[Indo Sub] 151216 Weekly Idol Ep 229 – BTS

We’ll start the recording. Goodness… (Where did MC Kyu go?
The Pigeon is alone again) Hello, viewers. Weekly Idol! As usual, I’m starting the intro by myself. Last week, Doni replacement idol #1,
Kim Sung Kyu did a great job. He did so well that the production staff
and I miss him so much. But we have no choice. In order to relieve this feeling
just a little bit, I have called on my one and only
child-like friend. Loyalty is a given for him. That’s why he’s here. I will introduce him
to the viewers right now. Known as, the Big Star of the Universe. Kim Hee Chul. He has a lot of experience as an MC. July 2005, he debuted as the MC of
“Show Music Tank.” From 2015 to now, he’s hosted
“Inkigayo” and “Gayo Daejeon” among other music award shows. He’s also hosted his own radio show. Wow! He played a big part on “Radio Star,”
then left the show. He played a big part then left. Then “Ssulzun.” He played a big part on that show
and then left. “Wednesday Food Talk.” He left this amazing show as well. (He’s the icon of quitting shows) Currently he stars in “Knowing Bros” and is dreaming of his second rise to fame.
He’s a variety show machine. Today’s special MC.
Candidate no. 2 to replace Doni. I present to you, Kim Hee Chul! Good to see you. (Rejected) (I’m upset) Please great our viewers, Hee Chul. Hello, Weekly Idol viewers. I’m the big star of the universe,
Kim Hee Chul. Nice to meet you. You’re finally here. Of course. I called you, right? To help me out. Right. And you agreed right away. – Of course.
– How did you decide to… I’m Kim Loyalty. I’m always loyal. Plus I’m really close with Coni and
Doni as well. When I read the article that
Doni was unwell, I did predict this to some degree. That I’d call you? That you’d end up calling me. I’m sure he expected it too. – Right?
– Yes. Do you ever watch Weekly Idol? I caught up for today. This is a very influential show. Because the overseas fans and domestic fans… What was it? Become what? – Fanboy.
– That’s right! A fanboy program. Fanboy. A fanboy program. I didn’t know what that meant at first. You must know this word to be
an idol show MC. We didn’t have these terms back in my day. What are you saying?
I had it in my day. They say this is the best program
for fanboys and girls. Do you know what the Korean term for it is? What is it? “Ip” for enter, “deok” for die-hard fan.
It means you’re addicted to them. – Is that what it means in Korean?
– That’s right. I see. So it’s a great program to fanboy over. I’m sure you’ll play a big role
in today’s episode. But for our friend who’s sick right now… Let’s host the show well
so he doesn’t have to worry. Of course. Nice. Let’s shout it out then. – Okay.
– Are you ready? I saw you do it earlier.
I know which way to point. Right. Let’s shout it out. Idol of the Week! Nice. Today’s idol of the week. I actually think these guys are a girl group. They’re pretty. They’re pretty. They’re like
a girl group in my eyes. They’re pretty. Please introduce them. They’ve taken over the world. They truly have. Addictive idols! BTS! (Welcomes them with a
trot version of “I NEED U”) Did you release a trot album? I really wanted to try this so I’ll try it. This is… BTS! 2, 3. Bulletproof. Hello, we are BTS. (Pink Monster is excited already) You’re back after 7 months
after “I NEED U.” Every time they’re here, they heightened our expectations. I didn’t know who the guest was this week. I got on the elevator to come here
to the Weekly Idol studio. And there were so many fans out front. “Who?” “BTS.” (Please take good care of our BTS) The fans? They were cute. I always ask. That’s how I knew BTS was our guest. When I heard it’d be BTS… I need to know your names, right? – They have name tags on this show.
– Right. But they’re way past the stage of
wearing name tags now. For them to wear name tags now… I know this for sure. We wear those big name tags
for music shows, right? That’s right. If they ask you to wear name tags now… – “Must we?”
– Not at all. (Refusing to wear name tags
just after 3 years) That’s not it at all. Because you’re so famous. Not at all. They’re famous overseas. It’s not like that. You may have to recede your
“big star of the universe” title to them. Of course. So did you memorize their names? I did. J-Hope, Ji Min, Rap Monster,
Jung Kook, Jin, Suga, V. (Well done MC Hee) This was hard. – This is a given for the MC.
