Jennifer Lopez Sued By Paparazzi

Jennifer Lopez Sued By Paparazzi

(crowd cheering) All right, we’re back. It’s time for the legal scoop here to break down the biggest legal stories of the week is HOT BENCH Judge Tanya Acker. You recognize her.
(audience cheering) Welcome back to the show. Thank you Wendy, great to be here. We need your help, please.
Okay. Nice shoes, by the way.
I’m here, thank you. Jennifer Lopez is being sued by the paparazzi for $150,000 dollars. The paparazzi grabbed a picture of Jennifer and A Rod walking down the sidewalk and Jen posted it on her social media and then ended up taking it down. But the picture was up.
Yeap. All right, now why are they suing her? So-
Watch this. Here are some things to remember. If you are in a public place, somebody can jump out of the bushes and take your picture. And the person who snaps the picture owns the copyright. They own the rights to use the picture, even if of you, they don’t need your consent. So, what’s being alleged in this case is that because JLo is famous the paparazzo who took this picture had an opportunity to make money from the picture and that by posting it on her Instagram page- She watered down the amount of money. She watered down the market for his photo. Yeah. So he’s claiming, I know right? He’s claiming $150,000 dollars. This really strikes me as the kind of case that likely should settle. I mean, when you think about the time, and the expense, and the hassle of a lawsuit. Who knows what’ll happen, but my prediction would be that you’re not gonna wanna. Why would she wanna spend all the time fighting a $150,000-dollar case when the law very well may be on his side. We know that and she is smart enough to know that too. Right. The law is on his side, it’s just not fair. You know, somebody grabs a picture of you and you can’t post it yourself. Isn’t it kind of, it’s so counterintuitive. I mean, somebody could literally jump out of a closet, as long as it’s a public closet. (Tanya laughs) You’re at the right show.
Yeah, right. (Audience laughs) (Tanya laughs) Take your photo without your permission and then sue you if you allegedly diminish their right.
Isn’t that crazy? Yeah, the law doesn’t always do the thing that feels just. All right, so we’re still talking law. All right Judge, how about R. Kelly hiding money? Now, I’ve heard-
Yes. That he’s hiding money. So the prosecutors have alleged in court documents that R. Kelly is receiving music royalty payments and diverting those funds to a childhood friend so that he’s not as broke as he’s claimed to be. Oh!
The reason this is relevant is because the prosecutors argue that he is more of a flight risk, right? Like if you’ve got cash on hand it’s easier to charter a jet and disappear than it is if you’re broke. But there’s a paper trail with money. You know, if he’s gonna get royalty it’s gonna show whoever sent it to him, sent it to him. And then, the childhood friend is gonna have all this money in his account that he doesn’t make because maybe all he does is cut hair, or something.
(Tanya and audience laugh) You know what I mean? That’s right, that’s right. And one of the things the prosecutors have argued is that even though the friend may have access to those funds, there’s nothing that would stop R. Kelly from getting that money back or making use of it in someway. So the court ultimately sided with the prosecutor and denied his request to be released. Okay, well how’s this hiding money accusation gonna affect his case? Look, when the government is after you it’s never a good idea to give them more ammunition which with they can pile on. I just say as a general rule, try not to lie to law enforcement. Especially, when you’re already in jail. (Wendy and audience laugh)
(audience clapping) Okay, so the prosecutor is saying wants to go harsher on Lori Loughlin than on Felicity Huffman. Yes, the prosecutors have indicated that they’re going to seek a substantially higher sentence for Lori Loughlin. Now you remember, Felicity Huffman took a plea. She served 14 days in jail.
Right. The prosecution has said that they’re not spilling any state secrets when they point out that Lori Loughlin will likely face, they will likely request a harsher sentence. When you force the government to go all the way to trial and they win, you’re likely going to be on the receiving end of their trying to give you more time than you would have if you take a plea early.
Will there be a jury? There will be a jury. And so you gotta imagine, this jury is going to have to disregard everything that they heard outside. Which is tough, ’cause it’s gonna be hard to find somebody who hasn’t heard anything about this case. So they will be instructed by the judge to put aside everything.
They got what O.J. got off. Okay, (laughs).
You know what I mean? And it’s challenging, they can only focus on what happens in court. They’ve gotta disregard all of the other info that they very likely will have accumulated- Wow.
about the case. Should she just plead guilty right now? You know, it’s really a strategic decision. She, in order to, if she doesn’t take the plea you gotta think that she’s playing out that she has got a good chance at beating it. You know, it’s a calculated risk that people take. When they think that they can go to trial.
What would you do? If I were her?
Uh-huh. Well, first of all I wouldn’t be in that situation. But I’m just saying.
(audience clapping) (Wendy laughs) Would you take the plea at this point? You know, it’s hard without knowing all of the specifics of all the specific elements of her defense, which we haven’t heard yet. It’s hard for me to say what I would do. I mean, I gotta tell you, being faced with that sort of accusation and seeing that Felicity Huffman did 14 days would make a plea perhaps more appealing. But, again, you don’t know what little cookies she’s got in her tin in terms of fighting this out. So we’ll just have to wait and see. I like you being here.
(audience clapping) I like our judge talk, we need the legal throw down, you know? I love being here. It’s Judge Tanya Acker, everybody. Check her out on HOT BENCH daily. Check your local listings. (upbeat music)

