List of Celebrities Who Committed Suicide In 2019 | Celebrity News 2019 (Celebrity Breaking News)

List of Celebrities Who Committed Suicide In 2019 | Celebrity News 2019 (Celebrity Breaking News)

Hello everyone, this is a disclaimer and
you can choose to ignore this disclaimer if you want and continue watching this
video after skipping the first two minutes of this video. We had started
compiling celebrity death lists since January 2018. Not just Hollywood media
celebrities, but we had also tried to cover worldwide media celebrity death
reports on a monthly basis. Within this time we have also made quite a few
mistakes and tried our best to solve them as well. Even after making mistakes
we still got love and appreciation from our audience. Due to many updates in 2018,
there were a few changes made to the YouTube Partner Program and community
Guideline. For this reason our earlier format for all our videos did not comply
with the new guidelines for the YouTube Partner Program. That’s why we had chosen
to work with a new format that has a voiceover for all our videos. But most of
our audience did not like this new format and wanted us to go back to our
old format with slow music and information in text. We decided to go
back to this old format for our worldwide celebrity death lists after
hearing from our audience to a community poll. Now we will just add
a bit of voiceover in the beginning of our every new monthly celebrity death list
series so that the meet YouTube Partner Program and community guidelines. Our
audiences our strengths and we love our audience so we have gone back to our old
format. We really hope that our audience loves this format in again showers us
with love and appreciation. So welcome to celebrity news today and here is a list
of celebrities who committed suicide in the year 2019.
May all these celebrities rest in peace! you you

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  1. Suicide is real. It can't be cured or wished away. Please. If you love them at all, pay attention to your friends and family. If you have suspicious thoughts or feelings that they are making plans, get them help immediately.

  2. So sad like jack from Titanic would have said I was wondering what where these people going through that they felt there was no way out but honestly I would say don't take your own life it's not the answer whatever you're going through there is a solution

  3. Most by hanging and most younger than me….Tragic all the way! Depression or other issues out of control, CALL THIS NUMBER 1-800-273-8255 SUICIDE PREVENTION LINE. Sometimes just talking helps!

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