– It’s a given. – I have to memorize this much.
– You’re so reliable. There’s something to congratulate you for. They’re the most popular
among elementary kids. They won 1st place by a landslide
in a popularity vote among elementary kids. (BTS is a danger to Pororo) After winning that title, I think BTS got greedy. Rap Monster said he’d try to aim
to be popular among soldiers. Soldiers? I don’t know when I said that… Kim You Jung accidentally
introduced us as that when she was supposed to say that for
Nine Muses. She said we were the most popular
among soldiers instead. Our fanclub is called ARMY. – ARMY.
– ARMY? That’s where the misunderstanding occurred. That means you’re qualified. Since you mentioned it,
tell us how you’ll do it. How will you get the soldiers to love you? – Do you have anything?
– Do you have a way? Should we dance or something? Dancing sounds good. We’ll play you some music. To all the soldiers out there, this is the challenge of BTS. Music, please. (A new world of dancing opens up) (Doesn’t hesitate for one second) (Not embarrassed one bit) (Putting his all into it) (They’re embarrassed for him) (It’s like watching a string of
seaweed sway in the ocean) What do we do? (Please turn off the music) I think you really need to
wear that pink shirt. (Destroyer Monster works hard as usual) He really does his best. I wouldn’t do this. You don’t have to stoop
to this level. He really works hard. BTS has a new song out. “Run.” Please tell us about your album. The album is called
“The Most Beautiful Moment in Life, Part 2.” It’s an album that expresses
the energy of youth. It’s completely different to your last song. – Right.
– Okay. The segment that you can’t leave out on
Weekly Idol is Random Play Dance. Please explain what Random Play Dance is. (Reading) (True veteran) I’ve seen Random Play Dance here somewhere. Random Play Dance… Should we start? If you get it wrong. I just have to point out the people
that get the dance wrong, right? That’s right. BTS are well known for their
tight choreography. But they got a lot wrong last time. You need to make up for it this time. You’re right. Should we decide on a punishment? – What could there be?
– What would be a good punishment? How about you kiss each other
to encourage less mistakes. That’s really hard. Okay. Whoever gets it wrong first… – Will kiss the other members.
– On the cheek. Saying, “I’m sorry. I’ll do better.” A light peck. Hee Chul, pay close attention and
point out whoever gets it wrong. I’ll be precise. – Can you get it in one go?
– Yes, we’re confident. – In one go?
– Yes. – Here we go.
– Let’s do well. Music, please. Jin, I’m watching you. I’m going to watch Ji Min. (The dance squad begins) (It starts off easy) Why aren’t you singing? You have to move your mouths. (Working hard to avoid the kisses) It’s fine up to here. (Skip) Jin! Jin! (Blocked) We let that one slide. (Jin causes an accident) They knocked into each other. (But there were no victims,
no they keep going) (“I NEED U” by BTS) (The difficult part) Jung Kook. (Heave) Their dances are so tight. (No mistakes) (You won’t catch us) (I’m watching you, Ji Min) (“Boy in Luv” by manly BTS) (They’re starting to mess up) Jung Kook. (These two are the worst culprits) (They stop it for now) Time out. Jung Kook. It’s you. One of you was wrong. – It’s J-Hope, right?
– It wasn’t me! – J-Hope.
– Me? I can tell by your faces. – You made it too obvious.
– Me? Really? Let’s acknowledge it. It felt like you were late. I was a little confused. You were, right? How about Jung Kook? Since I was in the middle. Didn’t Jung Kook get it wrong? Is it better being kissed by Jung Kook
or by J-Hope? How about they kiss each other? (These two are shocked) He’s like King Solomon. He’s wise. Since you two got it wrong. Say, “Let’s not get it wrong.” One kiss… (Coni is preparing him for the worst) – Two kisses.
– He hates it. I think I’m going to have
nightmares about this. That’s why we’re doing it. You need to dream. For greater camaraderie. How nice. – This is insane.
– J-Hope is in charge of kisses. Let’s not make mistakes. Hug. Peck on the cheek. Argh! Peck on the cheek. This is cruel. (J-Hope kisses Jung Kook) (Excited
Tortured) Jung Kook has to do it as well. You too, Jung Kook. (They help out) – There.
