’t stand this. Come on! He knows nothing. You’re driving me insane. – Show me how you do it. / – Look. Let me show you. (His fist gets flared up) What are you doing? Are you really going to hit me? The person dealing the blow – has to be serious. / – Okay. You have to react right away. I’ll show you how. Hey! Hey! Hit me from one direction. Why did you hit me from both sides? Some zombies are like this. (Zombie acting class) (Unidentifiable moans) Zombies don’t do that. This is just swaying. Come on. There are actually zombies who act like this with one hand. Fine, some are like that. – Yes. / – And? Some zombies are one-legged. (Give me back my legs) – They go like that. / – What are you doing? This will become number one in the top keyword list. There’s no way this is going to make it as the top keyword. – I swear. / – Come on. I’m finished with my part now. This is exhausting. We’re done. We give up. It’ll never work with Hyuk and Taewoo. Check out the others. This is hard. It’s too hard. I sometimes get small cameo roles, and it’s no big deal. I just have to stand around but it’s so hard. – It’s my hands. / – You just want to get rid of them. It makes me crazy. I have to act standing up. Hello, welcome. – Your hands… / – I don’t know what to do. – I totally understand. / – Do I do this? I’m just standing around. – That’s right. / – That’s what drives me insane. – What do I do? / – Put your hands in your pockets or if you’re wearing a suit… – Carry something. / – A suit top. Did I just say that? – Like that? / – Carry or hold something. Or like this so you don’t feel awkward. How about this? What if I did this? – He’s the husband. / – Honey, I’m home. Honey. Why did you not answer my calls? What are you? What’s that? Are you hiding a gun? It’s so awkward. Honey. Bring me food when I’m in prison. I’ll get going. (A very bad example) – It’s so hard. / – How about holding a pen? Honey. Honey, I’m home. How was your day? Flipping the pen like this. (Myungsoo is a brilliant acting genius) What else can I do with this? I know, right? I’m a conductor. Honey. It’s common time. Is dinner not ready yet? Honey? That’s so funny. Put emotion into it. That was funny. (The acting class using hands is over) I’m good at water-slapping. Great! This will work. Splashing water on your face. “Park Eunhye drenches Cho Saeho during filming.” That’s a good headline. Let’s get on with it. Ready? How dare you ask me that! (Funny and embarrassing) Come on. Chaeah is kickboxing over there. Hurry up. We are desperate. How dare you ask me that! In a loud voice. How dare you ask me that! (Splash) You’re just the same! (Right in the face) (So embarrassed) Perfect. It was perfect, right? – Not good enough. / – It’s not? – Let’s try one more time. / – It was fine. My acting was too unreal. We have to try again but this is what you should do. How dare you say something like that! I hate you! – Do I say that? / – Say you hate me! – Do I really say it? / – Yes. I get it now. That’s enough. – Let’s not do this to each other. / – I learned it. – Let me do it. / – Say you hate me! You have to stand up. Right in the face, right? (Whack) That was perfect. – Is this it? / – That’s what we need. It’d be funnier if this doesn’t air. – We can leave this as a memory. / – Don’t say that. – A memory? / – If you say things like that, – it might come true. / – Okay. I won’t. This is… In case we run out of things to do, the staff gave us a plan B. This is a serious emergency. To get your names on the keyword list, we’ll have you criticize yourselves. We’ll ask you some mean questions. If it’s true, admit to it. If not, smash the gourd on us. – Ready? / – My goodness. This is our last resort. It’s time for self-criticism. If the answer is no or you don’t want to answer, smash the gourd. – Smash it? / – Han Chaeah. Here we go. – Han Chaeah… / – Han Chaeah… – is a rude witch. / – is a rude witch. – Do I answer? / – Yes. If it’s a no, – is it okay to hit him? / – Yes. Are you serious? Let me warn you. It hurts more when you hit him improperly. I can’t do this. (A short and concise swing) (What is this?) (I’m sorry) (Such accuracy and beauty) (The gourd has disappeared) (And) (The pain floods in) Oh, no! That gourd was so fragile. I wanted to make sure it broke. You’re a witch. My goodness. Out of all the child actresses, I have become successful. – It’s true. / – Out of the child actresses? There’s Moon Geunyoung. Wasn’t she a child actress? Did you have to mention her? Isn’t she more… Of course. – Yes. / – Okay, yes. Good. I’m safe. Moon Geunyoung is more successful than