Ramil Permigones – Put Your Head on My Shoulder | Idol Philippines Auditions 2019

Ramil Permigones – Put Your Head on My Shoulder | Idol Philippines Auditions 2019

-Hello -What is it? Why is it noisy there? They’re my co-player in Basketball What’s your name,long hair? ah, My name is Ramil Permigones
23 years old You are too lucky to have such a supportive team, Are they outside? Why did you not take them with you? Our place here is huge. It’s spacious here, Then, it’s kind of hot there Call them You guys come in The mother is also entering What’s that lady doing here? Drag her out*Sarcasm She’s my mom Hi, Mother How are you? I’m really waiting for you since awhile I even prepared champorado(food) for you So, they are the co-players of your son How are you guys? You two stepback, then those be in front charot* just kidding What’s the name of your team? Thanks guys for supporting him. Wait for him outside
that if ever we all say ‘no’ to him There will be someone who’ll catch him up Just wait for Ramil outside. What will you sing for us?
“Put Your Head on My Shoulder” Goodluck and do your best
yes(opo) Your voice sounds really beautiful Sorry, where are you from again?
I’m from Quezon Province, Lucena City But, I’m originally from Isla Pula-Pula
REGINE: His talking voice sounds different Are you fooling us? Is it really you who sung? I think it’s not you who sung It must be a tape recorded, which you only played. And it’s not a minus one. Yeah, you are right
But it seems like the pianist played it live Can you sing again to us the first line of the song? It’s so good What’s your name? and Where are you from? Oh see? It must not be you! You are possessed I think you have a black friend elf Because he placed the tone when he sings When you are performing, do you talk? Just sing only, even if it’s a dedication.Don’t ever attempt to talk. It like I’m in a Black&White movies I like the classic vibe
Thanks much po He sings great even though the song is old-fashioned. It didn’t sound outdated. Because his runs&ruffs are modern. Like what Ate Vice said, you don’t sound uncool(outdated) There are some certain way, that your sound was preserved like it will really last. I enjoyed it very much. I loved it. And I like that you were relating to us, You were looking at us. You were really performing I loved it. We shall vote now, so you won’t get bored including your friends outside. I’m saying ‘yes’ to you. Yes Yes! We say ‘yes’ to you, Idol City is waiting for your coming. ,

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  1. I prefer the old judges of old Philippine singing contest, they truly base on the voice not on the looks. It's just my opinion?

  2. I don’t know how I got here but watching all the auditions for Phillipines idol and every audition is soooo much better than any idol winner I have seen !!! Amazing

  3. Ang lakas naman ng dating neto, kinanta pa yung paborito kong kanta. ❤️? Malakas na dating nakaka inlove pa yung boses.

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