– Welcome back everybody. I have a treat for you. It’s a video that was on
Christ Ramsay’s channel. But I stole it. Yeah, I took it, it’s mine now. This went up a little while
ago and it got taken down. I don’t know why, there’s
nothing wrong with it. We’re not sure what happened. It’s good wholesome fun, so it’s gonna live here now. What we did, we went on
this website called Cameo. This isn’t a sponsored post from them, but what Cameo is is a place where you can pay
celebrities for shout outs. I think it’s supposed to be used for personalized happy birthdays from the celebrities to
their fans, I don’t know. We didn’t use it for that. We paid them to make up stuff, like a little story. And we sort of took all
those pieces of these stories that they didn’t know
were gonna be intertwined, and we added them together
for our own kind of weird, crazy, you know what, you have to watch. It’s okay. Basically fake FaceTime
with real celebrities, all for your entertainment,
I hope you guys enjoy and please leave in the comments who your favorite celebrity was, ’cause I’d really like to find out. Enjoy. – Oh, what’s up, man? How was your night last night? (laughing) What a rocking party. – That was a party, man. – So many celebrities. – So much magic. Did you see me? Every celebrity, just doing
tricks, just killing it, blowing their minds, they’re like ah. – You were killing it? – Every single one of
them was screaming at me. – Yeah? – Yeah, they’re like, no
get out of here, you know? So good, yeah. I feel good, I mean my
head hurts, but I feel good about the tricks. What’s wrong? – I think I lost my camera last night. – No, you were vlogging so much. – I know, I had the best vlog ever. – How’d you lose it? – I don’t know what happened to it. I have an idea, why don’t
we go through our phones and look at all the
celebrity phone numbers that we got from last
night and call them up, one at a time to see if
they know what happened to my camera? – Indeed. – Let’s do this. – I actually got Draco Malfoy’s number. – [Chris] Oh the guy from Harry Potter? – Yeah. – Call him up. – No problem. Let me FaceTime Draco. (phone ringing) Draco. – You filthy mudblood. What on earth are you doing
trying to learn magic? – I was just doing my tricks, sorry man, not all of us went to
Hogwartz, okay, sorry. – Leave it to the pros please. – Alright man, hope to see
you at Hogwartz sometime, you’ll get there eventually,
mate. Hang in there. – Hope to see you at Hogwarts one day. You’ll get there eventually,
mate. Hang in there. (hang up tone) – Is he mocking me? – Did he just repeat
exactly what you said? – Okay, let me call Draco all night. (laughing) Who does that?
– Who else do we know? Let me call Lance Bass. – From Backstreet Boys? – Yes. (laughing) (phone ringing) Here we go. Yo, what up, Lance? Chris Ramsay here. Listen I
lost my camera last night. – What’s going on, Chris? Lance here. Alright I have to confess. I’m the one who took your camera. – Oh thank God. – I went to the bathroom,
I took a few ass shots, went to put it back, gave
it to a girl named Suzie, so um, yeah, you’re just
gonna have to ask Suzie. Alright, have a good one. – Yeah, you too. Wait. – Ass shots? – Did he say he took it to the
bathroom? And took ass shots? – How do you even? – Who’s Suzie? – Yeah, Suzie was hanging
out with Andy Dick. – Andy Dick you say? – News Radio’s Andy Dick. – Let’s call up Andy Dick. (phone ringing) – Andy. – Hey, Wes.
– Hey, how’s it going, man? Hey, the magician from
last night, remember? I do the magic, blowing your mind? – Listen, it’s Andy Dick. – Yeah, yeah. – (sighs) You’re a magician. – Yeah, I mean I was doing the trick, you were like oh it’s crazy good. – Let me tell you something. I wish you would make
your tricks disappear, because they suck. (laughing) – What?
