Keith VS Rylan In ‘The Crying Challenge’ | Celebrity Juice | Series 9

Keith VS Rylan In ‘The Crying Challenge’ | Celebrity Juice | Series 9

ah I’ll drop me out
BuChE BuChE drop that you Hey drop me out I’m Ryland I’m Ryland
and that’s Ryland and this is the crying challenge what we gotta do is produced
at Tier three one the person to produce the tier first is the winner we know
it’s that easy proper age I’ll shoot you shoot your math is that got me a chop me
chop me add back to studio to decide who’s gonna win the crying challenge juice see ya first who do you think it’s
gonna win Rylan or me Hollis team buddies the captor I think she needs
your your immediate reaction the pair of you was Rylan based on what Rylan
doesn’t like that that’s what he did the whole team we got a beak I think we
gotta go I don’t think it probably didn’t come from anywhere deep and
meaningful I think you just kept your eyes open for long times I think you
cheated so you say Rylan you can mainly have a look and see who won the crying
challenge oh so here we are with sat on the sofa
with Nicole shirt swinging it’s that famous scene from x-factor you produced
it is let’s see if we can produce the tears now we’ve got a series of sad
props in a box down here let’s see what the doctor was stopped I’ve got some
fake tongue in there is empathy you’ve got a picture of Ryland we’ve got
um we’ve got a picture of him carrying the dog who died
really I miss him Oh guess I’m just too manly to cry what’s
there okay carry snow is piling on of Maria
fee now cozy space it was a while ago welcome you’ll never let you say that
you said

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