you. She’s more successful. (Come over here) Why? What? Moon Geunyoung… Let’s move on to the next question. – She’s scary. / – The next one. After her kiss with Joo Won in the drama “Bridal Mask” Han Chaeah developed feelings for him. I’m safe if you did, at least once. Be honest. Hit me if you felt nothing for him at all. – Just… / – Yes. Yes. (She admits to it!) How many times? How many times did you have feelings for him? – I felt something for him. / – It happens. After which scene? Name one. There was a scene where I kissed him lightly on the lips. (From the drama “Bridal Mask”) (Look at his eyes) I had to redo the scene. The viewers didn’t notice but after I kissed him, Joo Won closed his eyes, so we had to redo the scene. He wasn’t supposed to close his eyes during the kiss. My character liked him, but his character was just using me. He was supposed to be using my emotions. – Why did he close his eyes? / – That meant he was enjoying the kiss. He was enjoying it. “Joo Won enjoyed it.” Write an article. We did it! We have it! “Joo Won enjoyed it.” They had to shoot again since Joo Won enjoyed it. – No, no. / – We did it. – He enjoyed it. / – The producer said, “Open your eyes, it looks weird.” “It looks like you’re in love.” – That’s right. / – Joo Won enjoyed it. – We have it. / – Joo Won said, “Don’t all people close their eyes when they kiss?” – He was supposed to be using you. / – That’s cute. He looked cute when he said that. – So… / – You had feelings for him. – You did. / – That’s right. Do you love him? Don’t you grow on each other? – When you act together? / – It’s possible. – What about now? / – I just… I just think of him as a good colleague. I see. Thanks for your honest answer. – This is… / – This is the last one. – This question is for Minjung. / – Okay. There’s no way out of this one. She has to hit me. Just so you know, my scalp is really sensitive. His hair will fall out. The skin is red. I can tell. Your scalp is very red. If you hit my head… Your scalp is all red. I might end up in the hospital. I might have to see a dermatologist. Hit him right on the crown. Minjung is beautiful and good at acting, but has one weakness. What? Ratings. (A clear sound) (A shocked spectator) (An assaulted bystander) We’ll see how this drama does. Why am I coughing again? I got slapped by a shard. – I was slapped. / – You got hit? It doesn’t hurt. Is this how you do it? I, Park Eunhye, still live off the fame of “Dae Janggeum”. Yes. Hang on. Doesn’t yes mean I’m safe? Really? (Sorry… I couldn’t stop myself in time) You just wanted to hit him, didn’t you? – It’s fine. / – It wasn’t that. If I feel angry… You said I could hit you if I felt angry. She admits to it but it makes her angry. That’s exactly right. – She was upset. / – I was. I’ll go next. Park Eunhye is willing to be naked for a project. It’s a no. It’s something that I’ve thought about since I was young. I’m not confident with my figure, to be honest. I see. If I was confident with my body when I was younger, I could’ve done it. But I didn’t feel confident about my figure back then. And now, I don’t think that would suit me. – It doesn’t suit you. / – That’s right. I’m a mother now, too. (Jaeseok got the hard gourd) This is no joke. It’s really thick. All right, if you don’t say “Yes”, I have to break this, so I hope you talk freely without feeling pressured. Among the members of Dragon Zodiac Club, Kim Jongkook, Cha Taehyun, and Hong Kyungmin, Jang Hyuk is the most popular one. – One. / – Gosh, it’s a no. (You saw how thick the gourd was) How can you look at my eyes and say that? You could’ve said that you’re the most popular one. I can’t say that about myself. I’m going to ask you again. Among the Dragon Zodiac Club members, Jang Hyuk is the most popular one. – Yes. / – Good! You’re popular. You’re so popular. “The Slave Hunters” and “The Merchant: Gaekju 2015.” Jang Hyuk’s acting in historical dramas is the same. Yes. (He gave up) You said “Yes” for me? Next is Taewoo. The reason why Jung Taewoo only acts in historical dramas is he’s never casted for other ones. For Jung Taewoo, money is more important than the role he plays. (Torn) Yes. It’ll hurt a lot if you get hit. This is a total failure. (You saved me but killed this segment) Let’s just call it an end. It’s over. All right, this is done. It’s over. Hey, thanks for worrying about me… but I can only break this when you say “No.” – It won’t hurt at all. / – That’s true. It won’t hurt. Ouch. (The end) (The Art of Organizing) All the hosts and guests did their best in the previous segment. Did you score anything