‘Jersey Shore’ Star Ronnie Arrested

‘Jersey Shore’ Star Ronnie Arrested

(audience cheering) Okay, this is very serious. It is time for the Inside Scoop, but here to dish is the senior correspondent from Variety. Give it up for Elizabeth Wagmeister. (audience cheers)
Elizabeth– break it down, low and slow. Ronnie from the Jersey Shore was arrested. Listen to this. Yes, so this is really a crazy story, Wendy. There’s lots of allegations going on every which way. So, Ronnie from the Jersey Shore, he was arrested at 3 a.m. early in the wee hours on Friday, in Los Angeles. So, he was arrested after a domestic disturbance involving his on-again, off-again girlfriend, Jen Harley. We’ve seen her on the show — And they have a baby together. They have a baby together, Ariana. She’s 18 months. Okay, she’s about to go into foster home. Oh my gosh, it’s so, it’s very sad. Watch what happened. So this is how serious it is, okay? Ronnie was booked in charge with kidnapping, Wendy. Now, I’m gonna get to that because the question is probably why kidnapping, it’s his daughter, but first let’s remind the Wendy watchers that this is not the first time we have heard the term domestic disturbance with Ronnie and Jen.
With these people. So, let’s go through a little timeline of their fights. Okay, so we all remember New Years last year, Jen allegedly threw an ash tray at Ronnie’s face. Wait, so she’s violent as well? Allegedly, yes, but she has been arrested twice, so yes, she has been violent, allegedly. Alleged. Now, she also claims that Ronnie ransacked her home, a flat TV screen was ruined, a lot of things were a mess. So they don’t live together? Well, at that time they did not. Now, where this whole arrest went down on Friday, it’s actually an Airbnb that they’re renting together in the Hollywood Hills, but one more thing I wanna remind you of, Wendy, do you remember when they got in a fight in a car and Jen allegedly dragged Ronnie — As the car was rolling? As the car was rolling. And the baby was in the backseat. Exactly. And it was after midnight. Yes, so the baby’s been involved in many of these alleged, violent situations with them. Now, I just wanna remind you, though, charges were dropped in both of those cases for Jen, but now we get to this, and Wendy, to me this is the craziest fight that they’ve had of all. Friday night, three o’clock in the morning? Yes, so earlier in the day, they were actually at a launch party for Ronnie’s new CBD line, which is called VERGE. Everything seemed to be fine, they packed on the PDA there. Something took a quick turn — A CBD line? A CBD line. What is that? A marijuana line. That’s a story for another day, Wendy. (laughter)
We gotta get to this because there’s so many details here, okay. So, they get home and allegedly Ronnie hit Jen. So, she goes outside, she’s screaming, saying somebody is — you know, my daughter’s in danger. There is somebody with a knife. He allegedly was running around chasing her with a knife. Now, FOX 11 Los Angeles, okay? They’re the local station in LA. They’re the ones who first broke the story and we see footage right here. Now, I was told that he was not blinking. I didn’t want to see this piece of footage until I got out here to see it with everybody else. Now is he high? (audience murmurs) What does he do coke? Here’s the thing. I cannot comment on that, I do not know. No, I’m asking questions.
(audience roars) All I’m saying, Wendy, is we do know what we do know. We know that Ronnie went to rehab and he was working on his sobriety, so we do know that, but — But he has a CBD business? He has a CBD business. Which is legal, so you know. But back to this, so you look at that footage, it’s very chilling, he’s being carried out on a stretcher, he’s handcuffed. Well what happened is Jen went out running and neighbors heard her, so neighbors actually called the police. The police responded to multiple calls of battery. When they show up, they’re knocking on the door pounding. Ronnie won’t come out, he’s in there with the kids, so they’re worried, he’s in the there with the kid, the child could be in danger. So they end up knocking down the door, forcing in entry. He was allegedly being so uncooperative, they tased him. (audience roars) Okay, now Wendy. Now where’s the baby at this point? The baby’s in the house at this point. In the crib, or on the floor? Good news, the baby is unharmed, okay. Little Ariana made it out safe, which is the most important. Jen allegedly had some minor injuries. But all I have to say, Wendy, I’m an entertainment expert, not a criminal expert, but it doesn’t take a criminal expert to know if you’re being tased, there’s a fire being put out with the police, which is bad. Now, will they draw his blood and find out what he was on? I don’t know, but what I do know, Wendy, is that he was taken to the hospital to check him out. He was cleared, then he ended up being booked and charged with kidnapping. Okay, so that’s interesting, it’s his kid, but he was holding the kid inside, and Jen was outside saying my kid’s in danger, so that’s why the kidnapping charge comes about. Now I have to tell you, he ended up posting bail for $100,000. That’s a big amount of money. That means this is a very serious situation. So he’s probably gonna go to jail. They don’t need to be together, and the baby’s gonna go to protective custody, so then there’s another orphan out here. But let me tell you Wendy.
Damn it, man. So the thing is that’s very interesting, is just 12 hours before that we has arrested, they seemed fine. So TMZ actually caught them, they were out, they were holding hands. Look at them, here. They were saying everything’s fine, we’re back together. He even joked about his friend Mike The Situation, who we all know, he just got out of jail in September for eight months, which he served for tax evasion. The Jersey Shore cast, they know how to keep themselves in the Headlines, that’s for sure. But Ronnie he joked, he said, “look how jacked he got in jail. “I actually wanna go to jail so I can get jacked.” Well looks like he maybe spoke too soon because we all know what happened. Okay. Now, this Robert De Niro case, another crazy case. Okay, so Wendy, this one is crazy, but by the way, actually one thing I do wanna say with Ronnie, because I’m a journalist, I have to give the facts. His lawyer did release a statement to me, which I just wanna read. He said, “The reporting of the alleged incident relating “to Ronnie yesterday is based upon pure speculation “and innuendo. “We are currently conducting our own investigation “and will have no further comment “until that’s been concluded.” I need the doctors at the hospital to draw some blood. Okay. And sift through that. Okay, you tell ’em Wendy.
(audience claps) Now back to De Niro. So, there’s a lot of drama going on with Robert De Niro. His production company. It’s crazy. So, this is crazy, okay. So Graham Chase Robinson, she’s a former employee, she started out as De Niro’s executive assistant. In 2008, worked there for 11 years, rose the ranks, became a big executive. Well in August, De Niro in his company — In his company? Yes, they sued her for $6 million for breach of duty and fraud. Now she doesn’t have that kind of money, and he doesn’t need it, why? Let me tell you why, because these claims Wendy are absolutely bonkers, it’s like you can’t make this up. So they allege that she was charging the corporate card hundreds of thousands of dollars for personal expenses. She used a lot of frequent flyer miles from the company for her personal travel, which amounted to $125,000, and my favorite part, which I shouldn’t say favorite, it’s not funny, but it kind of is, she was watching Netflix on the job. She took Netflix and chill to a whole new meaning. She watched 55 hours of Friends. So what? 21 episodes of Friends. (audience roaring) So what, that’s called multitasking, but if their job though has a TV sitting right there, like there’s some jobs that allows — Well — I mean, after our show goes off, the staffers light up every TV around here, watching TV and doing their work. Well that’s because they have to be up to date with all the hot topics. Well so does she. (audience laughs)
Okay well let me tell you, she agrees with you Wendy,
(audience claps) because she’s calling BS on this, too. And she’s suing him. Yeah, so now there’s a counter suit for $12 million and she is calling gender discrimination and wage violation. Uh oh, no, no. She is saying that the male employees there made more than her and that when she confronted De Niro about it, that he said, “Well a man with a family “should make more than a woman without kids.” (audience boos)
Now she’s also calling inappropriate behavior. She has a few claims among them are that he would ask her to scratch his back, he would take meetings in a pajamas in a bath robe, he spoke about his Viagra use. Oh. So she has some interesting claims there. But he might have spoken about the Viagra use because as the assistant, it’s your job to call the pharmacy and ring me up. There you go, see two sides of the story. (audience claps) And also, if he was having meetings at his house, and he had on a robe and boxers and stuff, I mean, that’s clothes, he wasn’t exposing himself, was he? No, not according to her claims. So that’s why, there’s two sides to every story, but she is saying that he spoke to her “in a hostile and abusive way”. Those were her exact words. To prove that point, her lawyers released a voicemail from De Niro — I know, play that. This is disgusting. [De Niro Voiceover] You (beep) don’t answer my calls? How dare you? You’re about to be fired. You’re (beep) history. How dare you? Don’t (beep) get angry with me ’cause I’m pissed off ’cause I didn’t get a single thing that I need right now. You gotta be (beep) kidding me. You spoiled brat, (beep) you. (audience boos) I mean, some people might say it’s not a crime to be a bully, or a bad boss, but anyway, De Niro’s attorney, they say it’s all bogus, they’re rejecting all the claims. They actually said the allegations are beyond absurd, that’s the exact words that they used. But I have to tell you, Wendy, I know where Robert De Niro was right after these allegations broke. Where was he? At the bar? Not at the bar.
Strip club? He was at Variety’s New York party because he’s on the cover of Variety this week. It’s our New York issue, there he is on the cover with Al Pacino. For our annual New York issue, he was at the annual New York party. I have to tell you, he seemed very unfazed. He made some comments, he did not speak at all about the lawsuit. The only thing he did was say some words about Trump, which he does all the time. So, he didn’t seem fazed by this lawsuit. Thank you, Elizabeth, for filling us in. (audience claps) Thank you, Wendy. Elizabeth Wagmeister, everybody.