– Okay. (Dizzy) This time, we won’t do kisses. We’ll do a slap on the wrist. – Wrist?
– The person who doesn’t get it wrong, hits. Who gets to hit who? The person who doesn’t get it wrong
hits the one who does. Are you ready? Second try. Music, please. (“Run” by BTS) I can see who’s going to fail. (They want to avoid the punishment) You can tell if you look at their faces. (They’re trying so hard) (Working hard) (Skipping when they get the hang of it) (0.1 second reaction) (Green Suga) (Getting to show off his coolness) Here we go. Ji Min! (He’s unsure of the move) Hey, Suga. – Be honest.
– Suga. He got caught. Where did you go? (Quietly claiming his innocence) – You were doing this here.
– No, you were wrong. Ji Min started while you were hesitating. – He got it wrong.
– He did. He shouldn’t be pointing me out. Did you just say that to me? No, no. Ji Min. He got it wrong. Anyone can tell, right? Right. Look how pale his arms are. – So slim.
– So this is the sugar. That’s the sugar. Come on. We’ll have the youngest go first.
He’s the strongest. Okay, Jung Kook. This guy’s athletic. (Slap) (Ouch) And your reaction each time. If you make it look too painful,
it’ll seem like ill-treatment. So when you get hit… Please hit me. When you get hit… You have to enjoy it. That’s just weird. – Hey! Hey!
– Isn’t that good? How is that a fanboy thing? If you frown too much… Then it’ll seem like ill-treatment. (I’ll react however I want) – Who’s next?
– Jin. ♪ Jin, while you weren’t here… ♪ Ah, ah… Two sounds. That’s a warning. That’s racy. (Rap Monster is next) Rap Monster. (Slam!) That was hard. We’re almost done, aren’t we? If you get it wrong this time.
The butt. – How do we slap the butt?
– Like this. – With our hands?
– That’s right. What a sound. Here we go. Music, please. (“Run” by BTS) (The song that they’re promoting is easy) (The MCs follow along) I want to confuse them. Ji Min. Ji Min. Who got it wrong? Last song. (Past counterattack, “War of Hormone” by BTS) It’s their debut song. They’re confused. Jin, Jin. (Jin’s old man dance) (They let it slide once more) (Another heart attack, “I NEED U” by BTS) (They look perfect but…) (Someone’s dancing the wrong way) Hey, J-Hope! (They still can’t see the mistakes) (They should make a mistake now,
“Boy in Luv” by BTS) (They’re lost) (Moving too late) (Ji Min’s finally been caught out) Ji Min! Ji Min! (We were waiting for Ji Min to get it wrong) Ji Min! Ji Min! (Yelp…) So you failed Random Play Dance. Let’s do the final punishment. Then the two MCs will hug Ji Min… No, it’s okay. Hug and kiss. To give you positive energy. You’ll get slapped by the members. This is the finale. This isn’t a punishment.
You’re just tapping him on the butt. Stand here. Say, “Let’s do well.” Suga. – Let’s do well!
– Goodness. You did so well. That was strong. We need to hold him now. Jung Kook’s turn. Let’s do well. – Let’s do well.
– Let’s do well. Next, it’s Coni. (This is the real punishment) In order to encourage him. Hee Chul give him some good energy. Okay. (Tight) (Oh, no) What? If you’re uncomfortable, I’ll stand in front
and you hug me. No, it’s okay. So listen. (They’re enjoying the show) Let’s do well. (Shutting his eyes) Come here. (Oh) (So much cringe down here) That was unbelievable. (The 11-year veteran is unfazed) I think this guy’s really weird. You’re a screwball. Isn’t that why I’m here? Coni. Don’t be nervous. Ji Min, have fun promoting your song. Come here. (All we can say is we’re sorry, Ji Min) (Mommy…) Let’s move on to the next segment. Coni and Chuli. Idol Call Center. Call, call, call. (Idol Call Center) This is a segment made up 100% of
the participation of ARMY. This is Weekly Idol’s special voice PO Box. Before we begin. BTS, please get up and apologize to the phone technicians. We all need to… It was a first. We’ll explain what’s going on. Please apologize first. 1, 2, 3. We’re sorry. – Please sit down.
– They don’t even know why. What happened? The reason why you need to apologize… We’ll explain it to you now. I will. For the first time in Weekly Idol history,
our phone lines were so overloaded because of BTS that they went down. We’re not lying. The server crashed. So at dawn, the phone company technicians… – At dawn?