that could be the number one keyword? – Yes. We feel very confident. / – What is it? – What will it be? / – It’s an amazing one. Actresses normally try not to reveal too much about themselves. But we did our best to dig things out and found – some valuable information. / – You found something? – That’s right. / – You might not see them after this. Are you serious? It’s about Chaeah. “Arranged Marriage with Oh Sangjin.” – What did you say? / – This will be on the main page. She got caught. Arranged marriage with Oh Sangjin? What is this about? No, very briefly… – For a very brief period… / – You dated him? No! That’s great. Keep pressuring her! She almost jumped off her chair. No. I think it will happen soon. This is what you found. – Right, we did it. / – You squeezed it out of her. We can take this and use it as a teaser for next week. I heard that there’s a keyword for Minjung, too. Her ideal type is “Zo Insung with a car”? That’s our work too. Just being Zo Insung isn’t enough. – He has to have a car. / – Is that so? If he’s Zo Insung without a car, he won’t pass. He has to have an SUV. Oh, Zo Insung. That’s a good one. – With these two keywords… / – No one can top that. Ours are not as good. “Jang Hyuk’s Zombie Acting.” (A candidate for number one keyword, Jang Hyuk Zombie) “Jung Taewoo’s Pansori.” Gosh, these aren’t promising. It was very disappointing, too. He used his raw voice to sing it. By the way, how did you two feel about working with Jaeseok? Did you enjoy it? We almost closed down the segment. Jang Hyuk and Taewoo tried to save me from getting hit by the gourd. So they saved me but killed the segment. (They saved Jaeseok but killed the segment) (Loyalty over fun) They killed these two and saved the segment. They killed these two and saved the segment. But you two saved me and killed the segment. Please say something! I’m trying. Seriously, say something! – We’re… / – I mean… – I found out what the problem is. / – What is it? They’re always talking about different things. If you keep doing that, you won’t last long. (Jang Hyuk turned them into a candidate) (For number one keyword.) “If you keep doing that, you won’t last long.” He belittled Saeho and Poong. – Among us… / – I didn’t do it! Will we make it to the top keywords list? We’ll find out next week. Now, let’s get back to the main segment. People say that one’s belongings tell a lot about the person. Today, our five guests brought their belongings to the show. This is what Jang Hyuk brought. He says that he works out with this a lot these days. All right, let’s check out his secret weapon for staying fit. – Oh? What is it? / – Are they boxing gloves? I guess he works out a lot. It seems he used them a lot. I know that Hyuk has always been a fan of working out, – but do you mainly box these days? / – Yes. Recently, he posted a video of him boxing online. What does this mean? “I don’t see anything.” When I was practicing with punching and speed balls, I punched them with my eyes closed and it worked. That’s amazing. Really? (Jang Hyuk’s video online) Are your eyes closed? (Are his eyes really closed?) – That’s amazing. / – Can he punch without getting hit? – Did you turn to the side? / – So you won’t get hit? Is it your habit? When you learn boxing, you don’t do this. You turn to the side like this so you can protect yourself and attack your opponent, too. – Oh, wow! / – That was so cool! (He has mastered the proper basic skills) But is there a reason you decided to post the video? I’m addicted to the social media platform nowadays. – I see. / – First, I wasn’t into it. – He posts so often. / – Is that right? Before I even knew it, I got addicted. You’re obsessed about getting “likes” aren’t you? – Pardon? / – Getting “likes”. Rather than being obsessed about “likes”… With my camera, I never used to take selfies before. I always took other things, not selfies. But at one point, I turned the camera towards myself. And I have to be at special places when I take selfies. I didn’t think that Hyuk would do these things. Hyuk, do you carry a ten-kilogram dumbbell in your car? I stay at hotels a lot while I’m filming. I want to maintain my workout regimen, – so I carry my workout equipment. / – I see. Even when filming starts very early in the morning, he wakes up two hours before and works out before – coming to the set. / – Wow, that’s impressive. If we’re called for 6 a.m., he works out before that. Do you work out even after pulling three all-nighters in a row? – To be honest, in the past… / – I’m really curious. if I was given two hours to sleep, – I chose