So Many Celebs Loathe Tyra Banks, And Now We Understand Why

So Many Celebs Loathe Tyra Banks, And Now We Understand Why

You can’t please everybody, no matter how
“flawsome” you are, just ask Tyra Banks. By most standards, her career has been a roaring
success: she’s successfully managed to parlay a lucrative modeling portfolio into a glamorous
media empire. Still, there’s no shortage of celebs who have
a bone to pick with the America’s Next Top Model mastermind, even though we already know
what Banks has to say to her haters: “Kiss my fat ass.” By the time their doomed daytime talk show
FABLife premiered, co-creators Banks and Chrissy Teigen had been plagued by rumors that a feud
was brewing. In 2015, Page Six reported the two were “barely
speaking” to one another. A source told the publication, “You never put two supermodels on the same
show together.” The insider further claimed that alleged tensions
were sparked by their ten-year age difference. Then in 2016, Radar Online reported that Teigen
had banned Banks from attending her baby shower. A source told the tab at the time, “All the rumors of behind-the-scenes drama
are true. Those two absolutely hate each other!” Apparently, eye contact had become a challenge,
too. The insider added, “Tyra never even looked at Chrissy when they
weren’t filming. It was tense.” However, Teigen appeared exasperated by the
suggestion there could be animosity with Banks, taking to Twitter to say, “I dunno if you guys know how bosses work,
but if Tyra and I were fighting as hard as you’re saying, I would be the one off the
show.” A compelling enough argument, except that
soon after she made the comment, everybody was off the show, as FABLife was canceled
in 2016 after just one season. It’s the meltdown that inspired a million
memes. When Top Model cycle 4 contestant Tiffany
Richardson didn’t seem to be bothered after being booted from the show, well, it pushed
Banks over the edge. “Be quiet! That’s what is wrong with you. STOP IT!” In an interview with BuzzFeed News in 2017,
Richardson claimed there was plenty of footage that wound up on the cutting room floor, and
it was, quote, “1,000 times worse.” “When my mother yells like this, it’s because
she loves me. I was rooting for you we were all rooting
for you HOW DARE YOU.” Richardson said that, in front of the entire
cast and crew, Banks screamed, “You can go back to your house and sleep on
your mattress on the floor with your baby!” Regarding Banks’ breakdown, Richardson added, “It was so over-the-top for no reason…[She]
needed them ratings to go up or something…I don’t think she gave a f— about none of
us.” However, in 2019, Richardson had completely
changed her tune. She told Live About that she understands the
supermodel was only speaking from a place of deep care, admitting, “We’ve talked since. Tyra yelled at me because she loved some Tiffany…She
felt like I was giving up that week. And it hurt her…She felt like she was helpless.” “Learn something from this!” Former Top Model judge Janice Dickinson has
bad-mouthed Banks on countless occasions since she parted ways with the show. According to the Huffington Post, Dickinson
called Banks fat during a March 2007 appearance on the Today show. Then in 2012 in FOX’s Pop Tarts column, she
called Banks: “Soulless…heartless, [and] cold.” Asked if she’d ever bury the hatchet with
Banks, she replied, “Not for all the tea in China.” Yikes. According to People, Dickinson expressed regret
at one point, telling Oprah that she “was very hurt” after being sacked from Top Model,
but she later reignited their apparent feud. In March 2017, she told The Domenick Nati
Show that she and Tyra were “never girlfriends,” and took a swing at Banks’ gig on America’s
Got Talent. “Do you think Tyra has a good enough sense
of humor to make witty comments throughout?” “No.” “No?” “No.” Winnie Harlow might be a top model now, but
the former America’s Next Top Model contestant doesn’t believe her time on the reality show
got her there, and she didn’t hesitate throwing some major shade Banks’ way in 2018 on Watch
What Happens Live! “So I really started after the show, ’cause
that really didn’t do anything for my career. Which, it doesn’t do anything for any model’s
career, realistically.” Banks ended up visiting the show herself and
had a few things to say about the former Cycle 21 contestant. “I discovered her on Instagram, so, and she’s
on this show, so what do you think that means?” Banks went on to say that she still has love
for all the Top Model contestants. “They’re all my babies. Even the ones that act out are still my babies.” After Banks’ appearance, Harlow stuck by her
comments. According to People, she claimed in a comment
on Instagram that there had been a lot of “reality TV stigma” and no agency would touch
her after Top Model. Stand-up comic Ryan Singer never appeared
on The Tyra Banks Show, and that was probably for the best, seeing as one of his most popular
bits is a long-winded monologue dissecting why he can’t stand his, quote, “nemesis of
all time, Tyra Banks.” “This is why I hate Tyra Banks, it’s a logical
argument, so please hear me out.” Singer couldn’t tolerate Banks’ habit of putting
on fat suits to supposedly, in his words, “raise awareness of how difficult it is to
be overweight in America today.” He pointed out that while it may sound noble
at first, Banks is… “…a supermodel with a show that creates
other supermodels.” “That would be like a hunter putting on a
deer suit trying to raise awareness for how difficult it is to be a deer nowadays.” Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more Nicki Swift videos about your
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  1. ANTM is one of the most disgusting things to watch. The way she humiliated and what she subjected those girls was sickening. She’s always done the passive aggressive, shady bitch thing towards other women. Not everyone can see it though.

