How to become a Kpop idol?

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  1. If I have acne… But iam decent means my face is beautiful so would they accept me… Iam 16 and am indian..

  2. If I have acne… But iam decent means my face is beautiful so would they accept me… Iam 16 and am indian..

  3. I got a few small (big)problems before even think of becoming an idol lmao Totally not Korean
    2. I don't even live near korean to broke to go to korean
    4. I'm getting old ;-; I'm 17 almost 18
    5. totally not gonna happen

  4. im a korean-filipino. i can sing but i don't dance really well :(( i'm 14 and i dont look like a korean :((

  5. I want to be a kpop idol but now I already 21 hahaha, from Malaysia, no money to go there lol,

  6. I have some problems okay. I'm 11, from,Wales, so if I find a way to audition how will I go to Korea??? awkward laugh

  7. hey i was thinking, do you need to be korean (asian) to be a kpop star cause im from bulgaria (above turkey) and i really wanna be a kpop star T_T

  8. I wanna become a idol but I'm from india🇮🇳 can i be a idol i learning 🇰🇷Korea to but can i be a IDOL from India🇮🇳????????🤔🤔…..please give me a solution ….😶😶

  9. I am 22 years old Asian my talent is dance model acting and iam really passionate and hardworking would you suggest me to give the best audition. Please help

  10. I've just started watching this, I've wanted to be an idol since I was, what, 8? So my friend suggested that we Try out to be K-pop Idols together when we graduate and then Move to Korea, Which is like 5 years from now but we are already practicing xD

  11. I'm 11 (almost 12) and want to become a k-pop idol. But I'm I don't have an Asian face bc I'm Mexican, but American citizen because I was born here. I sing well but not too well even though my friends disagree with me and I can dance a bit and know a bit of Korean. Do you think if I ever to an audition will they accept me?

  12. YEET…imma be da first guy in my whole family to be an idol…alot of them are probably inside laughing at me but BOI YOU ALL SEE ME ONE DAY

  13. I want to become a Korean red velvet girl group singer writing or rappers I want to do more work talented

  14. I am also very good In all activities and studying and working on read and singing and dancing and create and studying I am 13 years old young

  15. Hot to become a kpop Idol

    1. Be a Korean person

    2. Be beautiful

    3. Be a good singer or rapper

    4. Be a good dancer


  17. I want to become a kpop idol and I'm from India now I am 13 years old . I want to ask is that in which years old should I go for training or audition so that I can be selected

  18. is it possible to audition when i don't speak korean ? i can speak lao , english , french and thai

  19. But … can I be a kpop Idol if I'm not Asian at all? My dream is to be kpop but I do not know how much I eat when I'm not Asian at all …

  20. When i started watching the video i was like "oh- then I'm not giving up on my dream!" And then when it came to the age i gave up cause bruh i am 13 already and i am not allowed to go to korea unless i am 18 and also i am a lazy gurl , i am not lazy but when i hear everyone say so it makes me give up. Okay bye my dreams. I needa get a life

  21. I'd really like to do an audition, I'm so scared, but I'm very young so I have a lot of time to improve… God, I just hope I'll realize my dream

  22. I hope that they would keep kpop auditions for fat girls (like me)and release first fat or chubby kpop group ..i bet this idea will blow away everyones mind !! Idk if there r any curvy kpop idols !!! I dont know how i can achieve my dream!!!

  23. I wanted to debut but the problem is….
    I can't speak korean 😭😭😭
    Where do I learn Korean????? 😭😭😭😭

  24. When I was about 11 yrs I saw kpop song and dramas and now I'm of 14 the songs and dramas inspire me and I want to become an successful kpop idol but I'm from poor family and from india

  25. My probs

    1 i am Not asian …:(
    2 when i am older i dont wanna live in korean
    3 i am Not god at speaking korean ( im learning )
    Well im god at
    1 i can really god sing
    2 i have an really asian Body ( i am too skinny xD )
    3 i can dance

  26. Which edition we need to choose private or public? Because private and public all both are really hard so give a choice plz…..

