I was a prostitute for 7 years , now I just want to sing for God-  Kendi Kamundy|Tuko Talks| Tuko TV

I was a prostitute for 7 years , now I just want to sing for God- Kendi Kamundy|Tuko Talks| Tuko TV

I was told you just sit somewhere and wait for a client and that when he comes we will negotiate the terms and payment I would dress up in mini skirts and tights before leaving the house so that my children would not suspect anything I would pray before leaving and ask God to bless my job I am no longer ashamed of myself like I used to because I thought everyone knew I was a prostitute Hi, how are you? You good? Introduce yourself I am Francisca Kendi or Kendi Kamunde I have 2 children A son of 13 years and a daughter of 8 years old I dropped out in class 6 Did you take milk that was being supplied those days in schools by Moi Yes I know your life has not been easy Yes. It has been tough, I am a 2nd born in a family of 7 We did not have a proper upbringing because both our parents were alcoholic We used to live with neighbors to get food, I wanted to really advance in education but I had no chance I was employed in Nairobi as a house girl but later on I quit and went back home in Meru I was a little bit exposed and pretty when I went back home not like that naive village girl that is where I met the father to my son and fell pregnant for him Life was difficult because I did not have job yet pregnant One of my aunties who used to sell alcohol advised me to start that business to be able to raise my child She asked me to get KSh 600 to start that business so I got employed as a house help where I was promised KSh 1200 per month I worked for less than a month because of pregnancy issues and my employers send me away they paid me KSh 600 which I took to my aunt and told her I was ready for business So you started selling alcohol while pregnant? Yes, I stopped after delivery and went back home because the baby needed a lot of attention I resumed that business later on while at home but remember my parents were addicts I would wake up in the morning only to realize they had drunk all the alcohol I was processing and that’s how my business died I went back to zero and things became more tough I met some two friends of mine right from my village in Kambakia who said they would show me how to make money I said okay they introduced me into prostitution in Meru town they told me to just wait in the streets for a client who will approach me then both of us will negotiate on terms and payment how much were you charging? between KSh 1,000 to 2000 for a night a shot would go for KSh 400 – 500 A while later a friend of mine from Nakuru realized I was into that business She visited me at home and suggested that I travel with her I agreed but I told her that I must come along with my child I thought maybe I was going to work as a house girl but unfortunately it was still prostitution she showed me around the streets for the first 2 days but after that I had to take care of myself She later moved to Nairobi and I was left with my baby alone in Nakuru where I continued with the job what was going on in your mind as you were doing this job? I was committed because of the situation at home even though I used to feel shy because some people would say that job didn’t suit me, that I was beautiful While still on the streets I met a man friend who married me The marriage did not even last for 2 years He still had trust issues and became violent. He even injured my head I had plaited braids on that day and he was really annoyed and asked whom I was trying to impress I was 2 months pregnant for him He took scissors to shave my hair when I thought he would appreciate me as his wife We fought until the scissors broke and that’s when he shaved me with a knife he only stopped after he noticed blood was oozing from my head I walked out of that marriage, gave birth to my daughter and went back to the streets I was in the streets for close to 8 years Did you ever experience any challenges like clients refusing to pay for the services? Yes some clients would promise to pay after the services and you would just take their word later on they refuse and tell you that those services are not supposed to be sold You have no choice but leave the room there’s a day a client who was in a vehicle approached me after negotiating he asked me to enter the vehicle While in the car he offered me an energy drink which I opened for myself and started taking the drink was bitter but when I asked him why he said maybe it’s because I was feeling sleepy I drunk it anyway and I think I was drugged I am not sure of what he did to me but my friends found me lying along the road in the morning It happened at a time when so many street girls were being killed at that time I had a broken arm with a bandage on it. I am not sure of what he did I was lucky to be alive so I just took the pregnancy pills just in case he did not use protection on me I don’t know what his intentions were but he had actually paid me KSh 1,000 which he did not collect what other challenges did you experience? I was just scared because some of my colleagues were in the mortuaries Did your children ever ask you where you were coming from when you came home? They knew I worked in a restaurant and they would insist they wanted to come along with me I decided to trick them so that they would stop bothering me there’s a hotel I used take tea every night, that’s where I told them about my plan and asked them to let me bring there my children and pretend as if I worked there. I asked them to allow me serve the children when I bring them and they agreed I then took my children there on a Sunday the children were excited when we arrived I served them chips and soda and so they believed I worked there how many clients were you having per night? It would depend but between 5 -7 their demands would vary, the