I Met My Idol In Real Life And It Was A Nightmare

I Met My Idol In Real Life And It Was A Nightmare

Hi! My name is Gina. And this is me. (Note – no need to VO this: we see a tiny
music club packed with people. Among them there’s Gina). And this is Tom. (Note – no need to VO this: We see a young
man with an acoustic guitar performing on stage). It’s October 2018. I don’t think I’ve ever been happier in my
life than I was that night. I could not even imagine how awfully my happiness
would be destroyed, and how soon. But first, let’s back up for a sec. I guess a lot of you guys know what it’s like
being a fan of someone. Either it’s a superhero or a rap artist, or
an actor, or a basketball player, I mean it feels good to have someone in your life that
you’ve never met, but who’s like… a member of your family. Most of my friends have someone like that. An idol, I guess. I found my idol two years ago when I first
saw Tom. Tom is a guy from our town, who started to
play music when he was at high school. First he would just play and sing for friends,
but it didn’t take him long to become something like a local celebrity. He’s a singer-songwriter and his songs are…
amazing. That’s what I thought anyway. So when my older sister took me to one of
his shows in 2017, I felt like I had become a part of something huge. I was standing in the crowd at this tiny 100
person show, blushing, and feeling butterflies in my stomach for the whole two hours. That was when I became a fan. I loved everything about Tom. It was not just about his music. Of course I followed him on all of his social
media accounts, and every day I became more and more convinced that he was the perfect
human being. He had two dogs that he saved from the streets,
he was a vegetarian, he spoke a lot about treating other people and our planet with
love and care. I learned so much from him every day, that
other people started to notice the change. The only times I would lose all the love,
were times when someone would insult Tom or his music. And pretty soon I understood that Tom was
right on the edge of a breakthrough. For several years already he was a local star,
but even though all of his songs were online and he was trying to promote them, something
was standing in his way and it was taking too long. But… I was proud that my idol was not someone with
millions and millions of fans worldwide – 99 point 9 percent of them would never meet their
idol in real life, but here I knew I was Tom’s biggest fan in the whole world, and I had
a real chance of meeting him in person someday, or becoming a part of his team, or something
bigger than that!… But that was even too bold to think about. So imagine how good it felt when one day he
announced a fan video contest. The one who does the best cover of one of
his songs gets to spend A WHOLE DAY with Tom and even become a part of his debut music
video. This was so intense. Of course, I took this challenge seriously. My mom knows a woman who is a singing teacher,
and I even took a couple of lessons from her to be able to sing better. I learned all the chords perfectly, and wrote
the script, but the main thing was putting all the love I had for Tom into it. And I think I managed to do that. He promised to announce the results at a concert
in October, so I started counting down the days. And by the amount of the videos that were
sent, I can say that Tom had more fans than I expected in different parts of the country. Flashforward – to that night at the concert. After his amazing set onstage he announced
the name of the winner, and… my heart sank. It was someone else. Then about ten seconds passed and he said
that there were actually two awesome videos and that he couldn’t choose between them,
so there were two winners of the contest… and I was the second one. And that, I repeat, was probably the happiest
moment of my life. So, I started waiting and getting ready for
the day. Every day I would think through all the possible
scenarios. What if he wants to see me again after that? What if he gets disappointed when he sees
me? I was making myself really anxious. So anyway, the day came. I had the program 3 days prior, and this is
what was going to happen: Tom was supposed to pick both of us up, go to his house, and
we’d hang out together at his studio, then there would be the video shooting, and then
an awesome dinner with him. Even after all the events had taken place,
I still feel kinda excited writing about it. First of all, Tom did not pick me, it was
his friend who had organized all of this. That was an unpleasant surprise, but there
was also good news. The second winner got sick and could not make
it. I mean… it’s not as if I was happy that
someone got sick, but… of course I was happy that it would be just about Tom and I. So we arrived at Tom’s house, which he was
sharing with his friends. I came in, and he was there in the kitchen,
I was overwhelmed… and that was when the nightmare started. Tom was so hungover, grim, and unfriendly. He was never like that on stage or anywhere
on his social media. He waved at me lazily and stared at his phone
again. I didn’t know what to do or where to stand,
so for about fifteen minutes I was just trying to disappear. The concept was: two of Tom’s friends were
shooting a video – a day with a fan – that was supposed to go viral and promote Tom’s
songs. In about half an hour we all went to the studio
in his basement. I had a lot of questions to ask, but he gave
reluctant one-word answers that only made me feel more awkward. He was literally falling asleep, but that
was not the worst part. The worst part was that when the camera was
on… Tom turned into the person I thought I knew. He was friendly, he was fun, he was singing
for me, but when they turned it off, he acted like I was not even there. And that was painful. He was shouting at his friends, throwing stuff
at his dogs (!) that he kept saying got in his way, and… and basically he just disgusted
me. When I handed him the poster I made with his
pictures, he barely looked at it, said “ok,” and just put it somewhere on the floor. In an hour he said that he was not in the
mood to shoot the video, so we just drove two miles to get a burger and THAT WAS IT. At 2 in the afternoon my “”day with an idol””
was over. After it all finished, his friends asked me
a couple of questions on camera. The asked how felt. And… I just wanted to cry… I was deeply hurt. But given all the pressure and all of my past
feelings for Tom… I said I loved the day and that it was all
a dream come true. That is the thing I regret the most. But at least I can tell this story here. I’m feeling better now, and I hope you guys
will be more careful with who you idolize. Thanks a lot for watching! If you’re a fan of someone too, leave your
stories in the comments. And subscribe to Actually Happened for more

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  1. Ok I was fine…… when he yelled at the co workers but when he hit the dog I was like…🥵🥵😡😡😡😡🥺🥺🥺😤😤😤😤😤😤🤯🤯🤯🤯😱😱😱😨😨😨🤭🤭

  2. I am sorry to everyone who had/ have horrible adults in their lives. It's not your fault or theirs. It's created that way so that we can appreciate the good adults. Be blessed and do your best!

  3. Colby Brock,Devyen Lundy,Jake webber ,Tarayummy,Brennen Taylor and a lot more The trap house and the slap house members are my idols.

  4. Lol my idols were all dead scientists like Sir Isac Newton, Albert Einstein, Nikola Tesla, Thomas Edison and others. My idols live with me and they are my parents. Music idols? Demis Roussos, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Ludwig Beethoven, and all of'em are dead. I will never be disappointed because I knew how to choose my idols.

  5. I waited like 8 hours to know my idol in a Line. The moment i was infront of him he didn't even looked at me, he signed my poster, then I called his name and he saw me, i told him that I loved him, and he smiled and said Thank you, then tey moved me out of the place because we were so many fans getting autographs. I don't know if it was worth it, but meh…

  6. CI don’t like him he’s stupid 👿👿👿👿👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻

  7. Celebrities do have problems behind the closed door like Justin Bieber. What did you thought? They got married, abused, and divorced a lot too.

  8. I hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate Tom he sucks I know I might be a little child but I hate when people just hit dogs I mean like what did the dog do to him

  9. Who is your idol? Comment down bellow

    Edit: my idols are the hobbykids and you whos my other idol? Did you guess it? Its my mom!

  10. Tevil: throws away poster
    Tevil: Ha! N-
    Fan: starts choking poster in tevil while three cans of poison and glass of acid is poured down his throat
    Tevil: Dies
    Fan: 🙂 my work here is done! smiling creepily with a grin

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