Kit Harington Reveals Fondest “Game of Thrones” Memory | E! Red Carpet & Award Shows

Kit Harington Reveals Fondest “Game of Thrones” Memory | E! Red Carpet & Award Shows

-Thank you very much, Giuliana. Kit Harington is here, celebrating for being nominated as
Lead Actor for “Game of Thrones.” Need I say more about that? Congratulations. -Thank you very much. Thank you. -It must be a little odd that, usually, you´re with your
whole team, and you´re kind of flying solo tonight. -Yeah. I haven´t got my gang. -Yeah. -It´s odd. It is odd. I haven´t been to these things without the rest of us
around. So I´m a little, like, jealous of the kind of “Succession”
dudes or whatever. They´ve all got friends. -Jealousy? No. Not jealous. Come on. What a run you guys have had. -Yeah. -And when you think about the character Jon Snow that you
played for so many years — or do you think about it? Maybe you don´t even think so much — -I think about him all the time. -I mean, ´cause I know the fans are still obsessed about
him, but you might not think about him as much as you did. What is your fondest memory of playing in that role? -It was always just getting into costume and the first day,
getting into that outfit and just sort of being back on set, being back with him as a character. I loved it. You know, I, like — But it´s in retrospect you start loving
it. You moan about it a lot at the time. -Well, it´s hard work. You´re in these locations. You´re putting on the wardrobe. But it goes by fast when you look back, doesn´t it? -Yeah. It does go by fast. It does. And it was 10 years like that. -Yeah. -And, at the same time, not like that. It´s this whole period of my life which I feel has been a
big thing to detach from. It´s taken a little while. -Well, good luck tonight. Happy belated birthday. I´m on the 24th of December, and you´re on the 26th? Right. -6th. 26th. -So, I hope you got everything that you wanted. -Yeah, commiserations to you, too. -Thank you so much. I appreciate it, brother. Good to see you.

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  1. It’s really a shame that Kit was the only actor from GoT to be nominated. Every single one of that brilliantly talented cast should have been recognized! Regardless of how people felt about season 8, GoT was magnificent, a game changer, and truly epic!

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