– They came to work. Let’s apologize one more time. 1, 2, 3. We’re sorry. The technicians came at dawn. They couldn’t even sleep. They fixed the lines. Sit down now. It’s over now. Let’s hear the first call. Let’s hear who called first. Ring ring. Ring ring. Oh, my God. It’s ringing. I love you, BTS. I’m about to cry. Tae Hyung, I love you.
BTS, I seriously love you. I really love “Run.” Thank you. I really love you. Thank you. Thank you. We’re loved by elementary kids! So cute. They’re like that when they connect. They get so happy that they just
confess their love and hang up. Tae Hyung, please say a word… Wait, I’m sorry, but who’s Tae Hyung? Over here. Oh, V is Tae Hyung? You need to know this. Do you know our real names? He’s Son Tae Young. It’s Tae Hyung not Tae Young. (Tae Hyung is shocked) No? What’s your surname? It’s Min. I’m Min Yoon Gi. – Min Yoon Gi.
– Son Tae Hyung. – I’m Kim Tae Hyung.
– Oh, Kim Tae Hyung. Please respond to the fan for that message. Goodness, I heard it. Thank you. Cute. So cute. This is why the kids love you. Let’s hear the next call.
Ring ring, hello. I learned this on “Boni Hani.” “Boni Hani” is fun. Amazing, what is this? Ji Min, you were a top student
at Busan High School of Arts. Please show us modern dance. And Yoon Gi, please play the piano.
I love you! Ji Min. Ji Min is from Busan High School of Arts. – Yes.
– Were you a top student? Yes. For what? – Dance.
– Yes, dance. They asked for modern dance. So you do that and Yoon Gi… Suga, we’ll add the CG
of a piano. Oh, CG? What type of piano do you want?
Grand, digital? We have them all. I’ll take a grand piano. So he’ll play a grand piano. – Ready?
– Show us. The fan asked for it. ARMY wants it. I haven’t don’t this in ages. Music, please. Come out here, next to him. (Weekly Arts Center) There’s CG here right now. (Artistic Suga) (The modem dance begins) He’s walking. (His artistic eyes are ready) (Oh, he looks cool) (Feeling shy) – So cute.
– Nice, nice. We’re falling for Ji Min. (Ji Min holic) (Wow) (He looks really classy dancing this) He’s flying. (I’m falling for this guy) I’ve never seen this before. I’ve never done this before either. – It’s a first.
– Well done. First time? Seriously. He’s never shown us this before. That was good. It’s my first time seeing this in 3 years. He has that feeling I’ve seen on TV. Where they jump around. – He really flew.
– How many years have you done this? I think around 2 years. That’s your connection. For BTS… I’ve never seen him do this before. That was so cool. There are so many people who are
Ji Min fans now. Let’s keep going. Next call, ring ring. (He’s so funny) Ring ring. Did I get through? – You did.
– So cute. She’s from Gyeongsang-do. Please make an alarm recording
that I can wake up to each morning. Let’s go, BTS. Alarm. That can be the best gift for the fans. Alarms, bell sounds. J-Hope’s the expert on this. We’ve prepared what to say
for the alarm. Shall we take a look? (Wake up, ARMY
If you don’t, I’ll scold you) It’s similar to last time. There are different versions. We’ll draw lots. We’ll get you to record one message each. We’ll give it to you. – Are you distributing it?
– Yes, I am. (V leaves his seat in shock) – It’s an honor.
– Here you go, Jin. Here, Jung Kook. Rap Monster. And you, Ji Min. Here you go, J-Hope. This is bad. Are you happy? Don’t open them yet. Not yet. Let’s start with J-Hope. J-Hope, what’s your line? Open it up. – I’m a younger guy.
– Younger guy. Nuna. The fans will love that. Nuna, nuna. nuna. Like that. Nuna, nuna, nuna… That’s how you do it. He’s popular among the nunas. No… Nuna! Wake up. It’s morning. (Clench
Whining) If you don’t get up now, I’ll kiss you. (This is the aftermath) Don’t I sound like a younger guy? Thanks for that. The ARMY nunas will love it. – Ji Min.
– Dancing Ji Min. What’s yours, Ji Min? – Mine’s dialect.