to exercise instead. / – Wow. I did it because it’s hard to wake up and stay alert after sleeping for two hours. But if I exercise for two hours and take a shower, – I can stay awake. / – So you’d rather exercise. I’d rather exercise if I can’t get a proper sleep. Judging from how you were sleeping, I think you need to rest more. – You said he used to doze off? / – Yes, that’s right. He totally dozed off in “Family Outing.” Let me tell you this. I heard you said that you’re the best at action scenes and that you’re very confident about it. Well, I did say that. (So confident) He can’t deny it. I heard you directed action scenes for “The Slave Hunters.” Yes, I did everything. (The impressive action acting in “The Slave Hunters”) (Flying kick) (I’m the best in action acting) The reason why I’m obsessed with action scenes is that I was shocked when I was filming the movie that I – work on with Eunhye, “The Best.” / – Why? That was the first time that I learned about stand-in actors. – Did you wonder why they were used? / – Yes. Even if I’m really skilled, how would I act getting hit by cars? You can’t do that. But a stuntman came as a stand-in actor for my role, and he actually got hit by a car. After witnessing that, I was very shocked. I was thinking I should’ve been hit instead of him. He couldn’t get up for about 30 to 40 minutes. Everyone was saying that he should be taken to the hospital. But 30 or 40 minutes later, he got up and acted the scene again. After seeing that, I thought I should be like him when I act. – It’s all about the perception. / – Yes. He was truly a professional. But after learning martial arts, don’t you want to try using the techniques? – You learned Capoeira, right? / – Yes, I learned it. On my way home after class, I was hoping I’d bump into gangsters. – You can’t help thinking about it. / – Suddenly? I thought I’d try using it if they suddenly show up. Shall we see Poong’s Capoeira skills? Show us the basics. – It will be your keyword, Poong. / – For Capoeira… This is the basic posture. This is the defense posture. Show us a little more, please. You keep moving like this. Isn’t it the dance from one of Deux’s songs? ‘Turn around and look at me’ (Unorthodox martial arts) ‘Look at me’ Keep doing this and suddenly, – kick like this. / – Wow. What do you think of Poong’s Capoeira? He’s not really skilled at Capoeira, but I’ve seen people tumble and jump. (Real Capoeira) I can do that. – Really? / – Can you do it? – Please show us. / – How can you do it? – Don’t you need to warm up? / – You start like this and… – And? / – As you’re doing this, kick both your legs in the air like this. You’ll just get beaten up. – Like this. / – That’s… (Amateur dancing and Capoeira) – What was that? / – But earlier… What was that? I had an arm wrestling match with Poong earlier. I think he’ll be a horrible fighter. He’ll be dragged around. He can’t even flick my forehead. You’ll get punched four times before you even kick. You’ll get punched while you’re warming up. That’s right. Your face will get beaten up. He’s not skilled at Capoeira. I heard that Chaeah used to practice kickboxing. – We both got our bottoms kicked. / – Really? – That hurt, didn’t it? / – It hurts! It must’ve really hurt. My back really hurts. – Didn’t it hurt? / – It didn’t hurt at all. – Really? / – Is that right? I would be willing to get hit by her every day. I had to play a character that did kickboxing. – That was your character. / – Yes. So I learned kickboxing for about two to three months. Will you use those skills to protect yourself in dangerous situations? What will you do if you run into a guy like him? Actually, I thought about that a lot. That’s why I’m always holding on to something. – What do you hold on to? / – A taser? It can be a cell phone. I look for something I can use. – If I’m wearing shoes with heels… / – See? I think about what I could use as a weapon. – I think about how to act… / – I don’t think that. – when someone approaches me. / – What do you mean? I wonder if I should act like I’m crazy or just pretend to like him. – You’d turn the situation around. / – That’s right. – Make him flustered. / – “I’ve been waiting for you!” – She’s brilliant. / – I really think about that. She knows how to use her surroundings to her advantage and to manipulate her opponent psychologically. – Are you a strategist? / – Are you a drillmaster? (He’s a serious martial artist) I heard you appeared on a Chinese reality TV show? – You shot a TV show with Saeho. / – Yes, we did. The show is called “Ding Ge Long Dong Qiang”. It’s about learning