Motorcycle Expert Breaks Down Celebrity Bikes | Fine Points | GQ

Motorcycle Expert Breaks Down Celebrity Bikes | Fine Points | GQ

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  1. This guy is pretty cool, I think. He covers a wide range of different aspects of motorcycles and the culture, says a lot with the words he uses.

    Id guess GQ reached out to the bike makers, got sponsors, and talked about those people's bikes.

  2. Your jobs maybe supposed to be, mechanics…..Keanu Reeves he is a show man, not a mechanics….or trying to be, by sitting on one of them, chopper?

  3. Used the V4 to point out what he liked about the tail of the Pani 1199 🤣. “Ktm rc8 1000cc” crooked hat took some “knowledge” off eh

  4. By the end of every sentence his voice becomes so low that I have to increase my headphone's volume and BAM his next sentence starts with him shouting in the mic. Unwatchable.

  5. His mate builds Hellcats, and he calls them choppers…………. THEN he calls Beckhams Knucklehead a chopper……….. GQ just murdered the internet for me with this douchebag………

  6. European bikes are better…yeah that's why Marq Marquez had been owning everyone on a Japanese Honda for the past few years. What a wanker

  7. Nobody gonna comment on brooklyn Beckhams "photography"? 😂
    Genuinely taken multiple better photos on my phone in the last 2 days..

  8. The image of that Panigale isn't the 1199, it's actually the V4 which has it's differences. The 1199 has 2 cylinders. The V4 has 4 cylinders. And it's more powerful than the 1199 one

  9. Man this guy just sounds so unenthusiastic and condesending its a pain to watch, also he doesn't really seem like an expert tbh

  10. I like single sided swinging arms…… I got one on my VTR…….
    You should have used a Real "Expert" though…. and someone please tell Keanu that those footpegs are in the wrong place.!! lol.!

  11. So this guy is completely clueless about what motorcycles really are all about and what makes them handle well Etc. But as far as poser value goes he obviously has his credential well stacked up in that area. Pathetic.

  12. lets be clear… if he was an expert he wouldnt say something like that about onehundert times and he also sounds unsure so yeah…

  13. So, according to this dude motorcycles are something like fashion accesories, they're all cool but he never rode any of them…

  14. expert???? He googled all the facts 10 mins before recording. He should ride more and get in touch with his inner warrior…….

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