Idol Master – LOONA [KBS World Idol Show K-RUSH3 / ENG,CHN / 2018.09.28]

Idol Master – LOONA [KBS World Idol Show K-RUSH3 / ENG,CHN / 2018.09.28]

Master the idol. It wasn’t easy getting these girls on today’s episode of Idol Master. The Billboard Charts introduced them as the girl group to look out for in 2017. Global top rookies. LOONA. Let us greet you. 1, 2, 3. Hello, we are LOONA. Thank you. You guys don’t have an intro? Don’t you have anything? Each of our units does. But we wanted to keep it simple for the whole group greeting. Keep it simple. Then please introduce yourself in your units. 2, 3. 2, 3. Mix and match. Youth youth by young. And, yes… Oh, me? Hello, I’m the super, ultra, cute and adorable Yeojin. Nice to meet you. What did you say? Ultra? You really are something. So cute. You’re the top, best, cutest. – Thank you. / – Okay. Let’s start off K-RUSH Idol Master on a high note. Okay. – Are you ready? / – Yes. Let’s cheer. 1, 2, 3. Let’s go. – 1, 2, 3. / – Let’s go. We begin the show with LOONA. Curious about the two people sitting next to me? They wanted to meet you girls so much. From overseas. Rachel. And cute. They’re bright and high. Like “Hi High.” Okay. Tell us about your new album in a variety of languages. Just relax. – In a variety of languages… / – Languages… Just relax. Ready, go. Please listen to the LOONA album. “+ +,” “Hi High,” “favOriTe,” “Heat,” “Perfect Love,” “Stylish.” We’ll do our best. Please give our album lots of love. And give us lots of love too. Thank you. Since there are 12 members, we were worried that you’d get stuck in the middle. And that you wouldn’t have enough time. But you went beyond our expectations. Very nice. Please tell us officially about your album. Hello, I’m Chuu in charge of introducing the album. The LOONA debut album “+ +” is 1/3, Odd Eye Circle, yyxy and Yeojin altogether. It means that it’ll have a “double plus” effect. It’s a selection of all the best songs that took a long time to choose. You can be sure of that. Please listen to it. You’re not in charge of the album introduction, you’re like the LOONA show host. Please give LOONA lots of love. Please call now. – Yes. / – Which part is it? It’s my part. – Sing it. / – Please show us. Okay. 5, 6, 7, 8. What is the highlight dance move? It’s the Hi High dance and the Ooh Ah dance. Should we try the Hi High dance together? Ready, go. Turn and point, turn and point. Turn and point, turn and point. How does it feel to work as a complete group? 12 of you. It’d be a worry when you move around. I saw unintentionally earlier… You stood in line to go to the bathroom. There must be pros and cons. That’s what I thought. What’s a pro? Since there are 12 of us, if we just order one dish each, it becomes a buffet. That’s true. One con is that it takes a long time to order food. Since you have to order 12 dishes. I hear you each have an animal that represents you. Let’s start with Haseul. What are your animals? Mine is a white bird. No specific species. Just a white bird. Vivi? Mine is a deer. – What was it? / – A deer. Deer? I thought I heard you say shark. Deer? I thought I heard you say shark. – Deer. / – Okay, deer. Mine is a fruit bat. – Mine is a butterfly. / – Butterfly. – Mine is a wolf. / – Wolf. Mine is an owl. Owl. Owl. – Mine is a rabbit. / – Rabbit. – Mine is a swan. / – Swan. – Can you express a swan? / – Swan? This is Idol Master. Your face has gone red. Her bones cracked. My mom makes that sound. Chuu? Mine is a penguin. Penguin. Yeojin? It’d be hard to believe but mine is a frog. It’d be hard to believe but mine is a frog. I knew it was a frog right away. – Really? / – Yes. Really? Really… I’m represented by a blue betta. A blue betta? I’m represented by a cat. Cat. Which was your favorite? Fruit bat. Fruit bat. She liked the fruit bat. The swan cracked her shoulder. I even cracked my shoulder… This is the most important segment. Idol Training Center. I’m the LOONA sexy queen. 1, 2, 3. 1, 2, 3. Okay. We were thinking there’d be a lot of takers. We prepared a game. But only she put her hand up. Give us the music. So sexy. It was so sudden. Kim Lip. I heard that you’re a real sexy queen. She was famous for it. She was? 1, 2, 3. Music please. Volume up. Chuu, Chuu. Show us. So sexy. Hong Kong sexy. Hong Kong sexy. The eldest. Our eldest. Look at her gaze. Give her a round of applause. The look from the eldest. Her eyes. You’re the queen. Let’s find the cuteness queen. This is what I’m scared of. Oh, no. It’ll pop. – Does it really pop? / – Yes. It pops but there’s a time limit. Keep passing it along as you act cute. You can only pass it along when I say so. Who wants to go first? Me. Haseul! Okay. Ready, go. I’m so scared. Pass. Oh, no. Hello. Pass. Yeojin’s bad at acting cute. Pass. I want to eat. A little more. What should we eat? Pass. What do I do? What do I do? Oh, no. Hi. Want to eat chicken? Pass. ♪ You know I have something to tell you ♪ ♪ You know that I like you ♪ ♪ This much, this much… ♪ ♪ I like you ♪ Okay. Kim Lip. Save me… Save me… There’s a punishment. You have to eat the lemon and act like it’s not sour. And act cute. Isn’t that a melon? It’s not a melon. It is a lemon. Ready. Eat all of this? – In one bite? / – One bite. 1, 2, 3. Can cute. – I’m salivating. / – Ready. I’m really salivating. Act cute. Tell us when you’re ready. What’s wrong? It’s tasty. Kim Lip is bad at acting cute. It’s tasty. Since you have so many members, I’m curious about the rest. We’ll play the game again. Are you ready? Start. I’m so scared. I didn’t see it. Sorry, I had my back turned. I have my back turned here. You can do it then. I have to sit down. – Are you ready? / – I’m ready. Start… When I say start. I’ll sit down first. I’m so scared of this. Please pass it on. Pass. You’re so cute. No. A little more. Cutie… Pass. Hello, I’m Choerry. This is so cute! Cute! A little more. Okay, pass. I’m scared of balloons. No. More, more. I’m scared. What a relief. Go Won’s turn to do the punishment. Brighter. Smile. Good job. Nice. Smile. Refreshing. That was good. Thank you. Unfortunately that’s all we have time for. Don’t go. As a gift to the fans, we’ll make some girlfriend gifs. For the fans. Let’s film some gifs. Honey. It’s tough these days, isn’t it? Look at Haseul and cheer up. Let’s go. It hasn’t been long since our debut. Thank you for inviting us to such a big program as Idol Master. If you invite us again, we’ll do even better. Thank you. We were able to shoot with fans which made it even more special. Thank you. Thank you, thank you. Thank you.