  2. Lool did You know, you have a real negativity vibe to your channel with all those sometimes downright just endless useless hate or alleged hate videos? Why someone doesn’t have a career anymore, why does this or that not working, why this or that is hated. Its like you relish in it. And a lot of the time your facts are very elusive. Fucked up

  3. she was yelling at the girl on top model because she got eliminated and didn’t cry and beg to stay lmaoo. it was for no other reason.


  5. TYRA,
    "You earned the right to be a bitch DIVA, you're an original". The producers should have paid you extra for the humiliation of that Faux Teigen sitting next to you. I have seen 1st stage trans that look better than Teigen, she's so FAKE and happy to be one.

  6. Racism. Lol, this video is terribly racist…not only is every bullet point in this video a STRONG REACH, the fact a white man trying to tear down a strong powerful black woman with reasons that I am still trying to decipher as anything negative towards Tyra Banks is wild. And the fact he tried to use her ICONIC “we were all rooting for you” moment in any way against Her? uneducated and sad. blocking this channel

  7. Tyra is my girl!..I always take her advice when taking my this one in my profile…lol. I loved America's Next Top Model.

  8. Honestly most videos like this (that explain the bad side of celebrities) make some good points but this video is inaccurate

  9. I watched some of the cycles of antm, altho i dont really like tyra. Its always about her, her, her. I lost count how many times she mentioned how she started her career in paris n then in any interview she would talk about her feud with naomi. Lol

  10. It’s crazy how Naomi Campbell acts the same way, actually worse, and people worship the ground she walks on as if her crap don’t stink. SHE is a narcissistic monster and I’ll never understand how people are so in love with her still.

  11. Dickinson is like Brandi Glanville, total car crash. Winnie Harlow is famous because of her vitiligo, there are more beautiful girls out there and her attitude sucks.
    Saying all that Tyra comes across as a bully.

  12. The Modern Day ?Hottenthot: fake hair, fake nails, fake eye lashes, Make up, yoga pants, bodysuits, pink, kors, starbucks, chipotle, tattoos, Mcdonalds, Rainbow, Sephora, lip gloss, glasses, love and hip-hop, honda civic, ?, doctors appointments, I ?, Cardi B , social media, animal phone filters, rap music, Grey's Anatomy, Chicago pd, tounge ring, weed, sweet smelling perfume, yasss girl,

  13. Winnie can stfu she was discovered by Tyra on Instagram & I remember her fucking tantrums on the show. Whatever she’s it’s because of Tyra & her show

  14. It’s shame she’s so fugly without makeup. Definitely no natural beauty. Thank god for makeup, lighting, camera magic, and airbrush and Face tune.