Chinese culture. How is Chinese reality TV different from Korean reality TV? – They are similar. / – Are they? He worked very hard. When they teach you something on the show, we try to make it funny. But he told me, “I think it’s better to take this more seriously.” So I said, “Okay.” – “Don’t fool around.” / – Reality TV should be funny. But I made it look more like a documentary. – Today is like that for him. / – I feel bad for Saeho. (He feels bad making a comedian shoot a documentary) When he shares funny stories, I would like him to smile a little more. But this is what he does instead. “This is a funny story.” (But it sounds more like a threat) – “This is funny.” / – It becomes serious. One time, I drank with him until five in the morning. The whole time, he spoke with the same tone of voice. He said, “I know a funny story. This is funny.” “This is the punch line.” “This is the funny part.” He kept saying, “This is funny.” It was three in the morning, and I was really sleepy. But I was the one who wanted to drink. So which part of the story was funny? It wasn’t a funny story. (The truth unveils) Now it’s not a funny story? – I thought you said it was funny. / – What was it? At the time, I didn’t know Saeho well. I apologize. – No, I had a good time. / – He apologized. Now, let’s take a look at Minjung’s belonging. – Let’s check what Minjung brought! / – Yes. It’s something that is her secret to being in shape. – A secret to being in shape. / – I’m curious. All right! Minjung. It’s the bag I use when I go hiking. – It’s a backpack. / – Is that yours? – Isn’t it too big for you? / – You carry this? I usually hike tall mountains. I hike for about eight to nine hours. – She hikes alone. / – Do you go hiking by yourself? I hike small mountains – like Mt. Cheonggye alone. / – Alone? – She hikes alone! / – Don’t people recognize you? A lot of people recognize me. They all recognize me. But when I meet people while hiking, I feel at ease. I’m happy to meet them. It’s really interesting because when I walk pass, I always hear them argue in the back. – They argue about whether it’s you. / – “I think that” “was Kim Minjung.” “Why would she hike here?” “Why would Kim Minjung come here?” I hear them argue over this. When they argue, – I could just go my way. / – But? (She looks back for no reason) I turned around. – You wanted to let them know. / – Yes. Why did you breathe like that? I wanted to let them know it was me. I could just go but… (Yes, it’s me, I am Kim Minjung) I just turned around to let them know that it was me. They didn’t think that Minjung would go hiking. – That’s what they thought of me. / – What if they saw you and said, “See? It’s not her!” – They might not recognize you… / – What? – without makeup. / – Come on. (She’s still pretty without makeup) You posted pictures on your social network? You went with someone else. – Someone took this photo for you. / – Someone did. – That was at Mt. Odaesan. / – That’s a cliff! When I was doing that, one of my friends took that picture and I really liked it. I thought I looked pretty good. – Is that why you posted it? / – Yes. – Were you wearing makeup? / – No. You were prepared to take a picture to post online. My complexion improved after I started hiking. The secret is not to apply anything. – I let my skin… / – You don’t even wear sunscreen? I don’t. I let my skin breathe. It really improved after I started hiking. – You don’t even wear sunscreen? / – I rarely wear it. – But your skin is so fair. / – It really improved. Can I use this picture for next year’s calendar? – I can use it for 2016. / – I’ll make it for you. – Did a man take this picture? / – Yes. Oh? He’s just one of my hiking friends. That’s how it all begins. Are you climbing a mountain or are you climbing a mountain of love? You’re quite a talker. – Did you… / – Don’t be amazed too much. No matter what you climb, you have to keep climbing. – What are you climbing these days? / – Me? I’m not climbing anything. I’m just sentimental. – Myungsoo feels something else. / – What? He feels nervous. He feels nervous. Are you the most nervous? You’re no different from me! Gosh. This picture is when I hiked Mt. Seoraksan last year. There’s a course that passes through Temple Baekdamsa to get to Temple Bongjeongam. It’s about 22 kilometers, round-trip. Mt. Seoraksan is very difficult to hike. When you’re hiking, there comes a time when you don’t know who you are and your legs don’t feel like yours. There’s a myth that your wish will come true if you hike to Temple Bongjeongam and back three times. That’s how tough it