My 2020 Celebrity Predictions (Trump, Taylor, Rihanna, Adele, Justin & more!)

My 2020 Celebrity Predictions (Trump, Taylor, Rihanna, Adele, Justin & more!)

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  2. I predict that Trump will lose to Pete. I would get my life as if they combined EDC w/Pride.

  3. Your thumbnail kind of looks like you're implying Trump and Timothee Chalamet are gonna date and im in bed crying from laughing. Can you imagine the scandal of Trump being Timothees secret sugardaddy?

  4. Well, technically AB6IX appeared on one of the remixes of Truth Hurts so Lizzo/kpop boy group collab already happened

  5. The rock is already financially tied to WB and DC with.Black Adam no way in hell you'll ever see him in the MCU

  6. You should have put Zendaya for the Disney princess one since like Selena she was also on a Disney show and that way Selena could have been with Timothy Chalamet which honestly i can see them as a hot new couple

  7. Lizzo already did a collab with a kpop group lol. Came out of nowhere and was with the rookie group ab6ix (shout out to the 3 abnews on the internet 🙌) but it was just another version of truth hurts

  8. If Millie Bobby Brown came out with a makeup line could one of her products be called Millie Bobby Brow? 😆💜😅

  9. trump handle (man woman black white) no matter i don't like him eather but do not underestimate him democrats did it in 2016 prohaps in this time they not make the same mistake

  10. Lizzo already did a collab with a kpop group !! they're called AB6IX and participated in a truth hurts remix, please check them out !! they're amazing !!

  11. 2020 Coachella lineup has already been posted & RuPaul has a already released his skin care with qvc or one of those home shopping channels at the end of 2019

  12. Tay is def going to guest star on Drag Race to match up with Ru being in her vid. Lip sync song will be You Need To Calm Down.

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  14. OMG in 2000, I was still on webtv (Don't Yahoo! it. Too painful). It was a set top browser that you had to hook up to a VCR and dial up to the ISP.

  15. The Rock is going to star as Black Adam from DC comics, it was announced last year. Bro, how out of touch with current events are you? I hope you get hired anywhere soon, 39k views won't pay for shit.

  16. Tyler I just want to thank you for continuing to make videos with such contagious positive energy and enthusiasm! I know a lot of OG youtubers are posting less and less for a number of reasons but I feel a resurgence coming for you (that's MY 2020 celebrity prediction) ❤️

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