Jimmy Kimmel Talks to Perfectly Named People

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  1. My current boss is a dentist and is called Braun-Knoblauch. Wich is german and means "Brown-garlic", even i joke about that sometimes

  2. For years I have passed by a sign for an optometrist named B.D. Eagle. Then one day I took a closer look and it is actually D.B. Eagle at which point I walked in and made an appointment.

  3. I had a teacher named Mr. Clark and are school is on Clark St
    Our school is Craig Williams and our principal’s name was Mrs. Williams with another 2 of my teachers with the same name at the same school
    And my bossy middle school PE teacher’s name was Ms. Bos

  4. I thought it would be what they look like they should be called. For example when people say. “You look like a bob”.

  5. My nephew's name is "Lance Spears". He did some acting when he was young, always thought it would have been perfect if he had gone to work as a jouster at "Medieval Times".

  6. My father in law is a mortician his last name is Grimsley.
    My husband owned a haunt attraction (house) and well his last name is Grimsley lol

  7. My elementary school principal’s name was Mrs. Schooley ? I also had an English teacher in elementary called Mrs Printy

  8. I had already subscribed but just to save that invisible hamster I hit the subscribe button again and I unsubscribed. Thanks Jimmy. Hope the hamster made it.

  9. I’m a little dense so I don’t get the Hyman one.. I know I’m a little late however if anyone would like to clear this up for me it would be appreciated.

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