My Celebrity Revenge & Plans Derailed in Get Famous | Carl’s Sims 4 Guide

My Celebrity Revenge & Plans Derailed in Get Famous | Carl’s Sims 4 Guide

With The Sims, you sometimes start a game
with a goal in mind and find yourself wildly off track. I really hate celebrities, and
I kind of wanted to mess with money vaults as I didn’t do anything with them when Get
Famous came out. I figured befriending the Celebrities in Del Sol Valley could get me
into their home, where I could try to do a heist and take their stuff. So, I set out
to try to work my way into their world with a klepto Sim – he’s named black mail because
I wanted to use him to make a living doing that with StrangerVille recordings but it
turns out that’s not, uh, feasible. Now, one of the big problems with Celebrities
in Get Famous is that they’re uppity snobs. Ya know, if I ran into Katy Perry or Tom Hanks
out in the world it’d be rude to run up to them and start asking for a picture let alone
their phone number but they aren’t going to stand on the street corner posing. These glowy
jerks demand you fawn over them but yet do not want to even make small talk with you.
That’s a pretty high horse to sit on give how good they are at making my game bug out. I made a freelancer, to start making money
but I also needed to gain some fame. I grabbed a couple of these wonderful floating pokeballs,
the streaming drones. They stream all right, fame all day at least until the batteries
die… but you can just fire up another one and you’re good to go. Fame comes in little
bits while you do other stuff. So pay about $600, record yourself eating a bologna sandwich
and pick up 20 points of fame. The first day I struggled at doing a simple
level 1 programming job. Somehow failed 4x, despite picking up a few levels. The drone
recorded these failings and gave me fame the whole time, so at least I have that going
on at this point. Yes I have an awful lot of money for a new Sim but I’ve got my own
rules about cheating. The first night, Vlad shows up. I find this
infuriating because he’s kind of messing with my footage if I wake up drained. So what do
I do, I reset him. I’m like, now who sucks. But I also tried to turn him into a plant
Sim for some damned reason, and did anyone out there know that if you try this it evidently
turns YOUR Sim into a PlantSim??? I just cannot… understand…this. So I’m kelp, and I don’t even know how to
play a PlantSim any more, I never covered them. I buy a violin and head off to the gym,
discovering he’s low on water. Head into the bathroom and get some nice refreshing dihydrogen
monoxide and play for the people there…. in the restroom. I pick up my first fame level, famous now
for being the guy streaming in the bathroom I guess, and I immediately take one of the
best fame perks for Sims who are trying to be famous for skill usage- Noticeable. Sometimes
it gives you an injection of bonus fame while you’re using one of the skills. My skills are not very high and it does have
an impact on fame gains so I go outside Judith’s house to gain some skill in violin and stream
the event. No one’s around, and I do this all night. When the sun rises I catch Judith
coming out of her house, but like I said she won’t talk to me even though I’m now a supernatural
creature. This place is just so pretty, can’t resist to hit that screenshot button. She walks off eventually, my Sim is dying
I think, from being too thirsty and there’s no water anywhere in sight and Judy won’t
even give me a drink. I use that go home button, and realize it’s stupid of me. Why do this
when you can teleport by pressing ‘M’! I star trek transport myself home and get that water.
After refreshing other needs and getting some work done, he’s hungry but so very logically
I make grilled cheese, which evidently is not in his diet. PlantSims take sunlight to
regenerate hunger. Sadly after learning these 2 things about PlantSims I feel qualified
to do a full guide to them because that’s about all there is to it. At this point it’s a b it of a grind. I’m
working on that second level of fame, which seems to be the hardest one. You’re still
unknown and don’t have a lot of great perks. However the streaming drone and some great
public display of violin skills is helping. I have money so I try out the flaunt wealth
socials. They look like the kind of thing a one hit wonder with no financial wit would
do. And.. they’re about that useful, they don’t seem to do anything to make you more
famous. May be this is true to life because I definitely wouldn’t be impressed to see
this jackass throwing a hundred $1 bills and talking to his stack of cash. When I travel to the celebrity homes, I take
a bunch of Sims with me to ensure that I get an audience. Since it’s daytime I also bring
Vlad to try to get my revenge, he’s on fire and I’m digging it so invite him cloudgazing…
when it looks like it’s over and he’s suffered for about 2 hours, he suddenly pulls out an
umbrella and my jaw drops, like why did he not do this earlier. To accelerate fame gains I start actually
recording, not just streaming. Media production is a pretty cool little skill in combination
with the drones. You get to work on video quality and try to make them better, then
upload them to the Internet and get a daily income. Good stuff, and the game has at least
