People Who Went Too Far To Look Like Celebs

People Who Went Too Far To Look Like Celebs

we idolize Hollywood celebrities and see them as the pinnacle of beauty that's why it's no shock that there are thousands of people all over the world who are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to look just like them sometimes these procedures go well and others oh oh not so much before we start take a moment to subscribe to our Channel and give this video a thumbs up if you want to be featured in a future video be sure to leave us a comment so hard to bar if we were to have you guess which celebrity so hard to bar was trying to look like who would you say before you say it no it's not the title character from a certain Tim Burton movie the 19 year old Iranian teen from Tehran has had over 50 procedures in order to look like Angelina Jolie the time span of these surgeries is even more alarming as they have taken place in just a few months one can say that Tabar definitely went with hade too far in her quest told AG Angelina Jolie but there are also skeptics who believe that two bars look is a result of makeup and prosthetics regardless of where you stand on the debate can you say she looks anything like Angelina Jolie Nathan Thurs field nathan Thurs field considers himself a Katie Price superfan in fact he has spent nearly $54,000 in plastic surgeries to look exactly like her his journey began when he was just 17 years old so far he has had three nose jobs his teeth fixed and also had chin implants he met price at a book signing and the pair bonded over faked hands after that he brought a photo of price to a plastic surgeon as a reference it seems that his idolization of price also impairs his judgement just a bit after to nose jobs doctors told him that if he got any more work done on his face he would risk his nose collapsing Thurs field completely ignored doctor's orders and got the third nose job Thurs field has also met price several additional times so maybe getting those botched plastic surgery procedures ended up being worth it Adam Guerrera over a span of 12 years and 18 surgeries 27 year old Adam Guerrera has spent over $175,000 so he can look just like Madonna in short his plastic surgery endeavors have opened up some great opportunities for him however his surgeries haven't gone on as planned he fell in love with Madonna when he was just 15 years old and he found himself emulating her in any way that he could and yet it is turned into an unhealthy obsession as he continues to change his face for the sake of the Queen of Pop Guerrera has been on shows like my strange addiction as well and it seems that the help he received from that show might be enough to make him step away but he's already done the damage to his face wait a minute what time is it oh I know it's time for another shout out for one of you our amazing viewers thank you so much always for commenting and today we are featuring anonymous youtuber I love your videos you are awesome you always make amazing videos my whole family loves to watch your videos little happy face little happy face oh thanks and not a miss youtuber my that name sounds foreboding and mysterious it's amazing people like you that keep us going everyday keep watching our videos keep commenting and hey maybe you will be the next person featured in a shout-out Tiffany Taylor there is a growing trend of female socialites getting plastic surgery in order to look like one of the most influential families in the world for example Claudia Sierra from Houston Texas got plastic surgery done to look like Melania Trump overall that went well but we can't say the same for Tiffany Taylor who wanted to look just like Ivanka Trump she went through to chest procedures fat grafts and fillers in her cheeks I lift nose job and liposuction over the course of the year she had 14 procedures and went under anesthesia three times meaning she had multiple things done in each surgery the result Taylor says that not only does she not look like Ivanka Trump but she feels like she was much prettier before she had surgery Brian ray Britney Spears is one of the most well known pop stars in the world with millions of fans but can you say they're more loyal than Brian ray the 31 year old man from Los Angeles has dedicated his life to looking just like Spears he has spent about $80,000 on plastic surgery and has had around 90 procedures Ray's obsession started when he was 17 years old and since then he has seen her on every tour she's done he also memorizes her choreography and performs them at local nightclubs however people are quick to point out that his procedures haven't helped him look like Spears at all his lips are too plump and it seems his surgeons aren't really all that familiar with Spears look at all if you had the money would you spend thousands of dollars to look like your favorite celeb tell us in the comments you might get featured in a future video if you're not ready to leave yet stick around for another video coming up next if it's time to go take a moment to 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  2. Nah, I'd put the money to good use. But I'd like to know where these young people get ridiculous amounts of money in the first place?

  3. Aye that if those hundred of thousands of dollars were actually hundreds of thousands of pesos you could buy a board house
    And I would spend thousands of dollars on
    100+ GAMES
    Sony TV

  4. This is sick, idol worshiping went too far. People should be looking for salvation instead of doing that to themselves. Sick.

  5. I better do physical exercise than spending my money for nothing. Because we all know that they are risky then why should I risk my own life and money on such Ediot things. Every one in world is pretty. And thank u so much may the Lord bless you, you opened my eyes ??

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