– Dialect. – He’s from Busan.
– Ji Min’s from Busan. Right now I speak a mix of dialect
and Seoul speak. I’ll give the dialect a go. Mix? – That’s what they tell me.
– Because you mix it up? Let’s begin. (Quietly) Heya, wake up. Sun’s up. You not gonna wake up? No? What do you want them to do? What are you going to do
if they don’t wake up? I’ll scold ya. (Scolding Ji Min) That’s cute. What a man. The director’s liked it. Very good. Kind of shy. That’s his style. Now for Rap Monster. Acting cute!
Let’s see Rap Monster’s cuteness. Pink Monster can really act cute, right? – Right.
– He acts cute, right? He picked a good one. He’s already so cute. Rap Monster. (It’s pink here in the basement again) Why this voice? ARMY. Wake up. It’s the morning. Excuse me. We want you to act cute. Cute, not this. Rap Monster. Don’t disrupt him.
Let’s hear it. Rap Monster, ready, go. (Reloading his cuteness) ARMY. (A pink whisper for ARMY) This is insane. If you don’t wake up, I’ll scold you. It’s the morning. Oh… (The pink alarm wakes up Ji Min) That was very cute. Good job, Rap Monster. He’s cute. – Next is Jung Kook.
– What’s yours? Manly man. You chose the wrong one. Jung Kook’s really delicate. He is our manly man. – Really?
– He’s the manliest. – I heard you’re good at sports.
– He has the best body. Jung Kook’s manly man version. Alarm recording for the fans. Yo. Get up. It’s morning. Yo! (Our maknae is so cute) A manly man. He really is manly. Next is Jin. What’s yours, Jin? – Rap.
– This is bad. Rap. Jin rapping is really new. Warren G really praised you
in the U.S., right? – Yes, that’s right.
– That you’re good at rap? That’s me. He’s good at singing but
he’s even better at rapping. Jin, let’s do a freestyle alarm for the fans. (Worried) Would you like a beat? He’s different from the start. Beat box? (Beat on) ARMY, get up. It’s morning. If you don’t get up now,
I’ll scold you. (A morning call that abuses your ears) Oh, my God. He’ll be on “Show Me the Money” next year. ARMY… It’s the morning. If you don’t get up now,
I’ll scold you. Shouldn’t he be on “Unpretty Rapstar?” But he’s too pretty to be on that. Great rap. – Let’s do V.
– I’m looking forward to V. Again… Why did you fold it so much? V’s is… Sexy. – That’s too easy for V.
– He really is sexy. Sexy. V is sexy. What should I do? When you first debut, you do stuff like this. ARMY. (Glamorous sexy of 11 years) (V scream) He’s good. So impressive. I am an idol after all. Let’s use that. Sexy. Focus on your facial expressions. Amazing. Here we go. Imagine how much he’d hate doing this. – It’s morning.
– Nice. “If you don’t get up now…” If you don’t get up now… Take a breath and “I’ll scold you.” I’ll whip you. (My heart has felt it already) That was nice. (All we really needed was just the audio…) The audio director threw his headphones. It was a great gift for the fans though. Such a great gift. Let’s move on to the next person. Let’s listen to the next call. Call us please, hello. Ring ring. I’m a BTS fan from the Philippines. Nam Joon, can you cut onions well now? No. Please have an onion slicing battle with Jin. Hello, BTS. Your Filipino ARMY will always
love and support you. I love you. Work hard. (So moved) A fan from the Philippines… – So who’s Nam Joon?
– Me. So you’re bad at slicing onions? I am, right? He’s just bad at cooking. Whatever he does, he breaks things. When he cooks, he doesn’t burn the food,
he burns the frying pan. – Is that possible?
– I’m serious. – This part gets burnt.
– He burns the frying pan. We’ll slice some onions today then. Jin’s a good cook. Jin? Then Jin and Rap Monster can
do a battle. Okay. Let’s get ready. Do you know how to hold a knife? – Like this.
– Oh, don’t hold it at me. Hold it like this, so it doesn’t slip.
Be careful. You look really scary with that knife. Hold it like this. You look extremely scary. Jin, show us a demonstration first. – Me?
– Seriously, please. He has good form. Wow. You can tell he’s done this a lot. (Graceful hand movements) He’s good. He’s really good. He’s not only handsome. Can you finely chop it? – Show us.