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  1. In case that you’d like to peacefully picket the street next to his house demanding repentance, resignation, and the dropping of the charges against Lori Loughlin and the state judge who helped a guy escape ICE, Andrew Lelling currently lives at 18 Pond View Circle, Sharon, MA 02067, USA. #PassItOn

  2. Best thing to do is make Lori and her husband do 1,000's of hours of community service work, and a drinking and drug stipulation where they get wkly testing for 2 yrs or so! Put these rich bitches out cleaning up trash, cigg butts, road kill, painting, mowing, poop & pee at a animal shelter, farm work, etc., and restrict them from their fancy wines, liquor's, weed, and happy pills that keep them all happy! No more social bull crap parties where they can show off because they cant drink, and they will be to tired from physically working. Oh yea if they have $500,000.00 for college than they have $1 million for some charity organization. I would much rather see Lori and her girly husband on a work crew and sober, than in a cell for 30days.

  3. Which is why I love the UAE! You will be behind bars if you snap a photo of someone without their approval, celebrities or not.

  4. I’d like to know how Jennifer Lopez gained possession of the photograph before it was sold. I imagine it was intercepted while being shopped for sale amongst various publications, because it’s so interesting to see the dichotomy between the attitudes of celebrities who participate is this practice, and those who don’t.

  5. America has very funny paparazzi suing for your own pics..n ur devorce laws crazy..u need to fix it Jesus

  6. What i cant figure out is how Jennifer got the paps pic in the first place… unless he gave it to her? And then why would he do that if he still wanted to sell it? I dont get this story.

  7. Hold up hold up! Something not right! Kartrashians do it all the time. I'm thinking jlo payed the pap and git hold of the pics before he has a chance to publish it. Why else would he be upset about her posting it. He should have had it published way before she had a chance to post it and earned a fee by then!

  8. Lori’s whole attitude about the college scandal made her look worse. She didn’t do herself any favors 🤷🏻‍♀️

  9. JLo- It’s her photooooooo tho!!!!!

    About The royalty money- I would do the same, hide the money! But I wouldn’t be R Kelly!

    Lori Laughlin is too pretty for prison. Hehehe But pretty or not, you broke the law.

  10. The paparazzi person is absolutely right, she's a celebrity, a public figure, whoever took that pic of them, took it while they were in public, so therefore her image is worth money for those who make a living photographing celebrities, that photo belongs to the person who took it, obviously it's worth something if j lo herself liked it enough to post it on her own personal social media…..

  11. To steal pictures of Jennifer Lopez and use Them in the privacy in ones own home is legit & can be part of a workout program. Thouse photos with hairbuns,spandex are perfect for blood flow.