– Roasted. – We see your fake plastic thumb. You know what you should do with that? Shove it up your (lips smacking) come on! – I was, I’m doing my best. – And get better, you know – They’re good tricks. – Magic castle. I’m friends with them. – I’m not allowed to go to the castle, I passed out in the driveway one time. – You can meet real magicians. Maybe you should be a musician. – Maybe you shouldn’t
be such a (beep), Andy. – Magic, aint buying it. I’m gonna call Chris
Angel and have you banned. – I’m getting another call. It’s Cody Co, Cody what’s up? Hey, it’s Wes, man. – Hey, Wes. Uh you’re the
absolute worse magician ever. (laughing) – Cody Co, YouTuber, it’s Chris here. Have you seen my camera? – Chris I don’t know where your camera is. – Okay, man, appreciate
it, no worries, take care. – Sweet, thanks for the call. – So apparently your magic was
not good last night, was it? – Who calls someone to tell
them they’re bad at magic? – Like strictly just for that. He just called you strictly to tell you how bad your magic was. You know what though? I got this covered. Because I hung out with
pro-skateboarder, Bam Margera. He might know where my camera is. – Let’s try it. (phone ringing) – Yo, Bam, it’s Chris Ramsay here. And I lost my camera
last night at the party and I’m pretty bummed out. – Whaddup, Chris, it’s Bam Margera here and I heard you lost your
camera last night at a party and you’re all bummed out. – Well, yeah ’cause I just said that. That’s how you heard it ’cause
I just literally said it. That’s what I said. – Well, I have worse news. All the nude photos that
you took of yourself are all over the internet. – Oh no, no. Those weren’t mine. Those were Lance’s, Lance Bass from NSYNC, yeah, he took some ass
shots in the bathroom, those weren’t mine. – Yeah, something needs
to be done about that. – I agree.
– Happy new year I hope. – Thanks, you too man, alright, take care. – That’s super helpful. – Bye, Bam Margera, pro-skateboarder. – You know who I was hanging out? – Yeah, I know who you were
hanging out with last night. I saw you. – You’re never gonna believe it. – Yeah, I know who it is. – It was Blade. – The Daywalker. – Yeah, Wesley Snipes himself. He’s a bit old though, just
put him on speaker phone. – Alright, just put him on
speaker, let me hear too. – Yeah, hang on a second. (phone ringing) – [Wesley Snipes] Yo. – Yo, Wes, what’s up? – My man, Wes, what’s up? – [Together] Rocking with the best when you’re rocking with the Wes. – Yeah, yeah, oh yeah. – [Wesley Snipes] Namesake, I’m
feeling how you’re doing it. – Thanks, man. – [Wesley Snipes] It’s
the thing out there. Everything you’re rocking,
you’ve got to be the best if your name is Wes. – There’s a guy who
appreciates me, thank you. – [Wesley Snipes] Except for your magic. Your magic is garbage, Wes. Chris showed me, he told me. It’s garbage, garbage. Some (beep) always trying to do magic. – Everybody hates my, no, you know, you can say it to my face
next time, Wesley Snipes, say it to my face. – Did you just hang up on Wesley Snipes? – I’m not letting that
old ass, Wesley Snipes, make fun of my magic. – He called your magic garbage. Garbage. – He doesn’t know, he doesn’t know. I’ll show him the good tricks, he would never say it to my face. – Oh he would though, he’s the Daywalker. – He’s FaceTiming me,
he’s FaceTiming, alright. – Wes, Rocking with the best when you’re rocking with the Wes. – Yeah we did that before, okay,
we’d already done that one. – That’s a great great great name. Only if it was on a better magician. – Oh come on. Man, saying it in a Jamaican
accent doesn’t make it any less hurtful for me okay. Everyone’s making fun of my magic tricks. I was doing good tricks for you. Okay, I do accents too, like, hello, Wes, you know, I’m Blade. Can’t believe this guy. – Wham. White men can’t do much magic. Your magic garbage, pure garbage. – It’s garbage every time. – Garbage. – Matter of fact, throw out the bus, sewer and in a garbage can, you know? So listen, keep practicing,
keep doing the best you can. ’cause one day, maybe, maybe, maybe you’ll impress and
eye the Daywalker, huh? – [Together] Huh. – Cool name, garbage magic. Good luck. – Wesley Snipes. I’m gonna get your camera, man. – Yeah, who holds their FaceTime sideways? So weird. – How did he do that zoom out though? – Yeah, and the Cameo logo? What’s that about? Weird. You’re gonna recognize this guy. (phone ringing) Oh, what’s up, Tom? Chris Ramsay here. – Hey, Chris, Tom Arnold here. – Yeah, listen man, I lost my
