Judges Get Angry On X Factor & Idols | Top Talents

Judges Get Angry On X Factor & Idols | Top Talents

All right yeah, man, let’s do this I’m Mason noise. I’m 22 and I’m from Birmingham what I did in the first performance a lot of people had never seen that before I Proved myself, and I’ve set a precedent when it comes to this performance. I’m gonna do it yet again And I bring something known as sin before this is made some noise This is a Mason Lewis concert to show the world that this is what’s coming rather than to please the judges As long as I do what I do, then is gonna blow people’s minds six chair challenge Nothing couldn’t be more ready for it. Yeah I’m very well. Thank you, and can you introduce yourselves, please? My name is Mason noise, so I need you to make some noise Thank You Mason how did you think your first audition went that’s Rita? You are feeling it and Mason what are you gonna perform for us now because as you can see there’s six full chairs there So how have you come prepared for this? You’ll see? Okay Good little Mason Oh yeah, Oh sugar you sexy You’re You know how we do You’re crazy With the beat back Do the lights off That’s not to say I Wonder say You know what I invite you all to film this. I put up your phones Being an afro 5000 people out Now listen may search Mason just one second What gives you the right to say that? Listen I know you’re talking to me. Not then okay. I’ll go for a straight With the first audition I watched on Saturday People had ten minute sluts And I went to 47 seconds Mesa be know what you are five seconds away from getting thrown off this stage A problem then just go I got a problem criticize these guys listen I’m Mason you should have been doing I’m doing this for you. I’m doing this for entertainers there. I’m doing this for art, and so you are big. She’s real Don’t tell me how long you should have on this show Salem, I should have on my show I’m bringing art. Why did she shut down? Invasive why did she? grow This is like I’m bringing em potatoes shut it Why don’t you first of all Apologize to these guys over there who spent hours Editing your tape and come on and insult my show and install these producers Oh, why should I let it go? For us tonight All of the same was they cook my first performance – 47 seconds from my press before while the best Foreman says I might be Disappointed to him because I think he’s talented he would have had a chair We would have had a chat I’m gonna sing Zed clarity, okay. Let’s hear that High dive in the frozen waves as the pass comes back to life The clock ticks, and I break your glass, and I drown in you again But you are the piece of me, I wish I didn’t need chasing Relentlessly still fight, and I don’t know why if The insanity why are you my clarity? Okay Can I be honest with you of course can Simon okay, you didn’t sing the song well really it’s an audition I’ve heard 10,000 times in my life talking I’ve heard anyone sound like me before Simon You know this room. It really shows you up. I don’t think that’s fair Simon. I’ve never heard anything like that before Okay, we’re gonna have to vote, babe Louie rain. I’m going to say yes. Thank you so much Louie. Thank you I just don’t think it’s right for XIV to working 14 hours a day in studios every day of my life, I haven’t stopped making my own music, don’t you yeah? Don’t judge mornin. I said yeah, thank you so much. You need one more I’m gonna say no okay, Simon. I’m sorry Are you sorry? I’m sorry. I didn’t impress him I really wanted to impress him, and it was the most important person for me to impress you know Sure well, that’s not fair Please change. You know it’s a lot of it to do with what you see in the room No, that’s not fair come on. No really honestly Okay all right She’s a hustler that sees her off. She’s a hustler. She’s not likable at all She would be at nightmare literally a nightmare Please where’s the music person? Can I sing another song for you still better make a difference baby, I know I can do this I know I put it in me. I will not let you down. I want this so much Simon Where’s the music person is don’t let me go Watching myself Drift in no way a Vision so dark. I cannot say Where do we go and we welcome the light who do we call at the edge of night? Carry me close. It’s like the teardrops in your I Can give you On the shadow by your side delivery Okay Gleason let me go Simon I’m gonna be honest with you. You don’t know how much I want this I’ve I think I do That was a lot better than the first summer I actually felt We were hearing and seeing the real you that time yeah, I wrote that song to myself that song. Thank you But you actually performed it. I know it was really strange. How could it be honest with you rain, you know you were boring Which is why I said, no. Okay? Whether it’s a small room or whether it’s the arenas you cuz I mean looking like a star Okay Okay, I’m gonna say yes, thank you What’s all this it’s a lie was it supposed to be There where are your pants I’m complete is it by force. This is this is obscenity before the camera man has having fun Huh Yeah, it’s all who you are what that’s your name You say you’re representing fella you learn like this University fill out stage like this yes, then you’re a liar Climb the stage what is on the pants white one sailor clam station excuse me shut up What’d I tell you take it from me? Baby do you understand? Phil I never climb the stage With his underpants in it whatever okay? What ever get that road representation? Why not? I love do you understand me get that right first before we start Sing Hello African listen to me like Africans I don’t be Jane to man at all. I don’t be gentle man at all. I don’t be Jane – man I’m not be doing – mom at all. I not be gentle – man at all. I don’t be Jane – man I told him I know be Jane – man. I told her I think I’m at Regina. I don’t be gentle man. I told you Africa man who do not I know pretend – man, I told you Take it con job You chop small small you say you been a fool you say you begin – man, okay now just You make my stomach turn in anger You know because everything you’ve done now is sickening and very insulting to the great world : Fella sir That was all his children for god sake I don’t know you see people dis wrong impressions Fella only put on his underpants in his house on His stage he dressed up You’ve come here before the whole wall before the camera are you wearing your briefs? And I make sense to you He must be on some wrong pills Another most horrible watch with my head yet, it’s okay just You

