Impractical Jokers – Q Meets a Living Legend | truTV

Impractical Jokers – Q Meets a Living Legend | truTV

Do you know anything
about grapes? [ Laughter ] Yeah? Can you do that? I’m already in trouble here ’cause the security guard here hates my guts… Joe:
There you go. Nice. …because
he’s always pissed that I’m eating burritos in the store. [ Laughter ] What is your name? I’m sorry.
Brian. I got a — Brian Quinn.
Very nice to meet you. If you see the security guard,
could you do me a favor? Yeah, I’m looking and I’m covering you. Just — yeah, cover me.
Just scream out, uh… “I’m not saying
she’s a gold digger.” Just scream out,
like, a code, like, “I’m not saying she’s a gold digger.” When I hear that, I’ll know to run, all right? Okay, great.
Thank you. Thank you.
-He might get this. Okay, send in
the security guard. Here comes Terry. How you doing, sir?
Things okay over here? -Yeah.
-Uh-oh. Uh-oh. Are you good?
Everything’s okay? [ Laughter ] Sal:
Didn’t even blink. Didn’t even care
that he was security. Didn’t say anything,
didn’t look at him. Those were good.
Those were good. What’s that? I don’t understand. You got to say the code word. -Oh.
-What’s the code word? Hey! I told you about eating
that [bleep] in here! Come here! I’m gonna smack that god damn
burrito out your hand! -What’s the code word?
-Come here! Q: The gold digger line! I’m gonna smack that burrito
out your hand! I’m not saying
she’s a gold digger! Joe:
He’s just watching. The guy literally just watched
the whole thing in silence as he sampled grapes. [ Buzzer ] That’s it.
You lost. [ Laughter ] I’m 43. I would say…57. Get out of here! No! Really?
You on YouTube? A superhuman athlete? New York, High Bar Club gymnastics. -There he is.
-There I am. -Whoa.
-Wait. I’m going in. I was an Olympic hopeful in gymnastics, got three consecutive
national championships… [Bleep].
Dave Jacobs. Holy cow, man. Can I shake your hand? Certainly.
Who are you? Superhuman athlete.
Oh, my God. I’ve seen you on YouTube. Holy [bleep]. That’s amazing. Are you kidding me?
Is this a put-on? [ Laughing ] No, it’s not.
I don’t know who he is. No, I saw you
at that New York… I just played it
for him. No. Come on. -Ask him.
-Stop pulling my leg. I’ll be right back. I have never met anyone
that saw it on their own. -That’s amazing.
-What happened was… -Yeah.
-…the security guard… -Ah, ha, ha!
-He let you eat that in here? No. He was my lookout guy.
We had a miscommunication. I ended up running
all over the place. -Yeah.
-Yes? Are you kidding me?
Are you Dave Jacobs? -What’s going on today?
-Are you kidding me right now? [ Laughing ] I’ll be back. I’ll be back. He said he didn’t know him.
He told him about him. Dave Jacobs?
Are you kidding me? -I feel like an idiot now.
-I can’t believe this! -Is this a put-on?
-I swear, it’s him. -Mr. Jacobs, my wife…
-Dave Jacobs. -I can’t believe any of this!
-…in the flesh. This is him. Would you mind if I take a selfie with you? Oh, my God. Can we — Do you guys
want to get in here? -Sure.
-I’ll send it to everybody. I cannot believe it. My wife has the same birthday as you. All right.
Say, “Dave Jacobs.” -One, two, three.
-Dave Jacobs! [ Camera shutter clicks ]

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  1. I partly wish they never had to tell him who they were, that woulda been so cool a story for him to tell, he got such a buzz

  2. This was meant to happen.🤩Now Im looking up Dave Jacob🤸‍♂️🤸‍♂️🤸‍♂️

  3. “I have never met anyone who had seen it on their own” 😂😂😂 How many people has he shown that video??? Haha

  4. Dave Jacobs on YouTube … 😉

    Hope this IJ episode makes Mr. "D.J" famous again!

  5. I kinda feel bad that they had to tell the guy he was on a tv show to sign a release. Hopefully it didn’t burst his bubble because he was on cloud9

  6. Dude that was actually cool af. That made that man's day. I bet now since this was on TV he gets stopped all the time lol.

  7. Yo what a great group of guys making that mans day awesome, this is why I’ll continue watching and supporting these guys

  8. Impractical Jokers are hilarious! The Joker from DC comics? Not so much! I've got some great stories with him & other villains; check it out at

  9. The saddest part about this video is after they got done filming they have to tell him that it was just a show as he slowly realizes that none of them actually knew who he was

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