Motorcycle Expert Breaks Down Celebrity Bikes Pt 2 | Fine Points | GQ

Motorcycle Expert Breaks Down Celebrity Bikes Pt 2 | Fine Points | GQ

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  1. I said it in the last video before I watch it but here we go again. They better have Jason Mamoa he has some crazy bikes

    Update: they didn’t have him. Like this comment so they see it and put him in the next one.

  2. I started with a ninja 500r, probably the best bang for a buck for a beginner and sold it for the same price I bought it for and very manageable fun performance and easy to maintain motorcycle ?

  3. New upload? Samatta, you didn't like the comments on the previous video due to the fact that this guy ISN'T really a bike expert? You guys make good videos, this isn't one of them.

  4. 4:15 Thats wrong. Cross plane crank is NOT like that of a Ferrari, Ferrari has a flat plane V8 crank that is the same configuration like most 4 cylinder bikes. Cross plane crank is like that of a american V8 engine.

  5. You can tell they already had this guy on set for the cars so they just wrote some note cards down for him to read off for the bike specs.

    Thr R1 has used Crossplane firing order since 2009 and they showed a 2014 R1. So yeah…It has crossplane tech…which is not what Ferrari uses.

  6. A guy who knows nothing about motorcycles called an expert. Nuda an Austrian bike, weird one at that :)))), 1200 Monster entry level Ducati, noob only bike you say….wow, just wow. Stick to cars, maybe that would be better in the future. Calling this guy an expert is laughable….

  7. Why are people hating on this guy he has a niche expertise in classic vehicles and like most into cars has a generic knowledge of everything else to do with it, just GQ milking the guy for as much content as they can. It's Like asking the watch guy about jewellery.

  8. This guy’s hat is so dumb. He seems to know a good bit about older bikes but not the newer ones. Shame none of these guys (except maybe jay) owns a modern Aprilia. Some of the best bikes by far.

  9. My first bike was a Ninja 300. Sold it and got a 06 CBR600RR. I'm actually selling it right now since I'm moving soon to a city for graduate school. My next bike is definitely a 2015+ Yamaha R1.

  10. Oh so Husqvarna is Austrian now? Funny could have sworn that it’s Swedish. (And yes I know that KTM owns husqvarna but still… come on…)

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