  12. That was in a public place, he took the picture (a normal picture, nothing private) in the middle of the street. Stalking/harassing is a different thing. Even fans would've been able to take a photo; and they do.
    I think the subject here is appropriation of something that is not yours and you didn't take (the photo). It is forbidden by the law and also social medias are strict when people use other people's photos….if for example JLo copies a photo of a fan and uses it as her own not mentioning the source (and not asking the permission to use it to who took it), the owner will be allowed to sue her or tell her to put it down, since it's not hers. I think it is right..referred to EVERYONE…also when is about famous people – who are public people and so know that their "level" depends also on people – cause sometimes they take advantage of their status and use fans photos and works and so on not even asking them or paying them for what they did or took. I think it's fair that at least she should've asked for permission to use the photo, and not steal it not caring about anything; btw the picture is a very good, positive one.

  13. Too cute holding ** Wendy Williams** in this show, I found all the other outfits of ** the wendy williams show ** here it's great !! ** *

  14. All celebrities should do that so the Pap isn't able to earn money off of stalking them anymore. Celebs should hire a photographer to go around with them when they are out in public, and if a Pap takes a pic, their personal photographer should take the same pic, then immediately post it. Take the power away from the pap.

  15. That's the woman from Full house.. I must been living under a rock because I'm one in probably a hand full who have no clue to what she has done.. I Don't even want to know.. I'm sure its rich folks complex… Lol.. Hope all is having a Very Awesome Day.. My Birthday was on the 11th and I totally missed this episode of Wendy😊✌

  16. If someone takes your photo in public you maintain mechanical license over the phone. This means you can reproduce it and publish it any place you want AS LONG AS YOU DON'T PROFIT FROM IT. Did she make discernible money from posting the photo? No. The case will be thrown in the garbage by the judge.

  17. Ah, if I was JLo and others that get hounded and exploited like this, this is what I'd do. You don't have to have the exact same picture. As soon as you're privacy is violated in this way, take essentially the same pic (maybe have a body guard type person ready to stand in the same spot and all, ha) and immediately post it (if that's not legal, to take a pic of yourself, omfg, that's insane). It seems eventually you'd put the mofo's out of business. And rightfully so. If the law doesn't uphold these ppl's RIGHT TO PRIVACY, at least they should be able to fight back in this way, and profit from THEIR OWN IMAGE. Just the fact that these pics go for so much money, and to someone who does virtually nothing but steal moments of a celebrity's private time, shows that its totally illegitimate. Ah, I hope she doesn't settle. It's not about money. The law is wrong on this, so I hope she fights it with top-dollar lawyers.

  18. Sorry but these people are literally nothing and no one without the media so shut up and pay the man his money and enjoy your fame mostly acquired through the media who hyped you in the first place.

  19. In glad Beyoncé hires her own professional photographers and does her own shoots so she doesn't have to rely on paparazzi or deal with clownery like this.

  20. Wendy just said WHEN ALL THEY DO IS CUT HAIR ! ??? At least they are working paying taxes and taking care of there family with just cutting hair sweaty 🥴

  21. All the celebs should try and do that when Paparazzi take their pictures. Post it first even if you don’t want to keep it, they can delete it after. Once they post the picture loses value after the paparazzi tries to sell it cause it’s up already and can be reposted for free

  22. Okay ..oookay ,
    So when one of these leeches get run over by a celeb for being In the way .
    Can they sue them for being a dumbshit ???🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  23. Here in Brazil you can’t take pics of anyone without permission. And I also don’t understand why he wants to make money off Jlo’s pic when we have her on Instagram posting her own pics and her daily life 🤷🏻‍♂️

  24. It’s clear we need new laws when someone has a right to use your image and you don’t. Especially this day and age of social media and bullies, this needs to change NOW

  25. Why didn’t the courts just make an example out of both Felicity Huffman and Lori Laughlin? Why does Felicity get a slap on the wrist for something like this? There shouldn’t be a plea deal because there are poor parents out there who lie about their mailing address when registering their kids for school just so that they can get a better education, and when they get caught their legal sentencing is ten times worse than just 14 days in jail.

  26. Everybody is hiding money … all the celebrities don’t want the elites to take back money they’ve earn so they hide it just in case the elites changes their minds about letting these puppets work

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