    And this video is really helpful for me caz i also want to be an k-pop idol. Thx a lot…. I wish i could have a chance to be an idol… Wish for me plz…😅

  27. Why am I watching this? I’m not Korean (or Asian for that matter), I’m ugly, probably too fat, and not good at singing or dancing. Plus, I don’t want to be a Kpop idol.

  28. I am a foreigner i'm half korean half american but I have always wanted to become a K-POP idol so I take dance classes to get myself ready for it

  29. I’m 70 Korean can speak Korean FLUENT but 30 Mexican… and I don’t look…does that work?

  30. Can we become a kpop idol if we even if we are a foreigner ?????????????????? and
    What do the judges really look for in the participants for kpop???????????????? and
    how can we do auditions even if we are 21?????????????🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  31. Mah goals to make a kpop idol uwu

    Skin: very clear

    Skin tone: my legs and arms are pretty tan but my face is pale

    Vocals: not really good, bc I talk gibberish a lot

    Nationality: Chinese

    Dance: I’ve been dancing for 4 years so I’m decent?

    Weight: I’m skinny currently, but I need to work one more so I can get the ideal body for a kpop idol

    Confident: right now, my confident is at level 0

    Flexibility: decent? I can do splits and put my leg to my head soz


    Easy to give up: nAw

  32. I want to become K-pop idol lm 14 and I can't tell my parents they want me to become doctor but I don't want it what I have to do……

  33. I’m 15 and wanna audition, the problem with me is that I can barely dance and i feel like I’m not as good as singing as everyone else and the most important problem is that I don’t know any Korean.

  34. I can’t find any audition 2019?! And I am totally ready to become one and do whatever it takes to be but I don’t know i have 0 opportunity to become🥺🤦🏻‍♀️✨

  35. is there have a payment of being trainee???
    my skills is rapping,dancing and song writting…is this skills is enough??..or maybe not???
    by the way thanks for your information of some technique of being kpop😊😊
    i wish god destined to be k idol

  36. I’m korean by blood, Want to try out an addition but my korean isn’t as fluent since I was born in America… I’m more white wash haha glad to hear it’s not to much of a big deal

  37. It's ok to take a lot of audition if you live in Korean how about the other country it's hard cuz we need money to travel and take auddition

  38. I'm 15 and I really wanna wanna audition but I don't live in South Korea and I'm as hairy as a king kong. I really wanna audition for BigHit cause I'm an ARMY 😂

  39. Can I ask you can Malaysian be a trainee cuz I heard that someone from Malaysian success become idol I think his name is ISAAC his my inspiration

  40. My dream is become a Kpop idol I'm going work my future and face anything. Yes! I want and never regret being idol! I have talent and I'm going to show my talent! My friends like it when I'm rapping cuz I have that talent! Lisa is my inspiration of rap and dance! I have talent in dance too! I learn her choreo such as I like it and yep I made it! Give me some love and support I'm going to seek my dream!

  41. I'm putri from Malaysia 15 years old girl (turn 16 this October) and I'm going to be first female Malaysia kpop idol!

  42. do u think it is really easy for foreigner to pass the K pop audition? Also do we need to sing the song in Korean or can we sing in English?

  43. You are a helper to me I want to become a kpop Idol I am 11 I am going to dance and singing class everyday can foreigner be kpop idols I am passing out because I am working very hard 12 hoursto be a kpop Idol I want to give auditions am having big nose but I think I can be ldol I'm not Korean I'm learning it can we give addition in English are addition struggle to be honest 😇 I really like Korea.

  44. I would love to become a kpop idol
    I'm 16 years old (In Korea) and I'm 1.70, 52 killo.. I'm learning korean, I can danse (I think 😂)
    But the problem is that I don't know how I am supposed to go to Korea.

  45. What should be the perfect age to start up with Jyp or any other Ent coz I don't think I can start off before 19 years of age

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