I Follow KPOP IDOLS for a Day!

I Follow KPOP IDOLS for a Day!

Hey! It’s Feii
Welcome back to my channel So today I have something so exciting I was invited to follow a K-Pop Idol group for a day so you guys get the ultimate fan experience *Specially me* I was super excited because we are actually following VAV today I know a lot of you guys know who they are They recently had a comeback as well so they are currently promoting So if you are curious on how the promotion schedule is like on a daily normal celebrity day Then follow me along! *Gets excited in chipmunk*
I’m so excited! We’re here! We’re here! I’m so nervous guys Come on! Come on! *Stuck* Yeah, that’s natural Today, VAV is actually getting their makeup stuff done I don’t know who we are going to encounter first I know they are all here Come on, just follow me Goodness, I’m so nervous I don’t know what to do This area is pretty famous for celebrities to come Guess we’re lucky ♪ Okay, hold on. I’ve got to put this umbrella away, ok? Oh, I missed 🙁 So this is the salon that they get their makeup and hair done Let’s see who is here *Gasps loudly in excited* Oh my gosh Hiiii Oh my gosh, it’s Ace guys! Hi! Nice to meet you Nice to meet you.
Oh, nice to meet you! How are you? *It’s good Yeah?
Yeah, good! So what are you guys doing today? We’ll be doing the music broadcast
*SBS Inkigayo* * Trhilla killa ♪ * you know? Are you doing your makeup? Or hair? Yeah, makeup is finished! Now, hair Oh, where are the rest of the members? *Upstairssss* Oh, they’re eating and they are upstairs right now *Shy* *Trips* It’s ok!
*It’s not OK* Come through. Come through. I literally just tripped and almost faceplanted This is St. Van. He is playing games right now Hi! Definetly very, um… Invested in this game right now I’m going to play too. Oh, really? Ok?
Ok! Ok! You ready? Where? Where? Where? It’s time WAIT! *Panicks* How to play? How to play? Just this? He’s totally ruining me right now Ah, hold on…It’s confusing *Kick* *Punch* *Hand* Wh-What! Hold on… *Kick, kick, kick* *Punch, punch* Feet, feet, hand, hand *Waaaait!* HEY! Wait.. What? He wasn’t nice at all… *It’s ON* Like this /FAILS/ I’m studying these days
*OH I WON!* More. More. MORE. Go on. Go on. GO ON. OK! Now this is on *CONFUSED* Like this? Did I win? Yes, you won *HAPPY* I won! Ok, I’m playing serious now Wooo, did you see that!? I just flew! Wait. Wait! Wait! Yes. YES QUEEN! *Still lost* I went easy on him Maybe I should go easy on her lol *CRIES* Have you tried this before?No, right? I’m good, right? Um…Sure…lol Are you excited to perform later?
*Asking questions to distract him* It’s our last “Thriller killer” broadcast So we’ll try our best to have fun It’s all good. Our condition is great OH! She just used a skill! I’m worried how much people will show up though, it’s raining today I don’t know how to do that… *Van enjoys it* *Sad Feii* Try it like this /Pls send help/ *I’m scared* Not like this You do it like this *WRONG* Oh oh, like that, like that! She’s good, considering it’s her first time So what do you guys do next? Actually, nothing much After grooming, we wait for the other members to finish So are you the first one to get done? With hair and makeup? Yeah, first one Oh, ok! Ok! Since you are free… Can you sing a little bit of “Thriller Killer” ♪ for us? *THRILLA KILLA!?* * Thrilla Killa – VAV ♪ * * Chorus – Feii* Baron it’s currently doing his hair He’s doing his hair so I don’t want to interrupt him but look how they style it! I like your hair Ah, thank you You’re good with english huh! A little bit, a little bit
*WINK* Today, a little bit more texture Oh, texture WAIT This is primary stage So, how do you keep your hair like this all day? Uhh… No? Maybe 10 seconds? What happens when you start sweating?