one who wants you for the whole night and those ones who only needed a shot when did you decide to change? When most of my friends were being murdered some would die of HIV/AIDS and besides I was talented in singing, I would even sing in the cells whenever we were arrested is that how you started off your music career? my turning point came when I failed to make a single cent the entire night yet I had never experienced that before at around 3 am a strange voice told me to get out of the streets and use the talent I was given It felt strange but I decided to obey it because I was also tired of the night life so the following day I did not go back I sold some of my items and asked my sister who was living in Nairobi to get me a room where I would live with my children. I decided to start a fresh and that’s how I left Nakuru and even changed my phone number I used that money to rent a room and open a grocery business. That’s where I earned the money to do music that’s when you begun writing songs? I already had the songs, in every situation I would find something to sing about, then record it There’s one for thanksgiving which I have sung in Meru dialect how does it go? I decided to give thanks to God because he saved me from death and gave me protection what do you tell God when you speak to him? I always give him thanks and remind him that I love Him dearly I speak to Him like my closest friend because he has never failed me, he has never put me to shame so now life changed right? I released my first track in June Our lifestyle changed and it was hard for my children to cope because they were so attached to the good life, eating nice food and living in a decent place my daughter always asked me why I no longer provided sausages and yogurt but I told her I lost my job and I kept encouraging them that things will be okay I felt sad because they were suffering what they didn’t know is I was happy having nothing but living a respectful and peaceful life than having everything that was acquired in shame You felt like you were now free? I kept encouraging them it shall be well and as long as I am alive I will still provide for them Amen, but this time in the right manner Yes because initially they did not understand how I acquired those things because I know I changed how do you feel about yourself? I feel so much joy that I am living in dignity I used to feel ashamed even when walking around because I felt like everyone knew I was a call girl. These days I walk with a lot of confidence I thank God because he has changed me, restored my dignity and given me peace. I am no longer referred to as a prostitute how far are you musically? I am still growing I thank God I wanted to be seen praising him on television and he has made that dream come true my children used to ask when I will appear on TV singing now they have seen me countless times and they are happy how can people reach you? My songs are on YouTube under the name Kendi Kamundy I know TUKO fans will definitely watch them Yes. I also need their support through subscribing and commenting. It will encourage me you know when people give you moral support it encourages you to even do more what advice can you give to girls who are still on the streets? some of them are my friends whom we still communicate through Facebook I did not block them but the only thing I changed was my contacts to avoid calls from clients but the friends we used to work with on the streets keep asking me to pray for them so that they can change too I pray with them and ask them to also pray for themselves too because it’s only you who can change how you want to live, just ignore what people say and stay focused No matter the situation always talk to God in prayer. His ways are not our ways Prayer is very important. I used to pray every night before I left the house I would shower, put on a miniskirt and a skin tight so that my children would not suspect anything I would then kneel down to pray and ask God to watch over me and make sure I get food for my children and he would actually bless me even though what I was doing was wrong before His eyes But I believed He uses His people no matter the situation they are in so that one day they would testify Just like he is doing now, so many people know me The officers at Nakuru Police Station know me because they arrested me several times So at times they would just set you free? Some of them were my friends so whenever they were coming for an operation they would alert me so many people know me and now it’s even amazing more people have known you through your testimony yes what message do you have for our viewers? There’s nothing impossible before God, he is everything Everything comes from Him, never put your hope in man Hold on to the little you have and God will uplift you If I had put my hope in people I would not be here today I used the little I got from my groceries to pay the producer I went to Dede Records and asked him to help me produce my first song then I would pay in installments My down payment was KSh 2, 000 and they produced an audio for me at a cost of KSh 12, 500 I was with my children in studio when I did my first song So it’s you to take the first step and your hard work will bring help always remember to put God first, He will come through you simply saying everyone has a second chance right? as long you are still alive, you still have a chance you could be a beggar in the streets today, people will insult you and not give you a single cent, but soon God will uplift you to their amazement Some people who knew me from way back then send me messages asking what really changed about me God will surprise them all Thanks Kendi for coming and thank you for your testimony To our viewer kindly go to YouTube, watch Kendi’s songs and leave a comment thank you so much for coming

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