is. They also say there’s enlightenment after the hike. – Did you hike it three times? / – I did. – You made a wish? / – I had a desperate one last year. – So I hiked it three times. / – Did it come true? – Did it come true? / – I think it is coming true. My wish is coming true. And this is the bag I used when I hiked back and forth three times. After eight or nine hour hike, do you drink rice wine? Of course! I douse my throat with it. “Douse” your throat! – Your choice of words… / – “Douse.” – Do you drink? / – I can’t drink much, but I really like drinking. I love finding the right drink for every dish. Sashimi goes well with sake. Grilled meat goes well with soju or beer. Octopus goes well with Korean sake. They’re definitely paired. She looked very happy talking about drinks. When you drink after hiking for eight to nine hours… It must taste so good. (Gulping) – She’s salivating. / – It made her mouth water! Chaeah, do you drink? I enjoy drinking. – Can you handle alcohol? / – Chaeah drinks well. – I thought so. / – What? You can drink. – How much can you drink? / – A bottle of soju. – You drink a bottle alone? / – It’s two bottles. – That’s right. / – She lowered the number. I’ll get drunk if I drink two. That’s right. We were asking how much it takes to get you drunk. What did she say? Why would we be curious about your sober state? – We were asking… / – What do you do when you’re drunk? I’m gone after drinking two bottles of soju. – Where do you go? / – She goes home. With alcohol, I go to an unknown world. To an unknown world? (Please go home after drinking) Now it’s time for Eunhye’s belonging. She brought this to explain a rumor. – Is it a piece of paper? / – Yes. This is a marriage certificate. Why did you bring that? Isn’t it a registration form? It’s a little different from that. This indicates your status. Wait, but why did you bring this? – I… / – The rumor involves your husband? Yes. Since I made my debut, – there always has been a rumor. / – What rumor? The rumor involved this girl who wasn’t very well-behaved. People kept mistaking me for her. Do you look alike? They said I looked just like her. I was so frustrated that I explained myself several times. But people didn’t believe me. It’s like the rumor that said I was moving to Songdo. That’s right. That rumor is not true. This rumor about me moving to Songdo started to spread. – Real estate price fluctuates. / – Everyone asks me. – Eunhye asked me today. / – We get it on our phone. We get messages like, “Apartment chosen by Yu Jaeseok.” – I get texts like that. / – Me too. After hearing that rumor, I looked for a unit nearby. – You want to live near him, too? / – Anyway… Anyway, like what I said… This woman ruined a family. This woman who is said to look just like me, did it. Someone told a director she didn’t like me. When she was asked why, she mentioned that incident. “She’s that kind of a girl.” The director told her that it was just a rumor but then they replied by saying, “Do you really believe her?” People thought that I was the one lying. Hold up the paper. We’ll blur out your personal info. We have a child! I could just let it pass but people who believe in this rumor must really hate me. – They’ll act against me. / – You really surprised us – with the marriage certificate. / – Now Eunhye is… – It stressed me out. / – She must feel so wronged. That rumor has nothing to do with Eunhye. Your husband wasn’t married before. He was falsely accused. Can you take it to the police? We are just saying that there is a rumor like that. Has anyone ever had people gossip about you? This one time I was in a hair salon. I was just getting my hair done, when someone said, “Gosh, Minjung…” “She should stop getting botox on her lips.” And I heard that. The person had no idea I was right there. She only knew that I was a regular customer. Did you not respond? What could I do? So did you stop getting botox? – Why? / – Gosh. After all that time we spent together… – We’re close. / – We were in the same room. The one person who really does get botox is… My nickname is “Botox Handsome”. You’re not “Botox Handsome”. I got botox here. If you read the comments people leave online, it’s just I gained weight, but people say, “Park Eunhye got tons of injections”. – I read that. / – Right? It’s just silly. Did you drink the botox? – I wasn’t so slim back then. / – Be quiet. My job requires me to speak. If you want silence, get a statue of me instead. I will get one next time. – Seriously. / – Now I feel embarrassed. I’m displeased. – I am very displeased. / – Look what you’re