Showbiz is complicated– There’s no business like magic show business.

Showbiz is complicated– There’s no business like magic show business.

[Showbiz is complicated]
A film by Illusionist Ryan Joyce. [Crash] [BLEEPED OUT] Opps. [MUSIC: Sad, Pensive] There are many exciting things about touring my tricks. I’m here in beautiful Aruba. Two shows tonight. From a distance its a world that’s adventurous and constantly changing. But the same alluring qualities also make it terrifying. On average I travel almost 300 days a year… solo. I feel blessed to travel the world with a handful of tricks. These suitcases and I have shared some good times together. I can’t imagine finding the same level of happiness than the business of show. As entertainers our job is complicated. In many ways we give a piece of ourselves to a few thousand people every night in exchange for a round of applause. That’s what we do. I hope someday to find someone who will love it with me. But it’s complicated. You’d be surprised by some of the comments people share with me after a show. I guarantee you one of these chairs tonight will be filled by someone who needs a good laugh. That’s what we do. The nice thing about doing the same ships for a couple year– you get to meet people. New people, but you also get to work with ones you’ve worked with before. Three out of the four people on this team I’ve been able to work with for weeks and weeks. So, this is going to be a blast! I’m looking forward to it– I mean look at this theatre! Sometimes we take for granted the things we’ve worked so hard to accomplish. It’s not intentional of course. It’s just complicated. I try and keep a glass ‘half filled of optimism’ near me as often as possible. But somedays, you just gotta push through. Because that’s what we do. Well, it’s almost show time. 45 minutes until doors open. Feeling pretty good! [Audience Applause] I would like to present for you one of the oldest pieces of magic in history. This is a piece of magic you will have seen before– but I guarantee you’ll never have seen it performed like this. [Audience applause] And in a world that’s so complicated. [Audience gasps then bursts into applause] Some things can be abundantly clear. [Audience gasps and bursts into applause] The rest I will just figure out a long the way. Because that’s what we do. [A film by Magician and Illusionist Ryan Joyce]

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