a couple dozen topics – whatever you were doing while recording is the topic of the
video so it invites you to use different skills. I take a group to the bluffs and finally get
that third fame level. This lets me take a perk that’ll help me to talk to them, so in
combination with being level 3 I have next to no trouble striking up a conversation with
Thorne. However Judith is a bigger star, so it’s much more difficult. My Sim manages the
introduction and starts to use some actual friendly socials, even gets a few romance
points. Yeah! It’s like my Sim has finally made it! My first target is Thorne, so I befriend him.
I invite him to hang out somewhere and pick his house… I use the bathroom before him
hoping to make him have an accident but he holds it. I do wish that I could trot while
my Sim’s in bladder failure mode. Looking around his house, I see there is no
safe. The Expansion features a money vault and there’s not one in there filled with money.
I feel a bit disappointed, so I steal his statue, then try to eat some grub. He’s cool
with me having some animal crackers but won’t let me scramble some eggs. I proceed to take
a couple more items, try to sleep in his bed, hit on his wife and finally leave kind of
upset. There is one more celebrity, and my Sim has developed the hots for her. Ok So I’ll try another celebrity home, I was
aiming to romance Judith anyway. She seems to have taken a liking to me. So I head to
the celebrity-only club, because I feel there’s a good chance she’ll show up there. I encounter
this, this extremely frustrating behavior that can only be called a bug. It looks so
silly, to tell him to sit down 4x and he goes back to gawk at the celebrity. I would ask
that I have complete control over my Sims, please… Due to this I don’t really recommend
you ever visit this club, it’s so empty and the celebrities act like morons there and
so to do your own Sims. After hours pass, and only talking to a bartender
I decide to try Judith’s house, and she’s actually there. I thought I’d be standing
outside, but instead she tells me to come right in! Cool. I’m in. Now time to romance Judith with
my amazing level 4 charisma and B-lister celebrity. It’s way too easy at this point. All the romance
socials are unlocked for me, she turns down a first kiss but agrees to woohoo and I look
for the vault. It’s right around the corner and… it’s empty.
The only celebrity home to have a vault is empty, if it had some money you could try
to pull off a heist.. Players have to set this up themselves and I find it kind of annoying.
At least that is done in this file, so I can come back and try to steal it. But, if you
did want to set up a scenario you could try and do so. I put $20,000 in just to get a look at it,
and it hits the max visual level as I expected it to based on what I’d seen. I knew you could
woohoo in these, so I take Judith back to the vault to give it a try as I’d not seen
it. Looks wild, wonder if people actually do this. Now that he has made his deposit, I decide
I’ll complete his little story by marrying my way into her wealth, and while she rejects
me the first time he tries again to up that romance level , risking demonetization. On
try #2, she says yes, and we plan a wedding immediately. Her family won’t have time to
warn her about Black. And by the way, yes, my woohoo video is indeed demonetized. We do a ceremony at the top of the stargazer
lounge. I invite everyone I know, but not Vlad. I have not done a Sims wedding in a
long time, and a holiday interferes with the objectives so I don’t know what to do. I place
one of the wedding arches and attempt to kick start the ceremony. They stand there for ages,
evidently chatting about what a great time they had in the money pile. I start to smell
a bug, and have to reset everyone at the wedding. While I’m doing this, it frees up or something,
the other Sims start to gather and I miss the moment they marry. Oh well, it was not the main goal. With the
wedding over, I move him into her home, and they have a sweet $200,000 to live on. This
is the image of a man satisfied. He’s met his goals and now so too have I, I’ve taken
my revenge on the celebrities by taking their things and I have full control over Judith’s
estate. I play around a bit with the vault to see the different levels and try to take
a good screenshot for a page I want to make on them. Unique objects are a good topic and
I’d like to look into what the flaunting wealth is really doing for you. Maybe it’s giving
fame and I’m just not seeing it. Despite all the bugs I encountered along the
way, really just a few annoyances, I had a pretty good time playing out this scenario
tonight. Things didn’t go as planned, but it was a unique play session and that’s something
that the Sims can provide. The unexpected stuff is usually entertaining. I got really
derailed by a few of these things and definitely shifted my goals around but came to a satisfying
conclusion. At any point when I’m playing Sims and have this much money I find it hard
to continue. Legacies and Dynasties just aren’t for me. I’ll get back to some base game guides once
I’m done looking at the money aspects of Get Famous. If you like my stuff consider supporting
us with Patreon or sharing my videos. That helps too. Thanks a lot for watching as always!

