Pakistani Actor Feroze Khan Quits Showbiz For Islam | 9 News HD

Pakistani Actor Feroze Khan Quits Showbiz For Islam | 9 News HD

After saying goodbye to the showbiz of Pakistan’s
renowned actor Hamza Ali Abbasi Now these news are also coming out
That another prominent actor is planning to leave the showbiz industry. Who are those actors and why are they going
to do this? We will tell you about it
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of our video as soon as possible Sudden Instagram Account Deleted by Leading
Actor of Pakistan TV and Film Industry And the message of good wishes from the wife
for her spiritual journey has surprised Feroz’s fans. Recently Feroz Khan participated in a TV program
In which he talked about the change in his life
The showbiz industry, however, did not comment on the demolition. Talking about the change in his life, he said
“We all have to please Allaah, We are always just looking for something
With which Allah pleases. There are reports that the successful television
industry actor Feroz Khan also decided to follow in the footsteps of Hamza Ali Abbasi. Feroz Khan recently disabled his Instagram
account After which, fans expressed concern over the
inaction of their favorite actor. It’s not the first time that Feroz Khan has
disabled his account, They have done so before. But this time the news of his leaving the
showbiz went viral Because maybe he, like Hamza Ali Abbasi, wants
to spend his life just talking about religion. He described fellow actor Bilal Abbas as his
spectacle “Once Bilal asked me
After you die, Allah will ask you why you did not get the Hajj despite having money
So this question has been circulating in my mind for some days. This question changed my thinking angle,
Soon, some things started to make me sad And I started to find joy in worshiping and
remembering. “It’s better if we look for recipes rather
than livelihoods,” he said. He advised fans that
Man should not demand wealth, fame but direct. On the other hand, the wife of Feroz Khan
And Sister Hameema Malik has expressed her best wishes for Feroz. Feroz Khan’s wife, Eliza, is proud of her
husband Shared a message in which he said:
“This spiritual journey brings more confidence to the life of the turquoise and fulfills
their purpose.” Feroz Khan’s sister and leading actress Hameema
Malik posted this in an Instagram post Expressing his best wishes for the brother
Whoever finds the Lord gets all. It should be noted that Feroz Khan’s play
has reached the heights of the play ‘Khani’. ‘Love’ is airing today from a private channel,
Feroz Khan will also be seen in the film ‘Touch Button’ which is being released in Eid-ul-Fitr.

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