Ricky Gervais Warms Up for 2020 Golden Globes | E! Red Carpet & Award Shows

Ricky Gervais Warms Up for 2020 Golden Globes | E! Red Carpet & Award Shows

-Hollywood is prepared for anything except for what this man
will say on stage tonight — our host, Ricky Gervais. Jane, lovely to see you both. Welcome back to the Golden Globes. -It´s wonderful to be here. -When I heard the announcement that you signed on to host
again, my first question was — Well, I thought, “Great, but why?”
Why did you want to do it again? -I don´t know. As I put down the phone, I said, “Why am I doing this again?
That´s Christmas ruined.” So I was writing jokes. Yeah. -Over the holiday break? -I cannot wait for this to be over. Like the audience. They´re gonna enjoy it more than me,
and I´m gonna say awful things about them. -So will you push it, will you be right up to that line
or are you gonna cross that? Where will we land at the end? -I´ll do the same old thing I always do.
I just hope they´re more used to it now. That´s what I´m hoping. -Do you ever feel any awkwardness in the room
when you call someone out? -Yeah, but I like that. -That eggs you on. -That´s my extreme sport.
Do you know what I mean? Some people do drugs.
Some people jump out of planes. -Awkwardness. -I say awful things to their face and see what happens. -Jane, has he run through the whole opening with you? -Oh, yes.
-And have you had feedback? -A couple of times, I´ve said, “No. Mnh-mnh.” -“Not that one.”
-“Please don´t.” -Will he listen? -That´s what she says.
She says, “Please don´t.” -Okay.
-Yeah, she uses emotional blackmail. So — so, yeah. -I saw the producers yesterday, and I said,
“Have you seen Ricky´s opening?” They said, “Yeah, it´s going to be great, obviously.” I said, “Have you seen everything?”
They said, “Of course, we´ve seen it all.” Have they seen everything? -I did the… [ Laughs ] There might be a couple of ad libs.
I don´t know. But, no, I showed it to them because, you know what? I´ve never — The lawyers see it and I don´t think they´ve ever asked me not to do something
´cause I sort of know what I´m doing. I don´t break the law. I don´t libel anyone.
I tease them. -All in good fun.
-Yeah. Yeah. -Have a sense of humor. -But I´m gonna tell them that straight —
I´m gonna say, “Listen, they´re just jokes.” -Yeah, that´s right.
-I´m gonna remind them. -Will you have a frothy beverage this time around? -I will have a frothy beverage. -I love that when you walked up, just set your beer down. -Yeah. Yeah. I will have a fro– That´s not a prison euphemism.
He means a beer. -Yeah.
-Just — just… -Just be clear to the worldwide audience. I know that you´re busy, and you came out to say hello
to us, so thank you very much for doing so. -Now I got to go back and sit behind, wait for it to start. -What will you do in the final minutes? -I´ll sit down and have a drink and check my fly,
and that´s it. -Okay, good.
-Yeah. -Priorities. Wonderful to see you. Have fun tonight. Good luck.
Nice to see you. Happy New Year.

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  1. I see the love between Ricky and his wife. “Baby “ finger wrapped around Ricky ‘s Finger. I had a love like that once..

  2. Hmmm… when a tornado comes to town, no one is safe…. and the Golden Globe has become a tornado ally for Ricky…. genius of British comedy taking down the Hollywood ‘elites’… just like when Nigel Farage took down the European political elites… Britannia rising…🤔🙂

  3. I'll tell you why Ricky, why you did it again because its scripted and its hugely paid…….you are much funnier than Corden but please still stay over there with the the race of people you love.

  4. For years he has been exposing their misbehaviour in his routine but every year they do worse. It's not working! In fact it just serves to normalise.

  5. Blasts Apple directly to Tim Cook in front of the world. You are the best. Sorry you had to talk to that plastic jackass Seacrest

  6. The only reason I saw golden globe award videos on YouTube was because Ricky Gervais & his ripping of the Hollywood elite who are truly disgusting people.

  7. I haven’t really seen him in anything, but after the Golden Globes I am a forever fan of his. Love his wife. She’s stunning, classy, and conservative, loving that dress.

  8. May they all go to hell these clowns in Hollywood except Ricky Gervais.These fuckers making millions and criticizing us regular folks,can't stand them.PERVERTS !

  9. if the cowards in hollywood would have been real men theyd have stood up and thrown a tomato at him. AS it is they arent so Good show, Mr Gervais.

  10. Very clever of the people who booked him knowing he’ll roast Hollywood, giving them a wake up call to stop making crap PC films that lose money but please SJWs who won’t go and see them anyway.
    Maybe now they’ll realise and start making good films normal people want to see

  11. If we're gonna see a bunch of metoo-cases, child porn allegation, etc. pop up about Ricky in the coming year… This is where it started, remember that.

  12. Ryan's pure class. The best way to get honesty out of an interview is treat them with honesty and respect. Ryan always seem to pull that off.

  13. Can we just take a second to appreciate how cute they are holding pinky fingers like this? Relationship goals.

  14. I don't think the Golden Globes have EVER been this popular! I think the Emmy's will get the kind of coverage the Golden Globes did this year…

  15. EXPOSED!
    15 year outback Australia climate study confirms that Co2 warms during the day and cools at night. Co2 is not a greenhouse gas.
    Don’t be a carbon victim, to the lies of UN manufactured Co2 climate fantasy. Climates are governed by sunspot cycles, not by man’s activities. The Climate mass stupification lies, and outrageous claims create a false belief that Co2 is a problem.

  16. Ricky is an Atheist Liberal who TRULY possesses an Open Mind. Good Job! Kudos from an closed minded God fearing knuckle dragging Conservative. God Bless You and your Family!

  17. He did a great disservice to a lot of artists and Trumptards are loving him for it. Not sure that's what he was going for.

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