Penelope Cruz Calls Director Pedro Almodovar a “Magical Being” | E! Red Carpet & Award Shows

Penelope Cruz Calls Director Pedro Almodovar a “Magical Being” | E! Red Carpet & Award Shows

-I am here now with Penelope Cruz. Congratulations. Nice to see you.
-Nice to see you. -Before we get to the business, you look amazing.
Who made your dress? -This is Chanel Couture.
-Fantastic. Now, in “Pain and Glory,” you play the director’s mother.
-Yes. -Did you have a chance to meet her and spend time with her? -Yeah, I met her a few times, and she was a very special
woman, as you can imagine, being Pedro’s mom. -Yes.
-She really shaped who he is, his personality. In that meeting, she was crying, telling me how worried she
was when Pedro told her he was gonna quit his job at the telephone company. -Really?
-Yeah. -She was panicked?
-Terrified. And, then, now that she saw that her son made it and was
happy being a filmmaker, and she was crying, telling me that story. That’s the story that I always kept in my mind, you know,
playing her. -That’s what you thought about.
-Yeah. More where I felt, you know, about who she was. -We were talking during the break that you have made six
movies with Pedro? -Yes.
-What is his magic? -He’s just a magical being.
He’s special, incredibly smart, funny. He has no filters. You know, he says whatever he thinks, but always at the same
time being so kind to everybody. And he’s more than a director I work with.
He’s like somebody in my family. I adore him.
-And here’s to six more films with him, yeah? -Yeah. Many more, I hope.
[ Chuckles ] -Congratulations.
-Thank you. Nice to see you. -Thank you, Penelope.
Nice to see you, as well. Enjoy the show.

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