wearing. Gaining or losing weight can greatly influence – one’s look. / – That’s true. I look different because I lost some weight. You look like Ahn Junghwan. – You look like Ahn Junghwan. / – You look like Carlos. – Well… / – Taewoo. I lost a lot of weight when I was in the army. People said I got plastic surgery. Because of your eyes? – They’re so close. / – I hate that about my eyes. They said I got my eyes done. Now that you mention it, the weight you lost changed your looks. I’ve never seen eyes so close like that other than Shin Dongyeop. They’re so close together. People say I look like Psy. – I think he looks like that guy. / – Who? The guy who looks like Kim Heewon. Kim Heewon who plays villains? Yes, he has a close actor friend. Oh, I know. Who? Who is it? – That guy. / – Shin Jeonggeon! That’s right, Shin Jeonggeon! No way. What do you mean by that? – Oh. / – He kind of does look like him. I get it. I see it now. (Similar hairstyle) – I see it now. / – He didn’t care about the comments. He is more concerned with looking like Shin Jeonggeon. – It’s the top keyword now. / – You look like him. Are people searching Shin Jeonggeon? The second is “Eye plastic surgery”. It’s perfect. He has four names. Sanchez, Shin Hyunjoon, Ahn Junghwan and Shin Jeonggeon. He looks more like Shin Jeonggeon than anyone else. We can’t deny it. Let’s see what item Taewoo brought. This is the item that made him gain popularity in overseas. – Wow! / – “The Smart Little Kangsi?” – It’s the Kangsi film. / – This is fantastic. He still has that? I can’t believe you still have this. – He’s so cute. / – That’s amazing. – He’s adorable. / – You were so cute. Isn’t this Shin Dongyeop? It’s Shin Dongyeop. – Their surnames are all Shin. / – I remember this. By the way… You look like both of them. You were so cute. How old were you? “The Smart Little Kangsi” was filmed in China. – In China? / – Yes. I thought it was Korean. The movie was co-produced. Was it really? – You’re the first Hallyu star. / – That’s right. So I watched the 1988 Seoul Olympic Games in China. How old were you? I was seven. Do you remember anything? – Yes, I had very strong… / – Okay. I had strong impressions. There were about two to three Korean actors including myself and the production crew was Chinese. I remember a lot of things. In just two years, it’ll be 30 years ago. You have the looks of a man who lived abroad for 28 years… And you just returned. In 1988, I was in the sixth grade. At the time, – Kangsi films were popular. / – They were everywhere. They even sold stickers. They sold Taewoo’s character figurines, too. – Really? / – Yes. The clockwork toys… – That’s right. / – Those were from that film? That was how popular Taewoo was back then. At the time everyone thought that I was Chinese. It’s my mom’s birthday. Hurry up. (The birth of the youngest Hallyu star) If I keep going, I will find a place for me. In “Kids Cop”, you worked with Minjung. That’s the first rule of our gang. That’s me. That girl is me and that’s Taewoo. – There you are. / – Yes. I watched that as a school kid. We have some photos of Minjung, when she modeled for underwear as a child. – That’s thermal underwear. / – What is it? – Do you know head lice? / – Head lice? What’s that? – Lice in your hair. / – Gosh. – Head lice were a problem then. / – That’s right. We got checked regularly at school. If you applied it for five minutes, it killed the lice. Really? She worked in the days of head lice. Yes. So… The head lice were… You’re so charming. – Minjung. / – Yes? You smiled happily for someone with lice. She’s trying to show us that it can go away. – Chaeah brought her live-in partner. / – What? A live-in partner. – What? / – Who does she live with? – Chaeah’s live-in partner. / – Oh that… You scared me. It’s a robot vacuum cleaner. I bet that moves faster than this board. Why is this your live-in partner? I actually live alone. I sometimes let that run around the house. One day, while the vacuum was running, I was reading while sitting on the floor with the book on the sofa. I guess the vacuum cleaner while moving around the room, bumped into me. – This did? / – Yes, that did. That slight bump… It felt like… – It made me feel so lonely. / – I see. That nudge… The nudge from a robot vacuum cleaner was so good. So I cried. You cried because it was good? – I mean… / – It must’ve been so long. I was so glad that it nudged me. It acknowledged her being. Going too long without any physical contact… It was more than just a physical contact. No one in my home had recently nudged or touched me while passing