– Try it. (Successfully chops the onions) (Sexy chef, Jin) – Thank you.
– He’s good. They look good. – Thank you.
– He’s good. He’ll make the perfect bride later on. He will. Next is Rap Monster. The knife. Wait a minute. (Using the wrong edge of the blade) (The members are worried and gather around) Be careful of your hands. – No, like this.
– No, no. Wait, wait. Don’t tremble. Don’t tremble. Why are you cutting it like this? (Sawing the onion) Can’t you do it in one slice? (Fascinating) It’s like you’re using a saw. He’s doing this for his fans. We’re so… (Can’t bear to watch anymore) Thank you. Ji Min. (Barely makes one cut thanks to Ji Min) Wait, wait. Flip it this way. Flat side down. This is frustrating. He’s worse than me. Jin, take his hands and show him. We like things like this. This is an addictive shot. Right. Hold it like this. (Holding hands) – Right.
– Hey. Push down on the knife. (Hee Chul plans the BGM) (So sweet) That’s the way. Can you stop with the weird noises? I’ll try it. Try doing it by yourself now. – Try it for real now.
– By himself. All by yourself. Slicing onions is quite difficult. – Don’t tremble.
– He’s trembling. Push the knife forward. (Why the grunting?) (Resisting the urge to grunt) Are you slicing a rock? Is rap harder or cutting onions? I think this is harder. Must you stand like that? Why are you holding the knife like that? With his clothes… Auntie, auntie. Is this some technique? When will the fried rice be ready? Just wait. It’s coming right up. You’ll cut your hand. His stance. Let’s stop there
for his safety. Please apologize to the Filipino fan. I’m sorry. Please apologize to Yang Pa as well. I’m sorry. Apologize to Yang Pa… Moving on. – This is really hard.
– So funny. It wouldn’t be easy doing this
just because a fan asked. He’s bad at it but because his fan wanted it.. Applause. (Let’s slice Korean beef instead of onions) Korean beef fairies. Coni and Chuli. Idol on the Grill! Hee Chul, what is this segment about? It’s the one that all idols want badly. It’s Idol on the Grill. BTS have some resentment about this. Meat. So we want to feed BTS Korean beef today. But we can’t just give it to you for free. Every time you go against each other, the winner gets to eat
the Korean beef alone. Alone. We’ll begin the contest. Let’s begin. Right Now It’s BTS. What is this game? BTS members have revealed that they each have a girl group member
they want to get close to. This is fun. So what I have here is. Ji Min and Jin and J-Hope want to get close with Red Velvet. That’s what they’ve revealed. No wonder they came and bowed to me. Saying hello. Suga, V and Rap Monster want to get close to Girls’ Generation. With their seniors. And Jung Kook has said IU. – IU.
– Yes. Okay. Why did we look into this? The reason is… If they’re attracted to these idols, it means they’ve been
watching them for a long time. The groups they mentioned here. That means they can pull off
girl group dances. Right? That’s why we prepared this. Why are you reading it? Do the dance of the idol
you want to get close with. You can show them your desire
to get close with them. Even though I don’t take much interest,
I know their dances. (Now he begins a dancing parade) Girls’ Generation. (Am I watching an entertainment god?) I can dance them all. Come out one at a time and do the best girl group dances.
The ones who pull it off will get the Korean beef. This will be easy. J-Hope, whose song do you want? Red Velvet. “Dumb Dumb” or “Ice Cream Cake?” Please play “Ice Cream Cake.” “Ice Cream Cake.” ♪ Fragrant ice cream cake ♪ (Huh?) – Whose song was that?
– Isn’t that right? Please tell him he’s wrong. (J-Hope’s version of “Ice Cream Cake”
by Red Velvet) (Ho ho) This is it. (Adorable dance moves) (I’m in charge of choreography in BTS) He’s good. (He’s just acting flamboyant now) (Like this) (He’s fully into it) (Check out those hips) (We can’t take much more) Amazing. (Dance okay, big laughs okay) So good. Well done, well done. Is that really Red Velvet’s dance? Do they actually twerk like that? I just did whatever. But I give him high scores for his facial expressions. That was so good. Ji Min is next in order but we’ll go with V since he’s not expecting it. – Next.