camera at a party last night. And I can’t find it anymore. – Well, that’s fantastic. – No, it’s not fantastic, Tom. The thing is I think I’ve seen you. You were holding it at one point. I asked you to hold the camera and vlog and then I didn’t see
my camera after that. I was wondering if you have it. If you’re the one — – Who stole it? Who stole it? – No, no, no, no one stole it. I’m not saying you stole
it, I’m just saying, if you have it, like is that
it behind you right there? – A person named Chris booked
this, did you book this? Or is your friend named Chris? ’cause he’s a suspect right there. – What are you saying? I was booked to perform magic last night. Clearly, the camera, I think that — – Listen man. I don’t
mean to be bummed out. Get some new gear, man because it’s not the camera equipment, it’s the artist behind it. – Right and behind you there’s, there’s, I believe is my camera. Could you just turn the camera — – Oh my gosh, yeah, I got
a cold this December 27th. Look at me in my office
alone, still got my lights up. Gonna keep them up, right? See those are Christmas
lights and I’m Jewish. Christmas lights and I’m Jewish. – Okay, I get it, but I’m just saying. – Look at those deer. Look I went all out. Went all out. Guess what, he got
Santa Claus on this spy, this spy camera right there. We set it up, we caught him,
it’s very exciting here. That happened to me when I was young, I was probably your age, I
worked at a meat pack plant, the guy next to me said
hey, ill save you — like look at me I’m holding
my thumbs down on this thing and shooting this van, terrible. Something happened, cops
came and took it back. Never give up. First of all, don’t let anybody
tell you what you can do. Because you can do everything. Donald Trump too, okay? Don’t take any shit from anybody, ’cause I have, I’ve done
everything, I ever wanted. I haven’t wanted much but I’d done it all. – Alright man, listen. I’m falling asleep here, I
just wanted to know, okay. It’s cool, you don’t have the camera. I get it, it’s totally fine. – Buddy, I love you, bye. – I love you too, Tom Arnold. – Who else do we have on our phones? – In our phones here? Oh my personal idol, is
it right here in my phone that I can FaceTime. – Who is it? – You’re gonna know when you see him. We’ve all seen him, although
we might not admit it. Ron Jeremy. – I’ve seen him from the waist down. (phone ringing) – Oh, well we’re gonna
hopefully just FaceTime. Here we go. Hey buddy. – Hey, Wes. – Hey man. – It’s Ron Jeremy here. (blowing harmonica) now, listen, Wes.
– What the hell is that about? – No, it’s this thing we do. Hey, man you gotta see, remember me? I’m the magician last night. You saw the magic tricks
I was showing you, remember that? – If you’re trying to be a magician. And you say you are a magician. Then why aren’t you
making your (beep) bigger? Just go (popping and whistling). – Yeah, Wes. – Can you do that? – Look at it this way, okay. Look at it like this. I do magic for a living. I’ve seen a cute little blonde,
I make my (beep) disappear. Just that simple.
– How do you do that again? What do you do? (mimicking growth sounds) – Okay, well, thank you for the tips, I appreciate the advice. I was actually just trying to
find my buddy, Chris’s camera. Did you see anybody using it? Maybe Tom Arnold or somebody
who’s using his camera? You see anybody? – Nobody’s ever used it. I’m just waiting in the
sidelines to see when they do. – Okay so if you see them, though you’re gonna let us know, okay? Like you see someone use
it, let us know alright man? Okay, I’ll see you soon though, okay? Just take care, I’ll see you. – I’ll know it’s you because I’ll see a big bulge in the pants. – You’d seen that, man? He said big bulge, though. – What a weird FaceTime. – I liked it. – It’s weird that he just talked
about that the whole time. – Yeah. Off topic. – Yeah, super off topic. Speaking of off topic. I think I know who could
solve this mystery. Famous rapper sensation, Riff Raff. (phone ringing) – I know intellectual. – Yo, Riff Raff, man. Give me a crazy story, what’s up. Was a crazy story though last night, dude? – Big crazy story. I used to come down the chimney, back when I was 270 pounds. – No, though last night. Yeah. – Alright, I to caught in
the chimney sweep one time. – Isn’t that a person? – It’s a person. You got caught in the chimney sweep. But that was like his
last day at work for sure. (laughing) He’s like I’m done. (laughing) babe, you won’t believe who I met today, (laughing) and what happened to me. I was cleaning a chimney and Riff Raff, coming up with a bag of Jordans. Just, he was in me. – 270 pounds. – 270 pounds of burrell,