by. The slight touch was so pleasing and welcome. And welcome. (We could touch you) “Does this vacuum cleaner mean so much to me?” “Is that how lonely I am?” That’s how I felt and I burst into tears. How long have you not been dating – to feel that? / – I’m curious. If she wants… She could find someone today. Within a minute, I think. – Today? / – Yes. Saeho is always ready. Can’t you tell? – I have everything you need. / – I think he isn’t. Anything you want. They’re all ready to charge right in. – You just need to say it. / – Our parents can meet immediately. Could you pick one of them? Not in this atmosphere. I asked these types of questions many times before, but they’re pointless. She won’t date any of you. – And nobody cares. / – That’s right. – Nobody cares. / – No one does. – That’s the point. / – We get it. Chaeah. Do you give your all when you’re in love? You dropped out of a TV drama because of a boyfriend’s enlistment. You really gave your all. I don’t really want to talk about my ex-boyfriend. – It hurts. / – My ex-boyfriend… We don’t know him. I was dating this man who was a few years older, and he suddenly had to join the army. Neither of us had time to prepare, and I was preparing to start shooting a TV drama. I burst into tears at our first team dinner. The producer saw that and thought that I didn’t care about the drama. “What is she thinking when she has such a huge role?” So in the end, he told me to drop out if I wasn’t interested. – You were distracted. / – Yes. But I actually felt so grateful that it turned out that way. I was young and immature. When you’re young, the thought of your boyfriend enlisting upsets you but once you’re married you want your husband to serve again. Don’t say that. Eunhye… I have to say that Eunhye has a lot of pent-up emotions. One small mistake and she will end you. – It’s over for us. / – We have to leave the show. What’s this about your family not acknowledging you? Well… It’s about my in-laws. My father-in-law had passed away, and I was sitting outside the funeral home. I was with my sister-in-law, mother-in-law and a few others and we were talking. Word got out that a celebrity was there. A lady came up and asked my sister-in-law for an autograph. Goodness. She’d heard that one of us was a celebrity, and my sister-in-law was the prettiest. That’s what she thought. I hadn’t been married for long, and that happened in front of my in-laws. I was very embarrassed. I heard that you all have embarrassing stories. Chaeah, don’t you have a terrible story to tell? This happened when I was younger. There are these leggings that come with a skirt. – Do you know them? / – The old ones. I was leaving home in a hurry and I left without – the skirt. / – In public? In public? – So I… / – Where did you go? I just went out. – Was everything visible? / – Yes. Some ladies leave tissue hanging out. Did people stare? When my friends saw me… (Shocked) I was only a middle school student back then. – I was very young. / – You were young. That’s cute. – Still, a middle school student… / – That was cute. It’s still embarrassing if she was not wearing a skirt. She keeps saying it was not a cute thing. I’m not saying that Chaeah was not cute but she was old enough to know that it was embarrassing. Did anyone else make any embarrassing mistakes? – How about you, Taewoo? / – People normally do… We have prepared his embarrassing photo. – Does he have any funny photos? / – Yes. Embarrassing photos? – What is this? / – It’s an embarrassing fan event. What’s happening? Where is Taewoo? He’s the one sitting in the middle. You should have promoted the event. – What’s going on? / – Were you selling something? No way. I’m sure there were more fans. It’s a photo. Was this a fan event… or are you selling something? It looks like a bazaar. No way. There is… This person in the front is the guard. – A guard. / – He seems a little indifferent. I don’t think the children wanted to be there. Look on the right. There is a barrier. There was a queue behind that. That thing over there? People are shopping behind that. Who took that photo? Today we enjoyed our time with Jang Hyuk, Park Eunhye, Kim Minjung, Jung Taewoo and Han Chaeah. The ratings for “Gaekju” was increasing, but it suddenly became stagnated. – Really? / – Why? That’s why we came here. – You had your reasons. / – He’s right. Both “Happy Together” and “Gaekju” – air on Thursdays. / – Yes, on Thursdays. Let’s be happy together. Let’s give applause for the “Gaekju” team’s success. (Thank you for your time)

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