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  1. english is not my first language so couldn't understand whad mason said or did , can someone explain me plz ?

  2. This Mason dude is really crappy singer… just stereotypical hip hop jackass attitude :/ The biggest tragedy of this "perfromance" is that girls really like this imbecile.

  3. Omg the last dude why tf this judge is so awful the dude really look like he have issues and he was so innocent listening to this stupid ass insulting him that way

  4. Isn't that baseball hat gang-banger look of the pop-culture mentally enslaved morons of the idiocracy worn out?

  5. Every time I see that first clip and hear Rita say “that’s called Kayne West effect”, I know she means that Kayne West is an ass who is severely conceited but that dude is thinking she is complimenting Kayne and it annoys me. Lol. I have no idea why. Lol

  6. Mason Noise is just that! An empty drum making a lot of noise with nothing tangible whatsoever inside! He is an absolute asshole!!

  7. Umm…. Mason you're doing something no one's ever seen before….? Pretty sure every single thing you did during the performance, a shit ton of people have done many many many times. What's new about dancing? Singing? Grabbing your dick every other second? Having a back up vocalist join you on stage? Where's the oh so original performance??? … Get over yourself you aren't as awesome as your narcissistic ass thinks you are. You have such bad energy. Yuck. ?

  8. I didn't like Raign at all but I don't like Cheryl even more. She was just being a petty bitch. You want to be more important than Simon, you fucking bitch. Raign sang beautifully, she should've gotten 4 yeses.

  9. Cheryl, you look like a fucking jealous bitch when you say no just because she said Simon was important. You should just stay in your place and judge their voice, and not act like a 15 year old petty jealous bitch.

  10. That last judge was such a raging homophobe. He was probably most upset by his own boner from seeing the guy walk on stage.

  11. I feel very sorry for the african guy who dressed up like his ancestors and who made upsed one of his…how sad it is for one of the judges not to support him coz of white mind blowing ?…you did well maaannn!!! Sorry that you’ve been betrayed by one of yours!!!?

  12. Mason did have a point. Duck these talentless judges and producers it's just insane how much money they put into and then shame indie artists. Well who cares I'm just here for fun :p

  13. Everyone is coming after Cheryl after the second audition in this video by the young lady. I don’t think she was ticked off by her saying that Simon’s judgment was most important to her, I think Cheryl didn’t like her attitude and I completely agree. I’m glad the young lady got another chance, but those first few moments of her saying something along the lines such as “I’ve worked too hard for this” and “I think you’re wrong, I’ve never heard a voice as unique as mines” were very annoying. She barely allowed the judges to even critique her performance. She has a nice voice, but the attitude needs to change. She maybe didn’t mean to come off as rude, but that’s how it seemed to the judges at first. Just my opinion…

  14. Was this the first guys plan? Like he knows even people that win sometime fade quickly .. so he had to stand out so he took the risk here getting kicked out and being more famous for that??

    By the way did it work?? I have no idea i didnt watch the or havent heard of him but how did this go for him? I actually hope it worked for him I liked his style! Anyone know?