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  1. I like these play by play let's plays, its totally different to the other Sims YouTube channels let's plays and much less of a time waste. I love how much there is to learn from these videos other than what you've set out to do. You also seem to enjoy this style of video and as long as you enjoy what you do so shall we. Keep it up!

  2. Conclusion: dont try to cheat around too much and dont plan a wedding on the same day as another event (which is very obviously going to cause issues). With that little rant out of the way, interesting none the less and I do look forward to you covering the obscure interactions such as flaunt wealth. Maybe make a video covering a bunch of those together? dont think there is much to say about them, so you wouldnt have to make a bunch of 2min videos.

  3. I love you and your videos. I always look forward to them. Helpful and entertaining. I didn't know about the plant sim thing lol

  4. I deleted all the celebrities as well as Vlad and replaced him with a good vampire, Vladimir from Young Dracula 🙂

  5. When my game freezes , I have found by going to save and manage worlds  and then go back to the main sim I am playing, it resets the game . It works every time.

  6. I have used your guides since forever, and am loving the video guides. This one was super funny! I would love to see you do some let's plays. It would be neat to see someone who really understands how to play the game do some!

  7. The way Get Famous changes how Sims act is really annoying. It's at the point where I just can't recommend that expansion because my sims keep doing stupid things when celebrities are around, and those celebrities keep showing up even around my sim's home.

  8. This is an awesome idea. I think Im going to try something similar, but beforehand add a vault to the celebrity homes and play as them briefly to ensure theres actually money in them.

  9. This is a great video! I learned a lot and was highly entertained! I made a bank on a community lot with some vaults and everytime a sim wins the lottery, I find them in manage households and have them deposit the bulk of it in a bank vault. No break ins yet but I do have a klepto sim I play occasionally, so I'm going to do a bank robber story one day. I love your videos and webpage! Thanks for all you do!

  10. I'm sure people do have sex in piles of money, but probably just once and not for long. Money really stinks in those quantities.

  11. I made a plantsim due curiosity and they are bad as vanilla vampires, they need water all the time and don't stop to fart that pollen.

    You can prevent vampires, by locking the door of your bedroom to family and group only.

    If you manage to make a software or game you reach level 1 in fame instantly (but it requires programmation grinding), making paintings and sell for fame is better than be autonomous.

  12. Really enjoyed this one. The instructional videos are great of course but this one was really fun. Love the line about him making his deposit 🙂

  13. I have never gotten a Vlad visit in any of my saves. Never. I feel kind of left out at this point. Visit my damn sims and annoy me, Vlad!

  14. When I first tried Celebrities I had a similar goal but it went totally different. I made an evil guy, put his funds to zero and aimed to marry that same girl, then kill her to get all her stuff. What is awesome is that when getting a reaaaally bad reputation, he got a phonecall asking if he wanted to be hooked up with someone like him. I was curious, I said ok. Bam ! It was her. Bye bye the introduction and rejection issue

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