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*September by Earth, Wind & Fire* *beep* Hi everyone Welcome to edit party Aka crackhead 101 You know how content inspires other content? I feel like the more I make these kinds of things I just help cultivate a bunch of crackheads and trolls and people who chant *Euphoria* *crazy fast fan chant o-o* So I made this edit the other day *September by Earth, Wind & Fire* And, it got a lot of traction on Twitter So, I decided to do other songs and see… If anything could compare Honestly *inhales* I don’t think so I think that the September edit is ‘S’ tier It’s God level All the beats match up Like you can’t get there. If you want to do that with another song you’re gonna have to speed things up Or like omit parts out. If you look at my timeline over here, I just spent all of last night Just compiling all of these to see which ones would fit the best because… I’m a crack head. So I guess in this compilation I’m gonna show you how I synced up the clips and let’s see if any of them compared to… September Ba-dee ya, say, do you remember? I’ve seen other videos where September went over the dance practice But I don’t think that anyone synced it up to the chorus I think someone just slapped the whole song on to the idol dance practice and obviously the whole September song doesn’t go With the choreography but a very very good portion of it goes really really well There was a…
Ba-dee ya, (dee ya dee ya) say, do you remember? Ba-dee ya, (dee ya dee ya) dancin’ in September Ba-dee ya, *BEEEP* Honestly, I give that September edit an ‘A’ and a for… ANNYEONGHASEYO JEONEUN BANGTAN SONYEONDAN Sorry, so we need to find the chorus first, right? myself. Oh-oh-owoah AYE Oh-oh-owoah-owoah You can either sync it up to two parts So as an editor, what I usually do is I like to unlink the clips. You can either go here I have it set to a hotkey boom unlinked. So now there’s no audio Yeah, and now it’s all silent so we can either sync it to two parts I learned that you could sink it to the clap right here Clap Is like a… it’s like a clap. Like that. Like. Clap clap clap clap And the reason why September works, so well is because there’s a clap and then it goes into the BA-DEE YA *INHALE* SAY DO YOU REMEMBER You know, what we can do is we can find out where the clap is which I think is like… Okay there so the moment of impact Look at Jimin *cheering* yaaaaaaaaay Jimin yaaaaaAAAAAAAy LOOK at JUNGKOOK junngkOOOOK NAMJOON NAAAAAAA *BEEEEEP* So we can set a marker right here, I like to highlight the clip press M That’s where my marker is and then obviously the gwara gwara part. The hit is OH Like that so we can set the marker like there. Alright, cuz that’s the furthest point of motion This will help in syncing the song. Alright, first and foremost. I think we should just try this song I didn’t think I tried this last night. jungkook ANNYEONGHASEYO JEONEUN BANGTAN SONYEONDAN HWANGGEUM MAKNAE JEON JUNGKOOK IMNIDA! Okay. Alright, let’s try doing it the clap first right here Our marker will help us right there ANNYEONGHASEYO JEONEUN Okay, that doesn’t work that well, so let’s try doing it the gwara gwara part ANNYEONGHASEYO JEONEUN BANGTAN SONYEONDAN HWANGGEUM MAKNAE JEON JUNGKOOK IMNIDA! *INHALE* OHH MAN Okay maybe Boom Boom will work Give it to you
My nunnunnunnunnunnun nunbit ssodajineun *INHALE* wa wa *half crying* wait wait. Hold on Give it to you My nunnunnunnunnunnun nunbit
ssodajineun My teoteoteoteoteoteo teochi hanappunin My reobreobreobreobreob My Luver nae meoributeo ppumppum nae balkkeutkkaji ppumppum ppumppum eo It doesn’t quite match up I think that’s still pretty good. All right, let’s see how about bulldozer buy twice let’s try that Like a bulldozer, like a tank, like a soldier Okay, let’s change it up a bit (oh no pt1) All right, we could use multiple courses like we can use Jimin’s part when he’s in the middle Okay, I have an idea of what to do Baby shark, doo doo doo, doo doo doo doo doo. x3 Baby shark. *sobbing* Mummy shark, doo doo doo, doo doo doo doo doo. x3 Mummy shark Daddy shark, doo doo doo, doo doo doo doo doo. x3 Daddy shark Let’s go hunt, doo doo doo doo doo doo x3 Let’s go hunt *sobbing* oh my goood *still sobbing in regrets* This is honestly endless you couldn’t make a lot about this. All right, how about… Oh God here we go. Maybe we can speed it up and something else will happen. So like let’s speed this up just a tad All right. Here we go Dansa med oss
Klappa era händer Gör som vi gör
Ta några steg åt vänster Lyssna och lär
Missa inte chansen Nu är vi här med
Caramelldansen I think I made an extended version last night. Hold on. Let me check (oh no pt.2) [Caramelldansen by Caramell] oH nOo *unaudible singing* Oh my god ok hold on *evil laughing* [What dreams are made of by Hilary Duff] GO J-HOPE I think I tweeted this one out last night, too [Toxic by Britney Spears] DUHDUHDUHDU September was probably I’m telling you that’s like ‘S’ tier. Like I didn’t have to edit it at all All I did was sync it up to the chorus and it was just so beautiful as opposed to like [Bring me to life by Evanescence] Actually, yeah, I think last night I tried to sync this up to anime clips too – have you guys watched wotakoi It’s like the anime for otaku [Fiction by Sumika] Oh well speaking of anime [Kiss of death by Mika Nakashima] [Kiss of Death by Mika Nakashima] Nooooo Actually, you know what, does this go to Kyary music? [Inavder Invader by Kyary Pamyu Pamyu] Oh No [Cotton Eye Joe by Rednex] NOOO [Dragostea Din Tei by OZONE] *you know what’s good* *regrets on life decision* NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I wonder if I have this [Hej Monika remix by Pewdiepie/Party In Backyard] *the face of a man who loves his life* *sigh* Wow fantastic baby dance All right, well Hopefully, what do I even mean hopefully? I just. I don’t even know what we accomplished by watching all of these Okay, maybe you got more insight on how to be a crackhead Maybe you just don’t know if Idol is actually the song for this dance anymore. I’m just insane now

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