  15. The noise guy is a prick. Such an asshole. He has no likeable qualities what so ever…. Plus the bitch can't sing. All I can say is that anyone who liked that….. their taste is all in their mouth.

  16. DELUSIONAL, DELUSIONAL, DELUSIONAL – I admit, these people can sing WAY better than I EVER could hope to…however, they just don't have the talent nor charisma (or politeness/ humbleness) necessary to become that recording artist….even a dolt like myself can see that. SHAME on the people in their lives that encourage these people.

  17. Dude have two high energy performances! Can't really judge his talent, but great stage presence! And he fucked it up in 2 seconds!! Definitely someone who likely would not handle success!

  18. Mason get off your high horse you are not all that Dude Nothing is Original about him at all…Boooooo than that Dude came on stage like he was about to something when he didn't do shit…WHACK ASS???????

  19. Oh wow. That last guy, I think he should have explained himself & then stripped before doing his chant. That Judge was SO angry!

  20. That mason noise was without any talent. He just thought himself that he was the new elvis,what a complete moron.

  21. That mason noise was without any talent. He just thought himself that he was the new elvis,what a complete disaster.

  22. Is no one going to mention, panty man???. Who shows up in their undies to an audition?? And the one judge, not having it?!!!

  23. That Mason guy is mighty annoying!! He is so full of himself. That is not the right attitide if u ever wanna succeed in life.

  24. 10:00 you can just tell that her ‘upset face’ was fake, the moment he said it was better the upset ness disappeared

  25. Mason really screwed up. He was pretty good but his attitude destroyed it. Respect and being humble is crucial and he just ruined himself. Get him, Simon!

  26. Mason Noise throwing a tantrum on national television… ? Arrogant Attention-seeker, you're not that talented to have this awful attitude ??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️

  27. Simon deserves respect and to think that this asshole thinks he deserves our respect! Justin Bieber, Usher, Snoop Dog, Lady Gaga, Rihana, Selena, Taylor Swift and all got to where they are now because they have respect for the likes of Simon Cowel, Scooter Braun, LA Reid. Who the fuck are you to show disrespect to Simon! You will never make it!

  28. we all know that Simon has the best taste and the most honestly thats why he wasn’t smiling through out mason’s whole performance

  29. Mason wanted to cry. He was on the verge of tears. Upset about not getting enough air time and he just ruined his whole career. Where is he making noise now? Nowhere ?

  30. I really really Love you Cheryl for saying No to the Horse faced lady,.
    She sings ok but I’m not impressed,.
    That’s my opinion,.
    Thanks guys,…..!!!!!

  31. Arhhh cheyral got pissed off and rejected cause Simon was who she wanted to impress such a poor saddened little bitch u ain't as important as Simon and never will be ur last two records have been complete shit, ur well over cue to stop singing and certainly arnt experienced to judge anyone to be fair I though that girl was different and good , hate Cole, she's one deluded person ,

  32. What in the hooer-arsed hell was that last one. I've seen some jokers on these audition clips in the past. But that wins the crown.

  33. I bet for the rest of his life he regretted that. Being proud in a moment only makes sense if you’re right

    He is being rude to a show that’s giving him a chance.

    Although a lot of people don’t know, they already know who their picking.

    American idol, season one with kelly, she already had a contract with l.a records and had been living in la for over a year

    Her whole back story was fake

  34. I would make some noise, and it would sound like, "GET THE F_CK OFF THE STAGE YOU LEGEND IN YOUR OWN MIND MORON"! WTF is wrong with those women? Honestly you could convince them to eat sh_t on a stick if they thought it would make them popular, or fit in with the herd.

  35. later in this video there is a segment from Africa, with African judges. They, in my opinion got very nasty with the contestant, in a way I have not seen before, it upset me. The contestant rolled up in his white underwear, for some reason.

  36. No Matter how talented you r . . The truth is that everything sucks with a bad attitude….. honestly , shitty people messess evry crtive show

  37. The secound girl singing clarity. Holly Gervis that was on here once before sounded just like this bitch. But they didn’t let her in. But let this ghost looking slut? This is insane. They both sung identical. Only thing different is holly had a big mouth.

  38. Cheryl in my option already looked pissed when that girl walked in she so petty for saying no I think she needs to change her attitude

  39. God Simon just really like getting his ego's cock sucked doesn't he. He loves it so much that the girl knows how to kiss ass.

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