*Actually curious* Uh… Pffffft CRAZY Do you like your style today? Do YOU like it? *Inaudible mhm* Thank you My heart∼ I like his makeup. He has a little bit of a wing with shadow Thank you! You too ∼ Ooh, thank you! See you soon! Bye! Okay guys. I’m coming up the stairs now So it’s like a two level story salon, you know what I mean? Hopefully I don’t trip again. I tripped earlier, so that was GREAT Ooh, makeup it’s up here Look! It’s a member! Hello! Hello, I’m Ziu! Are you doing your makeup? Oh, nice to meet you What is the look you are going for today? A makeup look that goes well with “Thrilla Killa” Wow, I like your hair. Did you do your hair yet? No, not yet *WHOOPS* Isn’t it so cool to see how Idols do their makeup? Yeah, I like makeup Because my teacher is good Oh yeah? She does everything? Yeah! Amazing! You guys have a fan meeting later, right? Yeah, I know *SELFIE* I think he kind of understands what I’m saying but then, you know, fill it out Yes! I know a little bit of English Oh, you know a little bit of english already? Yeah A little?
A little Wooow My father was army REALLY!? That’s, that’s a great fact you know guys Ok Bye! Thank you∼
Bye bye * Sunkissed – NVTHVN ♪ * So now we’re downstairs again and we’re going to see who else is down here *GASPS* Hi! Nice to meet you! Hey! Nice to meet you Oh, so, Lou. Is your name Lou because your voice is low? Yeah… Exactly… /FEI STOP PLEASE/ Yeah…Ummm… I’m embarrassed!>∼ I saw a murderous look in your eyes So I watched all of you Barefoot Gi Bong appeared at first *SELF SINGING PRACTICE* Shoot me We should keep us on our toes even in the waiting room *WHAT IS HAPPENING…* We should edit this Since it’s our last stage oflive I got so nervous So I think that’s why I can’t even relax in the waiting room… This is the second track of ouralbum, “I’m sorry” I’m sorry but… When can we get one more 0? Hello everyone My bangs got so much longer right? Time has gone so fast since we had so many overseas schedules So the time has gone so fast We really enjoyed performing “Thrilla Killa” I hope you guys keep supporting VAV Hi ∼ Hello! ∼ Ugh, I’m so tired It’s just the last performance on the show, nothing special I’d like to thank all of our fans I’d like to thank our fans for coming to see our performance We’re gonna try our best each and every moment And we cherish these moments when we feel our fans love That’s all I wanted to say My name is Park Ziu We drink A LOT of water Therefore, if we don’t mark our own bottles… We don’t know which is whose and end up opening a new bottle That’s why we mark our own bottles I carry this around *GIMME THIS CAMERA ∼* *I’LL PAY YOU BACK!* *GIVE ME THE CAMERA* *BRING IT HERE* Hello Hello, I’m Park Ziu, your one day guide to this broadcasting station As you can see this is VAV’s waiting room There are many fine guys waiting inside and one of them is myself I’ll introduce the first person Nice to meet you Hello I think “fine” is too much of a title for me. I’m the “sweet” guy, BaRon Nice to meet you I’ll introduce you to the fourth person It’s me… Weren’t you the first? Yes I am Let’s go into the waiting room Here’s another p- Don’t block my way I was the first “fine” guy, Park Heejun (birth name) What number are you? Third Third? Here’s VAV’s third “fine” guy, Ayno Why am I third? Why can’t I be first? Do I introduce myself? Hi I’m Ayno My real name is No Yoonho I was born in 1996 so I’m older than him Can you please call me Heejun? Oh my bad, I’m sorry haha! This looks like a fist Feels like you’re about to punch me *MIC! MIC!* I’m Ayno and was born in 96, so older than Heejun Yeah, he’s older than me IS THAT ALL? I’m finished Oh really? Okay… I was your fifth “fine” guy, Park Ziu (lol) What is history… History…. is…. fried chicken (singing) (back to singing) Ah you spitted! We’re on our way yo dry rehearsal How should we do our dry rehearsal? I’m putting on my belt… Dry rehearsal should be “dry” Right Ziu? Manager: Let’s go! (WALKING THE TRHILLA KILLA STAIRS) Finished with our dry rehearsal! The fourth floor is so high… We’re done with the dry rehearsal Completely a marathon! Finally on the top! Our final stage performance for “Thrilla Killa” Let’s enjoy it to our fullest! *SAD BOY HOURS ACTIVATED* Enjoy your meal!
