How To Attract New Entertainers To Your Strip Club? – Strip Club U

How To Attract New Entertainers To Your Strip Club? – Strip Club U

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  1. We've had hit or miss using craigslist and we run paid ads on Facebook targeting the age group and gender associated with the position.

  2. of course, if your Club is Not performing well it will be hard to attract and more importantly keep dancers around. The strip club Paradox; you can't get customers in if there are no dancers and you can't keep dancers around if there are no customers.

    That being said, I think your thoughts on designing an ad are spot-on. Communicating the potential for making money and making it seem attainable are both great things to focus on.

  3. I agree with your fix as it relates to your discussed approach. However, if I may.

    Easiest……advertise for waitresses. This attracts women who are at least comfortable with adult bars. Hire the ones you'd want to see dance. Hell, hire as many as you want. Some will wind up being steadfast waitresses capable of working the floor for you. But some will wind up dancing. Simply insure you have big money entertainers talking and showing their money to these new hires. Simplified that you can use simple fliers, as well as common want ads in local papers.

    Slightly harder……use contests to bring in potential girls. Wet T-Shirt, ect. A good DJ can have the crowd grant a win to whomever they choose if they are even slightly fair with their mic work. It's all about the enticement mixture of both money and "adventure".

  4. I agree. If you see someone "perfect" in the ad you're like oh they like That type of club. Whether it be picky, neighborhood or urban. But like said, money privacy thing excellent.

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