– You’re next. Whose song do you want? You like Girls’ Generation. Which song do you want? – “Gee?”
– Okay “Gee.” Let’s do this. Music… (V becomes SONE,
“Gee” by Girls’ Generation) (No, no, no, no, no) – So cute.
– Good job. (V is so cute) (Electric) (His body is as light as Girls’ Generation) (No more cuteness) (Now he just looks the fool) Good job, good job. Cute. Good job. (He’s confident in this game) – Next.
– Next up. – Rap Monster.
– Let’s go with Rap Monster. Me? Whose song? I’ve never done a girl group dance before.
I’ll try it. Everyone says they haven’t but they do well. Which song? I don’t know any dances. The one I’ve seen a lot is EXID’s… “UP&DOWN?” Yes, “UP&DOWN.” Let’s see it. (Biped walking robot’s
“UP&DOWN” by EXID) – How does it go?
– Rap Monster is working hard today. He’s working hard. His hair is the color of Korean beef. Let’s do this. (He come the laughs) (You can’t stop these moves) (The Destroyer ends up destroying
EXID’s dance) (Sexy point) (He looks like seaweed every time he dances) You have to do this. (Pink Monster’s dance makes you laugh) You really don’t know EXID’s dance. Do it with me. Give us the music. I don’t know the dance. – Can’t you do it alone?
– No, do it with me. I don’t know it. Do it with us. This is the start. Then it’s this. Let’s do this. (Sensual, sexy) The eyes. Like Ha Ni. (Hee Chul has turned into Ha Ni) (Makes sure to remember the finger) – Show us.
– Let’s do this. (Bromance with the pelvis) (New unit: Silver Bro and Pink Monster) Wait a minute. (Silver Bro won’t stop) Is it over? Okay. Next up. Jung Kook, which IU song do you want? I don’t know any of her dances. Jung Kook do the “Beautiful” dance. Do something you know. Not IU. – I’ll do “UP&DOWN.”
– Okay, “UP&DOWN.” – He’s good at “UP&DOWN.”
– Jung Kook’s real good. Let’s do this, Jung Kook. (Jung Kook’s version of
“UP&DOWN” by EXID) Nice and sexy. (Getting ready) (Slide) (Here’s the real sexy) (Powerful sexy) He’s good. Oh, his butt. Let’s do this! (The epitome of sexy) (We get to see another side of him) (A strong performance by the fake maknae) (Hugs) – So good.
– That was so good. (I lose) Ji Min has to do the finale. I do want to see Ji Min’s version
of “UP&DOWN.” I’ll try it then. Okay, good. Ji Min is really sexy. Following on from Jung Kook, he’s Ji Min. (Ji Min’s version of “UP&DOWN” by EXID) Let’s do this. I am Ji Min. (I’ll show what sexy really is) (It’s a different feel) His face. (Such a powerfully sexy dance) (I dance with my face) (Pelvis just assists) (Pink Monster cheers with his face) Let’s go! (Ji Min takes over the basement studio) (Back to reality) I’ve kept you on my radar from long ago. You’re good. That was good. BTS does so well every time they’re here. They’re amazing. Seriously. He’s the best girl group dancer. The 1st generation girl group dancer,
Hee Chul, will award 1st place. I’ll choose 1st place. The best girl group dancer
chosen by Hee Chul. I’m nervous. Feels like a real award. He really did his best. During his dance as well. – It’s hard, right?
– I choose… Rap Monster! (Our pink friend, Rap Monster) Please award this to Ji Min. Ji Min! Ji Min’s dance was so… Well done. I didn’t know whether to give it to
Jung Kook or Ji Min but Ji Min’s this move… Ji Min’s an amazing dancer. Try the beef. It looks so good. Eat up. Chew up and down. Upper and lower teeth. His moves were good. I really love how bright Ji Min is. It’s the final battle now. This time… BTS Show Me the Beef. If it has “Show Me the,”
you can guess what it’ll be. – Some of them are…
– I won’t get greedy. They’re already writing lyrics
in their minds. It’s a rap battle. A rap survival battle where
the winner gets Korean beef. Rap Monster could have the advantage. He looks happy right now. There’s just one criteria to win
Show Me the Beef. Just have to impress the judges. Move the judges. Move us. It’s not about doing well.
If you’re too good, you might be out. We don’t want good rappers. We’ll give you a topic.
