Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Stun Royal Family And The World | TODAY

Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Stun Royal Family And The World | TODAY

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  1. Markle takes her marbles and runs home to mommy. Who didn’t see this one coming? She set out to separate Harry from friends, family, and country. The mediocre actress wasn’t getting enough camera time. She’s not used to being told to “stand back” for people of greater position in life. Harry’s final move will be returning to the UK, eventually, to apologize to his dear loving family for having ignored their warnings. I give it 2 years tops, considering Markle’s track record. Run, Markle! Run! It’s what you do best.

  2. Nobody has mentioned the pedophilia in the Monarchy.
    Maybe they don't, want to raise their children around that kind of sickness.
    I am sure it bits of everything.
    They know more than you and I.
    Wish them luck and Peace and Happiness. ❤❤

  3. I absolutely love Prince Harry more than Prince William. Because Prince Harry speak up for himself. Prince Harry is alot like his mom, he follow his heart and he want more than inherited money. Prince Harry Love people and he love his wife. If his mom was here today she would be happy for her son's Harry decision.

  4. It's just that Meghan does not fit into Royals. So Harry just need to adjust in a way not to make more embarassment to the Royal Family.

  5. Harry and Meghan are a strong team, Nothing shall come in between this marriage, they have Gods blessing in this union, they are stepping down as there has been alot going on with other dramas from Prince Andrew's issues, they have chosen to protect their own Identities, it makes them less of a target by removing themselves from the damages!!! Prince Harry knows the full facts the revelation of truth what really happened to Princess Diana, he is protective of his family, he wont let anything happen to them, he is very Brave and Courageous standing up for what he loves and believes in. I truly admire his strength…

  6. Harry the Man, is standing in Honour of his mother Princess Diana
    He knows Prince Charles shall be next in line for the throne, you can see he shall never accept Camilla as queen so he is walking away from it!!!
    Harry the Man is walking in his mother's memory and holding onto her legacy close to his heart!!!

  7. In 2020 WHY DOES ANYONE GIVE TWO F$CKS about people who put on METAL HATS, SIT IN GOLDEN CHAIRS and claim to be special, it's an insane DRAIN on the British economy if you were to just divest the queens wealth and liquidate all the royal assets the British people could modernize in a way that is without equal in the Western World. BUT NOOOOO we must have our ROYAL WASTE OF MONEY!

  8. So British citizens aren't insulted that the NY post basically depicted you guys as sloppy, miserable drunks? We all know they were trying to insult Meghan Markle and her husband. Yet Meghan has never ever presented herself like that, neither has Harry. So who are they really criticizing?

  9. I think it’s a wonderful idea .Someone needed to break the chain . I guarantee Meghan has been treated differently due to her ethnicity & her husband sees it and just want the best for his family.I wish them nothing but the best on there new journey ♥️

  10. Again I’ll say it, this was already planned from the beginning that they would have to do this. I doubt the royal family is stunned, they orchestrated all of this.

  11. The Queen can’t stand the fact that this woman is black. Harry is a rebel in every way! I love these two. Go live your lives!!!

  12. May I have an application please for the position of Royal Sussex? Lol…I am sorry to say that they cannot have it both ways, my opinion on this.

  13. I certainly wouldn’t want anything to do with the Royal Family after their involvement with human trafficking. His uncle is a liar. As a medium, these two are making the right choices. I think standing in your own power and being who you truly are (being self reliant + independent) learning to truly step into your own power is the biggest and greatest life accomplishment that you can make (not just for yourself but for your family). Their putting the lives of their son & future children first. I fully support them in their decision. Perhaps they should come back to the US.

  14. There are people saying she’s being attacked because she’s black .. like if she cares .. she’s always surrounding herself with the whites anyways … she does come off as shady and them stepping down from the role is because of her … trying to get away from the constant backlash … I hope harry knows what he’s doing and she don’t ruin his life cause he clearly loves her a lot

  15. I wonder if Meghan realized what the royal family really is. Let’s just start with Prince Andrew and the pedo claims. Hard to ignore. The history of royalty is ugly, not noble.

  16. So they can't leave but Edward and his family can. I personally think that they are not as willing to accept that he married Megan as they pretend to be.
    Why can't they live in Canada since we are part of the Commonwealth and our taxes fund the royal family.

  17. She brings out the worst in him! She wants all the royal family money minus the rules! Wby don’t they say no to the money too!??!

  18. as japanese, we're lucky because we have
    respectable royal family .
    family member are always noble and erregant, simple lifestyle .
    they lead and teach us right way,
    and have never betray us for more long
    long time.

  19. When even members of the so-called royal family recognize the ridiculousness of having a king or queen and royalty in the 21st century, it is time for Britons to abolish the whole arrangement, just like America did back in 1776.

  20. I support Harry. I think you should be allowed to make that choice for his family. As long as he is not taking tax payer dollars, I see no problem. If William decided to do the same, so be it!

