Korean Girls Try K-pop Idol Makeup For The First Time – TWICE & BLACKPINK

Korean Girls Try K-pop Idol Makeup For The First Time – TWICE & BLACKPINK

Wait! Wait! What did you just do? Wait a sec! Don’t worry
I can do this The color is kinda red…looks like gochujang
(Red Pepper Paste) (Laugh) KOREAN GIRLS TRY
– TWICE & BLACKPINK – Today, I am going to transform her into Tzuyu from Twice What kind of makeup is it? – Vampire makeup
– (Laugh) I really want to try the Blackpink makeup today THE BOYS
FROM K-POP IDOLS Her eyes are really smokey and her lips are really red Tzuyu had red lips in the M/V…and she was really beautiful…and sexy ( KK : How long does it usually take for you to put on makeup? ) For me…it takes about five minutes
I hardly wear any makeup – I can do much better than someone who only spends five minutes doing makeup
– (Laugh) I’m good at drawing..and I am really
skillful with my hands I can do this – Really!
– O…kay~I believe your words TIME TO TRY Let’s put this on your hair so that I may look like a professional makeup artist I think I have to accentuate your eyes… I have never done eye makeup before… – You were saying you can do this!
– I can do a lot better than you…Don’t worry Let’s try it out – Is this the right way?
– (Nodding) Nose too, right? It feels like you’re just drawing things on my face It feels like you are applying too much on my face I don’t see the difference Why are you pushing like that? – Are you sure this is the right way?
– Huh? – O…kay
– I am really curious right now I like using this for the eyebrows… I feel like I’ve become a sheet of paper… Your eyebrows are now thicker than before But it’s not the right color Huh? What? The color is different from the color of your eyebrows I think she actually dyed her eyebrows… – I should draw up to this point, right?
– Right Oh – I am really bad at this
– Huh? (Shocked) – Wait…That felt strange, didn’t it?
– Waaaaait! Something was weird – (Laugh)
– Don’t laugh! I am not going to ruin your makeup
I promise (Full of distrust) – Should I draw up to this point? Is this the normal way?
– Yup Ah…You should’ve told me earlier… This is not right…
(Full of despair) Yeah (Laugh) (Laugh)
How do I look? I’m totally screwed…right? Why are your hands shaking so much! Everything’s fine…(Repeat) It looks great when you open your eyes Open your eyes and look at me Look at that – Am I pretty?
– I told you! Eyeliner… Uh huh Stay still Oh…This looks really authentic – Oh!
– Wait! Wait! What did you just do? Wait a sec! I can do this! I can do this! – Oh!
– Oh! Uh…I don’t think this color is the right one I just made dark circles under her eyes… Let’s stop now
I think I might ruin your face if I continue the makeup Lips? Lips?
(Anxious) Where should I start and where should I stop? – Do I have to cover the inner part too? Is this the right spot?
– Yes – Uh…
– You really ask a lot of questions Is this the right product? Here’s your wet wipe – What is this for?
– Cleaning your teeth (Laugh) – Do I look okay?
– Good What should I do? I think the same thing’s going to happen over and over again Is this right? Why are the lips the most difficult? Was there an easy part? I thought that lips would be the most easy one… – Okay
– Not okay! – Hey~ It’s all gone! What the!
– (Laugh) The color is kinda red…looks like gochujang
(Red Pepper Paste) (Laugh) This is how you do it, right?
Let me spray this (Mist Product) on you Finished~
HER THE RESULTS (LAUGH) Oh? Looks okay to me What the heck did you do to my face… What’s what? But I don’t like look like Jisoo (from Blackpink) The makeup looks similar to hers – So you are saying that it’s my face,
not the makeup huh?
– Yup, your face was the problem here Ugh..I’m not going to look
(Full of despair) Hey c’mon it’s not THAT bad – I like this makeup
– “LIKE” – See?
(Proud of himself) – Are you sure this is the best you can do?
– I could have done better Whatever I did below your eyes all
turned out looking like dark circles How do they do it so it doesn’t look like that?? That’s the difference between their makeup and mine I look really scary with this makeup – No! Tzuyu’s makeup was also really scary
– Nooooooo~ She was really pretty Yup…She was pretty in the M/V (Makeup artist’s final touch) The eyebrows which I did not like… turned brown! Her eyebrows are really neat now The makeup on her eyes didn’t turn out so well And the lips…
I really had a hard time finding the right color The colors look really different
before and after applying them I think I am satisfied now I might try out this look sometime
when I’m in a good mood I’ve had professional makeup artists do my makeup So I am used to these things When I look at her now overall.. I wasn’t that bad…at all Makeup is something that shouldn’t be done by amateurs like me – Let me do the makeup again after taking some lessons…
– (Laugh)

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  1. The red haired guy looks like Simon D haahhaahha I couldn't recognise at first because he's skinnier and didn't speak with busan accent 😂😂😂

  2. 여자분 왜 케이블타이를 목에 ㄷㄷㄷ
    내가 다 숨이 막힐거같아요 제발
    남자분은 은근 메컵 잘하신다

  3. The girl that had the makeup done by the boy with red hair, what lipstick did she had on? It's super cute and I would like to have one

  4. The guy with red hair was featured in one of their videos where they get to style their couple's hair but the girl was different, does this mean they broke up?

  5. Black Pink e Twice com n dar like kkkk, mas tmb n è só por isso. Gostei bastante só vídeo pq ele é bem legal engraçado e divertido

  6. If the girl who was getting the Tzuyu look had neater lipstick, I think it would look ok, the hirl getting thr Jisoo look, looks nice

  7. Lol what is this the 2nd girl look really bad. Do her right next time… If she ever given u another chance

  8. "this is gonna look great when you open your eyes." she opens then all that thick eye liner is gone! HAHAHA

  9. The dude with the white hair's girlfriend looks better more natural and the other girl's boyfriend did a really good job on her makeup.

  10. OK, I think the title doesn't match the content of the video. I guess this is about some random dudes (NON makeup artists) trying to imitate a kpop idol makeup.

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