Stanley kidnaps children | FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano (With Eng Subs)

Stanley kidnaps children | FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano (With Eng Subs)

You know what, girl? You’re the only person I know who’s madly in love with
that abusive boyfriend of yours. Tell me, is that really
your type? You should feel sorry
for yourself, sis. I don’t want to
talk about it. Look at how pale
my lips are. Stanley said we’d go out, and he’d buy me
the lipstick I want. But until now,
he’s still not here. You’re so shallow, girl. Mommy! Mommy! Can I go to Uncle Cardo’s
house to play? No one wants to play
with me here. Your Uncle Stanley bought
you expensive toys! Play with those instead! You want me to just
throw them all away? Go if you want to! – Mommy!
– Just go! It’s too dangerous outside. Do you want the white van
to take you? Why don’t you help me
fold clothes instead? After that, we can play
with your dolls. Would you like that? Don’t move! Don’t hurt him! Help! Let my girlfriend go! Mr. Galvez… Please don’t hurt
my daughter. Well, Mr. Chua,
you screwed up big time when you decided to avoid
paying your debts. I’m not hiding from you,
Mr. Galvez. I will pay you back. I just need time
to look for money. Well, then… I’ll give you three days. If you don’t pay me by then, your daughter will be
the payment for your debt. Get in! Take her inside. Move! Stay down! Sir, please don’t– Quit fighting back… …or I’ll hurt you. Thanks to the swift actions
of Task Force Agila, the First Lady was saved from
the gunmen who kidnapped her. It seems like Sir Cardo was
the one who rescued her, Krista. Actually, he looks
quite dashing, especially on TV. Hey! Don’t let Stanley know,
or else he might pummel the other side of your face! Sir, who are these people? Why would they target
the President and First Lady? They might be rebels. I don’t think so. We’re familiar
with rebel tactics. They don’t move
like rebels, sir. I’m wondering… Who has the nerve to lead the
former members of my old group?

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