  21. You have enough money to be financially independent so, Prince Charles needs to cut the apron strings. No titles, properties, jewels, recinde the copyright using the Sussex name and ban any use of being a former Royal. No making money off of being Royal in any form. Meghan can brand her Markel name but, no former HRH, Princess, Prince or the use of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. No profits off of the royal family and duties they are trying to escape. Then there is the fact that the Queen basically has custody of Archie wherever he may be.
    They will be hounded by the media on far higher levels then Princess Diana ever was due to the wide range of social media.
    This whole fiasco could possibly be to much for his grandparents to deal with.

  22. Please don't be fooled. The Queen reads the papers everyday, she (Queen) knew before anybody.
    Lies, lies anf more lies. The Queen always knows!!

  23. That's what happens when you married to an american women .look it William wife .and her .everyone know it's coming when Harry married Megan.

  24. Meghan comes off as being spoiled and always getting her way. She has to remember that The Royal Family has traditions to follow. If Harry steps back, there should be consequences.

  25. Oh for God's sake, no one cares if they go, just irritating with double standard hypocrisy they need to revoke their titles and taxpayers money then off they go on their merry way. The media has been very kind to them in comparison to other royals, and I have never read a racist article, enough with the race card. If U.S. is so supportive of the circus the clowns have created I hothey will also financially support their lifestyle there, being financially independent includes their private jets, millions of dollars worth of security andthe PR so they stay relevant daily

  26. Good for them. It's not like Harry choice to be born into the royal family. He, and his wife, deserve to live the life they want. Despite all the "feuding" it sounds like Harry and Meghan both support and love their royal family and simply want a different life than what they have been told to do.

  27. The only way they can make money is bowing down to the press as entertainment or fashion need the press more than the Gavin and Stacey of the worlds royals.

  28. Extremely tacky and grotesque to take away attention from Kate and her special day. Just foul and very very RUDE.

  29. Two years living a common life with taxes, loans and working hard and I bet Harry will go back to Balmoral on his knees begging to be back 😜

  30. The only people who want a normal life are the ones who have no idea of what that emplies.. Like the little marmaid beware of what it means to leave the Realm you were born into ✨

  31. Harry is not the most popular royal ! Only for 🇬🇧 hoping he finds happiness and joining the UK forces he actually did serve ! BUT not about Diana William was also her son and went through just as much especially her death

  32. I’m sure Megan is still receiving horrible treatment from jealous racist people!!! Harry you’re a wonderful husband!!! Continue protecting you’re wife and yes her well being is important 😡 royalty or not she’s still human people!!!

  33. They're getting what they wanted so they want to slim down they got it so what is all the fuss about I don't understand you don't want them tbere now you want them there I think you all are up suga creek without a paddle.

  34. Maybe if they didn’t focus so much on her background Meghan could have been happier and so would Harry. Harry has legitimate PTSD it sounds like- that’s not healthy.

  35. It is disgusting that it is the people who pay for these people to live with such disregard this Megan person a failed actress whose claim to fame a judge on the cooking program chopped had to GALL to use a private plane

  36. in order to celebrate her baby shower in NYC…the estimated cost of this outrageous act 5 Million!  I would bet she has played a part in her brother's rift….this red haired man is not even a so called 'royal' he looks exactly like his dad …the guy Diana had an affair with…

  37. she came from dysfunction and now she's bringing it on a family that took this young man into their family knowing he was only a half brother….those two boys always had each other and it's a shame to let her come between them…his behavior is obviously coming from her….

  38. They are spoiled brats trying to bring liberal Insanity back to England. Especially after his dad was spanked by the Queen and the people with Brexit

  39. Prince Charles decided to reduce the size of the monarchy so this departure is perfect for the Royal Family. Prince Harry will never be king, nor his son, so their departure does not matter. The only problem is what Harry will do with his aristocratic heritage. If he uses the Royal Family to enrich himself, as he did with Disney by asking the CEO to hire his D-List actress, this will pose an ethical problem. Same if British taxpapers must pay for their security overseas. I think they both should be stripped of their title and Bon Voyage.

  40. Who gives a crap. These people are not worthy of the time and attention they get. The royal family has earned nothing and achieved nothing by their own skill and effort. Everything they have is bestowed on them by genetic lineage and privilege. Nothing is earned. Monarchs personify classism and elitism it it's most extreme.

  41. I have a question are they going to refund the taxpayer's money for the home they had improvements on where they took the taxpayer's money so they are giving that back right so they are giving up all the money to it reminds me of Prince and the Pauper

  42. Prince Harry is trying to protect his wife and child and doesn’t want what happened to his mom done to his wife. Good for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle for getting out of that toxic environment. The British media portrays them as evil every day and they say nothing about Prince Andrew who is pedophile and Jeffery Epstein friend 🙄🙄

  43. I dont think Princess Diana would have wanted this for Harry. I think Meghan had this planned all along. William and Harry have been through so much it is so sad to see what she has done

  44. Not gonna lie but a lot of us Americans didn’t know who Meghan even was I’m not saying ALLLLLLL Americans didn’t know who she was but a lot of people I know didn’t even know who she was until she married Harry . I was surprised she was an actress 🤔

  45. Harry was like a clown in the royal family before marrying Megan, who had grown mature after marriage. They need to do it for themselves and their future.

  46. what a PROGRESSIVE move- turning Royalty INTO A CORPORATION – brilliant, like they weren't behaving like a corporation all along, now they are just public about it.

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