Idols Who Left Their Group [The Most Controversial] PART 1

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  2. me: i love f(x) i wonder if they still make music

    others: WE NEED AN F(X) COMEBACK NOW!!!!!!!

  3. Although she did not leave of her own accord, HwaYoung being booted from T-ara started the downfall of that group and was one of the most controversial departures from a Kpop group.

  4. Singularity as the ad prior to the video is the best 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 gg bighit

  5. tiffany didn’t left, same as seohyun.
    and hyuna left because she was too young for debut or at least for her parents.

  6. Seungri😩 and Jessica😩
    You should put Minzy of 2ne1. The reason why she left the group is because YG don’t release her solo album and won’t let her have a solo career.

  7. i cannot believe that Somin (K.A.R.D) was another group's member. ANYWAYS i love her ! ALWAYS WİTH K.A.R.D


  8. Am i the one who only noticed..that all the membera who werw mentioned in this vid was from the pasts..😅😅 so proud of those new groups such as BlackPink,Twice,ETC..😅😅no hate

  9. You need to check your gender reference-you are using the wrong gender, 'he/him/his'-for female entertainers.

  10. Falto la bibora de Hwanyoung de T-ARA que arruino la carrera del grupo por finjir que le hacían bulliyng

  11. amigo, yo sigo tus vídeo y me gustan mucho… pero que te cuesta poner la traducido de lo que esta escrito en ingles, pude entender lo que decía por que mi ingles es super básico asi que me las apañe ademas ya conocía algunas de estas historias asi que buen vídeo pero recuerda no todos sabemos ingles

    PD: el del integrante de big bang lo que me fue loco ya esa si no me la savia

  12. No hate but there are so many mistakes in this video with the text like in one you called a girl actress but then said he

  13. Why one can’t still be an idol even after dating or married 😒😒 I mean if it’s their choice, its okay, but most fans are being so dramatic 🙂 do all idols have to be single forever if they wants to keep their career they’ve spent years training just to do it?

  14. okay but is it just me or is anyone else also annoyed at the fact it keeps saying "his/him" by female members,,

  15. yeah who ever was the idiot who put this segment together is either really challenged in spelling in English or cant tell in reference to a certain idol, that her and she is for a girl and yeah him is for a boy in reference to were this idols have gone. Please review and read.

  16. Edawn hater one thing i have to say is"you dont know what hardships he have done and to haters A BIG GOODLUCK SEE WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO YOU"

  17. I used to love kpop back then, bcs of studies i stopped for a while but then when i start to be a fangirl again, everyone is leaving the group. Damn, what is this helpPPPPPPP!!

  18. and now bi leaves ikon woojin leaves stray kids hwall leaves the boyz wonho leaves monsta x i am very saddened by these news after a long time of loving them there gone now

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