*MEAL TIME* STEAK! It’s so good! Prince Wooyoung Really delicious ∼ I can’t eat a lot right now I’m just gonna finish this and save the rest for later Because you should eat meat right away I’m eating the meat right now And just like that, it was time for their FANMEET ♥ Ok. So right now we’re gonna currently grab VAV a cake because it would just be nice to celebrate their album, they’re going on tour… Yeah, they are currently getting ready for their fanmeet which I am… invited to participate
/NERVOUS/ BUT we’re gonna look around…And get them a cake! Which one is a celebration cake? Classic strawberry cake? Ok Or maybe I’ll get this one Tiramisuuuu ∼ Pretty right? *I GOT THE CAKE! I GOT THE CAKE! ∼* I mean, I don’t really know what it says on the thing But it should be like “Happy birthday!” or “I love you” So we’re hiding the cake right now Hopefully they don’t see it But it’s ok! We have four candles to represent their fourth mini album So thoughtful that was the manager’s idea 1, 2, 3 ONE MORE! One more time 3, 2, 1 Thank you ∼ Got it? Oh you’re gonna go with me? I’m so nervous right now ♪ I’m so nervous guys… You have no idea I know you can’t hear me, maybe you could but I don’t really know what I’m doing
*GOING WITH THE FLOW* “This is like my 3rd time” REALLY!!? So nervous ∼
/STARTS TALKING TO STAFF THAT WAS WITH ME ALL DAY/ I’ve been with them all day but I’m so nervous ∼ Hi ∼ I’m back! I’m good.
*TALKING ABOUT THE GAME AGAIN* NO! *You suck ∼* AGAIN ∼ HI ∼ Oh one more HELLO! How did you get here?
*CUTELY* NEXT TIME ∼ TOGETHER! It’s you ∼ Hi! Hello! What’s your name? My name it’s Feii, what’s your name? 1, 2, 3 Yeah, one more? One more? Ready? 1, 2, 3 You’re my favourite ∼ Thank you *GASP*
Really? Yeah ∼ High five!
You’re my favourite HELLOW I’m back You’re not shocked, you’re like “Oh…” 1, 2, 3 3. 1, 2, 3 Yeah, I’ll see you soon SEE YOU AGAIN ∼
Oh my God, it’s you, again! Everyone was like “You’re here?” *I DIDN’T EXPECT* What kind of pose you want? 3, 2, 1 How about a fun face? Thank you for filming today See you soon ∼ Thank you for coming! See you soon Bye bye ∼ I just finished the fanmeet high five- No, selfie.
Selfie meet with VAV and it was so much fun! I hope you guys enjoyed today’s video, I can not wait ∼ We do have an interview with them, we’re gonna hang out backstage I was with them ALL DAY so… This was just a little part SO, follow me and let’s go…Backstage! to be continued in part 2 with a special “Tea Time With VAV!” ‘bts’ *Here here* They’re currently getting ready today but I’m like super nervous- *Sorry sorry* I don’t know what I should say Where should I put this? Right here? Should I put it here? Mic? Oh how- how do you play? Can you do it? For me? Sure… ∼ Sexy concept* Uoo so sexyyy ∼ Wow! Right right? I’m- I’m not really good Welcome back to my channel *CUT* I’m going too ∼ Is he ok? This is the camerawoman Yeah, she helped me all day Thank you! She’s so nice ∼ Bye!♪

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    Daym playing game w kpop idol is always be the very fun part


    This vdeo is actually showing VAV flirting w her, uhh, I mean, doing fan service

  2. It looks funny because fei is so short compared to all of them and they have to look down any way thank you dei for showing me this group😂😂

  3. Her mouth: is your name Lou coz your voice is so low??
    His mouth: yes(i guesss??)
    His mind: what the fuck girl let me be alone

  4. Yo, can I have your job? I promise I'll be good. I can film for you <3
    Nah, just kidding, I would probably trip a lot.

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