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  1. Omfg haseul’s jagiya i’m dead….. haseul makes my heart beat faster idk i love her so much dont sleep on my angel haseul and stan loona

  2. o tempo passou tão rápido enquanto eu assistia… é impressionante o jeito que eu amo a personalidade dessas meninas e o quão bem elas me fazem ❤

  3. indeed the wolf is really fiercely sexy. actually it's not she dance really sexy but she got an aura baby hyejoo. kimlip is sexaaay too, she sexy performers yass

  4. Preferred this over when they were in Idol Room, it just honestly looked like the MC with no glasses (on Idol Room) is disrespectful. But I'll stfu cuz I dont know anything.

  5. I'd bet that album they are promoting with the full autograph sign on the cover will be a genuine collector's item. Whoever will receive that album as a gift is the luckiest person on earth. Just imagine if you could start a collection album of Fromis 9 , IZ One , G Friend, and the list go on…… with their authentic hand signiture. A true piece of relic after 20 to 30 years . Right now I'm still far away from that, all I got for now is the debut album of Busters with 5 members signing it but I know, sooner or later I'll complete my collection. I'll start with the rookie groups since they are easy to find and meet during fan events, I'm waiting for Cherry Bullet to debut an album and guest on this show. Cheers !

  6. Hii I'm a new orbit, I wanted to know why Yeojin isn't in a sub-unit? If she joins OEC then all the sub units will have equal number of members so why isn't Yeojin in a sub unit?

  7. 1/3: 2, 3, hello, we're 1/3!
    oec: 2, 3, mix and match! hello, we're odd eye circle!
    yyxy: youth youth by young! hello, we're yyxy!
    and then there's just yeojin

  8. Laugh out loud! Heejin is undoubtedly most beautiful, by the way, ViVi spoke hong kong chinese, not simplified chinese, which is why l didn't understand what she was talking.

  9. They're so bad at aegyo I can see them physically struggling, but it's so fucking hilarious I can't 😂

  10. The two girls over there didnt deserve to be there they show a little like no expression to my babies if I were there I woulda laugh my ass off and send heart eyes

  11. the host was actually really great at hosting the show and loona is just so precious <33 idk about the fans like they seemed pretty bored or so

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