  16. @ Niki Swidt… When you are a person in the spot light people will pick the tiniest thing in your life and make it a big issue. This story is outdated. Chrissy clearly said their beef was not that serious….So whatever you have against Tyra is your issue..I will always like Tyra. She has paved the way for many young ladies. Everyone could not pleased that came through the show and that show was not ran by only Tyra (she had people to answer to, things that was edited, and pressure like many others to do things for ratings). SO STOP WITH THE BS and find something else to talk about (No one told you celebs have a problem with Tyra but YOU) stop with the lies.

  17. Partly the haters hate Tyra Banks is because she is a Sagittarius and the Sagittarius are one of the most people who get criticized by their bluntness and brutal honesty.

  18. Wait. Winnie mean to say that her fame did not came from the show? Wtf. SHE GOT FAMOUS BECAUSE OF THE SHOW and IT GAVE HER "PLATFORM" TO HER SKIN CONDITION. Dumb btch be HUMBLE

  19. I think Winnie is right about that one. All the models and winners of ANTM lose all their fame after the show. As far as I‘ve heard the modeling agencies stay away from these models. It doesn’t even look good on their CV. I don’t know why. Very few have been lucky to get famous. Personally I only knew Winnie when she appeared on Victoria’s Secret. Didn’t even knew she was on this show. Even those few models of ANTM that became famous don’t owe their fame to ANTM at all.

  20. I can see her ugly soul thru her eyes. Manipulators are always playing the victim. Thats exactly what she is doing. And Teigen is an extreme Luciferian, as Tyra, who wants everyone to try human meat!! Really pushing the agendas she is asked to do. What mentally sick person would suggest eating human flesh? Only Hollywood's devil worshipper.!! Both are ugly inside and outside.

  21. I watched this video thinking that it would make me hate Tyra but it made me hate her haters! Come on. They were so petty. And Winnie? Aside from being disrespectful and ungrateful, she was such a btch in the show. So, girl has no right to make such claims.

  22. Yes… Medias sometimes try to create a drama just for money we all have haters its the world… But whats always best to say is like When Jesus saw a dead dog and instead commented about the whiteness of its tooth… I dont care this days whats what circles around the medias…. All for money..
    And TYRA BANKS… I dont realky who she is but i think this lady is really stunning and eyes.. Almost like our Indian beaury Aishwaryarai.. Thanku?

  23. Janice Dickinson…the who yelled “Cosby took advantage of me too”…even Cosby was like wtf not even if I was blind…lol

  24. Unfortunately, there are many people who are jealous of you, and you have these UNGRATEFUL people who should really LOOK in a mirror and be THANKFUL to Tyra. Who in their right mind don't want their show to succeed???… But, at the same time, she literally EMPOWERED these young ladies. And if we ALL speak TRUTH… @WINNIE… OR WHATEVER YOUR NAME… YOU [AIN'T] ALL THAT!!!

  25. Banks is beautiful, intelligent and a great business woman. Tyra keep striving and stay that strong black beautiful woman we know you are!!!!

  26. Leave Tyra Banks alone.  She's just a beautiful mini-celebrity who tries to make it on national television.  She will never be great, but she will always be worthy. Let's give her an E for EFFORT!  Blessings, Tyra Banks.  Keep those TV ratings up!

  27. Tyra Banks ….disrespecting Tiffany Richardson like that…showing off and being all EXTRA… like she was trying to win an Oscar. And when she was jealous of a Black America's Top Model contestant's hair…..and made her shave it off. She overheard the young lady saying that she had "good hair."

    I discovered then that Tyra Banks is a mean girl asshole. What the young lady said was stupid and annoying….but that was no reason for Tyra to make her cut all of her hair off. She was jealous of that girl's hair texture….and angry that the girl referred to her hair texture as "good." So she acted maliciously and made her chop it off.

    Tyra Banks can be very mean.

  28. I went into this expecting to be convinced, but:
    ?Chrissy Teigan – rumors she shutdown
    ?Tiffany – was clearly very argumentative on the show
    ?Winnie – also a diva on the show and nobody would know her if she wasnt on antm
    ?Janice – mentally ill
    ?Ryan – tyra has bended boundaries of modeling but cant change the entire industry

    I do think tyra could maybe be a diva but this was weak

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