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  1. Ronnie & Jen both have a cocaine addiction which explains there violent behavior.Anyonei used the drug can relate to there behavior.They both need long inpatient rehab.But if they dont want to get off it no one i mean NO ONE will change them.The baby is the only victim in this relationship.Hope family takes over and custody of the baby goes to them before DCFS gets involved….


  3. Per DeNiro… I heard him say something about “don’t yell at me” which means this is being taken out of context. I HATE when women play the “woman” card because they can. 🙄

    I need the back and forth that went on before anything can be determined because by his tone and choice of words, something she said triggered him. And just because you’re a woman doesn’t mean you cannot and will not be yelled at. That is so ignorant. You wanna be treated equally like a man, well there you go.

  4. Ron and Jen are both toxic I don’t feel bad for either of them only one I feel bad for is the baby. Some people don’t need children at all. Smdh

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  6. What would you do if you’re a star and you have events and NOTHING gets done. You got to an appearance and look like a fool. That’s my guess what sparked that voicemail.

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    That poor little girl doesn’t need to grow up witnessing her parents toxic relationship!!! Where CPS when you need them ?!

    Sammie watching this like not my circus not my monkey

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  11. He loves that little girl and that woman is bat$hit crazy. Brings out the worst in him. I actually think he's more stable than her.

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  18. CBD does not make you high, it is the part of the plant that is used for pain treatment it's THC that makes you high.

  19. At this point they need to leave each other. What’s sad is that in real life people have their kids taken away for domestic violence, sometimes even if the kids aren’t even in the home. Now reality stars like this couple who have had so many domestic disputes and while the child is in the home, and have even been arrested, and the kid is still allowed to be in the home. Where is DCFS or child protective services!!!!!????

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