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Our second pick is acting agent Lee
Joon Gi he posted this photo on a social media together with the comment. it’s hot and humid so stay hydrated and healthy he also added I’ll stay healthy, too. this
photo shows his love for Brazilian martial artists
this photo shows his love for the Brazilian martial art jiu-jitsu now he’s
wearing a black tee Jitsu uniform and it looks like he’s been practicing for a
long time Lee Joon Gi has been on a break since his Asia famy tour back in April and he recently delighted many fans about
making a cameo appearance in the drama “Hotel de Luna” so we hope to see him in a new production very soon. I understand why he made a cameo because Lee
Joon Gi and IU co-stars in a different production
it’s like saying hmmm we’re still close friends ,Nice to see you ,Lee Joon Gi and honestly
he’s such an excellent actor. I hope to see him in more productions with TV and
film and as know Lee Joon Gi he’s very good at choosing which productions he
needs to be and so hopefully we get the same in a new production very soon
that’s right and if you like what you saw and pictogram today be sure to join
us again next time as well.

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