I’m a Mormon, Mother, and Polkadot Entertainer

I’m a Mormon, Mother, and Polkadot Entertainer

Ready? Round and round the
race course, like a teddy bear. Everyone’s life is crazy, but at least I’m doing it
the way I like— like I’m being a mum, which is
what I’ve always wanted to do. I’m a crown prosecutor, so I
prosecute crime on behalf of the state. I’d be sitting here,
and the accused is in the dock, and the jury would sit
over there. Most people who know me well
know I’m an eyebrow guru. I haven’t met an eyebrow I
couldn’t fix yet. (laughing) Dionne and I are
quite different. Well, I was kind of a bit of
a nutter. (laughing) Kind of crazy, maybe. She said she was a bit of a
nutter? She used past tense? She did say past tense. No,
absolutely present, future tense, from here to eternity, I’m sure
she’ll be a nutter. And we’ve passed it on to three
little nutters we got at home. Say Polka Dots! Polka Dots!
Say Polka Dots! Polka Dots! The Polka Dots are a performing
group my wife is a part of. Polka Dot Dionne loves
to sing. Performing is fun. I’ve had to
really grow into that. But writing the music, I just
love doing it. Whether you walk, bike, run,
or skip, it’s better than taking your
car for the trip. I usually write my
words first, and then I come up with the
tune to go with it. (singing) Oh, that makes it loud.
That was really high. We’re all mums, and we’re just
passionate about our children and making the first years
super fun. She gets dressed up for work,
puts on her costume, and I do the same and I put
on my gown. And I’ve never had my jury sort
of clapping and singing along. Maybe one day I’ll reach
that level. You can’t be angry or sad
and be singing, you know? To me, it shows me they’re
happy— if they’re singing while they’re
doing things. This one even puts her head
back and goes, “Ahhh.” If you’re happy and you know it,
clap your hands. Some people do think there is
stage Dionne and there’s the other one, but it’s sort of all her. She has her ups and downs
as we all do. Her ups and downs are
like this, and my ups and downs are
sort of like that. It’s bike time. Should we ride
our bikes? Yeah! I just think people get an
unusual idea about us because the nickname “Mormon”
sounds like a label rather than just who you are. I don’t like to think that I am
something; it’s just part of me. I believe in Christ, and I try
to follow Christ. If that brings the label
“Mormon,” then great. But I do what I do because I
believe that’s the right thing. I’m a prosecutor for the crown. I’m a passionate mother. I’m a Polka Dots groupie. I’m a Polka Dot. But most important, I’m a
husband to a beautiful wife. I love doing eyebrows. My name is Dionne Shaw. My name is Joshua Shaw. And I’m a Mormon.

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  1. @skwiddy23 I think the focus of this video is to get at the story that runs through Dionne & Josh's life, and the thread of faith that is part of it. As a filmmaker I know there is a progression to telling a story, and the beauty of this piece is we are first introduced to a wonderful loving family and then we see their religious faith in God that makes their family bonds so special and strong. It is their faith that gives them meaning and joy in their family life as Mormons. It's beautiful!

  2. @skwiddy23 "thou shalt mention me in the first half of all thine youtube videos!" does the bible say that anywhere? nope

  3. @FashionLove30 Don't know where you are, but if you go to mormon.org homepage there's a drop-down under "Visit Us" that you can use to find the nearest church. And basically we know that our Father in Heaven lives and loves each of us, that Jesus is our Savior and the Son of God, that we are all the sons and daughters of God, and that He wants us to come back to him. You are welcome to ask any member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in your area or visit one of our profiles.

  4. @skwiddy23 These videos introduce the world to a typical selection of Mormons because many, many people have misconceptions of who we are. I've had several people tell me that they always thought that Mormons live in an Amish-like way; so getting these videos out is a good way for the world to get an accurate picture of who we are. Our entire belief system, our Sunday services and every minute of our lives revolve around Christ and his teachings. Thx for your comment!

  5. always wondered how faith, non-work based religions handle not allowing people into heaven if you are not of that religion since it's impossible to prove or disprove which one is correct. Still wondering…

  6. i am not saying anything against the mormom faith, but why is mormonism advertised on YouTube? It gets a little annoying seeing an ad for it on every video i watch. Advertising the mormon faith to all YouTube watchers is a little weak in a way. A large majority of YouTube watchers are not mormon, so i do not think they would be interested. I only came to comment on this and see what replies i get to why mormanism is advertised. I would really like to know the benefits gained.

  7. I love these videos. They are informative, non obtrusive, and invite others to learn more about something that has been discriminated against for years. What a fantastic way of educating the world.

  8. You really get alot of AD's for these Mormon Messages? I have never gotten one. The reason we post it on YouTube is because when we become members of this church, we pretty much try to do 2 things beside trying to become a better person: learn more, and try to teach others. We have millions of missionaries around the world, but we obviously can't teach everybody. Thanks for not being a hater!

  9. what a fun and active family. the mom looks like she has lots of fun with the polka-dot show for children. and the father has quit the opposite with his job. But they are good example on how faith keeps them strong.

  10. but instead of being written by prophets and apostles in the east it was written by prophets and apostles from the Americas. This book teaches of Christ and is a second witness of his divinity. All of this may be new to you but I know that it is true with every fiber of my being. It has changed my life and has brought me closer to the Savior than anything else. It has made me a better person and a happier one at that. I know if you look into it that you will have the same experience that I had.

  11. Mormon = The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints = a Restored Church of Jesus Christ. You can learn more about Mormon on their official website or talk to their missionaries online

  12. Polkadot!thats so cute. I think I saw my bishop shouting polkadot at the beginning of the video and Desiree the wife. Great video guys and good LDS family.That's what happens if you love and follow your Heavenly Father's commandments. You are happy.Great job guys.

  13. I'm not a mormon, but I have to admit, I have liked and been impressed by almost every Mormon I ever met. I watched the show where South Park denigrated their theology…but it didn't matter. their theology, the particulars of it didn't matter. You just can't get past the reality that they always seem to be really good people.

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