I’ve had it, I quit. (laughing) – Still on FaceTime? – Yeah, um, sorry Riff Raff go on. – Christmas Eve I had
a bag full of Jordans. I was tiptoeing on the roof. That’s when I knew it
was time to slim down. – Okay, alright. – I wish you many monies. – You too man, many monies. – For many moons. For yours truly. Mr Del Dantoni. Stay strong, America. Ice. – Ice. Alright, that was my
best friend Riff Raff. – And he wishes you many monies, many different monies. – Many monies from many moons. Ice. – Do you remember meeting
a guy named Jesus? Or Hezus maybe? I have a number in here, here we go. (phone ringing) Oh, Jesus Christ. Oh, it was your birthday. – Happy birthday man. – Well, do you remember
what happened last night? What did you do, what did you get up to? – I had the craziest night last night. And honestly I can’t remember any of it. – We’re looking for a camera
though, you found a camera? – Bye. – Did He just hang up on you, said bye? He’s gone? – The number’s gone too. – What? Huh, that was weird. – He was so drunk, I’m telling his dad. – Let’s see oh, Malibu’s most wanted. Jamie Kennedy. What’s up, Jamie? Chris Ramsay here. How’s it going man? – Yo, Chris. Jamie Kennedy. Dude, merry Christmas man. – Thanks, man. Have you seen my camera? – I got your camera. – You got it? You left it in that
massage place we went to. – Right, the massage place. – Anyway, it’s a little greasy. – Why is it greasy? What you put on it? – I put the oil that the
lady was using for the stuff that we did.
– You put that on my camera? – Anyway, some got on it, sorry. – Why would you put that on my camera? Right, man, listen. – I miss you, dude, merry Christmas. – But if you see the
camera, Jamie Kennedy. – So you went to a massage
parlor with Jamie Kennedy. – Yeah yeah yeah. – With the oils. – It was a wild and crazy
night, what can I say? You know who might have it? (laughing) The Iceman. Chuck Liddell, from the UFC ultimate
fighter Championship. He might have it. Yo, what’s up, Chuck? Chris Ramsay here. How’s it going, man? – Hey, Chris, Chuck Lidell here. – Um, yeah, so listen Chuck. I lost my camera at a party last night. I was wondering if you might have seen it. – I’ve lost my camera a
couple times at parties. – Tell me about it, alright,
I was just wondering if you’d seen my camera at
a party, ’cause I lost it. – It happens – Right, it happens. It
happened to me last night, which is why I’m calling you, I was wondering if you’d seen it, if there’s anything you can. – Yo let’s just assume
you set it down somewhere. – Right which I probably did. – Some hot chick picked it up. – Oh okay. – She’s walking around, she’s
looking at your pictures. And she’s gonna find you somewhere and return that camera. – I mean, Chuck, not gonna
lie, that’s an ideal situation, I don’t know if it’ll work
out like that to be honest, like, you know what I mean? – Hope it works out like that. – Yeah, so do I, dude. But anyways, yeah alright, thanks. – Good luck, man. – Thank you. – Alright. – Alright see you, see you Chuckles. – That’s really wishing on a star there. – [Chris] I mean, maybe Chuck
knows something we don’t. – What are the clues we’ve gotten so far? – Some hot chick picked it up. – Hot chick. – A girl named Suzie. – Suzie. Tom, what did Tom say? – Face them anybody, I got a cold, Donald Trump. – [Together] Stormy Daniels. – Let’s go, Stormy Daniels
must have my camera. Let’s call her up right now. (phone ringing) Sensational Stormy Daniels. Hey, Stormy, what’s up? – Hey, Chris I heard you lost your camera at a party recently. – I did, yeah, oh my God
so glad you found it. Also, who’s holding the camera? Super weird of you to
do FaceTime like this, but it’s all good like, you’re still. – And I just wanted to let you know that everything’s gonna be okay. – Oh good. – I found your camera. – You did? – I was spending a
little bit of alone time with some of your photos. – Oh those weren’t mine. Those are — – I’m keeping it somewhere
very safe for you. – Oh really? – You should probably go
look under the couch cushion. – Stormy, get out – What? – Thank you so much, oh my God, bye. What does she mean? – Don’t know, I got. – Whoa, oh, yeah. (upbeat music) – That’s your hands, bro. – Is that my hands, really? That’s a crazy angle. – Yeah, by himself (laughing) (mumbling) It’s Tom. Tom’s stealing my camera. Oh, that the massage parlor? What are they doing to Jamie? (upbeat music) (laughing) (upbeat music) crazy night.

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