We’ll be looking at your lyrics. The topics are Weekly Idol and BTS. – And.
– This is hard. And Hyung Don, who we hope
recovers quickly. I think J-Hope’s ready.
Shall we start? J-Hope is fast. Which topic do you want. I’ll go with a trend that you,
Defconn, should know. – I like trap these days.
– Like breaking it up? Rather than that, something stylish. Sounds good. (A beat machine) (Swag and showing off with his hands) Korean beef. Korean beef. (Praising Korean beef) You need to rap now. I want to eat Korean beef. Korean beef. He knows the genre precisely. Korean beef. Eat, eat. What’s he saying? What was that song about? Saying I want to eat Korean beef. (It’s an addictive beat) Eat Korean beef. Hyung Don, get well soon. (Pretty good) Korean beef. That was good. He had it all. He even cheered for Hyung Don to get better. He mentioned Weekly Idol saying
he wants Korean beef. He said he wished Hyung Don
would get better soon as well. Right? That’s right. You heard precisely. We heard J-Hope’s rap. Let’s have Rap Monster go next. Rap Monster, show them how it’s done. Then, the others can relax. Nice, he’s confident. Rap Monster. I’ll dedicate mine to Hyung Don. To Hyung Don. I’ll write him a letter. – Thank you.
– Seriously. A yo, Hyung Doni Doni Doni. My name is Rap Moni Moni Moni. What? When will you come back back back
to Weekly Idol? Without you it’s lonely lonely lonely. (The punch line is impressive) This rap is yours and my
connection connection connection. And it’s a fun game game game. About now I’ll shake shake shake my head. This is the beat beat beat. That was so good. So good that you won’t get any beef. It didn’t sound like rap. It’s a shame that you’re too good. Ji Min, keep eating. Next V, since he’s not expecting it. Oh, please. Save me. V, I really like you. – I can’t do anything.
– Our V. You want to stay alert. Say it to Doni. – To Doni.
– V’s good. Doni Doni Doni. I really miss miss miss you. Without you here, it feels so
empty empty empty. I love love love you. Thank you you you. (Time for more trap) (Nice timing) You’re 1st no matter what. Currently J-Hope is in 1st place. I should’ve spoken some English. Next, V. keep getting ready. – Next up…
– I want to see Ji Min. Ji Min’s turn? Let’s go, Ji Min. Show them! Ji Min is ready. Ji Min. Ayo Ji Min. Give me a slow beat. (Beat box machine) He’s ready. Here goes. AKA Ji Min. Another BTS album “Run.” We’re going to run again. (Can’t finish it off) A bite of beef. Beef, beef, beef. (Just play trap whenever it gets awkward) (J-Hope works hard whenever there’s danger) You take the Korean beef. You take the beef. Who was the best rapper today? That should be judged by
the godfather, Defconn. Okay. It was so fresh for me. I will go to him. Today’s rapper. J-Hope. Beef, beef, beef. (An encore rap) (He gets his wish) (So jealous) We had a fun time with BTS again. V, tell us how it was today. First off… It was really hard to rap out of the blue on Weekly Idol. Did you rap? Did you actually rap? I did a girl group dance on Weekly Idol… Did you really dance? Think about whether it’ll be aired or not. Ready, go. I’ve suddenly been made
to say the greeting… I’ve suddenly been made
to say the greeting… We’ll prepare a lot more for next time. We’ll do a girl group performance and rap. We’ll show you everything. Nice. Rap Monster. I was thankful because Hee Chul
was so good to us today. We’ll be even more prepared for next time. Thank you. This has been BTS. Thank you. (They’re pumped to the end) (Congratulations to BTS
for coming 1st with “Run”) Doni! I miss you! (Weekly Idol 2015 Christmas Special) (Lovelyz Kei, Ji Soo, Su Jeong) (TWICE Tzuyu, Da Hyun, Na Yeon) (GFRIEND Yu Ju, Ye Rin, SinB) (They’re like Christmas gifts) (Making the MC’s heart race) Hee Chul. Ppuing ppuing. Turn and turn. What? Let go! (Also we open the Weekly Idol music video) (They’ve long given up on looking cool) (A hot party with 3 girl groups) (Girls that are like Christmas gifts
will be here next time) (“Run” by BTS)

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